RWSB Chapter 14

I was gonna actually find a song with eng subs but w(;q;w) Anyway they haven’t even broken up but I put in a breakup song LMFAO am i cursing them, also this chapter felt surprisingly long


Shu Heng gulped, he felt a bit strange seeing the child trying to get up, and he did not know whether he felt more helpless, or panicked. After he regained his focus, he had already opened his mouth and ate the grape.

Grapes, one of the many fruits disliked by Shu Heng, but he felt today that this grape tasted particularly sweet, with a lingering aftertaste. He lowered his head and looked over, the small child is eating with relish.

The tender little hand picked up a grape, and his little mouth opened, suckling on the grape. His eyes narrowed in enjoyment showing a face full of satisfaction, just like……a lazy little kitten.

The strange feeling came up again, why is this child not feeding me anymore?

Shu Heng felt like he was in a dilemma, and he even seemed to feel resentful. Shu Ning who had his head lowered as he played his mobile games did not notice……

After a short while, Shu Ning started to feel sleepy, he stretched lazily, and his snowy white belly was exposed. Shu Heng looked away immediately. With his brows slightly knitted and his voice extremely deep, he spoke:”Brush your teeth.”


Shu Ning blinked at the best looking part of his whole body, then his eyelashes fluttered:”Okay!”

He felt so lazy, but if he wanted to crawl into his mysophobic brother’s bed, he would have to be diligent! Shu Ning yawned continuously, and as he walked back to his own room he glanced back at his brother several times. Supporting himself with the wall, he rubbed his waist with a small hand, the couch in big brother’s study was too stiff, if he sat too long his butt will start to go numb.

He brushed his teeth and washed his face, then Shu Ning changed into a different set of clothes, he hugged his pillow and went into his brother’s room, but Shu Heng is not there?

For the first time Shu Ning examined his surroundings boldly and carefully,. The room was a sea of dark, just like the man’s cold and emotionless nature. Who designed this room for Shu Heng? Was it intentional, or was this Shu Heng’s idea? The territories of little brats are generally more lively or warm, way different compared to Shu Heng’s simple character.

Why is big brother still not coming back?

Shu Ning hesitated for a moment, then returned to the study once more, but he regretted it as soon as he pushed open the door because Shu Heng was currently talking on the phone. He turned around to look when he heard the noise, and his eyes was filled with ruthlessness, that felt chilling to the bone as if he wanted to take Shu Ning’s life in the next moment. He had dared not cross eyes with his brother since the previous life. No matter how much he hated him when he was alone, he did not even dare to take a bigger breath when he was facing him.

“Sorry,”Shu Ning did not know why, but he wanted to cry. He closed the door, and strode off with his short little legs back to his own room, then he locked the door. Having such a big reaction was too much, will big brother hate me? If that were true, that would be too bad. But Shu Ning had no other ideas, when something burrows into your bones, you have to slowly adapt to it.

I really miss uncle!

It was too late now so he could not make a phone call, clearly he had parents yet he could not find warmth, and now the only person he could butter up to was the person he hated the most in his past life.

Am I a failure?

Shu Ning was upset for ten minutes, but perhaps if he allows himself suffer for only ten minutes before regaining his enthusiasm, maybe things will look up tomorrow.

Regardless of whether he had succeeded in sucking up to him or not, Shu Ning was still Shu Ning with the advantage of the memories of his previous lives, with some speculations he can still become a multi-millionaire, and when he grows up, he can fly freely like a bird across the sky.

Shu Heng did not know what happened to Shu Ning, but when the little child ran off, his gaze seemed frightened as if he had made a mistake, it made him feel slightly conscious of it.

He originally intended to finish reading the book, but since he felt uneasy, it was better to just leave it.

Nobody was inside his room, wasn’t that child afraid? Shu Heng’s brows scrunched together. He went over to the next room and turned the doorknob, it’s locked? Shu Heng who still had a slight frown felt rather uncomfortable, so he looked for the keys to open the door. It was quiet inside, the child was sleeping in the gap between the bed and the wall that was very narrow, and on the bottom was a pile of pillows covered with a blanket, even his head did not peek out.

He did not know why, but his chest felt stuffy as if he could barely breathe.

Shu Heng picked out a pillow and put it away, then gently lifted up the blanket, and carried the little one over to the soft bed. He laid on the other side, and covered them both with the blanket.

He was clearly being fed meticulously, why was he still so thin? Not even an ounce of flesh grew. He stroked his hand over his back, and gave that little face a touch. Shu Heng had also gotten sleepy, but before he fell asleep, he noticed that his little brother’s body gave off a nice smell, and his hair is very soft, even his breath was warm……

One could imagine just how shocked Shu Ning was first thing the next morning.

