RWSB Chapter 16

I saw the word violin and I went for it LMAO if anyone’s curious this is a very popular oldie and you can find the english translation easily by googling, his name is Hacken Lee and the song is Moonlight Melody, if this sounds strange to anyone it’s because it’s Cantonese not Mandarin.


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Our first time holding hands!

Ended just like that!

Shu Ning quickly put some distance between them, and went up the stairs, his speed was rather fast, after all he was an undisclosed”counterfeit product”, it’s better not to be an eyesore to anybody, in his past life he was very concerned about the matter with his identity, no matter what kind of guest came to visit, they’ll always get Shu Ning to hide himself, bringing along Shu Heng, Shu Yao would go and host the guests. These situations happened until Shu Ning entered the company, and only then did his situation improved.

They were in fact his parents aren’t they? Dad had always whole-heartedly liked his eldest son, whereas mom was only deliberately currying favour with him, while cursing him viciously behind his back, she had Shu Ning deal with Shu Heng, and Shu Ning had also hated Shu Heng very much, he wanted to replace him and become the true child favoured by the heavens, thus the two were still considered to have hit it off, and they would make a move any time they could find a chance.

The living room is very large, everyone was on the other side, drinking red wine, and listening to the melody of the violin, and every once in a while the sound of pleasant laughter could be heard, everyone was chatting together.

Shu Heng lowered his head and stared at his hand, the emotion in his eyes were all covered by his hair.

“Xiao Heng? What are you doing standing over there? Come on, come over, this is your Uncle Chen!”Shu Cheng had someone call him over, he wondered why the elder and the younger son were both gone from their rooms, turns out they went for a walk.

Shu Heng walked over, and expelled the uneasy feeling in his heart.

Shu Ning who had walked to the second floor bumped into the steward, with a hint of uncertainty he asked:”You’re not at the lobby?”

“Mm, I’m getting old, it’s time I hand over my post, the new steward is called Sun Hao Ran, he’s my second child, my eldest is called Sun Hao Jie, he will be working by the elder young master’s side as an assistant, I have a young daughter as well, studying in France. I’ll take care of the old master well in the future, you can call me Uncle Sun, young master!”

So we’ve……acknowledged eachother?

Shu Ning felt a small wave splashing in his heart, alright then, being a good person is quite fun actually:”Uncle Sun, you were waiting for me?”

“Mm, the eldest young master would like to have you to mingle with the guests, Mr. Chen is the head of the Chen family, he holds great power, he has come today for the matters of exchanging land, later when you go down, it’s fine to just sit at the side, that Chen fellow is a crafty old fox, he’s not an easy one to get along with.”

Ah! What a warm feeling in my heart, Shu Ning naturally understood what kind of person Chen Xiang Dong is, they had even interacted in their past life, this kind of opponent only Shu Cheng and Shu Heng could deal with, Shu Ning only had a simple interaction with him, and nearly lost a layer of skin, he still feels deeply ashamed thinking back on it now. But Shu Ning was more concerned about a different matter:”Exchanging land? Grand uncle quickly tell me what’s going on.”

Sun Lin smiled amiably, he was very willing to satisfy the little young master’s curiosity:”I don’t know where the old master got this information from, but there was a problem with the land he wanted before, so under the guise for giving young master Heng experience, he let him take care of it, and well first off the Shu clan’s reputation will not be damaged this way, and secondly it won’t attract suspicion, that’s hitting two birds with one stone.”

“Oh! So that’s how it is,”Shu Ning said his goodbyes to the old steward, and slowly went downstairs.

He was originally thinking about how to make a good show out of his big aunt and second aunt, to give them a long-lasting memory, but now that the matter with Qin Yu Zhuo was poking its head out, just as they say, you could go out hunting with iron shoes, but spare no effort to get your prey, an evil person will be cursed by another evil person, hahahaha……

But going back to the main point, this Shu clan play is really acting out way too beautifully! Shu Cheng is truly worthy of his role as the leading character of C city! He can call on the clouds and the rain with a flip of his hand, even if he had gotten possessed by a deity he could not outdo himself could he? Under normal circumstances, the He clan will have the biggest lead! Because it was the He clan that received the development rights!

