RWSB Chapter 15

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What do I do what do I do what do I do???


He had exams today anyway, it was a half day’s class, for a big “child” like Shu Ning he for sure likes playing around, he was only thirteen years old now, playing basketball with friends, shopping, roller skating and whatnot will do right?

That’s why he didn’t go directly home right?

Even if he’s my brother he wouldn’t keep an eye on me all the time right?

I’m not even some girl or anything!

After thinking of a bunch of excuses Shu Ning sighed in his heart, forget it, can a lie really be hidden from such a god-like opponent? Is your past life not enough?

Sincerity, uncle! Shu Heng is still just a child right now, if you want to get into his soul, you need to break down the fortress walls first!

In a flash, Shu Ning’s body relaxed, Shu Heng is not Qin Yu Zhuo, he wasn’t as pedantic.

The foreman spoke with excitement, but as Shu Ning took his phone out he realized he needed to answer a call, he rubbed his nose and didn’t know whether he should go or not, he wasn’t done talking. Qin Yu Fu stood honestly by the side, he lowered his head and stared at the phone, he thought that it was a call from third sister, and was afraid that Shu Ning was getting scolded, he felt very worried.

After receiving the call, Shu Ning spoke softly:”Brother?”

“Where have you gone?”

“I went to go see uncle, I missed him, I’ll go back at night,”As expected, he didn’t know anything, thankfully he was sincere and didn’t lie.


“What’s wrong?”What does this silence mean? Shu Ning quickly understood, and didn’t didn’t forget to make Qin Yu Zhuo look bad:”My mother is very ambitious, so she looks down on her relatives from the countryside, but I grew up by their side, and we had a close relationship, for me to cut ties with them, I can’t do it, it’s my wrong today, I didn’t mention about the exams, and didn’t even greet you, I won’t do it in the future!”

“These aren’t the important points.”



Shu Heng did not speak, Shu Ning’s eyes turned and turned and he finally figured it out, he pouted, although his body is that of a thirteen year old, his core was that of a thirty some year old man, he spoke:”I……won’t go out far away by myself again, I was wrong.”

“Good, I will have the driver contact you, you must reach home before tonight at eight.”



He passed, Shu Ning’s chaotic beating heart finally eased.

“Who is it?”Qin Yu Fu heard a young man’s voice, and he referred to him as brother? Could it be from his father’s side?

“A relative,”Shu Ning didn’t want to talk much about Shu Heng, uncle’s life is too simple, it’s not good for him to know about all this, he immediately shifted the subject and looked towards the foreman:”Uncle why don’t you continue?”

“Alright!”The foreman yammered on again about the two dowdy sisters, he suddenly felt a bit embarrassed, he had spoken too many swear words today:”You don’t have to worry, if I’m here there’s nothing they can do! And who didn’t know about them in the construction site, no matter how much they try to make noise it won’t affect your uncle’s life, if they still dare to come, I will raise a big wolfhound and keep him by the door, specially to bite them.”

Qin Yu Fu nodded:”That’s right, my colleagues trust that I’m a good person.”

Everyone works in the same construction site, they see each other all the time, Qin Yu Fu was quite a good guy, he doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink, he had no bad habits at all, he wouldn’t even buy a new set of clothes, and even more so he would not go out to find a lil missy out at night like the other guys. It’s a pity that he sends all his wages back home, his burdens are too heavy, if not everyone would’ve already introduced their sisters and daughters to him for marriage.

The foreman suddenly snorted:”What’s a kid like you thinking so much about anyway? It’s fine for you to just focus on your studies.”

Qin Yu fu had also reacted, his face turned red:”That’s right, you should hurry home, uncle can deal with this!”Letting a child worry so much, at this moment, Qin Yu Fu felt resentful and embarrassed, if this goes on, even he himself would not be able to look up to himself.

Uncle’s gaze has steadied significantly, Shu Ning finally rest assured, and gave a few words of thanks to the foreman, he gave his uncle a hug and Shu Ning got on the bus and left.

His phone rang, it was the driver, Shu Ning chose a meeting point, and they’ll meet at five in the evening.

The houses he bought had been relocated, he didn’t leave a number at that time, the relocation office hurried to look for him, and the man himself just so happened to show up at their doorsteps today.

An early relocation is very suitable, the front was replaced one-to-one, just this once, in the future he won’t be getting such a good deal anymore. Shu Ning chose to buy a house with a large courtyard, he could go for it even if it was slightly more expensive, he decided on ten, and paid a rather large sum, the front for all of them was changed, he did not want storied buildings.

The head of the relocation office watched the small child take out all sorts of documents, and took out a bunch of real estate licenses, it felt very magical, when asked about it, he was told that his uncle the original owner had gone overseas so this happened, All the formalities was dealt with legally anyway, the number he had left was naturally Shu Ning’s.

At five o’clock, Shu Ning got in the car in front of the International Trade Building, both the driver and the co-driver were both Shu Ning’s confidants, on the road they did not speak much, they took care of him very considerately, they handed him water when he was thirsty, and when tired they offered him pillows, and covered him with a blanket. In his past life they had ignored Shu Ning coldly, and disregarded him, so what’s the reason for their carefulness now?