I’ve been haunted.

Why am I sharing a pillow with my brother? Their heads were even touching with strands of hair mixing together, and you could not tell which belonged to whom.

Shu Heng’s sleeping face looks too peaceful, just like a prince. He had long eyelashes, and his handsomeness was unmatched……His gaze was hazy as he opened his eyes, slightly watery. And, following the flow of time, the deep sharpness of them had slowly returned.

Ah……Not cute at all.

“What are you thinking about?”

“Ah?”Shu Ning blinked, his eyelashes brushing on his brother’s face:”Good morning!”

So itchy, he cleared his throat. Shu Heng got up:”You should go back, brush your teeth, and wash your face as well.”


Shu Ning quickly got on the ground, fortunately their arms and legs were not tangled up today, if not, that would be too embarrassing. After running a few steps, Shu Ning made an “eh” sound and realized how familiar this room looked. It’s mine! Hahaha, so there are also times where Shu Heng would slip up? I have to tease him, I’ll regret it for the rest of my life if I don’t get to see his embarrassed face. As long as he takes care not to expose himself, then that would be fine.

Before Shu Ning even managed to turn around to tease him, Shu Heng walked past him coolly with his long legs, and went off without even looking back.


The only chance I had in this life slipped away just like that? Shu Ning’s tears flowed down the West lake river, his heart was broken.

When Qin Yu Zhuo was happily preparing the meal, Shu Cheng had already left. First off, he could not bear seeing his wife getting busy day and night for such long hours, he even thought about how they should celebrate in his dreams, he definitely does not hope to give up, he has to convince them! Times are pressing, he can’t have any lousy ideas now, he can only choose to conceal it. And secondly were the overnight battles of his team, the new plans were already in progress, every second matters, Shu Cheng did not want his thoughts to be influenced by the private matters between men and women.

Shu Ning went downstairs with Shu Heng, the one in front had followed on purpose, whereas the one in the back was coincidental.

Qin Yu Zhuo’s mood was not too great, she inwardly thought about how Shu Cheng had left without even making a sound, could there be something happening in the office? Her curiosity clawed at her, but she understood that she couldn’t monitor him too strictly, especially not a man with his strength.

Qin Yu Zhuo had lost her appetite while eating, and occasionally even felt nauseous. Seeing how happily Shu Ning was eating with his calm and graceful movements, she finally loosened up a bit:”Have you visited your grandfather?”

“Mm,”Shu Ning looked towards Qin Yu Zhuo, he saw that she had not eaten much:”You should eat more, you must~ you have to give birth to a healthy little brother!”

Qin Yu Zhuo immediately felt exhilarated, and smiled gracefully but happily:”Alright, mom will listen to you.”

Shu Heng sat on a sofa at the side, reading some newspapers, he drank a cup of milk and left.

Qin Yu Zhuo watched as the butler picked up the plate and left, and immediately lifted an eyebrow at Shu Ning:”The two of you are staying on the same floor, did he cause you any trouble?”


“Does he usually talk to you?”


“Didn’t I tell you it’s better to communicate with him more?” Qin Yu Zhuo gave him a glance full of disappointment as if there was a bad taste in her mouth:”Forget it, even if you don’t tell me I know that he definitely will not coexist peacefully with you, I’ll be free in two days, I’ll be able to take you out for a walk then. Old……Grandpa likes you very much, if you’re free go show yourself in front of him a bit more. If he’s in a good mood, he might even put you on the family register.”


If not “Nope” then it’s just “Okay”, it really seemed too dull, and if you put it plainly he was an idiot, does he actually know what I’m saying? Qin Yu Zhuo had a bit of a headache, but fortunately he still has a use. If not, she would be too lazy to deal with him nicely. Appetite’s gone, Qin Yu Zhuo got up to return to her own room, and ten minutes she came out with her purse, driving her sports car off to work.

Before leaving, Shu Ning took his calcium supplements after his meal, then left with the car.

There was a mock exam today, Shu Ning did not mention it to anyone in the family, and ran off as soon as he finished his exams. In the afternoon, he had nearly choked on the bread he was eating in the long-distance bus.

His uncle was waiting outside of the construction site, stumbling over and feeling relieved when he saw that Shu Ning was safe and sound:”I thought that third sister had treated you badly, and you came back because you couldn’t bear it, it nearly scared me to death.”

Of course Shu Ning wanted to run, but he still had not grown up, it was difficult getting anywhere:”Uncle, I lived well but I really missed you, so I came to take a look, don’t tell anyone, mom doesn’t like it when I’m too close to you, uncle.”

“I understand, I’m an embarrassment to her.”

