VRP Vol 2 Chapter 23

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A white-robed man slowly walked out from the darkness, with one look Bi Yun turned starry-eyed, she held the wound on her shoulder and yelled:”White Abyss Guardian!”

Mingze did not even spare a glance at her, and just scorned:”Useless.”

“……”Bi Yun pouted to herself, and quickly moved far away to bandage her wound.

Mingze’s puppet techniques are considered peerless under the heavens, he was in a state of caution, after all they were currently in the territory of orthodox sects, the three puppets he brought were all his strongest. One of them is a newly cultivated eigth grade thunder element puppet, it was especially rare.

Bai Shan shouted:”Which scoundrel are you?”

Mingze did not care to reply, and just flicked the energy thread in his hands, manipulating the sixth grade puppet to attack the four.

Bai Shan was not afraid, the Holy Maiden Peak’s medical techniques are unparalleled, this includes detoxification techniques. She knows that the enemy is strong, and immediately shouted:”Careful!”

The few of them had not left the mountain for a while so they did not know of Mingze’s prowess, so they were just astonished, how could they have so casually met such a difficult person to deal?

That puppet’s body is hard like metal, and the nails are sharp, it quickly waved off the energy swords thrust towards it by the women. The four attacked in sequence for a long time, and they actually did not manage to cut off even a nail! Sand and stone were scattered and flying through the surroundings, it hadn’t even been fifteen minutes and their surrounding lush greenery had already been destroyed.

With one slip of their movement, one of the guardian’s shoulder was cut open by the puppet’s nails, even though she took a detoxification pill earlier, she still felt dizzy.

The three hiding in the cave could also feel the hurricane blowing, and they were all astonished. Murong Xue covered her mouth tightly, she knows that currently she can do nothing to help, but she was still worried.

Bai Shan shouted:”Position!”The four had been working together for a long time, and immediately kept their energy swords, and jumped away from the puppet’s attack range.

Mingze flicked his hand, but did not give chase, he narrowed his eyes, inwardly pondering about where the four’s sword techniques originated from, how could they still show no reaction after being poisoned by his puppet for half a day?

The four held their energy swords and sat on the ground, unmoving, a strange aura was formed in the surroundings.

Mingze felt that it was strange, and tried to manipulate the puppet to grab one of the women, that woman still did not move, but she disappeared without a trace suddenly, the puppet continuously sent out lightning attacks, but they came out empty.

Bai Shan opened her mouth, and slowly chanted a line quietly, the other three followed her recitations and condensed their elemental energy non-stop, the aura covering the area swiftly expanded far away, enveloping a hundred meters of distance.

The four-man technique is called the”Four Star Array”, As long as anything was within a hundred meter scope of the circle, they will all be under the control of the four, the aura turned around them, extremely powerful.

Following the release of their technique, the four women were slightly surprised, why are there the auras of three people in the cave over there? Could it be other enemies waiting to ambush?

Mingze keenly sensed the danger, and immediately raised his spiritual energy by fifty percent, and manipulated his puppet to attack the women non-stop, but these four women mutually helped each other, their power was enhanced several fold, within the spread out circle the four could feel every single movement within, as if they were psychic, so although the puppet’s movements are fast and chaotic, they all missed their target.

The four-star array from back then had even managed to trap Yu Tianxing for an hour, Even though the strength of the current four guardians could barely compare to the four from those days, they still inherited most of the important parts. Mingze tried to have his puppet leap into the air, before he even managed to fly up a few meters he felt an oppressive barrier on top, and was quickly repelled.

Bai Shan opened her eyes and shouted:”Break!”

The four uniformly put their hands together in front of their chest following Bai Shan’s orders, and uniformly sent their spiritual energy to her body, Bai Shan fiercely ejected a dense energy ball with a wave of her palm, accurately attacking towards Mingze.

Mingze’s legs flickered to evade, those energy balls could actually turn back as if they had grown eyes, he covered his whole body with qi, and his lips lightly moved:”Interesting.”

With a wave of his hand, the puppet blocked behind his body, following a few muffled sounds, the puppet’s touch body was actually shattered by the energy ball and fell to the floor. Mingze did not move his stature, and only spilled a bit of blood from the corner of his mouth.

Bi Yun called in astonishment:”Great guardian!”

Mingze casually wiped it off with his hand:”This should be the four-star array of the Holy Maiden Peak.”

Bai Shan did not think that he could call out the name of their technique, and was slightly caught off guard, she immediately calmed her heart:”Since you know it is powerful, why don’t you obediently let yourself be caught?”

Mingze said coldly:”I would like to see for myself today, how powerful this technique really is.”With a shake of his hand, he had already revealed the precious eighth grade puppet.

The eighth grade puppet had a face that looked alive, the appearance of this puppet is that of a handsome youth, with abnormally pale skin, exquisite like a doll made with human skin, with wandering eyes and brows it looked even more like a living person. Just that its movements were a bit stiff, and a cold air that was hard to describe surrounded its body, both Ling Xia and Murong Xue couldn’t help but shudder.

