RWSB Chapter 8

Have you guys noticed my undying love for Lun Sang yet


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The nanny was in a very poor mood, she couldn’t understand why the miss replaced her with someone else to watch the house, could there be anything she’s not satisfied with?

If a virtuous can’t figure it out then they won’t think about it, young master said there was rubbish, the nanny is a serious and responsible person, even if she was fired she would still finish her last day of work. She immediately went up the stairs to tidy up the room, but where was there rubbish in the bin?

But there was a small purse on the small table instead!

The nanny went up to take a look, half an envelope peeked out from under, for me?

Thank you for taking care of me for this period of time, I had never eaten such delicious red braised pork belly before……the items in the purse are my regards, there is an address on the invoice, you can return it.

The nanny wasn’t stupid, the young master’s intent for doing these are quite clear, she had also come from the countryside, her family was quite poor. She felt very moved as she picked up the purse and put it on her blanket, packaged it, and wiped her tears while she left.

It was hard serving the miss, the young master had noticed it, he truly is a kind-hearted and good child.


She quickly reached her ancestral home by the hillside, grandpa liked to grow flowers, he was dressed like a gardener, and even wore a big sun hat as he worked in the yard.

In the last life both Qin Yu Zhuo and Shu Ning did not realize, they only found out the old president had this kind of hobby after living there for a long time. The ancestral home is very large, they drove for quite a while before reaching the entrance, the yard was even wider, in the peripherals is a circle of pine trees of various shapes, and there were various flowers nearby, it was managed very beautifully, there were no messy branches, the leaves were crisp, you’ll like it however you look at it.

But of course, there were commissioners responsible for these matter, just that old people who had retired can get quite bored, and normally he really liked these flowers and plants, thus he took the time to prune the plants alongside the gardeners, water them, catch bugs and the like.

The car stopped, the driver opened the car door, and invited Qin Yu Zhuo down, Shu Ning had only showed his face after, grandpa didn’t turn around to look, but the two gardeners nodded, that counted as a greeting, and they lowered their heads and picked up some big shears.

The ground that had just been watered was still slightly damp, Shu Ning took a deep breath, immediately attracting Qin Yu Zhuo’s dissatisfaction:”Didn’t I instruct you to keep calm and easy?”

“That’s not it, there’s water on the ground mother you should go this way!”

Qin Yu Zhuo’s expression immediately turned complex, her family background wasn’t great, and she became a home wrecker, and even gave birth to a kid, the servants in the residence definitely all looked down on me, you want to play a game of authority! Who has I, Qin Yu Zhuo been afraid of? If not to become Mrs. Shu, who would give you lot face? For Qin Yu Zhuo to resist and swallow up her words in front of Shu Cheng was fine, but she needs to have dignity in front of the servants, if not other people would take her for an easy target to bully, there would inevitably be many more issues popping up in her daily life.

A darkness flashed past Qin Yu Zhuo’s eyes, you want me to make a detour? You want to see me as a joke? You even want to see me embarrass myself by falling down don’t you? Ah. Her right leg swiftly stepped down hard, kicking up a few specks of mud unknowingly splattering over her shoes, even the left side of her pants were caught with a few drops, they were dark and round, not too obvious, but if it was dirty it was dirty, she can no longer wear it.

The steward only came out now to receive them, and here’s another one that doesn’t respect her as the mistress, it felt like a fire had been lit up in Qin Yu Zhuo’s anger.

The more angrier she was the more beautiful the smile on her face, Qin Yu Zhuo curled her mouth:”Good day to you, steward.”Old hag.

“Good day to you Madam, the roads have been hard on you.”

“Today is the big day that I enter the house, look, I was interrupted by two servants.”

The steward saw the smudge on her snow-white trousers, and found the culprit following Qin Yu Zhuo’s line of sight, the old head of the house shook his head, and only then did the steward speak:”Please go in and change first, I’ll take care of these people immediately, I won’t let it trouble you.”

“Don’t,”Shu Ning frowned, and pulled Qin Yu Zhuo’s arm:”They aren’t in the wrong, we were just careless, Don’t fire them alright? Besides we can just wash it if the clothes got dirty.”

Foolish child, do you know that these clothes are shipped over from France?

Designer clothes!

They’re not some cabbage on the streets!

“Not making them compensate me is already very benevolent, Xiao Ning, your kindness will only make these lazy and irresponsible people even more unbearable.”

Shu Ning’s mouth moved, and lowered his head with eyes full of disapproval, he did not say anything, in his heart he was actually overjoyed, cheating his mother and whatnot, felt too good.

