RWSB Chapter 11

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Waking up the next morning, a certain child 囧 again, he blushed to his ears, his calf was caught in between his brother’s thighs!!!

How did this happen?

Any wandering immortals please descend down to this world and save me!

This is too inconceivable, unless I have a strange disease that I don’t even know about? Not possible, even if it were true, his lover would’ve mentioned it in his last life.

It must be Shu Heng’s problem, yes, it must be that!

Calm down, fuck! How am I gonna calm down, is there a quick acting heart saving pill???

Right now this situation can’t be delayed, if by chance brother wakes up, I’m doomed, the hair lacing his forehead was wet with cold sweat, Shu Ning could also be considered as being used to seeing great storms, he took a deep breath and slowly pulled his leg out, lucky lucky, brother didn’t wake up, if not I can’t climb into his bed anymore.

People who can sleep by his side, are definitely people he’s most assured of, like how he had never defended himself against his previous lovers, thus suffered a tragic loss.

Shu Ning sighed at his grieving life, might as well look at Shu Heng’s handsome face instead, but as a result of him lifting his head to look over, brother’s eyes are open!

Uh, that nearly scared me to death?

Shu Ning was very calm:”Good morning brother.”I wonder what delicious food the chef is making today.

“Today is your first day of school, don’t be late.”

He truly is an outstanding big brother, his heart is dedicated to studying, while I’m only thinking about food, this is the disparity! The disparity of a great gulf.

Shu Ning’s little adoring gaze was filled with stars:”Mm, I’ll go brush my teeth.”

Go, why aren’t you going and still looking at me? Shu Heng was puzzled, then suddenly understood:”Mm.”

With a chuckle, Shu Ning kicked off the blanket, and ran off with his little short legs!

Shu Heng shook his head, and unexpectedly he felt as if he were tempted by the devils, for just a moment earlier he really wanted to lift his hand and give that smooth hair a touch, He unbuttoned his pajamas, and just when he was about to take it off, the child hurriedly pushed open the door and ran in, as if he had seen something spicy, he quickly turned his head, he clutched onto the edge of his pillow and ran off in a fluster.

Shu Heng:”……”

Shu Ning who was standing outside had a terrible look on his face, oh fuck me, he could not tell that Shu Heng was so slim, and he actually had eight pack muscles, this isn’t scientific.

Shu Ning who had returned to his room pulled up his pajamas, and stared at the bony abdomen, there’s nothing to see at all……You’re gonna die one day if you keep comparing with people!

Fine, he’s my own brother, he’s good and I’m good too, Shu Ning quickly brushed his teeth and washed his face, then went down to eat, Shu Heng had already calmly sat down and was reading the finance newspaper.

Young man, do you need to be this powerful? Can’t you give other people a chance.

Qin Yu Zhuo had made breakfast again, five people shared four dishes and a pot of soup, from the looks of it there was a perfect combination of color, aroma, taste, and appearance, not bad.

Shu Cheng came back this morning, he wanted to accompany Qin Yu Zhuo to send Shu Ning to school together, gramps isn’t too happy about it, he stared at the”home wrecker”and his dissatisfaction grew.

Qin Yu Zhuo was also wondering, this old man is so difficult to serve, unless he still wants me to kneel to him? People with heart diseases should be open-minded, if not don’t blame me for pretending to not see if you ever get a heart attack. Qin Yu Zhuo was thinking of such evil thoughts, and yet her movements were still very fluent, filling up the bowls of the grandfather, husband, eldest son, younger son and whatnot, very considerate.

Drinking the soup sent over to his mouth by Qin Yu Zhuo, Shu Gao finally gave her a some face.

When there are many people around Shu Heng had never liked speaking with Shu Ning, and Shu Ning wouldn’t initiate conversations with him, lest Qin Yu Zhuo had any thoughts, and said gibberish to Shu Cheng, that would be a lot of trouble.

Shu Heng had his driver to send him, and his bodyguards are very professional, very strong, Shu Ning got on Shu Cheng’s car, and they set off smoothly towards the school.

Compared to his previous life the treatment he received was the difference between heaven and earth, there was sincerity. The principal waited at the entrance, smiling amiably, even the class teacher in charge of him was here, everyone introduced themselves, they talked and joked, it was unlike a school but more like a meet of exchange. The principal and teacher praised Shu Ning with euphemisms, their words were suitable, Shu Cheng was amiable as he listened, Qin Yu Zhuo’s smile had bloomed into a flower.

Just like that, the principal had received the money for renovations.

The principal’s smile had become even more cordial, he had even started referring to him as a nephew.

Shu Ning rolled his eyes secretly in his heart, in his last life, as soon as Qin Yu Zhuo mentioned school, his face would darken, but Qin Yu Zhuo was so good at temporizing! She had immediately passed the hot potato to the steward to take care of, and went to work. At night Qin Yu Zhuo came back to coax him, Shu Ning knew she was in a tight spot, so he easily forgave his mother.

