RWSB Chapter 10

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The following chapter contains offensive language

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Fuck me, you only acknowledge people when a thirteen year old has malnutrition, all this information points to the truth, that is an illegitimate child that can’t see the light of day, he should not exist. For a moment Xu Jin’s gaze was extremely gloomy, and thought about the previously aborted illegitimate child in his family, a bloodthirsty coldness flashed past:”Do you need help?”

Shu Heng who sat upright slowly turned his head over, his gaze was extremely cold, with not an ounce of emotion.

Xu Jin is the heir-apparent to the Xu family, he possesses extraordinary knowledge, and his ability to resist pressure is unmatched, but when facing Shu Heng now, his forehead was covered in sweat, and he lowered his proud head.

“Can I lay a hand your mom?”

With one sentence, it made Xu Jin feel more comfortable in his heart:”But after all he is……”An illegitimate child that will contest over the inheritance with you, how could that be compared.

“What if your little brother wants the family company?”

“Get a fresh start, I have confidence in prospering,”Even if the direct descendant to the Xu Family were to go out and mix around, his status is still set in place, people won’t cut him off, he can live a good life as long as he’s not mentally retarded. Xu Jin understood, the killing intent in his eyes dispersed:”I’m sorry for just now, I shot my mouth off.”

“There’s no need for this between friends, if you have anything to say in the future just say it, in the worst case scenario I’ll give you a beating.”

Between bros, do you need to be so domineering? Xu Jin pouted his mouth, and magically groped a piece of candy from his body, threw it in his mouth, and concentrated on the lesson.

Shu Heng who had returned very early went up the stairs to look for that little one, Shu Ning was currently fiddling with his new phone while lying on the bed, no matter how new it is to him it’s still an antique, the screen isn’t big, it’s no fun to even play games, but after all this cwas carefully selected by his old man, naturally it was what he wanted, and he loved it so much he would not put it down.

The evening sun shone on the child’s body, making the scene look extremely gentle and warm, because he was shaking his legs with his knees raised, a snow-white section was exposed, with a crystal-like shimmer, it was extremely beautiful.

Until he was covered by a blanket, only then did Shu Ning notice that this person had entered.

“It’s cold at night, take note to stay warm,”Shu Heng’s condescending inspection plastered on the small face, his body was so pale, why did his complexion get worse? But the big eyes had more agility than usual, long eyelashes spread out like a fan, high nose, and thin lips, just like his dad.

What’s big brother looking so steadily at me for?

Shu Ning’s heart beat like drums, he couldn’t resist blinking his eyes, he seemed to look very pitiful.

“From today on, you have to drink milk in the mornings and at night, I’m going for my routine body check up tomorrow, you go as well.”

It was an affirmative sentence, and can’t be rejectedโ•ฎ(โ•ฏโ–ฝโ•ฐ)โ•ญShu Ning nodded his head obediently, looking quite adorable.

He swallowed nervously, and Shu Heng immediately left, Shu Ning breathed a sigh of relief, this guy didn’t make any noise at all, could he be a ghost?

He shrugged subconsciously, and continued familiarizing himself with the phone’s functions, he casually sent a text message to Shu Cheng, expressing his thanks.

Shu Cheng was very busy, Qin Yu Zhuo had just been pregnant for two months, and naturally wasn’t willing to idle around at home, and stayed in her husband’s company to help out. At night Shu Gao happily finished his meal with his two grandkids, and sat in the living room sofa to chat, when it was time to go up to rest, Shu Gao handed out a red envelope.

Shu Ning froze, secretly thinking that in his previous life his dad gave him a red envelope worth fifty thousand when he just entered the house, and in this lifetime it was probably gone, but he didn’t think his grandfather would be so generous!

Shu Heng gave Shu Ning a push:”If the elder grants it you can’t not receive it.”

“Thank you grandpa!”Shu Ning stretched his hands out and received it, feeling quite happy.

Everyone just thought he did not understand the worth of this red envelope, so they did not mind, but actually the cases that he had cooperated with in his previous life often netted him several tens of millions, unless you directly slapped a cheque on his face, otherwise he would not act because of money.