Good that you know, but as for who’s an embarrassment to who, that may not be definite. Uncle was honest and prudent, he’s not someone who can go shoulder to shoulder with someone who had ulterior motives. Shu Ning did not care that he was dirty and hugged his uncle around the waist, and he lifted up a happy smile on his little face:”My uncle is the best, he can create wealth with his own hands, he’s the best!”

“Well aren’t you the only one who likes me, quickly go back, don’t let your family worry.”

“Did eldest aunt and second aunt come by?”Shu Ning had come over for a trip but not without reason, he was afraid that his uncle’s two sisters had been keeping an eye on him!

In the previous life these two women were like bloodthirsty beasts, eagerly wanting to eat their brother’s flesh, drink his blood dry, and wring out all the benefits they could get from him, even a bone would not be let off. Shu Ning had only remembered this much from his past life, after that, he never paid attention. Qin Yu Fu had a miserable end, in order to pay the school fees for the children of both his sisters, he worked extra hours again and again. One day, he went to work in exhaustion, he fell from the eighteenth floor and just like that, he was gone.

Qin Yu Fu was not someone who would lie, his gaze flickered, and he licked his lips, simply shaking his head.

The foreman came out while yawning, a cigarette hung from his mouth:”Aiyo, the little brat is back! How’s life in the city? You look well-dressed, you must be quite happy right?”

I was caught in a conflict and even gotten drugged, I really am quite happy.

Shu Ning spoke a few courtesies before asking the foreman directly. Since the foreman managed his uncle’s work, he had to know a thing or two. As soon as he mentioned that pair of sisters, the foreman was fuming, he immediately knitted his brows and yammered on about them with his spit flying everywhere. Shu Ning was also surprised when he heard it, they really were too fierce, they actually came to kneel!

Money! What a great thing, it makes a person lose sight of themselves.

For money, they can become even worse than animals. First they cry, then they make a fuss, then they hang themselves, this really was too overdone, they move by their wishes without even thinking, the two took turns and even brought their kids! He felt pity for them, but who truly was the pitiful one? Unfortunately it was useless, so they changed their strategy. They stood at the entrance of the construction site and pounced over to their brother, splashing dirty water on him, shouting about him being unfilial and whatnot, scolding him very badly. If there were ghosts living in the ground, they would definitely have moved out, but people who did not know Qin Yu Fu personally might actually take them seriously.

One night, the two sisters suddenly brought all their children to cry outside his dormitory, complaining incessantly. The foreman saw Qin Yu Fu’s expression turn sad, and his heart seemed to move. He immediately called over several colleagues to drive these shameless people away.

Shu Ning listened seriously, and his phone suddenly rang, it’s big brother! This is too unscientific, gone gone gone, I’m going to die, in one moment his cold sweat had all come down!


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  1. Huhuhuhu
    Shu Ning, why don’t you help your uncle by giving your new address to your aunts? They will be so happy to pay your mother a visit!
    And your mother will totally loose face~!

    And big bro! You should let your big bro know of the really important people in your life! After all it would be difficult to hide it from him~

    Thanks for your hard work!

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      1. Probably not, since he and his uncle are victims which can be proven by investigating a little (like how his aunt beat him on the school in front of everyone and even blood came out, the fact that they were trying to get all money out of his uncle and how they neglected their own mother), but it can also bring distrust on his mother 😀
        After all she abandoned her family, didn’t even give a call to know how they were doing and the child arrived with a case of malnutrition, in others words, no money to buy good or enough food = the mother wasn’t sending a cent home to raise the child and the granny was the one who worked hard to raise him while her and the uncle were being exploited by those greedy ghosts.

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  2. Novels takes my time all the way to my dreams. Love this!
    And here you go:
    [Shu Ning(Heng?)] did not know what happened to Shu Ning, at the moment when the little child ran off, his gaze looked as if he had made a mistake, seemingly frightened, it made him feel slightly conscious of it.
    Another one :
    He did not know why, but his chest felt stuffy, it felt like he [cold(maybe could? I dunno)] barely breathe.
    Thanks for the hard work.

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  3. Dafuq big bro, don’t you hate grapes? Then what’s with, “why is this child not feeding me anymore?” Σ(⊙▽⊙”)

    I’m glad uncle and foreman appear once again. And the aunties… Oh boi, some more face slapping please. But I think Ning will have to go through some nagging by big bro first 😂

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  4. The translation is more neat today, I can understand it better (I’m not english native)
    Thanks so much for working on it!


  5. All 3 sisters are such foul craven people.

    Oh dear…he got caught. I bet big brother came to pick him up and found out aboutbbtge test and how Shu Ning ran off.

    I wonder if big brother will be jelly of uncle?

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