There are fifty little kids in the classroom, after the introductions, the teacher felt a bit puzzled, how should I arrange this? There are no empty seats, and they were all neat and it was hard to slip one in, so she simply added a seat at the very front, it was closest to the black board, and the most prominent, with one look you could tell his status was different, and unusual.

Shu Ning:”……”he was dumbfounded.

Can I skip a grade? If this goes on I’ll have a mental disease, the exam is in two months, he confidently opened up the book and flipped through the pages……

Oh……I’ve forgotten almost all of it, other subjects are still fine, but geometry is too hard, time to study it all over again. I’m so pitiful, I’ve obviously already graduated for so many years/(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

This is the drawback of rebirth, there’s the good and the bad, you have to accept it. After all his soul was that of a thirty some year old, they were all things he had studied, once he gets serious, his efficiency will be very high, it’s not too much to describe it as making phenomenal progress. The teacher saw how obedient he was, and liked him even more. The principal walked over from outside, and was extremely satisfied with the teacher’s arrangements.

During recess, several girls were very curious, but it was still boys who were more open:”Are you relatives with the principal?”

Another fat guy pressed close:”Yeah yeah, I saw the principal walking with you, how impressive. And who are the others? Your parents?”

He was bombarded with questions, but Shu Ning was not bothered:”I just transferred schools over to here, and just so happened to meet the principal so we went to the office together.”

“Oh!”A furtive guy turned around and went back to his seat, he curled his lips in disdain, seeing how well dressed the new kid was, it seems he had a good birth, didn’t think he was actually just pretending to be a rich person, humph, waste of time.

After chatting for a while, class quickly started again, at lunch he ate a big pot of rice at the canteen, Shu Ning had gotten to know some aristocratic kids, the girls frequently peeped over at him, very curious. But they were after all a group of children, Shu Ning wanted to keep a straight face but he couldn’t, good attitude, and smart, he quickly got along with the boys, some of the girls shook their heads, his stature is too short.

After school ended in the afternoon, Shu Ning walked together with his classmates to the school gates and separated with a smile, it’s too conspicuous here, Shu Ning didn’t want to get tangled up with rich good-for-nothings, he would rather walk to the front in big strides, and send a text message to his brother, to have them meet at the crossroads.

When Shu Ning reached the locations, a low-profile Rolls Royce wound down its car window, and his brother’s divine side profile was revealed, he was so young yet his gaze could already enrapture one’s soul, incomparably sharp. Yet he was more contained when he grew up, but that powerful and imposing attitude was even stronger, he is a cut above the rest, and gave people a feeling of awe in their hearts.

“Get on.”

Aiya, even his voice sounds good, God really is partial, Shu Ning quickly got on, he was very scared of angering his brother.

Is there a tyrant? There’s one by his side, thank god he doesn’t do domestic violence o(╯□╰)o

The car stopped at the underground parking lot behind the private hospital, the sturdy bodyguard opened the car door, Shu Ning followed Shu Heng down the car and walked inside, and took the VIP elevator, front and back left and right were four expressionless bodyguards……Is this part of the physical examination? This is clearly a scene from being sent to the butcher house.

Shu Ning really felt afraid, could it be a paternity test?

It could be, it’s quite normal for his brother to do this, don’t pay it any mind, please don’t pay it any mind, everything had been progressing well to this day, the two were getting closer and closer, but no matter how you try to soothe yourself it’s useless, just like a crevice, it made Shu Ning’s heart feel extremely uncomfortable.

The smile on the small person’s face is gone, he had gone very quiet, following him closely, he made no extra movements, just like a doll with no soul, uncomfortable, watching this Shu Ning with no vitality, Shu Heng’s heart tightened up, even his heroic brows were knitted together:”How’s your new school?”

He took initiative to speak? Shu Ning who had turned back to normal was happy:”Very good.”

He still had a dispirited look, could he not have eaten well during lunch? For the first time, Shu Heng had constantly pondered about Shu Ning’s issues, when they entered the medical room the child’s face became as white as a sheet, Shu Heng vaguely understood:”You don’t look too healthy, dad is worried but he’s been too busy, so he had me bring you over for a physical examination.”

Shu Ning lifted his head and looked over pitifully, is the tall brother explaining himself?

Facing the pitiful watery eyes of the little one, Shu Heng’s gaze had also softened:”We’ve hired a nutritionist at home, they’ll be responsible for your diet.”

Hey……He actually said so many words, his pampering was quite overwhelming!

The hospital belonged to the Shu family, the older young master had arrived, the president came out personally to greet them, and accompanied them to a series of inspections, the report came out very fast, it was just some malnutrition, there was no physical illness. Shu Heng sent Shu Cheng a text message to notify him, Shu Cheng was very chagrined, he was unexpectedly not as attentive as his eldest son, recently he had been too busy and neglected them, he apologized.

Qin Yu Zhuo came out from the washroom:”Chairman what’s wrong?”