The Shu clan naturally took the second best piece of land, if they let go now, there will definitely be tons of rumours and gossips outside, they’ll start speculating about whether the Shu clan is going to topple soon? Was the funding cut off? Failed to borrow money and so on. And the Chen clan as well as all the other companies who have been keeping an eye on them will definitely be watching them like tigers observing its prey, nobody is foolish here, there will definitely be tricks involved.

So they pushed Shu Heng over, he just happened to reach the age of eighteen, so they gave him a chance to practice and take charge.

The plot of land Qin Yu Zhuo had her eyes on is the third one, the new wife had just stepped through their doorway, would the motherless child be willing? He would definitely be acting against her wouldn’t he?

And so the Shu clan made the final decision of obtaining the second plot of land, all fair and reasonable!

Shu Ning had also wanted to give a round of applause! Shu Cheng had clearly already known that something bad would happen, only because of that did he let Shu Heng become the scapegoat, and so as soon as the summer vacation was here, nobody can oppose Shu Heng as he enters the board of directors. And when the incident occurs, he really wanted to know what the Chen family’s old fox will look like when he eats shit, losing to a youngster, and still needing to act generous, he’ll definitely be pissed to death! Wonderful, truly wonderful.

But at this moment a certain someone’s face will definitely be even more exciting to watch.

Qin Yu Zhuo was elegantly dressed, and she smiled extraordinarily splendidly, Shu Ning understands this woman, the angrier she is the more sweeter her smile would be.

Shu Cheng had been standing by her side the whole time, and every once in a while he would hold her hand, interlocking their fingers, appearing extremely intimate, Shu Cheng had done this in front of the outsiders to give Qin Yu Zhuo some face, after all as a husband this matter was settled in a rather improper way, Qin Yu Zhuo was such a virtuous and gentle person, and understood him so well, she had never complained, so naturally he doted on her very much.

Qin Yu Zhuo had actually already exploded! Her whole body felt as if it was floating……But she has to look generous! She must endure, and she even has to praise Shu Heng every once in a while for having good insight, and boldness, her heart felt extremely cranky.

She did not even dream that Shu Cheng would do such a thing, and didn’t even tell her, there was not a single notice about it at all in the entire office, it was basically a face slapping! Letting Qin Yu Zhuo take such a blow? If not for Chairman Chen getting the third plot tonight, and specially came over to send a gift, at the front they were thanking them, but they were actually here to laugh at them……Qin Yu Zhuo was also kept in the dark, if she still goes to work tomorrow she’ll definitely be a laughing stock, might as well follow that damn old man’s wishes and stay at home to take care of her baby.

How wicked, wicked to the extremes, all her previous efforts had all gone to waste.

Chen Xiang Dong put on a false smile, and watched with his cold eyes, the juniors were all insane, Shu Cheng was also insane, they were losers on both sides, this rich family really is a ridiculous pot of dog blood, splashed all over their faces.

Shu Ning drank his juice, with his back leaning on the wall, standing behind a large bonsai, he looked like he was enjoying himself.

Times are pressing and Shu Cheng can not afford to have any of this leak out before he succeeds, everything was settled privately. Based on Qin Yu Zhuo’s personality, when they return she will definitely strip all their confidants from their positions, they were all suspicious, leaving them will just leave danger. Chen Xiang Dong stood up, and Shu Cheng sent him off.

The show is over, Shu Ning slipped away quickly back to his room to take a shower, waiting to crawl on the bed.

Shu Heng returned rather quickly, washed himself, and read a book while leaning on the bed, occasionally lifting up his head to check the time, his face expressionless.

Shu Ning hugged his pillow and pushed the door open, the little head popped in to take a look, then closed the door with a grin, he stepped over to the side of the bed with his short little legs and climbed onto the bed to sleep.

