RWSB Chapter 7

Do I have enough Lun Sang songs that barely fit to cover all these chapters


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Qin Yu Zhuo made an oh sound, and took a photo to her hands and touched it, the corners have already faded, they always say women are always met. In fact, these traces are all fake, if you really cared about it, naturally you would hang it up, and keep it well, how could you allow the photo to become old and yellow??

“These……were taken not long after you were born……it’s a pity I wasn’t by your side while you were growing up, I didn’t get to go through happiness, anger, sadness, and joy with you……”BADABADABADA.

Qin Yu Zhuo looked like she was revealing her real intentions, but as for what reason she’s crying so hard to the point where her throat was sore, only she knows. But……her crying looks quite pleasing to the eye, there was a type of gentleness only present in women, with a pitiable gaze, and without makeup too, no matter how you looked at it this was planned.

Shu Ning listened quietly, hiding his thoughts about watching a monkey show in his heart, When he was young he had only been led by the nose because he had never seen such shamelessness before, so foolish. When Qin Yu Zhuo was done talking and crying, Shu Ning called out a word of mother, and then the two cuddled together, the nanny at the door covered her mouth, feeling very touched and thankful.

Only Shu Ning who had his head lowered had a gaze full of coldness, the edge of his mouth curled, his hand subconsciously touched the woman’s stomach, in here, Shu Yao is growing up, once he thought of that brat who looked clever and obedient yet had a heart of poison, Shu Ning almost couldn’t resist the urge to knock him out. But if he had really done that, he’d be letting off Shu Yao too easily, might as well watch him watch drool over Shu Shi that big meat pie yet not able to take a bite, isn’t that may more interesting!

Qin Yu Zhuo brought Shu Ning out to have a big meal, her attitude peerlessly passionate, her eyes reddened easily, and liked to reach her hand out to give him a pull, and a squeeze, treating Shu Ning as her baby.

Shu Ning’s heart towards his birth mother has already died, really, so he felt nothing, he would only find it funny if she deliberately did anything.

Early the next morning, Qin Yu Zhuo’s teacher troop has already arrived, one by one they stood in the living room, there were both male and female, they were all outstanding people.

A month’s time had quickly passed.

Etiquette and behaviour were still acceptable, after all a secondary school student’s basic English skills are just passable, then there was knowledge, it needed to be strengthened, his skin had also turned white, like a young master, his way of talking? Better talk less when the time comes, as for his height……thin and withered as always. With a well-placed smile, he looked quite obedient.

A months’ time was too short, Qin Yu Zhuo sighed, A sense of impatience flashed through her eyes, he was not raised by her side after all.

Qin Yu Zhuo personally drove and hit the roads bringing Shu Ning, listening to some light music, occasionally explaining a few things, hoping that Shu Ning wouldn’t be nervous, Shu Cheng’s attitude is extremely important, after all even if it was just one child, if he was added in then various things would have to be split amongst them. Shu Ning watched the scenery, curved the edge of his mouth, and did not reply.

Qin Yu Zhuo was depressed, the problem with Shu Ning not caring about things, she was about to be driven mad.

The car stopped in front of a teahouse, a very quiet place, only members were allowed in, the attendants inside were dressed in Han Dynasty historical costumes, and had a special artistic prospect.

They had just sat down, and Qin Yu Zhuo’s phone rang, as soon as she saw the call display she was completely frozen, staying around men for so long, she knew that this call meant he wasn’t coming. She felt an immense disappointment and sadness, fine, they’ve already married anyway, if the big one can’t come, there’s still the small one.

Originally she thought that even if Shu Ning was of no use, leaving him in the villa to spite Shu Heng was still great, then teach Shu Ning some underhanded tricks, after one or two times, Shu Cheng would start to lose patience with that eldest son Shu Heng, feeling that he’s not caring for his little brother, cruel and vicious, then the future inheritance rights of the company would be left to the child inside her stomach, as for Shu Ning, Qin Yu Zhuo had only wanted to give him the position of a manager.

All of the woman’s disdainful and inspecting gaze fell on Shu Ning’s face, Shu Ning lowered his head, actually he had already saw it about once or twice from the reflection in the mirror:”Mom, are you not picking up the phone?”

You can’t pick it up immediately, silly boy, Qin Yu Zhuo picked up the phone and talked to Shu Cheng for about a minute or so.

Didn’t get to see dad today, the person they wanted to see was Shu Heng, he looked the same as from his memories in his past life. Dad hoped that Shu Ning and Shu Heng could encounter each other once, leave a good impression then enter the house, call him Qin Yu Zhuo’s adoptive son, the matching surname is just a coincidence, they’re not in the family register. Shu Cheng’s intentions were quite clear, he cared about his eldest son’s feelings.