In the office, Qin Yu Zhuo never called him husband, public and private lives are kept separated, with a high working efficiency, and minimal errors, dressed in a tailored suit, gentle but the modesty is not lost, it looks good:”Let’s take the kids out to eat tonight,”and casually have some concern for Shu Ning as well, after all it’s his first day of school, he must have a lot to talk about.

Once he thought of that child with a good smile, the man happily narrowed his eyes, he put his hands on Qin Yu Zhuo’s stomach:”We still don’t know whether it’s a boy or girl, I hope it’s a girl, clever just like you.”

Excuse me, I’m afraid you will have to be disappointed, it has to be a boy!

A girl like me? Ha ha……

Qin Yu Zhuo gave a sweet smile, just right for the occasion:”Just one daughter and you’re satisfied?”


“We’re still so young……we should have a few more, dad is already getting on in years, he’ll definitely enjoy having some liveliness.”

“You’re right,”Shu Cheng pulled his small and exquisite wife into his embrace, and kissed her cheeks:”He’s really envious of those old friends of his with lots of grandchildren, I’m a single child, for all these years I’ve only had Shu Heng this one child, Yu Zhuo, thank you for giving birth to Shu Ning for me, and even carried a third one.”

Qin Yu Zhuo shyly gave the man a little punch, a light one, it was extremely teasing, her eyes were shining, and helplessly withdrew into the man’s embrace, then closed her eyes.

Something happened overseas, Shu Cheng left at night, in the end he was not able to rush back to have a meal with his two kids.

The night settled in, once again the door sounded:”Come in.”

Shu Ning pushed the door and entered, yawning again and again, if he’s not sleepy he can’t come over, in case he got exposed:”Good evening big brother.”

“Does your arm still hurt?”

Shu Ning subconsciously lifted up the arm that he had blood taken from, and moved it closer to Shu Heng’s face:”It’s bruised, painful.”

Shu Heng picked up the telephone seemingly wanting to call the doctor over, Shu Ning hurriedly pulled on his arm:”It’s fine, it’ll get better if I blow it a bit.”

He put down the phone, Shu Heng’s gaze fell on the snow-white arm, Shu Ning really did not think, that his brother would lower his head to blow on it:”Does it still hurt?”

I’ve seen a ghost.

The sandman has been frightened away, really, Shu Ning quickly shook his head:”Big brother, I want to go to bed.”

He lifted up the blanket, let the little one climb in, then Shu Heng laid down.

“Big brother, can I go to your study and look at some extracurricular books tomorrow?”Another vital area, there is even a safe inside!

“I like to have peace.”

He knew there was a big chance of being rejected, but when he really heard it for himself he still felt very disappointed, Shu Ning closed his eyes:”Big brother good night.”


“Good night big brother.”

“Good night.”

He felt disturbed like a little deer bumping wildly in his heart, Shu Ning felt that this is no good, even more so next time he should not speak up, he has to liven up the atmosphere, and let his brother get used to his existence.

He hesitated for a moment, Shu Ning turned his body and leaned closer to Shu Heng, and when Shu Heng looked over with a puzzled expression, there was a warmth on his cheek, he had been kissed!

“Mother always does this, she will kiss a lot of times,”Shu Ning closed his eyes and pretended to sleep. But he was actually very happy, he had taken advantage of his brother, he had a look of being overly startled, hahahahaha……This joke will last me this entire lifetime, too exciting, it turns out brother also has such a cute side of him, how interesting.


Nothing was said that night, they both slept well, early next morning, after Shu Ning woke up he immediately assessed the situation, his leg was resting across Shu Heng’s body again, and not only that, even his arms were on his brother’s chest, just like……half hugging him, too terrifying!

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Sandman – 瞌睡虫 ke shui chong, sleepy bug

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  2. Hmmm…I wonder what happened to send him flying across the world with no notice.🤔

    Btw, is 50 student per teacher the norm?

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      1. Wow. How do kids not get behind in big classes like that?

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      2. Tuition/tutoring in these circumstances would be having a private tutor, for example how rich kids used to have a teacher come to their home or how you pay an older student/teacher to come help your child in a subject at home.
        But if you’re talking about after school tutoring centers where many kids go to after the regular school hours, then you are talking about cram schools.
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      3. I come from a relatively ghetto part of town and I was in the lowest class so… -sweat-
        generally they are obedient and respect the teachers a lot. We call cram schools tuition center, but I went to the teacher’s house to study, they are many teachers or housewives/students who do tutoring wherever convenient.
        We do have many habits to show respect to teachers, such as bowing our heads to the teacher before and after every class, and we all sing the school anthem/national anthem every Monday.

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      4. Interesting. The mentality really matters. I wish teachers were more respected everywhere. Teachers mold the future of our world, they have one of the most important jobs.
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  4. The step brother is the real parent here – taking out the little SN to see doctor and getting him nutritionist while the biological mother hadn’t done anything other than to “pretty” him up! I still don’t understand why the big brother has decided to challenge the evil stepmother by being nice to SN .. well, it worked well for both bothers!


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