Shu Gao’s heart blossomed with happiness, no matter how Shu Heng had called him grandpa he did not feel anything, a biological grandson is great after all, it was great no matter how you saw it, he touched his beard, Shu Gao stood up and clasped his hands behind his back, and left with an unpredictable and deep look on his face. Shu Heng stood up and walked upstairs, footsteps sounded behind him, Shu Heng who had always been a lone wolf had not gotten used to it, he wrinkled his eyebrows and looked back at him.

Shu Ning responded slowly and lifted his head as he drank his juice:”Brother?”

The voice was soft, Shu Heng did not know what to say, he turned around and walked up with quick steps, the sound of running came from behind him, he could imagine how fast the person’s short legs moved. Unconsciously, Shu Heng slowed down his steps, only then did Shu Ning manage to catch up with him. A strange feeling rose up in him, Shu Heng touched his chest, and did not pay it any mind.

After that, Shu Heng went to the study, Shu Ning quietly stayed in his room, until the dead of night, then Shu Heng’s door sounded once again.

The small child hugged the pillow as he rubbed his eyes, he looked up with a weeping face.

Shu Heng is very tall, about half a head taller than his peers, standing in front of this bean sprout he looked like an adult:”Can’t sleep?”

“Mm, the living room is scary, there’s nobody there, mom says she’s not coming back today, brother, can I sleep on your bed?”

Shu Heng looked steadily at Shu Ning for a moment, then made way for him, Shu Ning breathed a sigh of relief in his heart. Trying to get close to the great god, really isn’t something a mortal like me should be doing, he hurried in, and laid down well on the bed, attacking his territory is the first step, giving him brotherly respect is the second, and opening up his heart is the third step.

Now don’t even mention occupying his territory, he couldn’t even take care of Shu Heng’s vigilant heart, Shu Ning felt that the road to revolution is a long one.

Shu Heng turned around and went downstairs to to warm up a cup of milk, then handed it over to Shu Ning, and stared at him till he finished it:”Wait for me at the school gates after school tomorrow.”

“Mm,”Shu Ning’s face did not change, he hesitated for a moment and immediately flew into Shu Heng’s embrace, and immediately let go when he noticed his whole body going stiff, he lifted up a smile:”Brother you’re so nice!”

That moment when they touched just now, Shu Heng nearly pushed Shu Ning away, the little one had already obediently laid down on the bed, big eyes glittering, seeing no movements from himself, he even dropped his head uncertainly, he stretched out a thing, small hand and patted to his side:”Come on!”

Mm……He suddenly felt a bit unhappy, his heart jittery, why is that?

Shu Heng did not think about it, and laid down on the place where the child had patted, his heart felt strange again, he did not know why. He closed his eyes, smoothened out his breaths, and the child was very gutsy this time, he leaned over to observe, his exhaled breaths puffed onto Shu Heng’s neck, like a brush sweeping past, very itchy, if not for Shu Heng’s high resistance, he definitely could not resist sitting up and giving a lecture to this naughty kid who wouldn’t sleep.

Regardless of whether his core was thirty some years old, his body’s age is still that of a teen, after a short while, Shu Ning fell asleep.

Shu Heng opened his expressionless eyes and got up, he turned on his computer and looked at the monitor, it’s just as the child said, then he picked up his phone to take a look, Qin Yu Zhuo did in fact sent a text message mentioning that she is not coming home.

Shu Ning……Is probably trustable right? Shu Heng went back to bed and laid down, Shu Ning rolled over as if he were afraid of the cold, the two sticking together made Shu Heng feel slightly unaccustomed, he shifted inwards before falling asleep.

In the dead of the night, Qin Yu Zhuo finally came back, the contents of the text message was naturally to cheat Shu Ning into sleeping early, if not Shu Cheng would not let her go to the office if he knew the child could not sleep without waiting for his mother. Qin Yu Zhuo had high ambitions, of course she would not allow anyone to hinder her. Tiring, after getting pregnant doing anything made her feel out of strength, since the husband isn’t coming back anyway, Qin Yu Zhuo directly went to the first floor to sleep.

Waking up the next morning, a certain child ๅ›ง again, he blushed to his ears, his calf was caught in between his brother’s thighs!!!

