RWSB Chapter 9

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Shu Ning wanted to get closer to Shu Heng, but the time is not right, his gaze flashed, there will be a chance at night!!

Following the flow of time, the sky dimmed, you could not see your fingers if you stretched your hands out outside, Shu Ning smiled proudly, and knocked on Shu Heng’s door while hugging a big pillow.

Knock knock knock……

Shu Ning was in a good mood, he took a deep breath, and gathered his spirits, he can finally get along well with his brother, he felt slightly perturbed, slightly anticipating, but even more so he was nervous.

He had hated him for a lifetime, but his mind was finally clear on his death bed, that sort of encompassing and concern, the feeling of not being abandoned no matter what was too good, he regretted it.

Thankfully, he had gone back to the time before he went seeking an early death, he can do everything over again.

The door opened, Shu Ning felt a little bit excited, the edge of his eyes were damp, but it’s a shame he could not apologize to his brother for the things in the past.

Shu Heng was wearing his pajamas, expressionless, his cold gaze fell on the child’s face, there was not a hint of change.

“Sorry……I’m scared!”

“Go look for your mom.”

With a “Ka”, the door was closed.

That’s it? Shu Ning froze stupidly, still standing right where he was, he nearly got hit on the nose by the door! Shit, everything had been going so well recently, he had forgotten how extremely cold his brother was, he was the kind of person who kept people a thousand miles away from him.

So what now? If he returns then this was a failure, Shu Ning had a calcium deficiency, his legs had started to hurt after standing for a while, he stretched his hand out to rub it and relieve it, when suddenly the door opened.

The computer in his room was actually linked up to some monitoring devices, the look of the dejected child who had stood outside till his legs hurt but was still unwilling to leave, he took in the scene, he was definitely hiding something.

But he was the biological son of his adopted father after all, he can’t treat him badly.

“Why aren’t you leaving?”

“I’m scared,”Shu Ning can be scared? Then he’s been possessed, Now he was sleepy and tired, as he yawned his tears dripped down as well.

Shu Heng wrinkled his eyebrows deeply:”Where’s your mom? Does she normally coax you to sleep?”

A thirteen year old child did not need to be coaxed at all, just that Shu Heng’s mother was strict with him, and he had no little brother, even the few friends Shu Heng has did not dare to speak about this kind of nonsense in front of him, so this has caused Shu Heng to think that the thin and withered Shu Ning still”needed mother’s milk”and needs to sleep with his mother.

He rubbed his eyes, Shu Ning’s big eyes had become even more wet and glistening:”Mother is not in the room on the first floor.”

“……”Shu Heng felt very hesitant, children were generally very annoying, every New Years those distant relatives would come to closen their relationships, the children they brought all had bright wonderful eyes, pleasing people with other intentions, Shu Heng disliked them very much, should he look for the steward? Whatever it’s too late:”Come in.”

I passed?

Shu Ning lowered his head, and walked in with quick steps, brother’s room is too dark, that’s not right, it should be that all the furniture and whatnot were all black, is his inner heart very dark? Shu Ning stumbled over his legs, with an ah sound he fell forwards, his pillow had also fallen, luckily Shu Heng’s eyes were quick and his hands were fast and he held the pulled the little child’s waist towards his embrace.

“You be good, or go back and sleep!”

The baby was nearly scared to death, Shu Ning had no disagreements, and nodded his head continuously. But……big brother……you seemed to have forgotten to let go?

Shu Heng who was carrying Shu Ning the whole way headed towards the side of the bed:”Do you have any habits of wetting the bed, snoring, or moving around wildly in your sleep?”

“Nope.”Shu Ning shook his head once more like a rattle-drum, secretly thinking what the hell is peeing the bed=’’=

Shu Heng put down the child gently, letting him rest his head on the pillow, then lightly pulled up the blanket, gave him a pat, and gave him a careful once over, then tucked in the edges of the blanket, only then did he feel assured and laid down on the other side.

Turns out, brother has such an attentive side, what boring person, weren’t people just putting labels on him without understanding him!

Moreover the light smell of this blanket smells very good, same as the smell on his brother, there is a cozy feeling, Shu Ning who had waited till it was very late to execute his plans really was extremely tired, he endured and stayed up. After waiting till the breathing of the person beside him had smoothened out, only did he dare to observe Shu Heng’s perfect side profile, during the day he was cold as a sculpture, while at night he was peaceful as an angel. He secretly thought that it was no wonder that father likes him, who wouldn’t like him? After yawning a few times Shu Ning fell deeply asleep.

