VRP Vol 2 Chapter 22

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The more Ling Xia thought about it, the more perturbed he got, suddenly a knock came from outside the door, he shuddered in surprise:”Who?”

Murong Xue’s voice rang from outside:”Ling Dage, it’s me.”

Ling Xia opened the door with a bit of surprise, Murong Xue spoke unsettlingly:”Ling Dage, earlier I noticed that Guardian Bai had lit a transmission incense, she is assembling the other three guardians here……Could it be that they managed to inquire about Ah Jue’s position?”

Ling Xia’s heart sank at once. Yu Zhijue could be considered as revealing his talents currently, because if you do things in a low-key manner in the continent of this foreign world, of course you can’t become famous. But as the most promising young genius of the Shaoyang Sect, he is still slightly popular in Chongming City. So if Bai Shan met anyone from Chongming City, it’s not too hard to inquire.

He furrowed his brows and stared at Murong:”Miss Murong, in this case, we need to stay here.”

Murong nodded definitely:”Mm, Ling Dage, we will definitely stop them.”

Bai Shan really stayed in this inn, seemingly waiting for the other three.

Ling Xia was afraid that she would get suspicious, he seldomly went out every day, and just stayed in his room to refine the required artifacts to nurture the blood spider. According to Murong Xue’s description, these four guardians all had their own area of expertise, however the four-star array of their four man group can hardly be matched.

The spider egg gifted by Kelan Minerbai was laid by a rare eigth grade spiders, although it was not as powerful as its mother, the toxicity was still quite high, most people would die in the time it took for an incense to finish burning if they touched their silk or were bitten by them, and even if they were a cultivationer, their whole body would be paralyzed and their cultivation progress will be greatly reduced.

Originally this spider required ten or so days to hatch, but Ling Xia couldn’t care that much, he eagerly irrigated his own blood so that the blood spider can hatch earlier and recognize him as its owner–When it’s needed, for Yu Zhijue he would not hesitate to harm someone.

At the fourth day of staying around in the inn, the blood spider finally hatched, it was about the size of a bottle cap, and its blood red body looked ferocious, but it executed Ling Xia’s orders fairly loyally. Ling Xia was overjoyed, everyday he goes out to buy the meat of low grade demonic beasts to feed it, that blood spider ate more and more each passing day, and it grew pretty quickly. He was afraid of frightening Murong Xue, so he refined a demonic beast bag, on an ordinary day he would put the blood spider into the bag and bring it along with him.

On the seventh day, as expected continuously women wearing mantles arrived, they dressed the same way as Bai Shan. After all they were acquaintanced with each other, Ling Xia told Murong Xue to go out as little as possible. Because even if the look was changed, but a person’s personality is hard to change, it’s hard to guarantee that a familiar person would not be able to recognize her.

When the two guardians were gathered, the four immediately departed from the inn, the direction was indeed Chongming City. Ling Xia hurriedly settled the bill and departed as well, he had already prepared a vehicle and other necessities during this time, he and Murong Xue dressed up as merchants and followed the four of them from afar.

The four were dressed quite characteristically, it wasn’t hard to catch up while inquiring along the way. Their speed was quite fast, but Ling Xia was fine, only Murong Xue clearly displayed some languishness, but she had never complained at all.

One night, the two had to find a cave in the mountain forest to stay in temporarily. Ling Xia cut off a fair bit off branches and spread a thick layer on the ground, and let Murong Xue rest on top, in order to avoid suspicion, he slept near the cave to keep watch.

Midnight quickly came, Ling Xia daydreamed while looking at the bright moon in the sky, his heart was in a mess.

These two groups of people weren’t ones he could take on right now, he only hoped that Murong Xue could stop the four guardians, then Yu Zhijue could steady his disposition, unaffected by the demonic cultivator’s allurement. Otherwise, in the future the protagonist really had to search for him across the lands and bitterly try to persuade his villain childhood friend to turn back, until they finally end up in a ridiculous drama love-hate relationship……Ugh.

