RWSB Chapter 13

Not sure what this song is about because I’m very absent-minded when I listen to music but it sounds like Qin Yu Zhuo screwing up 👀 Also sorry for the late upload today! I got sick so I was in a daze the whole day, but I took some medicine and got better, I’ll definitely try to keep up my double release promises, don’t worry!

Slight edits – Shu Shi and He Shi to Shu clan and He clan because im dumdum again teheh -knocks head- lmao I’ll fix them all on the other chapters wherever applicable tomorrow.


The He clan development zone is an extremely large project, it’s hard to stomach it all alone, it’s best to find people to cooperate with, arrange for three, and divide it into three areas, the largest northeast corner naturally belongs to the He clan, the other two are of different sizes, the smallest third area is actually already extremely big. The one that the Shu clan wants to take is the small piece, bordering the city, the bigger second area is next to a cattle breeding village, not too beautiful!

Thinking back on it, which tenant would like to see a village in ruins right after opening their windows, as well as having to smell the odour of cow urine?

Buying the land of the bordering village is not bad as well, however the village behind the cattle raising village is a pig raising village→_→

No matter how rich a person is, they are not omnipotent, Qin Yu Zhuo took advantage of her title as Mrs. Shu, and forcefully remove the other big families from the view, and take down the third piece of land, then she can proudly and elatedly secure her position.

But it’s quite unfortunate that the great things do not last, not long after building, a national policy had come down, a diversion dam……She had to pay a lot of money, as for how much, at that time Shu Ning really did not know, besides, there were dark clouds looming in the house, each and every one of their complexions looked very poor, the stocks had naturally also fallen a lot, and they also had to pay two hundred million, it did not hurt them physically, but just made their faces look bad.

And at this time they had also received news of the reconstruction of both the cattle and pig raising village, the country is moving forward, and the people are jubilant, the worth of the associating second area had also appreciated in a straight line.

It was the same as the previous life, and the poisoning incident had been all but forgotten, the results of the laboratory tests ruled it out as food poisoning.

Shu Cheng trusts Qin Yu Zhuo and Shu Heng, and felt that it could have been an accident, the hospital had also given him the laboratory test results, as if it really was an attempt to backstab Shu Ning, Shu Gao was sulking, he wanted to make trouble for Qin Yu Zhuo, and ended up getting into an argument with his son, a vase was broken as a result, and the old man had a heart attack, Shu Cheng felt extremely regretful, the house was in chaos, who would still care about the truth in such a situation?

Nobody realized that Shu Ning had already known the sequence of events, but to understand the events, one must seek the instigator, we shall see what is destined to be.

Qin Yu Zhuo sent Shu Ning home, and gave him a warm welcome, and when nobody was around, she took the chance to hold Shu Ning’s face, with a sharp gaze she spoke:”My child, you’ve suffered, it’s your mother that’s wrong, your mother has no power to protect you, Ning Ning, Shu Heng wild ambitions are too vicious, you are so young, and he had just……how did he dare……”she started to cry.


“My poor child,”Qin Yu Zhuo hugged Shu Ning, her nose and eyes were reddened.

Yeah, I’m so very poor, Shu Ning spoke spiritlessly:”Mom, what have you been busy with recently?”

As soon as he mentioned this, she flashed with pride:”The He Clan’s development area of course, as long as I can get my hands on the third plot, no matter where I go nobody would dare to look down on me!”A true self-made wealthy person, can enjoy the respected gazes of the others, standing under the spotlight, becoming the brightest existence! Becoming an innocent goddess.


“During the opening ceremony, I will find a way to reveal your identity to the public,”Qin Yu Zhuo once again held Shu Ning’s face in her hands, happily she said:”Ning Ning you have to grow up fast, and protect your mother and little brother alright?”

“Little brother? The little one’s a brother?”

“Mm, it feels the same as when I had you, it must be a boy, although it’s not possible to check yet, your mother is confident.”

“Oh……”Shu Ning had also smiled, his gaze fell on top of the woman’s stomach:”Then he must be favoured by the heavens, and receive lots of pampering in his life.”

“That’s right, that’s how it should be!”

Laugh then, be happy then, grandfather, father, and brother’s love I will take all of it, and I will ruin your halo as well, the higher you climb the worse you fall, if you want to enjoy your happiness, better make it now.

A dark light loomed in Shu Ning’s eyes then dispersed, he’s not someone who would seek revenge just to see them suffer, but for some things, and some people, the definitely must not be let off.

