RWSB Chapter 23

I mentioned I like guys with high voices so here’s another.


What is he doing?

What is he trying to do?

What’s with this day? It must be that I’ve opened the damn door the wrong way!

This big brother is fake!

Because who knows what kind of drug Shu Heng was smoking! Shu Ning’s eyes widened in shock, he didn’t even dare to blink, he kept staring at his handsome face that was getting increasingly closer, his body bent backwards following the pressure exerted by the other, squish, he fell down to the table in a “t” shape! He had lost all the pride he had! He cried with no tears.

Shu Heng helped up the little person whose eyes were turning round and round in circles, he felt slightly displeased, so weak, could he really need to drink two packets?

“Brother~Do you need something?”If you’ve got gas to pass then just let it go~ don’t tug me around I like it better when things are more straightforward.

“Drink milk.”

What’s different with this milk? For Shu Heng to be so serious about this must mean that there’s a hidden meaning somewhere. Shu Ning held the thermos in his hands, it wasn’t too hot or too cold, just the right temperature, big brother is too thoughtful, the taste was pretty good in his mouth, what did he add?

The little one craned his head up and looked at him suspiciously, his eyes seemed to be watery, his curvy eyelashes looked quite adorable, Shu Heng’s throat bobbed, with a very deep voice he spoke:”Calms your mind.”

“It can’t” be added to the Chinese medicine?”

“Mm,”Shu Heng was a man of few words, but if Shu Ning were to ask he would answer:”If you finish it, you’ll dream less.”

His hand quivered, and he nearly dropped the thermos, he lowered his head and drank it carefully sip by sip, not even a drop was left. Shu Heng picked up a book to read while sitting on the chair, Shu Ning came down from the table, he dragged the corner of his pillow and walked to the side of the sofa, this row of small pillows, he was over thirty after all, even if he wanted to be childish he couldn’t bring the animal shapes into his embrace, but the square ones with warm colours suited him well, he yawned, and his tears were almost flowing out.

Only until the little one fell asleep did Shu Heng put down the book that he did not even flip the pages of, he stood by the side of the sofa and looked down at him from above, and he stretched out his hand only after hesitating for a long while, Earlier, he really wanted to touch Shu Ning’s eyelashes, thick and long, spread out like a fan, it felt itchy and soft to the touch, as if they were brushing against the center of his heart.

Shu Ning had just arrived not long ago, and yet many ideas sprouted in Shu Heng’s mind, he was slightly cautious, yet he did not think of retreating, the strange feeling from the beginning had become increasingly full, as if it were about to overflow, he clutched his chest tightly, Shu Heng narrowed his eyes slightly. The little one moved, and shrunk his body, is he cold?

Shu Heng did not continue his thoughts, he carefully picked up the little brat, and walked to the bedroom.

Although their rooms were close to each other, for Shu Ning to run back and forth each and every day is still quite inconvenient, and it was too much trouble, the house over by the capital has already been renovated, they just have to endure for another month.

Shu Ning was placed on top of the large bed, and his little head tossed around, Shu Heng immediately laid down, and stretched his arm out to scoop the little brat into his embrace, at first Shu Ning was not used to it, and kept turning back and forth, every time they touched Shu Heng’s body would become frozen stiff, but he did not dislike it, gradually the little one settled down, Shu Heng also felt relieved as he closed his eyes and slept.

Shu Heng woke up early, and went out for a jog, the silly Shu Ning went to look for Qin Yu Zhuo as soon as he woke up, this poisonous scorpion could not go to the company to work, so she met up with the other ladies every day to chat and shop, and went to the association to get a massage and whatnot, her look while carrying her baby was full of flair, she cozied up with many rich ladies, after all she had climbed up from the very bottom, she had patience, and knew how to read the mood, and she had also sat firmly on the throne of the Shu clan’s missus, naturally she was ever successful!

If Shu Ning went too late, he would come away empty-handed.

Qin Yu Zhuo was humming a song, and applying skin care products to her face that wouldn’t harm the baby, her belongings on the first floor will be moved up to the third floor promptly, and she can share a room with Shu Cheng.

“Mom, good morning.”

“Mm,”Qin Yu Zhuo was best at conducting herself well, she immediately changed into a worried mask:”Have you been doing well recently? Did Shu Heng give you any trouble? My pregnancy is not stable so I can’t care for you well, I’ve been so worried, I’ve been having a hard time sleeping recently, you have to pay attention to Shu Heng, tell your mother as soon as you find anything wrong okay?”

“Mm,”Shu Ning came prepared, naturally he would tell her, he immediately pretended to hesitate as he spoke:”I overheard a conversation but I don’t know what it means, and I don’t know if it’s any use either.”

Qin Yu Zhuo was sinister, but she did not think that the dull-minded Shu Ning would be able to overhear anything important:”Let’s hear it.”

“I passed by Shu Heng’s study yesterday, and I heard him say something like the villages beside the second plot of land was going to be renovated, and he wanted to buy land!”

Heavens! Qin Yu Zhuo’s gaze flashed, she immediately grasped Shu Ning’s arm:”Buy land? Renovation! You’re sure you heard it right?”Every cloud truly has a silver lining, who would’ve thought that Shu Ning could be so impressive! Shu Heng’s relative from his mother’s side is a high-ranking official in C city, and he had the most authority, they actually collaborated with each other, this is good, once evidence is found it will be exposed in the media, they could fall off their seats and eat prison meals at any moment!

Shu Ning pretended to be afraid:”I couldn’t make out anything else, but I’m very sure of those two words.”

This is too great, the best, she could actually take down that woman’s family, ha ha ha ha ha……

Have fun, are you happy? Are you about to die from laughter? Shu Ning naturally would not let her feel comfortable, he quickly added:”Oh that’s right! When Shu Heng hung up the call he said goodnight dad.”