While Ling Xia was in a daze, he suddenly saw Yu Zhijue’s figure that shouldn’t be appearing here flash past a tree, he was shocked, and couldn’t help calling out quietly:”Ah Jue?”

His voice was originally very quiet, almost so quiet that it was inaudible, yet that person turned his footsteps over resolutely, the delicate face faced towards the moonlight expressionlessly, it really is Yu Zhijue! On his back was a long sword, it was apparent that it was the one given to him by Ling Xia before.

Ling Xia was a bit surprised, did this child felt reluctant to throw away the sword in the end? But he immediately recalled, those four from the Holy Maiden Peak are just nearby!

He stood up in a panic and whispered:”Ah Jue, aren’t you in the Myriad Beast Forest? The Holy Maiden Peak……”

Yu Zhijue had already rushed over from the tree in a flash, Ling Xia hadn’t managed to finish his sentence yet, and his back made a strong impact on the stone wall, the pain drew a breath out of him. Yu Zhijue tightly caught his two hands and pressed them on the wall, his whole body was trembling, the voice was deep yet full of anger:”You lied to me again! Do you plan to run away with this woman and hide from me?……”

A hazy light flashed across his eyes, his whole body was emitting a murderous aura, his gaze quickly fell on top of the body of Murong Xue who was sleeping soundly inside.

Ling Xia felt like his arm was almost broken by that force, and furrowed his brows in pain.

–Is this some kind of ridiculous misunderstanding plot from an angst film? Why is this child so impulsive every time, not allowing him to finish his sentences?

He looked seriously into Yu Zhijue’s eyes:”That’s not it, Ah Jue you’ve misunderstood, I came out to send her back to the Holy Maiden Peak, and at the same time to find Ah Li–I would never lie to you.”

Yu Zhijue’s back constantly heaved, and the strength on his hand slowly lessened, his head drooped down weakly.

After Song Xiaohu misspoke, he immediately understood, this man had not even said goodbye to him and left with another woman–perhaps he might never even return!

Realizing this fact, he immediately left the Myriad Beast Forest without regards to his life, searching for him along the way without stopping.

Thankfully……found it.

He lifted his head and stared at Ling Xia, he coarsely said:”You can not like me, but in the future don’t……”the two words”leave me”at the back, he bit down harshly on his lower lip, no matter what he could not say it out.

Ling Xia’s heart stuffed up, two hands unconsciously wrapped up in an embrace:”I’m sorry, I won’t do it again.”

Yu Zhijue’s back shook, he moved his hands and hugged Ling Xia tightly, desperately pressing down the urge to kiss this man.

At this time, a group of birds called chaotically and flew up into the air not far away, a few gigantic trees came crashed down, Ling Xia was immediately on alert, he quickly pulled Yu Zhijue into the shelter.

The guardians from the Holy Maiden Peak clearly did not want to disturb any bystanders, they all chose to pass through the small remote towns around the big city, the surrounding area in this place was quite desolate, and lacking in spiritual energy, there weren’t any powerful demonic beasts either, then what was the reason for their actions earlier? And why are those noises getting closer!

Murong Xue was also startled, she quickly sat up, and asked in surprise:”Ling Dage, what is that sound?”

Ling Xia motioned for her not to make any noise, indicating Murong Xue to lay down in the dark and don’t move. Murong Xue saw Yu Zhijue by his side, and was instantly petrified.

The fighting sounds were getting closer and closer, when Ling Xia finally managed to make out the people who were fighting he couldn’t help but doubted wordlessly, because they were actually all people he knew!

The four mantled women were naturally the Holy Maiden Peak’s extinction group, and on the other side was the young girl wearing a cyan gown holding a golden bell in her hands, it so happened to be the Bi Yun who had a bit of fate with him! The others standing around taking hits for her had dazed eyes and their bodies seemed stiff, clearly they had already been controlled by Bi Yun.