“Why didn’t you go over?”

Just now? Shu Ning shrugged, an innocent look on his face:”What for?”To look at Qin Yu Zhuo’s face? What if she uses my birthrights to pressure Shu Heng?╮(╯▽╰)╭Only a fool would go!


Oh damn, am I being praised? Shu Ning had a little bit of a moment, it feels super good!

Shu Heng put down his book:”Let’s sleep.”

“Mm,”Shu Ning was exhilarated, he gave a smooch on Shu Heng’s face, then pulled up the blanket, after tossing about the whole day he was so tired he could no longer stand it, and fell asleep as soon as he closed his eyes.

Shu Heng’s in a pit now, he paused his actions for a whole ten minutes, was that a……kiss just now???

His face darkened, this damn brat needs a lesson, taking advantage of him like that, but……he fell asleep→_→Shu Heng felt exceptionally helpless in his heart, but thinking about it, it did not feel all that bad, whatever.

He slept a whole night without a dream, and in the morning big brother wasn’t there, Shu Ning sat up on the bed and ruffled his hair, where did he go? The splashing sounds of the shower could be heard from the bathroom, Shu Ning felt a bit uncomfortable as soon as he thought of his brother’s nice body, he hugged his pillow and returned to his own room, he rinsed and washed his face, and as soon as he left the bathroom, he saw Qin Yu Zhuo sitting atop his own bed.

“You don’t need to fold your own blanket in the future, the servants will take care of that,”Qin Yu Zhuo felt extremely unpleasant, so what if she brought Shu Ning over to enjoy himself? Even if you gave him royal robes he would not look like a prince:”Well I guess, the second floor’s servants all belong to Shu Heng, he’s definitely making things hard for you, my poor child, you’ve suffered, it’s all my fault.”

Of course it’s your fault, it was quite fortunate that she did not care about Shu Ning, so she didn’t find anything suspicious, and even more so she did not know who Shu Ning had been sleeping with every night. Shu Ning had only slept on this bed once.

“What’s wrong?”

“Come sit!”

You gonna make a long speech? Shu Ning was disinterested:”I have something to say, we had our exams yesterday, we didn’t have class in the afternoon so I went to look for uncle……”Shu Ning blabbed about the matters about how eldest aunt and second aunt had bullied his uncle, how they exploited and even caused his grandmother’s death in the end, and they still wanted to take over their house, it caused his uncle to not dare to return to the village and they even brought the mess to the construction site and all that!

He used griefful words, and he spoke through hoarse sobs, filling his listeners with sadness and tears.

Qin Yu Zhuo’s heartbeat quickened, viciousness flashed past her narrowed eyes:”My good child, I will settle this matter don’t you worry, you just focus on school.”


Qin Yu Zhuo left, she spent the whole day trying to formulate a plan on how to use this matter to win some sympathy from her husband, and she could also vent a bit as well. She had been too depressed lately, things have been too awkward for her, while the subjects of her venting was naturally her two sisters.

Shu Ning hummed a song, and went down to eat after dressing himself, he so happened to bump into Shu Heng who just came out from his room, his eyes immediately brightened and he called out sweetly to him:”Brother!”

Shu Heng shuddered, retreated, and the door slammed shut with a pa!

What’s this?

What happened to this shitty child? Shu Ning scratched his head in puzzlement, could Qin Yu Zhuo have caused any trouble for him after what happened yesterday? That’s a possibility. This is gonna be good, quickly go to console him, pull in their distance a bit, Shu Ning went up to knock on the door.

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Sun Lin – ok this is a weird one, Sun means grand(pa/son) and his name also seems to be sun and earlier he says “You can call me Uncle Sun/grand uncle, (grand/sun) young master!” I’m honestly very confused is he calling him sun young master or grand young master what why what is going on

you could go out hunting with iron shoes, but spare no effort to get your prey, 踏破铁鞋无觅处得来全不费工夫, finding something accidentally/easily after you’ve spent a lot of effort looking for it.

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