Who was Qin Yu Zhuo? Full of schemes, full of patience, she immediately agreed, and even said that it should’ve been so. Under the same roof, you don’t have to worry about the length of time, no matter how favoured by the heavens Shu Heng was, maybe one day he would get hit by a car as soon as he went out the door right? Even if he were long-lived, he was still just a high school student, if Qian Yu Zhuo wanted to make him suffer so much he would rather die she still had some confidence.

Shu Cheng felt so moved he was speechless, when he put down his phone, he still thought about the gentle and pretty young lady of humble birth Qin Yu Zhuo’s appearance, oh her, she has suffered many hardships for me, and tolerated too much……

Shu Ning savoured his tea, watching the secretly pleased yet gloomy expression flash past Qin Yu Zhuo’s face.

“Baby, mother is going to take you to see……your father’s eldest son, don’t feel anxious and listen to mother,”Qin Yu Zhuo talked a bit about the grudge with rich and powerful families, and pointed out how unbearable and disadvantageous business marriages are, talking about Shu Cheng as best as possible, and made Shu Heng and his mother out to be cunning people:”Shu Ning, you have to remember, right now your father doesn’t know how unbearable his eldest son is, you have to endure it alright?”


Qing Yu Zhuo was also smart one moment and muddle-headed the next, she kept thinking that Shu Ning was foolish, don’t be like Shu Heng, she didn’t even notice that he’s a good person and made a definite decision about him. In the past life, Shu Ning gritted his teeth hatefully, and stood by the corner staring with his big eyes, with no way to fall to the ground righteously, waiting for the Shu Heng who had been passing by coincidentally to help him back up.

Standing at the same place as the last life(one pit-fall leads to endless misery and regret), Shu Ning lamented, Qin Yu Zhuo had already gotten Shu Heng’s bodyguard to leave, what comes after is his moment to make a move.

Far away, a slim figure slowly walked over, Shu Heng is very handsome, profound features, the sun shone on his hair that was dark like ink, shining a shimmering light. THe Shu Heng of today did not exude the same pressure as he did as an adult, but the poker face technique has already been practiced, expressionless, and his gaze was even colder.

Qin Yu Zhuo had not married Shu Cheng for long, it was normal for him to act like this.

Shu Ning’s stature is short, standing in front of Shu Heng he inclined his head, and looked up, it seems that those big and round eyes were incomparably resplendent, innocent with no hint of evil.

Shu Heng stopped, the bodyguards weren’t around, several suspicious characters had appeared on school grounds, a child? Unreasonable→_→

“Big brother, can you take me to find my mother?”


“My mother is just outside the west gate at the coffee shop,”Shu Ning stretched his hand out, revealing a pitiful look in his eyes:”Though I don’t know why mother wanted me to do this, maybe she wants to see you?”

Shu Heng looked steadily at Shu Ning, pulled his small hand, lightly, and walked to the coffee shop, Shu Ning happily sat by Qin Yu Zhuo’s side, and drank a sip of juice:”Mom, I got lost, big brother sent me here.”

Qing Yu Zhuo stood up a bit anxiously, she was at a loss, still holding on to the corner of her skirt:”Xiao……Shu Heng, thank you, this child……this child……is……”

Shu Heng turned and left.

Leaving just like that! Truly a male god, he’s got quite a character.

Shu Ning drank his juice while feeling the joy in his heart, ha ha ha ha, she’d been sold out by me and she still doesn’t know and still continued acting, so shameful! Feels great.

Shu Ning had walked in with Shu Heng while holding hands, Qin Yu Zhuo had seen it as well, her heart was extremely happy but at the same time a crack appeared in the perfect expression, through the anxious inquiries, as well as Shu Heng’s attitude, Shu Ning’s feelings. Shu Ning naturally talked about the good sides, if not he would be locked into a dark room like the last life.

He had been starved in there for two days and two nights, Qin Yu Zhuo then held the weak Shu Ning and cried loudly, saying that she did this for your own good, she explained the powerful relations in a disappointed and resenting way, and the situation of not being able to make big decisions due to them staying under someone else’s roof, new hatred mixed with the old, Shu Ning had put all the responsibility under Shu Heng’s head, and gritted his teeth towards him hatefully. Due to that he treated himself with cruelty, being pushed down the stairs, listening to Qin Yu Zhuo frame Shu Heng who just so happened to be present.

The past is painful.

Who should be blamed?

Qin Yu Zhuo?

Wasn’t it just that he was stupid.

On that afternoon, Qin Yu Zhuo sent Shu Ning home, and instructed the nanny to watch him well, then drove to the company while humming to report the good news to Shu Cheng.

Nanny’s cooking is delicious, colour, flavour, and taste are all excellent, the fate of the two people were about to come to an end, this nanny had always been taking care of Qin Yu Zhuo all along for quite a few years, she’s a good person, and did not speak unnecessarily, Shu Ning had went out for a stroll several times while Qin Yu Zhuo had been away, and the nanny did not tell on him, it’s a shame that she could not be brought into the Shu residence.

“Young Master, why don’t you drink some more fish soup?”He’s eating too less, not like a thirteen year old child.