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  1. Thank you very much for the chapter and I wish you well and so you can continue to bring happiness to people who enjoy this type of reading as I do ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

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  2. Thank you so much for your hard work! Even though this is half-plotting from Shu Ning, he’s still pretty naive and innocent lol. I can’t wait for when he gets older and Shu Heng starts to show his interest heh heh. ;D

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      1. I also get that feeling, ah. Shu Ning’s mum didn’t really let him interact with people beyond scheming, so he grew up detached from all his family members and kind of slow in the EQ department. I think that’s probably why he’s still so innocent in his interactions with Shu Heng. Having a brother in this new life is good for him!

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  3. Shu Ning conquering hearts has a bit of meng factor due to his current physical age. More moments like that are so sweet haha~

    Thank you very much for the chapter~!!!

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  4. Thank you for those who donate. And for the chapter of course.( Please donate again, my face is too thick). Ahahaha

    He swallowed nervously, and Shu Heng immediately left, Shu Ning breathed a sigh of relief, this guy didnโ€™t [many?(make)]any noise at all, could he be a ghost?

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  5. If we can say nothing else let us be grateful that, that shrews negligence makes it so much easier for Shu King to trap his aloof prince and what a friend Xu Min is I must say he’s a keeper. ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ™…โœจโœจโœจโœจโœจโœจ

    I tell you it was a blessed day when you entered the world of translation. We are so well fed on updates. Thaaaank you๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ‘‘

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  6. Thanks for the chapter and the hard work! I usually take time to read this in my breaks at work so I haven’t had the oportunity to hear the music but thanks anyways, I’ll listen to it when I have time, it seems interesting!

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    1. You’re not missing much I’ve been spamming Lun Sang ๐Ÿ˜‚ though if I find a song that suits the chapter more than Lun Sang I’ll put that up, thank you for reading!


  7. Nice song. Wish I knew what it was about. Lol

    Btw, ‘a man of your word’? Not a chick? Wow, you are a rare breed. Dudes usually get weirded out by BL.


    About Xu Jin, was he offering help to aid Shu Heng in addressing his little brother’s malnutrition issues? Or was he offering to help him ‘take care’ of the issue?โ˜ 

    Shu Heng’s sentence is weird. “Can I lay a hand your mother”

    Is this supposed to be a rejection of the offer to help?

    Then it should be: “Can I lend a hand, your mother”

    Otherwise it looks like it should be “Can I lay a hand on your mother” and I was like, what? Is this an offer to hurt Xu Jin’s mom, why? An offer to sexily lay his hands on her? That is even weirder. ๐Ÿ˜‚

    As for Shu Heng, if he did research on Shu Ning then he should know he is severely neglected by his mom, his grandma recently died, and if he shows some love and acceptance to Shu Ning he would turn to Shu Heng vs his mother. Even if he was loyal to his mom at first. After all, he only knew his mom for about a month or 2 longer. No loyalty there.

    Also, fuck Shu Gao. Family is more than just blood. You take someone in, give them a family, they are family for life. Even after divorce, name change, etc.

    I have sooo many step-cousins and half-cousins from my mom’s side. Family.

    My dad’s side have nothing to do with us. Last I saw of my dad’s younger brother was at my dad’s funeral. I maybe met his kids twice in my life.

    My brother recently married and got 4 step-kids plus one of his own. They family now.

    Mom’s mom’s side of the family has a saying: we have in-laws, out-laws, and outlaws (not for a while though ๐Ÿ˜‚).


    1. I use the word man but I’m not a man, however I’ve been told I look like a man. Though I have a lot of male friends who like BL
      Xu Jin is trying to murder his brother
      Shu Heng to retort, asks if he can kill his mother too.
      Shu Heng knows Shu Ning is a child and is currently being groomed by his mother, he does not know he was reborn previously Shu Ning did not know he was being used.
      I’m not gonna comment on Shu Gao because it’s understandable for me as I’m Chinese, I don’t know how to explain family culture and traditions.


      1. Its about continuation of blood and family name. Hence the important of male heir. Can’t blame Shu Gao old strong belief. There are even cases where adoptive parents changed when they hv their own flesh and blood offspring.

        Plus Shu Heng is the type that doesn’t approach anyone first unless other made effort. He doesn’t give a damn if anyone see his kindness. I believe with Shu Ning here, Grandpa will slowly see that Shu Heng being a good brother.