The previous gardener resigned because his waist was no good, and right now they were all new employees, freshly recruited from the talent market, they had no relations at all with the people at the ancestral home, and no backers either. They can’t do anything to the steward, so naturally they bullied the weak and feared the strong.

Qin Yu Zhuo naturally was not a short-tempered person, she had things prepared at her fingertips early on, she raised her head, and brought Shu Ning in to the living room.

The steward shook his head, the new mistress has a big attitude:”Grandfather, what should be done now?”

Grandfather was naturally the head of the family:”What more can be done? Shu Cheng wanted to marry no matter what, and argued so stiffly with me, we’ll talk after she’s done birthing her kid.”

The two gardeners were grieved, they felt that this mistress was too overbearing, they didn’t want to accept other arrangements, and left immediately with their compensations.

After all this was an old family, low-profile yet luxurious, Shu Ning was very familiar with this place, but he had no choice but to pretend he were a child who had not seen this before, he secretly observed the hall, fitting of their identity.

Qin Yu Zhuo was very unsatisfied with this, yet deliberately pretended to look heartbroken.

Shu Cheng had been waiting here since early on, he pulled Qin Yu Zhuo’s hand:”You’re here.”

“Mm,”Qin Yu Zhuo gave Shu Cheng’s gentle palms a squeeze, and her cheeks blushed:”This is……Shu Ning.”

Shu Ning, he had been called this since he was young, he did not follow his birth mother’s surname of Qin, Qin Yu Zhuo’s intentions were obvious. Shu Cheng naturally sent people to the countryside to obtain information, and even secretly did a paternity test, if not for him finding out that Qin Yu Zhuo was pregnant coincidentally, would he have missed his opportunity with this son as well?

“Ning Ning, I am Shu Cheng your father, in the future you will live here, you have your grandfather, your older brother, and even a little brother in the future don’t you think that’s great?”

The stately man radiated with dignity, he projected a great aura, His eyes that were normally peerlessly sharp and keen were affectionately gentle, he raised his mouth, smiling tenderly.

It was not like this in his previous life, Shu Ning had failed to make contact with Shu Heng, and made Shu Cheng relatively concerned, he almost did not get to live in the ancestral home.

Really, Dad’s good complexion is just like the northern lights of the North Pole, you can hope for it but you can not beg for it, he could come across it……but could not obtain, the stalwart man’s smile, forever belongs to Shu Heng. Sometimes Shu Ning would also ponder, is he really his child? Could it be related to the previous wife? Mom said business marriage had no affection, that would be Shu Heng’s reason, he was too outstanding. Right now Shu Cheng’s eyes were on Shu Ning, full of parental affection, giving Shu Ning some feelings of envy, he subconsciously pounced over, hugging the man’s strong waist.

The regret of my last life, I will make up with it in this one!

I will remember this embrace till I die!

Today his dream was finally met, how joyous, he was so happy he lifted his head embarrassedly, Shu Ning would rather bury his head deeply, and tighten his hands.

Shu Cheng froze! a feeling he had never felt before slowly rose up, gradually filling his entire body, this is……the affection of kin, he originally thought he would never have offspring in this life, he stuck to his wife’s oath, and treated Shu Heng well. Shu Cheng had always thought that his affectionate father and filial son relationship with Shu Heng was quite good, very satisfying.

But now that he felt the feeling of a biological son’s”throwing himself into his embrace”,it made the strong-willed man’s eyes redden.

Shu Heng just happened to come out, standing at the stairway on the second floor, his gaze flashed.

Qin Yu Zhuo’s heart felt very excited, she didn’t think this”cannon fodder”could actually please Shu Cheng, the task was done as soon as they came. The little sweetheart in her belly had not been born yet, even if he were born he would still just be a baby, he had no fighting ability at all, how could he be Shu Heng’s opponent? But now that she looked at it, even if Shu Ning kept mumbling, it was enough to deal with Shu Heng.

With a glance, the figure on top of the stairs seemed very languish, hesitant, should he hide, or should he come and face the music?

His only father is hugging another child, his heart would definitely feel very pained right?

Your tramp mother makes me uncomfortable, idling her time away, it was time to expose her.

The woman’s sarcastic and disdainful gaze fell on top of his body, like there were diseases by the side, another person came down from upstairs, wearing leisure clothes, Shu Heng took two steps towards him and helped the senior:”Grandpa.”

“Mm, why aren’t you going down?”

“I don’t want to disturb dad.”

“Good child!.”

Shu Gao was about sixty years old, he had heart disease, he went up through the elevator at the back, washed his hands, and changed his clothes before he came down.