At night, since Qin Yu Zhuo wanted to become an obedient wife, she had slept in the master bedroom on the fourth floor.

Shu Cheng got too busy, so he did not return, on the contrary Shu Ning once again climbed into Shu Heng’s bed, big brother did not come look for me the entire day, it felt a bit disappointing,

Shu Heng lifted up the blanket, and the little one quietly crawled in, shut his eyes, and had a face that suggested he did not want to say much.

What happened? Actually Shu Heng had gone to pick up Shu Ning today, but Qin Yu Zhuo was a step faster.

Shu Heng had a calm temperament, he was not one that enjoyed explaining himself, seeing the small one pouting his lips, he’d rather ignore it and go look at some books in the study, he did not expect that as soon as he got up, his clothes had been caught by the little claws.

“Where is big brother going?”


“I’m going too!”

“Don’t make a fuss, rest quickly.”

“No, I’ll be scared if I’m alone!”


The study, Shu Heng’s forbidden land! Shu Ning had never entered Shu Heng’s room in his last life, even more so the study, in fact he had never gone to the second floor at all, he could only stay at the first floor.

Shu Heng’s study is also a sea of black, it was big and wide, a bit different from what he expected, extremely dull. There are tons of books, rows and rows of bookcases, seeing them could make one dizzy, could he have read all of these? No wonder he had so much knowledge. Three computers and some information rested atop a majestic wooden table, there was a chair, and across it is a couch.

Shu Ning sat on the couch and yawned, he laid down while hugging his pillow, and his eyes traced along Shu Heng’s movements.

The tall and handsome man picked up a book in French, and read it quietly while sitting on the chair, he had long fingers with distinct joints.

Being smart is fine, but even his person was so perfect, it simply makes people angry, Shu Ning grinned, and his eyelids grew heavier.

The little one fell asleep, Shu Heng frowned, and his gaze wandered between his book and the person, in the end he decided to put down his book, and carried the little one back to his room and slept.

Early next morning, after Shu Ning woke up his entire person felt uncomfortable, how cheap am I, how do I always end up climbing on top of him?

Forget it, act according to plan!

And then Shu Ning had a nightmare! He cried out water, water, save me……his arms and legs kicked about chaotically, but lightly.

Actually Shu Heng had been awake long ago, just like usual, his palm traced the little one’s tender thighs and pale calves, Shu Ning’s had very pretty toes, full and tidy, but he jumped in fright as he heard him calling out for help, Shu Heng had never experienced this before, but he had always been calm and self-restrained, he quickly hugged the little guy to pacify him.

Shu Ning woke up, if you’re gonna act you’re gonna have to give them the full show, he opened his arms and held onto Shu Heng’s neck in a fluster:”Broootheeer!”

In a flash, Shu Heng’s whole body had frozen stiff, he was dumbfounded.

He is cute and fun to tease, but Shu Ning dared not laugh, he squeezed out two drops of crocodile tears:”It was big brother who saved me.”

“I did not save you.”

“You saved me, in the dream!”

“It’s not real.”

Young man do you really have to be so serious╮(╯▽╰)╭

Shu Ning secretly grinned, he released his hands and sat down honestly on the bed, if he won’t ask then I’ll say it myself, he recited the events that had just passed with a hoarse voice:”I dreamt that mother brought me to the river to play, but I don’t know who was bad enough to push me into the water, I was so helpless and sad, and I could not breathe anymore, thankfully big brother suddenly came out to pull me up!”

“It really scared me!”

“Oh, why is your forehead full of sweat?”

Listening to the little one talking to himself, Shu Heng had a deep and dark gaze:”Why would you dream of such a thing?”

“Uh……”Shu Ning pondered for a bit, then clapped his hands together:”I heard about the diversion canal in the washroom, what sushi or not sushi, how strange, could it be related to that? So I kept having this nightmare again and again. When I had this nightmare in the hospital I clearly drowned, but somehow on brother’s bed I got saved, how strange! It’s too strange.”

“You heard it in the hospital?”

“At school.”

“The dream is fake, you don’t have to worry about it, quickly go brush your teeth and wash your face then go to school.”

What sushi or not sushi, it’s Shu Shi not sushi!

Shooing people now? Shu Ning hugged his pillow, and went off while looking back constantly, as if he was scared, and was unwilling to part with Shu Heng. Shu Heng’s fingers felt stiff, he almost could not resist calling the child back, and soothe him, Actually Shu Heng had misunderstood, Shu Ning was only afraid that he did not suspect anything.