Right at this moment……Shu Heng opened his eyes, inside was a field of cold, where was there even a hint of warmth?

Is this Qin Yu Zhuo’s intention? What is she trying to do now?

He quietly got out of bed, Shu Heng turned on his computer, checking the surveillance record, Shu Ning’s small body came into sight, he touched and groped around as he went towards the first floor, seemingly afraid of the dark, there was no reaction even after knocking several times, Shu Ning stretched his hands out and pushed, the door opened, he went in for a minute and left, he could see clearly the lost look on that small face.

The yawning Shu Ning returned to the stairway on the second floor and looked towards the third floor, after hesitating for a moment he came to the front of Shu Heng’s room.

After watching the full process, Shu Heng once again adjusted the time, the image went back two hours prior, Qin Yu Zhuo was holding a pillow and a blanket, tiptoe-ed up to the third floor, and entered Shu Cheng’s room.

This woman is full of schemes, grandfather intended to let her clear her head, understand the limits, and stop vainly hoping for things that do not belong to her, however the woman was too clear about the weight in her hands, and sneaked into her husband’s room at night, Not allowed to sleep in the same bed huh? I can sleep on the sofa, that’s not against the rules.

If there was a policy then there is a countermeasure, Qin Yu Zhuo is very clever, and she was pregnant as well, once the child has been born, grandfather’s attitude will change immediately!

Shu Cheng liked Shu Heng, but Shu Gao did not like Shu Heng.

He turned off his computer, Shu Heng walked to the side of the bed and sat down, quietly looked towards Shu Ning’s small face, he’s too thin, when he caught him under his arms he could feel the meat around the side of his waist.

Everyone thought that Shu Heng did not know the true identity of Shu Ning, but he had already investigated everything early on, Shu Ning originally had a good disposition, after returning to Qin Yu Zhuo’s side, this woman started to instill some bad ideas into him, instructing the child to do bad things. Thinking back on the situation when they first met, Shu Heng made a decision.

Early the next morning, after Shu Ning woke up he awkwardly realized that his current situation was a bit囧

Two thin and long legs were pressed on top of brother’s abdomen, while brother’s big warm hands were coincidentally pressed against his own legs! Eh, I’ll be detested, he quickly moved away mysteriously, pretending nothing had happened, he breathed a sigh of relief, Shu Ning’s heart was beating madly, he secretly rejoiced, feeling complacent.

Shu Heng only opened his eyes now, the edge of his mouth curved up slightly, this child’s leg is too thin……

Breakfast was unexpectedly made by Qin Yu Zhuo, she had probably woken up before the sky was bright, and busied herself for several hours, her intentions of currying favour were clear.

Shu Gao sat at the master’s seat and watched the”home wrecker”deliberately serving them to curry favour, and felt extremely uncomfortable, the child she had birthed previously was thrown to the countryside, and now that she’s pregnant with this one she still could not nurture it properly, he was so pissed that even his beard stood up, how could the son not see through this.

Shu Cheng secretly touched his wife’s little face that had turned white from working hard, and inwardly felt a pain in his heart.

Shu Gao humphed coldly, only then did the lingering scene disperse, great, Qin Yu Zhuo had started to play the looking down and vexed trick again.

Shu Cheng gave him a glance unhappily:”Dad! Yu Zhuo has already entered the doors, and even had two children, can’t you just accept her?”

Fine fine fine, I can’t control you,”When Shu Gao stood up, he saw Shu Ning also had his head lowered, slightly unhappy:”When are you going to send Ning Ning to school?”

Shu Cheng frowned:”Ning Ning just arrived, he still hasn’t adapted, it’s not too late for him to go after the summer vacations end.”

“You think this is a kindergarten play house?”What kind of character is Shu Gao? He is a complicated person, and at this moment his anger suddenly flared up and he slammed his hand on the table:”Has your infatuation with this fox caused you to go silly? Go out and find a random person ask them if it’s right to do that!”

The old man turned and left up the stairs, he even pushed away the steward who tried to help him, one could imagine how angry he is.

Shu Heng’s face was immensely cold as well, this is definitely Qin Yu Zhuo’s plans, what is she actually scheming?