The old man had an extraordinary air, steady pace, the hair on both sides of his temples were going white, his gaze was deep, very well maintained, with the gaze from his one eye he could make people feel his pressure.

Qin Yu Zhuo immediately poked Shu Cheng, eldest son and old man is here, it’s time to separate yourselves, after all Shu Ning’s public identity was that of an adopted child and not a biological one, it was strange for him to bring him into his embrace.

After separating, at the moment where the warmth had dissipated, both Shu Cheng and Shu Ning felt a bit unwilling. For the long-term, let’s figure this out first.

“Dad, Xiao Heng!”Qin Yu Zhuo greeted them first, appearing very gentle and virtuous:”This is Shu Ning, my foster-child, from now on we’re a family.”

Shu Gao naturally knew Shu Ning’s identity, he did not know about his disposition before because he had not seen him, after seeing what happened at the car he knew that this is a clear-minded and kind seedling, just came from the wrong circumstances, to be shoved to a wildly ambitious mother, only due to that did he endure so many hardships, thankfully they took him back. Thinking of his biological grandchild wandering outside for thirteen years, the old man felt his heart tighten up unbearably, he was extremely unsatisfied with how his son had handled things:”What foster-child? If you’ve entered this door then you are my family, enter him in the family register tomorrow!”

Shu Cheng frowned slightly, and looked towards Shu Heng, he was worried that he would be unsatisfied.

Shu Heng was a field of calm, he did not have any objections, he wasn’t a biological child himself, since the biological one came, yet his feelings were still cared about, to be faked as a foster-child……he felt grateful, guess I’ll pretend I don’t know:”It should be so.”

Shu Cheng happily patted Shu Heng’s shoulder:”You’ve grown up, sensible and modest, how about you come to the office and learn from me during the summer vacation?”

There was a question mark, meaning it was a question, Shu Cheng treats Shu Heng very well, his tone of speech was gentle, and he would even lower his stance.

Qin Yu Zhuo suffered immensely inside her heart, damn child, you actually let him go to the company? Nasty brat, wait for me to take care of you!

Shu Ning gave Shu Heng a sweet smile, his big eyes glittered:”I remember you! Big brother!”

Shu Heng curved the edge of his mouth on a once in a thousand chance, fleetingly:”You’re pretty good.”

“You’re pretty good too!”

Just like that, a big family had a happy atmosphere, only Qin Yu Zhuo nearly died from anger.

Old people enjoyed peace and quiet when they are old, four entire storeys belonged to him, undisturbed.

The third floor is Shu Cheng’s territory, there is a bedroom, a study, a gym, and so on. if the master bedroom had no place for her then whatever works, but she was not even allowed to live in the room beside it, isn’t this a face-slapping? Do you think you can just drop my reputation to respect the previous wife, and respect Shu Heng’s feelings? You’re dead and you’re still here to disgust me, too hateful.

Shu Ning had also been oppressed by Shu Heng, the second floor’s master bedroom belonged to Shu Heng, the room beside is Shu Ning’s, there wasn’t even a study.

Actually it wasn’t small, just that some people’s hearts were too big, once dissatisfied, the devil will be born in their heart.

They ate together at night, the old man’s left hand side is Shu Cheng, Qin Yu Zhuo, right hand side is Shu Heng, Shu Ning.

Shu Ning wanted to get closer to Shu Heng, but the time is not right, his gaze flashed, there will be a chance at night!!

Following the flow of time, the sky dimmed, you could not see your fingers if you stretched your hands out outside, Shu Ning smiled proudly, and knocked on Shu Heng’s door while hugging a big pillow.

If you are not reading this on hellitranslations. wordpress. com the release you are reading is stolen! Visit my site for the quickest daily updates.


Old hag – 老不死的 Lao bu si de, immortal bitch, literally means “Can’t die from old age”

bullied the weak and feared the strong – 捏这些软柿子, nie zhe xie ruan shi zi, to pinch soft persimmons, they can’t take on the strong so they bully the soft ones instead.

Grandfather – 老爷子 Lao ye zi, now before anyone asks why the guy’s grandson is the steward(He’s not, and I know some of yall still gonna ask👁️), this word is used similarly to refer to people like the Godfather/a don, or someone’s father/gramps, or an old person, though in these cases they are usually slang.

diseases – ok so I don’t actually know what the word is because it got censored…犹如癞□□在侧 That’s the sentence if anyone can figure it out.

old man – 老爸 lao ba, a casual albeit rather rude way to refer to your father.


Time to pass out, good night.

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