Shu Heng could become a leading figure in the world, he can call forth wind and rain, his wisdom and strength was clear. He did not tell Shu Cheng, but he had investigated first, especially the He clan members in the school, don’t tell me, the younger direct descendents are also first year students, using the washrooms on the same floor as Shu Ning.

As for the diversion canal, why had he not heard a single word of this? It’s unusual, that means that there are orders from above!

Shu Heng’s extended family from his mother’s parents side had some connections, after getting off school in the afternoon, he went for a visit, ate a meal with his gramps, chatted for a bit, then asked about a thing or two.

Towards Shu Cheng, his son-in-law, the old man had always been quite fond of him, and also felt extremely sorry, just that he had recently married this Qin Yu Zhuo person, it made him feel very dissatisfied, but he couldn’t not accept it, after all his daughter was already dead. But……a thirteen year old child has appeared in the Shu residence, his surname had been Shu from the start, even without investigating the old man could tell that this was not as simple as it seemed, he was extremely angry, and he wanted to make Shu Cheng suffer.

Since Shu Heng had come, it means that the old Shu family has already noticed it, could they still conceal it? If his selfish actions ends up causing the downfall of his grandson’s status, then the losses would be too much!

Actually for the Shu family to raise Xiao Heng so well, in the end, the old man still felt quite gratified. And so the secret that must not be mentioned, had also exposed the tip of the iceberg.

There were three days to go before the signing of the contract, Qin Yu Zhuo’s plan now only required her to put the cherry on top, it will be very hard to turn this around now! Shu Gao needs rest, he must not be disturbed. When Shu Heng returned home, he immediately went into the study with Shu Cheng to discuss some matters. Shu Cheng’s brows knitted tightly, although the old man has retreated, his connections still remain, and besides that his brother-in-law is still in position!

If this matter was taken seriously, he would suffer at least five hundred million in losses, and adding in the engineering costs, he won’t be able to make a turnover for a good few years, it will add up to even more than just five hundred million, and this does not even include the stocks. The foundations would not be shaken, but his reputation could be considered ruined in the upper circle, he would become a laughing-stock. Big families are extremely concerned about their pride, at the front steps he had married Qin Yu Zhuo, while at the back of his steps trouble stirred, it indicates that the old man with the power had already given up on Shu Cheng, and so Shu clan’s situation had become more uncertain.

Shu Heng understood this, Shu Cheng even more so, he was covered in cold sweat in a moment, no matter how much he cared for Yu Zhuo he could not ignore his family’s interests, it’s best to take a visit to this old man tomorrow, pulling in their relationships right now is the best plan.

On that night, Qin Yu Zhuo eagerly waited after her husband, she was in great spirits, so much so that she could almost fly. But she did not know that her husband was trying to figure out how to turn things around in his heart, business makes strange bedfellows.

As for Shu Ning, he laid flat on the couch on the second floor study, with his calves lifted, eating grapes, and the omnipotent Shu Heng sitting by his side is currently reading a book.

“Ah! Open your mouth!”

Shu Heng lowered his head to take a look, his younger brother stretched out his tender and pale little hands, trying to feed him a grape, disgusting, ignore.

Eh, awkward young man, Shu Ning’s core is that of a thirty year old after all, he still had this much patience, especially after knowing his big brother will become a man who could call forth the wind and rain, naturally he worked hard to butter up to him:”Ah! Come on big brother, my hand hurts!”

Had it been a long time? Shu Heng felt a bit depressed, he did not want to eat.

Shu Ning frowned, and once again waved his arm over, the collar of his shirt had a large opening, because of how skinny he was the contour of his clavicle is very deep, inside was pale like a field of snow, two little dots were a pink colour, truly tender.


sushi or not sushi – originally it was comfortable(Shu shi) or not comfortable, same as Shu Shi the clan name, but I couldn’t keep the pun in the translation so this is the closest I can think of.


So I didn’t get accepted into the group I applied to, but that’s alrighty, it was a month before and I’ll be honest I was really akward at translating back then, I’m trying my best to improve my flow and localization, so maybe I’ll apply again to another group when I’m more experienced, as for now… I’ll think again about putting ads on my 50th release, I really wanna keep it without but ah… I don’t know.. I might as well keep to my morals for as long as i can lol. I do feel a bit bad about ko-fi and ads are a… free-er alternative


Also I might be rehauling this entire series when I can, because right now the sentences feel strange to me cause I try to stick it as accurately to the raws as possible, but it’s no fun to read( ´_ゝ`)

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