Ling Xia bent over to Yu Zhijue’s ear and whispered:”These four are from the Holy Maiden Peak, you must not reveal your whereabouts.”

Yu Zhijue was startled, and immediately recognized them, naturally he knew who these hateful women were!

Ling Xia heard his breathing speed up, and worried for him in his heart, he reached his hand out to hold his, and gently patted it. He felt a bit confused, why would Bi Yun get caught in a fight with this group of women? These two groups of people may have the same objective, but currently they actually started fighting, it was quite strange.

Bi Yun was ordered to look for Yu Zhijue, in her heart it still felt a bit unfair, after all Yu Zhijue had beaten her up so bad that she couldn’t show her face for days last time, she was made fun of by the demonic cultivators, pissing her off so much she went off to pick many fights.

This time although Chu Yin gathered them he did not tell them a reason, and only said not to harm Yu Zhijue, and made her draw a portrait. She was full of complaints with nowhere to vent, she provoked and found trouble along the way, starting many arguments, and only then did she manage to vent her anger.

While she was sleeping out in the outskirts, she happened to meet the few from Holy Maiden Peak, she saw that these women looked suspicious, and manipulated a man to pull off one of their mantles. When the two exchanged hands, she didn’t expect them to be so powerful, they actually saw through her identity as a demonic cultivator in an instant! Although she brought several of her master’s best artifacts with her, as well the protection of her meat shields all around her, she still barely managed to escape to this area, the hair on her temples were scattered and she seemed distressed.

The people from the Holy Maiden Peak detested demonic cultivators, and their killing moves came out continuously, the four person group were even stronger together. Bi Yun had not a single thread of ability to return the favour, her body was cut several times by their blades, and her clothes were barely covering her.

She had already secretly sent out a transmission incense, and she deliberately ran her mouth to delay:”Why are these Female seniors so angry? You are clearly good-looking as well……ah!”While talking she was hit by another guardian’s sword from the gap again.

Bai Shan angrily exclaimed:”The demons of the demonic cultivation sect, are the best at using flowery words, everyone is allowed to execute them!”The tip of her sword flashed, and cut down one of her puppets, the impact of the sword had also cut off a cluster of hair from Bi Yun’s head at the same time. That man’s shoulders were cut and after half a moment he regained his consciousness, in so much pain that he rolled around on the ground.

Bi Yun was furious, before this she had also suffered a loss under Yu Zhijue, how had she been forced to that point? Just that now her manipulation techniques that she excelled at were no use against these women, she gritted her teeth bitterly and kept her resilience–The White Abyss Guardian from the demonic sect, puppet master Ming Ze is close!

Murong Xue could not bear to watch any more and not help, Ling Xia hurriedly waved at her, signalling for her not to worry. She also knew that she could not expose herself, and resisted the urge to go out, but her eyes were red.

Bai Shan was about to go up and give this demonic cultivating witch one final blow, but suddenly an object as hard as gold came out from the ground and blocked in front of Bi Yun, when the energy sword landed, it made an ear-piercing noise. She was surprised and ordered the other three:”Retreat!”

Bi Yn was overjoyed, and shouted:”Guardian Mingze!”

That object glowed green, it’s eyes were white, and its sharp nails were about five to six inches long, it’s a puppet corpse!

It opened its mouth and emitted a screeching laughter, the white teeth under the moonlight were extremely frightening, during the moment when the group from Holy Maiden Peak were stunned, countless energy needles shot out from its mouth, the needles emitted a bright blue glow under the moonlight, they were clearly dipped in poison!

The four women immediately waved their swords to knock down the needles, Bai Shan angrily spoke:”Being so sneaky, only knowing how to plot against people, this really is the despicable means commonly employed by the demonic sect!”

She inwardly raised her awareness, and ingested a detoxification pill.

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