There was about two more months before summer vacation, there’s no crime in skipping school, innocently skipping school, you actually plan to turn Shu Ning useless don’t you? That was probably the reason for grandfather’s anger.

Shu Cheng was displeased:”Eat.”

Qin Yu Zhuo unexpectedly spoke:”Ah Cheng I’m sorry, It’s my bad I’m not good enough, I will work hard to improve myself I won’t make things hard for you.”

“You’re not at fault,”He patted the woman’s hand, Shu Cheng’s heart ached:”Ning Ning had just come back, he feels very unfamiliar with this family, and towards this father, me, as well, he does need to ease up a bit more, your idea was not wrong, it’s just dad he……”he’s too stubborn. When he’s free he can bring Shu Ning out to play, chat, and take walks to enhance their relationship, Qin Yu Zhuo’s idea is very good.

“I’m full,”Shu Heng got up to leave.

The eldest son had only moved his chopsticks, is he unhappy? Shu Cheng made a wise guess and found several reasons, and agreed to send Shu Ning to school.

Qin Yu Zhuo smiled gently, but her hand was clenched tightly into fists under the table, this undying old bastard is not my opponent, but the small one is abominable!

In the previous life Shu Ning had no way to curry favour with Shu Cheng, he had been thrown off to school on the second day, the changes in this life were very big, he reckons that Qin Yu Zhuo wanted to partner with him to catch that old man, then deal with Shu Heng. As long as Shu Heng is gone, there was no harm in that old man being stubborn.

The Shu family is one of the best families in the city, with one word Shu Cheng had already settled him into the best school.

When he received the notice that afternoon, Shu Ning did not feel anything, he had entered this school last time, there were even some rich playboys in there, they had no status at home, but they got along well with himself. When something happened, they all scattered one by one, and even went to the prison to laugh at him, being good bros is just bullshit, they’ll only come to find you when there’s something they need from you, once you’ve lost your value, then there will be no more connection, and even get stepped on.

Inside the university, Shu Heng sat quietly, he held his chin with his arm thoughtfully.

Xu Jin had gotten used to Shu Heng’s attitude since a long time ago, but he was particularly silent today:”Could it be that you’ve encountered any problems? That’s good news.”


He had actually answered honestly, Xu Jin narrowed his eyes, he wanted to show his concern but right then the teacher came over:”Shu Heng, congratulations for getting first place.”

The events hosted by the school, did not have much meaning, Shu Heng is the school’s NO1 so he has to take part, so he signed up for Go, and as expected he came first, and got a reward, it’s normal for the teacher to come and congratulate him, after all she felt proud.

The teacher’s child just happened to be thirteen years old! Shu Heng was suddenly interested in talking:”Teacher Wang, what should be done if a child’s height is below the minimum standard?”

The teacher raised an eyebrow:”How old is the child?”


“Same as my son, you should take him to the hospital for a check up first, then listen to the doctor’s advice to improve his diet, supplement whatever is lacking, take note of his rest and mental health, drink more milk, and increase the amount of exercise adequately, all of these can help improve it.”

“So that’s how it is,”that little guy is too thin and small, way below standards, he’s not developing properly, this information had been searched up by Shu Heng on the net, it’s incomplete, but it had already made him very uncomfortable. That woman only knows how to use her son to strive for favour, if this goes on Shu Ning will become crippled, what use is that to her?

Shu Heng narrowed his eyes, he deepened his earlier decision more and more.

The teacher did not leave, and was quite concerned:”How tall is the child you were talking about?”

“Don’t know.”

Eh, the teacher pouted her lips and continued with another question:”What about his weight? Is his skin yellowing?”

Shu Heng replied seriously.

Looking at the two asking and answering back and forth, Xu Jin was at a loss, the atmosphere was too strange, the guy who swears by”silence is golden”actually had this part of him? Abnormal. Who is that kid actually? Some prince? Curiosity is the devil, Xu Jin developed a strong interest in the child’s identity.

The teacher had only left when class started, Xu Jin immediately asked:”Which family’s young master?”

“My little brother.”

Fuck me, you only acknowledge people when a thirteen year old has malnutrition, all this information points to the truth, that is an illegitimate child that can’t see the light of day, he should not exist. For a moment Xu Jin’s gaze was extremely gloomy, and thought about the previously aborted illegitimate child in his family, a bloodthirsty coldness flashed past:”Do you need help?”

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