Fish soup is very nutritious, Shu Ning naturally knew how thoughtful the nanny is. After brushing his teeth, Shu Ning picked up his wallet and walked out, the nanny followed him to the door:”The miss is busy, and normally comes home after she’s finished dinner, you should come home earlier young master, at night I will make your favourite red braised pork belly, and bunny-shaped mantou as well.

“……”Shu Ning blinked:”Okay!”

The nanny smiled happily, she watched Shu Ning leave, until he couldn’t be seen anymore, only then did she hum an off-tune song as she left holding a shopping basket.

In order to let Shu Ning adapt quickly to the wealthy life, he had to spend ten thousand bucks last month, and twenty thousand this month, this is the assignment given to him by Qin Yu Zhuo, no matter what he bought after he returned he had to explain his reason of buying the item, why did you buy this, what can it be used for? Can the quality be improved or can it be kept as a collection and so on, only in this way taste be cultivated, as well as opening his eyes to the world, turning him into a qualified wealthy young master.

Qin Yu Zhuo would only be satisfied if the reason is reasonable, if she wasn’t satisfied……Both dinner and breakfast are gone, and he would be punished to stand as well.

Shu Ning didn’t come out today to find his”taste”rather to play the stocks, if he wanted to live freely, he had to wait until adulthood, if not nobody could take custody of him from Shu Cheng. Shu Ning knows his own fighting strength, but he had never thought of leaving this family, bearing the second young master name has many benefits, his last life was too full of vexation, this life he had to become a happy silk pants sponger!

As long as I’m hugging Shu Heng’s thick thighs, who dares to touch me, haha. As soon as he thought of the twenty thousand bucks at hand plus the stocks there was nearly fifty thousand, Shu Ning couldn’t laugh again, he’d rather ride a car back to his old home to continue looking after the house, he copied down a lot of landline numbers, and contacted them back to back, buying whatever he can, when Shu Ning buys an apartment he can turnover his deposits.

The old houses in this area were too broken and old many of them were empty, some of them collapsed because nobody were living there, they were located at the edge of the city, the residents did not have any notions of relocating to an apartment, currently apartments costed only about ten thousand or so, and you could often purchase a broken house with just a thousand or so. Shu Ning specially selected a place with a big courtyard, it had only been three days, and the money in his hands were gone again. No matter, in three days he could visit the ancestral home anyways, when that time comes Shu Cheng would give him a red envelope worth fifty thousand!

On Thursday morning, Shu Ning wore a little snow-white suit, his hair was well-groomed and slick, he secretly grinned, what should come will still come.

“Baby, we should get going.”

The nanny stood teary-eyed next to the stairs, quite reluctant to part with this job.

Shu Ning knows Qin Yu Zhuo’s character, when the need arises red envelopes will come out continuously, when there’s no longer a use she’ll immediately put on a cold face, sweep the floor, and leave. Shu Ning smiled to his nanny:”There’s still some rubbish in my room, remember to throw it when you leave.”

“Yes, young master.”

Qin Yu Zhuo looked at her watch again and again, her attitude started to become slightly unpleasant:”Let’s go.”

Shu Ning got into the car, and narrowed his eyes, Shu Heng ge……We’re about to meet again~O(∩_∩)O

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with no way to fall to the ground righteously – 坦坦荡荡 tan tan dang dang, the word means to do something with clean intentions, nothing hidden within, and or morally right. Example would be a person came out of jail and wishes to become a better person, in that case 坦坦荡荡的做人.

in a disappointed and resenting way – 恨铁不成钢 Hen tie bu cheng gang, hate the iron for not turning into steel, to feel hateful about not having one’s expectations met.

Mantou – a ball of steamed dough, they’re really soft and puffy, with a hint of sweetness.

Punished to stand – 罚站 Fa zhan, a common punishment where kids are forced to stand for long hours if they did something bad, other varieties include pulling your ears and squatting several times(I’ve seen up to 100), and frog jumps etc.

Shu Heng ge – 哥Ge means brother, usually 哥哥 but that’s more commonly used by girls or children.

also I don’t know how many of you grew up with chinese pop but if I had to suffer this you have to too

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    1. 1)I can’t remember where it’s mentioned but he is the son of the previous wife and no idea whos the father but it’s not shu cheng
      2)yeah just to make shu heng not angry
      3)because the younger brother was his mother’s pawn in his last life and he hates him too why would he want to suffer dealing with him.
      I linked the video because the song is sang by jolin tsai and the lyrics are……
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      2. 1)It was revealed in a phone call of Shu Heng talking to Shu Cheng
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    1. Thanks for reading! Frankly, it’s not a language barrier issue, but more of a… do people want more localized or not translations type of issue.
      After this project I did try to translate in a more localized way but still keeping the Chinese nuances, if you’re interested in them anyway, hope my bad English doesn’t fry your brain out too much before that at least, haha.

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