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      2. Ah. Yeah that happens. I was once called a dude due to my ol Nick. Lol

        Ah. So that is what he meant. I thought he asked to lend a hand to help Shu Heng since it is obvious he wants to help his brother get better.

        Right, of course he doesn’t know he was reborn. But he does know the mom abandoned him after he was born and only popped into his life after she got pregnant.

        So he should realize that the time in which his mother has been around him is only a little more than him. Thus, he can groom him as well and since he will be around him more, he has a chance to switch the loyalty.

        Ah, I guess, it is just something so anathema to me, putting loyalty & trust into a stranger just over a bloodtie vs someone I’ve known most/all their lives.

        Blood doesn’t really amount to much without the tie of time to bond it. *shrugs*


      3. Different culture different ideas, let’s leave it at that.
        Shu Heng has no reason to groom his little brother he’s not a crazy bitch like shu ning’s mom, just because one person is trying to groom someone doesn’t mean everyone should. Shu Heng knows he’s being groomed and he is being cautious about it, he has shown obvious dislike towards her way of doing things.
        He’s an independent guy, if anything he would rather kill shu ning if he does end up getting groomed by his mother, he is a lone wolf after all.


      4. Well, groomed is not quite what I mean. More like, win the kid’s loyalty just by accepting him when it is what he wants/needs vs the transactional thing his mom is doing.

        Just, I think it would have been smarter for him to bring Shu Ning close. The whole past life screw up happened in large part to Shu Heng shutting out Shu Ning and leaving him to his mother’s manipulations since she was the only one who showed him love. Even if It was all for a ploy.


      5. True.

        However, I am a writer as well as a politics nerd
        and with the way my mind works I can’t shut off how I think and see the plot and how it is moving.

        Which is why, I think at times, how foolish Shu Heng is behaving and how much simplier things could be/go if he did x or y.

        It’s not a criticism, just a comment. I’m the type to yell out dumbass at people who walk into darkened rooms in horror movies. Or mute things when someone is doing something really stupid and the secondhand embarrassment is really bad.

        I did that just recently with Jessica Jones s2 when Trish has the ZCN audition. I knew she would blow it due to being high but I literally couldn’t watch it. So I muted the tv and read the captions.

        But if my comments on Shu Heng are bugging you, I can stop. Sorry.


      6. politics nerd or not do note that they are Chinese, we are very different kinds of people, not only do our minds work differently society works differently.
        Nothing is being difficult as you can see he does not give a fuck, if for example he did do something, that is even more trouble than he would have than if he just continued ignoring.
        And I am making criticisms about your comments because I do not agree. I don’t like to see cringy things either, whereas I see no wrong with whatever he’s doing here.
        I just don’t know how to reply to you, you can continue, I won’t stop you.


      7. It’s not wrong or right based on culture or anything, it is just, a deep sense of bad things are going to happen in the story because of the decisions made when it could all (or most of it) be avoided through communicating about simple things.

        That’s all. Like if they just be honest about things then a lot of hurt could be avoided? Something like that anyway.

        But a lot of stories are like that. Which makes them in ways tragedies.

        That’s the last I will say on this. Gotta go.


      8. there is no hurt to be had like i said whether shu ning is here or not shu heng does not actually care, and yes there are differences based on culture, such as what we see as important. It may not be very obvious until you have watched enough dramas or have stayed in Asia for awhile.
        No matter what bad things happen it dont fucking matter because shu heng’s just gonna go off on his own like bye, he said it himself it’s ok if lil bro takes the company whatever he can just start a new one he’s got the confidence it’ll work out just fine. Also another thing I can use as an example is how many asian games have a lot of grinding, asians often like to have things the hard way, like my dad as well he always wants to make more work for himself, and says that investments are a lazy man’s way of getting rich.
        You can have your own ideas, and I’m trying to explain to you their ideas, and why it works out, and also why your ideas would not work well for them, as well as why they would not use them.
        if things go as you say the story probably won’t even be bl anymore.


      9. Explanations and cultural discussions and communications are good. Just thought I was starting to tick you off, so thought I should drop it and keep quiet.

        I can get grinding on games and work, but life is a bit different to me.

        Well, damn. No bl? Then screw that. ๐Ÿ˜‚

        Though, I am curious as to how communicating about feelings and family secrets will affect the story enough for BL to not happen. Might be one of those things that is only clearer further on in the story?


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