Now that Mingze’s battle intent had been completely stimulated, he immediately noticed the aura around the surroundings, he and the four of the Holy Maiden Peak were similarly misunderstood, they both thought they were people from the opposing side, the thin thread on his hands shook at once, the eighth grade puppet’s mouth send out a thunderbolt towards the mouth of the cave.

Yu Zhijue blocked it with his sword, and his body numbed, he was pushed two steps back by the shock of the thunderbolt, the thunderbolt that was sent out had caused half of the cave to cave in. Ling Xia did not have much time to think, and protected Yu Zhijue underneath his body, the rubble on top rustled down, even though he had already transported his spiritual energy towards his back, it had still caused him to grit his teeth and emitted a few sounds of pain.

With an “ah” from Murong Xue, both of her legs had already been smashed, she immediately fainted from the pain.

Murong Xue had not taken any appearance changing pills at night, both her voice and her looks remained as normal, the four from the Holy Maiden Peak immediately recognized her, and exclaimed:”Holy Maiden!”

Yu Zhijue quickly recovered his body, he held Ling Xia and jumped out without thinking, both of them were covered in dust, and looked very embarrassing.

Bi Yun was also shocked when she saw Yu Zhijue, she spoke in surprised:”Guardian, this is Yu Zhijue!”

Ling Xia’s head buzzed, and steadied himself on the ground, he suddenly did not know what to do.

To face two groups at once, what a mess……

He knows that Murong Xue got caught by the rubble, and he felt very worried, the four from the Holy Maiden Peak had already pounced over to save Murong Xue, only then did he breathe a sigh of relief.

Mingze’s pupils shrunk, and glared fiercely at Yu Zhijue, completely disregarding Ling Xia.

Ling Xia vigorously held the palm of Yu Zhijue’s hand, his heartbeat quickened. Yu Zhijue could feel his nervousness, he quickly swept his gaze towards Mingze, and tightened his grip on the energy sword in his hand.

–Actually, he did not feel that there was anything bad about the demonic sect, but if Ling Xia doesn’t like it, might as well not go.

“Very good……”Mingze suddenly raised his head and laughed. Bi Yun jumped in shock, who had ever seen this man with facial paralysis laugh?–There was a saying that everyone who had seen it all died……

The four from the Holy Maiden Peak had quick reactions, they put the unconscious Murong Xue in between the four of them and spread a protective barrier, quickly reforming their array. Bai Shan carefully observed the two brats that were with the Holy Maiden, the one holding the sword was about fourteen years old give or take, even though his face was covered in dust, they could make out about one third of similarity to the predecessing Holy Maiden, add on tears deep red like the colour of blood……

She was furious:”It’s that mongrel named Yu! What did you do to the Holy Maiden just now?”

Mingze heard her words and a cold glint appeared in his eyes, he furiously kicked aside the hem of his robe aside and kneeled down to offer Yu Zhijue a great salute:”Lord, although the former demon lord had ordered us not to attack the Holy Maiden Peak, but she insulted the Lord in front of everyone, crimes must be punished! Requesting for the Lord to stay back, your subordinate will settle this quickly!”

……I have many complaints.

Didn’t you just attack your “Lord” just now? And who promised to be your villain leader? Turning into a loyal dog with a paralyzed face is not cute at all alright?

Ling Xia looked unnervingly at Yu Zhijue, waiting for his reply.

Yu Zhijue acted as if he didn’t hear it, and just carefully observed Ling Xia’s forehead, he gently touched the scratch on his forehead with his fingertips:”Does it hurt?”

Ling Xia quieted down, did this child not know how dangerous it is right now?

Mingze gave a cold glance to Ling Xia, and Ling Xia could only feel the coldness creeping up his body, his breathing had gotten more difficult as well. He subconsciously moved closer to Yu Zhijue–He felt a strong killing intent earlier!

Fuck, in doujinshis I’m a side pairing just like you, don’t turn your gaze towards me!

Bai Shan coldly sneered, she gloomily spoke:”With the Holy Maiden here, don’t a single onf of you demonic cultivator scraps run off!”

The four changed their statures, the body of Murong Xue in the middle faintly emitted a glimmer.

Ling Xia was startled, Murong Xue did not have a chicken’s worth of strength, so what if she’s in there? But he quickly discovered an anomaly, the surrounding qi seems to have gotten……stronger? The abrupt increase in pressure made it hard for him to breathe, his body crumpled onto the ground in pain, Bi Yun who had been injured was affected even more intensely, she held her head in pain and howled. Yu Zhijue gritted his teeth and exerted strength to support himself, his leg faintly wobbled.

Mingze’s eyes suddenly became red, with a shake of his hand he quickly infused his energy, a strange smile appeared on the edge of the eighth grade puppet’s mouth, and sent out several countless compressed lightning strikes towards the four.