Qin Yu Zhuo:”……”Her breath got caught in her throat, and her chest felt unbearably stuffy.

Shu Ning deliberately exposed a worried expression:”The things I said were useless weren’t they?”Look depressed, lower your head→_→secretly feel smug~

Qin Yu Zhuo winced, she really wanted to give him a slap, can’t do anything and even end up spoiling things, but she still had to keep a smile on her face:”There is some use, you should go to school first.”

Shu Ning saw her brood, she really took the bait. He ate the delicious congee, and happily went to school, during phys ed class, everyone was playing football, but because Shu Ning had a small stature, he became the rearguard, he stood quietly under the dazzling sun, these are the real thirteen year old boys, youthful, brimming, laughing loudly, their hot sweat came down like rain but they still seemed to have endless energy, how wonderful. The ball is coming, Shu Ning had also joined in, and prevented the opposing striker to succeed, the young body was peerlessly lithe, Shu Ning had forgotten his age, and ran around with the others.

The atmosphere at the college was tense, the college entrance examination was right around the corner, all of them had joined the lowered head tribe, studying with no limit. Shu Heng walked in front, and Xu Jin who was following behind was talking about the matters relating to the capital, he wanted to show off his abilities, don’t waste away the prime of your life! Shu Heng’s face was expressionless, the people from the capital often came to express their goodwill, they could wait no longer.

Behind the flowerbeds, a few girls arched their waists, making a lot of noise.

Especially Yang Wei Wei biting her handkerchief, her gaze was full of bitterness, what happened to the promise of dating? What happened to the male idol dates the silly girl instead of the goddess that she was promised……He actually did not come to look for me!

I can’t wait any more!

The fat girl pushed Yang Wei Wei on the waist:”Go quickly, he’s going further away, what are you waiting for, you guys will have to separate after the university entrance examination, go!”

Yang Wei Wei mustered up some courage……mustered up some courage……muster……ahhh……she was pushed out!

Xu Jin had an elegant demeanour, he was tall and handsome, his long phoenix eyes swept over, and immediately helped Yang Wei Wei steady herself, her face flushed red. The two top male idols are looking at me! I’m going to faint, so nervous.

Shu Heng remembered this girl, the ones who dared to send him love letters were too less, her courage was worth a praise.

Yang Wei Wei’s palms had gotten sweaty, she lifted her head to take a glance at Shu Heng and lowered it again, her face blushed to her ears, she was fidgeting nervously and did not know what to do, she had forgotten the lines she had thought up earlier.

Xu Jin smiled, the pause was lifted, if not this would not end:”So the beautiful lady has a date, I’ll be leaving first.”

Leaving the two of them behind, the girl’s head was kept down, her handkerchief was twisted into a roll, Shu Heng recalled the “salutations” he had to give every morning, only then was he willing to take the initiative to speak:”Need something?”


I have no idea why but when Shu Ning fell down he made a squishing noises lol(kinda cute)…吧唧 – Ba ji Also the t shape is actually the word 大 (Dà/big)

The lowered head tribe, 低头族(Dī tóu zú) is a term used to describe smartphone addicts, however the term is used to describe people who bury themselves in books to study here.

Also I should probably change all instances of university to college, and all instances of college entrance examination to university examination because I have overlooked that big time.


Since I didn’t manage to keep up with my double releases for several days, I’m gonna go all out today (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Shu Heng is falling more & more down the rabbit hole. Also what’s with the conversation he reported? I’ll admit I was too lazy to remember the details of the entire land plot mess. Just that first life, they lost a lot of money, 2nd, well that’s where it gets messy…

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    1. the entire land plot thing /is/ a mess honestly There are a lot of really strange terms that generally don’t appear being used and I cry everytime they mention it LOL supposedly something is wrong with that land and they’re trying to make shu heng deal with it for experience, and QYZ who wants the land doesn’t know something’s wrong with it???

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  2. “…the house over by the capital has already been renovated, they just have to endure for another month.”

    Eh? Shu Heng is going to take Shu Ning along to the capital? Σ(⊙▽⊙”) Is that why he didn’t go to study abroad like he were supposed to in previous life.

    I totally forgot about YWW lol. I guess she’s not even a threat to their relationship 😅

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  3. Thank you for the update and your hard work 😄. Please don’t over work yourself. Ning is cunning but clueless at the same time, can’t even see the present, only stuck in the past. Past Heng and present Heng are different, because you showed the present one how to love. Xu, just want to see the wei wei more depressed, Xu I see your evil side showing.

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  4. Shu Heng, ignoring someone after saying try dating is not dating hahahhahahaha~ Eell, it’s expected since his heart is being seduced by Shu Ning~

    Thank you very much for the chapter~!!!

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  5. Thanks for the chapter! If I understand this land thing properly — and I probably don’t — I think Ning Ning is feeding fake info to his mother both to fool her into thinking he believes her lies, and to set her up somehow. I don’t know if he’s trying to make her meddle in the land deal and look bad, or keep her from meddling and have a conniption when she realizes all her hard work went down the drain.

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    1. Instead of directly feeding her fake information she seems to be making things hard for her lol, since if it’s related to Shu Cheng it’s hard for her to do anything.


  6. Plot twist: Shu Ning is actually a squishy toy that attained sentience.
    ahhh he’s soooo meng, I just wanna squish his cheeks *totally ignores his actual age*

    Translator-sama, you’re really spoiling us~~ *still looks forward to updates*
    Thanks for the chapter~~

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  7. Did big brother drug Shu Ning? Or was that sleepiness something more natural? I only ask due to how sleeping drugs can mess with a person’s natural ability to sleep and can become addictive so it defeats the purpose.


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