Shu Heng’s attitude!

Thinking of the important points Shu Ning felt a bit shocked from the pampering.

Even the sleepy bugs have all ran off, he watched the scenery energetically, if he could he wanted to fly home immediately!

They reached the ancestral home, the car had just stopped and Shu Ning could see Shu Heng’s figure from afar, both his eyes brightened up, after he got off his short little legs rushed over, he spread his arms and……pounce!

Caught him!

Such a light fragrance, he smelled attentively, big brother smells just like the blanket!

Uh……his whole body was frozen stiff, Shu Ning quickly let go, you should know when to stop!

Shu Heng was stiff as usual, and his gaze was extremely sharp, whereas the person next to him laughed out loud, as soon as Shu Ning heard the voice his little face crumpled up:”Grandpa, why did wake up?”He didn’t see him earlier, what a blunder, it’s all this big pine tree’s fault, can you not leave such a deep impression? Shu Ning felt exasperated inside, and stood there as if he had done something wrong, his head lowered, and he didn’t dare to be presumptuous.

In his past life, grandpa only liked Shu Yao, because Shu Yao is the only child who was born by his side, the old man decided to nurture him carefully to become the heir.

Unfortunately Shu Cheng is the real chairman, and in his heart he only liked Shu Heng, nobody can replace him!

“Seeing how well the two of you brothers are getting along, I feel relieved,”Shu Gao touched his beard, and kept his gaze Shu Ning’s little actions, he beared his anger for Qin Yu Zhuo secretly in his heart, she had made his grandson grow up to be so skittish:”Shu Heng had no playmates by his side so he grew up to be very cold, Ning Ning, grandpa likes your liveliness very much.”

Shu Ning craned his head over, he’s teasing me? Didn’t think grandpa would spread his arms out, this is the scene of a hug!!! How strange, they were clearly disgusted at each other in their past lives, he felt that he was useless scrap, and didn’t even bother to scold him! Don’t even mention eating at the same table, he felt unlucky every time he saw him.

The light of hope slowly dimmed, a desolate gloom appeared in his eyes, the old man coughed a few times and felt a bit awkward, he felt like he had aged a few years right then as he stepped forward.

Shu Ning was slightly dumbfounded, and suddenly looked towards Shu Heng, Shu Heng inclined his head downwards, Shu Heng who has received encouragement closed his eyes, in the end Shu Gao did not treat him harshly, and the things he should give were all given, including property stocks. Some things happen by chance, if he could start over he would naturally cherish them. After opening his eyes, Shu Ning happily ran forth a few steps, and rushed in to latch onto the old man’s waist:”Grandpa!”

He called him sweetly, it was normal for a child to act cute anyways, it wasn’t shameful.

“Good!”Shu Gao paused for a moment, and turned to hug Shu Ning tightly, This is his biological grandson, my big baby:”Ning Ning, this is your home, you can do whatever you want, grandpa is here, you don’t have to care what anyone thinks, you are you, you understand?”


Shu Heng quietly stood in place, he did not go over to interrupt that pair of happy grandparent and grandchild, the lights that shone on them casted long shadows on the ground, as if they were overlapping together.

The old steward came and asked grandpa to go back and rest, Shu Ning felt a bit unwilling, but still let go. Under the lights in the courtyard, a figure stood straightly, it seemed very lonely, Shu Ning curved the edge of his mouth, he ran over and hugged Shu Heng’s waist:”Big brother waited for me?”


“I know even if you don’t say it.”

Shu Ning quickly loosened his grip, he can’t hug him for too long, occasionally teasing such an expressionless person is still quite interesting, hahaha, what bad taste! Who asked him to be so strong anyway? This is the laughter of the weak!

Shu Ning who had walked a few steps did not hear any sounds of footsteps, he turned back to see, Shu Heng’s gaze fell on his body, it was extremely profound and dark.

Shu Ning who had some immunity did not want to make the atmosphere stiff, he simply stretched his hands out to pull him back with him.

He didn’t think that his hand was so hot, it was warm, how comfortable, Shu Ning had a weak constitution and was afraid of the cold, he could feel the waves of heat flowing into him from where they were connected, it warmed his whole body.

Shu Heng’s sights were set on the hands that were held together, he was lost in thought, and felt a bit strange.

The lights in the living room are resplendent, there seemed to be a guest? Shu Ning was very vigilant, as soon as he saw Qin Yu Zhuo he immediately threw off Shu Heng’s hands, and put some distance between them!

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Good – 乖 guai, Shu Ning is confused about being called good because the good here means obedient, it’s something you would tell your kids or tease your wife with.

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  9. They are now, they weren’t before because his big brother didn’t like him back then.
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  10. Little SN is like the little sunshine bringing joy to all the men in the family, except to the only woman who brought him into this household … hehe .. very very good. Glad SH was searching for little SN.


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