Bai Shan shouted, striked out both of her hands, and sent out many formless energy light waves, a fierce energy shook inside the barrier, the ground broke apart in an ear-piercing blast, everyone stumbled.

By the time Ling Xia opened his eyes again, his pupils shrank, he felt as if his breathing was about to stop–the position of Yu Zhijue’s heart had been pierced through!

Yu Zhijue’s gaze slacked, but even so, his face did not reveal any pained expression, he was still tightly holding the energy sword that he had given him in front, blocking this terrifying power for him!

Ling Xia’s heart felt pained, he desperately tried to stop up Yu Zhijue’s wound, his other hand rushed to find some injury healing medicine from his storage bag in panic. But his hands couldn’t stop trembling, his heart was felt impatient, he casually threw the bottle to a side, he cut his hand on the energy sword, and did not hesitate to stuff it towards Yu Zhijue’s wound.

The two forces earlier were evenly matched, a great deal of the delicate face of the eighth grade puppet had been destroyed, Mingze almost looked like a blood person, Bai Shan had also spat out blood heavily, she lowered her head and coughed incessantly, clearly showing heavy injuries. Murong Xue’s long hair scattered on the ground, the faint light on her body had also disappeared, it was unclear whether she was dead or alive.

Ling Xia did not care any more about the others, he held Yu Zhijue in his embrace, he whispered lightly as if he were afraid of starling him:”Ah Jue? Don’t sleep.”

Yu Zhijue’s gaze has lost its focus, it seemed to have taken him half a day to recognize him, his lips moved faintly but he did not know what he was trying to say.

Ling Xia desperately suppressed the choking in his throat, and spoke hoarsely:”I know all of it, you can tell me slowly in the future, I’m sorry!”

He was full of himself and made a self-assertive move, yet he had harmed this child instead……

Yu Zhijue could not swallow down any more, blood trickled down his chin staining everything, Ling Xia forced his jaw open, and forcefully poured his blood in, when his cut had healed he opened up another cut again.

His heart had been pierced through, could a human panacea’s blood still save him?

Ling Xia’s lips grew paler, a spell of dizziness had started to set in. At this moment he deeply prayed for Yu Zhijue’s recovery, even if he were taken away by the demonic cultivationers!

After a long time, Bai Shan slowly sat up, with a gasp she sneered:”Evil really does not prevail, just you wait demonic cultivator scraps, watch my Holy Maiden Peak bear judgement on behalf of the heavens today!”

Ling Xia’s heart sank, Mingze clearly had not recovered!

He secretly held the blood spider in his palm, holding Yu Zhijue’s sword he stood swaying and faintly laughed:”What scraps? Why should the grudge from the previous generation be involved with the present? With that being said Ah Jue still had half of the Holy Maiden Peak’s blood running through his veins, what are you going to say to that? What had Ah Jue done?”

Bai Shan was furious, with a strike of her sword she struck the sword from Ling Xia’s hands away and stabbed him in the shoulder. Ling Xia gritted his teeth and forcefully held onto the blade, the flesh and blood on his hand mixed together as his hand was cut by the sharp blade. The blood spider quickly took the opportunity to crawl past the blade and bit into Bai Shan’s wrist.

Poisonous and at the same time bringing great pain, Bai Shan shrieked, she immediately fell kneeling on the ground, the four-star array that was already incomplete broke!

The other three guardians were stunned and shouted in unison:”Great guardian!”

The oppressive energy finally dissolved, Mingze could finally move, he shook his two hands, manipulating the destroyed puppet to stop the three women’s offense.

Ling Xia could no longer stand still, and suddenly sat to the ground, he could only feel his slight slowly darkening.

“Ah Jue……”He managed to find Yu Zhijue’s hand in a stumble, and carefully hugged it to his embrace, he could no longer hold on and fell unconscious.

Bai Shan gritted her teeth and shouted:”Bring the Holy Maiden away first, you are not allowed to continue fighting! That evil brat’s heart has already been pierced through he can live no longer!”

The three women did not hesitate, one stepped back, one picked up Murong Xue, and the other picked up Bai Shan, they quickly disappeared into the forest.

Mingze spat out a few mouthfuls of blood and stood up with force, walking straight towards the unconscious Yu Zhijue.

He kicked Ling Xia aside, and carefully inspected Yu Zhijue’s pulse, a strange smile appeared on the edge of his mouth:”Just as the left guardian said, The Lord has already awakened great power, how could he die so easily?”

He looked sick of Ling Xia, so this is the human panacea who had the greatest influence on the Lord that was mentioned by the left guardian?

To leave him, would be an obstacle!

Mingze let the puppet keep away the blood spider, he casually striked out fiercely with a hit of his palm on Ling Xia’s chest.

For the Lord, he alone is enough!

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Here’s another song I didn’t get to fit in anywhere that I think fits Yu Zhijue really well, as well as a little sketch of what I think Yu Zhijue might look like, but he’s probably prettier with nicer eyelashes lol

Here’s a song for Ling Xia as well

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