VRP Vol 2 Chapter 21

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In the next week or so, neither of them crossed paths.

Because after all, Ling Xia was afraid that Yu Zhijue would feel pained if he saw him, so he consciously went over to Song Xiaohu’s place to stay.

Towards things like falling out of love, takes a few days to get over it, it’s better to let him clear up his thoughts slowly by himself.

Song Xiaohu was not the last bit suspicious, but was rather in high spirits, he enjoyed some liveliness. Later on Ling Xia pretended to not care much and asked about Yu Zhijue’s situation, Song Xiaohu replied suspiciously:”Ah Jue? These few days he’s been more hardworking–Ling Dage, why haven’t you been looking for him?”

Ling Xia casually found a reason to evade his suspicions, and just told him that he needed to be focused while smithing energy swords. But after listening to Song Xiaohu’s words, he felt even more gloomy.

Although he worried a lot for Yu Zhijue, and really wanted to go and take a look, but Ling Xia knew that he can’t be soft-hearted now, he focused all his attention on the crafting of the energy swords. By the time he finished smithing the swords through the night without sleep, it had already been a month, he had also lost a fair bit of weight, his eyes were bloodshot, he looked haggard as if he was seriously ill.

The swords were so perfect they exceeded his expectations, and the design need not be mentioned, they are above grade four, and they could still gradually be improved in the future. He knew Yu Zhijue liked exquisite things, Ling Xia specially embedded several wind element energy stones in a royal blue colour, Song Xiaohu’s sword is a bit simpler in comparison.

Song Xiaohu was extremely ecstatic to receive his sword, he embedded his blood into the sword as soon as he received it to take ownership of it, and ran off to the yard to practice his sword techniques. He gave his own sword a name, and called it Nine Days to Fell Demons sword.

Ling Xia’s mouth twitched, he felt like he should probably clap his hands and praise the name, but the protagonist’s taste has improved a lot, it was way better than the name “Er Dan” he had given himself back in the day.

He quietly slept for an entire day and night, and carefully dressed up a bit, he shaved off the stubble on his chin as well, he felt that the dark circles under his eyes didn’t seem that serious, and only then did he grab the sword and left to find Yu Zhijue. The two of them had not seen each other for a bit more than a month, Yu Zhijue should probably be fine now right?

Just that the closer he got to Yu Zhijue’s residence, the more nervous he felt, his palms were also faintly getting sweaty.

As he stood hesitantly under the tree, he suddenly heard a familiar voice from behind him:”What did you come here for?”

Ling Xia’s back was stiff, and he turned his body slowly, and sure enough he saw Yu Zhijue standing not far away behind him.

He carefully observed Yu Zhijue’s expression, the other party looked extremely calm, and he didn’t seem to be in bad spirits.

Ling Xia felt somewhat relieved, he took out the sword from behind his back and smiled:”Ah Jue, this is a sword I smithed for you, Xiaohu had already taken his……”

Yu Zhijue faintly gave it a glance, and had no intention at all to receive it.

After an unbearable silence, Ling Xia awkwardly shrunk back his hand, and put the sword down on the stone next to him.

He quietly squeezed his own arm, desperately thinking of a subject to talk about. The more sensitive obviously should not be brought up, he suddenly thought of something, and hurriedly spoke:”Ah Jue, you know that both the people from the Holy Maiden Peak and the demonic sect are still looking for you, I mean to say that you are fifteen now, you’ve reached the age where you can go on a travel, you could try to ask your master for permission to go and avoid things for a while, it’s always better to be prepared just in case……”

Yu Zhijue quickly interrupted him, and sneered:”Is that so? You don’t have to worry about this, I will be waiting right here.”

Ling Xia knew that he was scarily stubborn, and chuckled softly:”Then I will leave this sword here, I will take my leave.”He inwardly sighed, seems that Yu Zhijue had not completely let it go yet. About getting him to leave on a journey, it’s btter to enlist Xiaohu’s help to persuade him.

Watching Ling Xia’s faintly flustered figure, Yu Zhijue bit down on his lips brutally.

Did this person really couldn’t wait to leave him, not wanting to see him anymore?

In a month’s time this man’s clothes had clearly become looser, and his face had an obvious hint of exhaustion, seeing him this way made his chest hurt as well. He had constantly been trying his best to control himself, to the point where his hands were faintly trembling. His pride did not allow him to go over, but he knew how much he desired to embrace him, to kiss his lips, ears, forehead……

The time they spent apart did nothing to reduce his pain, rather it had festered instead, seeing that man clearly made his pain even stronger.

Yu Zhijue clenched his fist tightly, he watched him with unblinking eyes, but Ling Xia never turned back from start to finish.

This man treats him so well, yet why could he also be so cruel?

He turned his gaze towards the energy sword left behind by Ling Xia, he had only taken a casual glance, but he could already tell how hard he worked on it. He saw the sword on Song Xiaohu’s back at the practice field during noon, and as expected, there was no difference between him and Song Xiaohu was there?

He stared at the sword, furiously shot out several ice blades, and send the sword flying into the river.

Alarmed by the sound of water behind him, Ling Xia quickly turned his head back, and saw a silver light shining in the surface of the water, the energy sword had already sunk into the river. He was almost pissed to death, do you think it’s easy to make that energy sword? Let’s not talk about all the wasted effort, the few energy stones embedded inside were all given to him by the masked man; they were all rare stones that were almost impossible to find in the market……

He took a glance at Yu Zhijue, he did not seem to be ashamed or regretful at all, and only stared at him unblinkingly from afar.

There was nothing he could hind from that gaze, the anger welling up in Ling Xia’s stomach promptly disappeared without a trace. He turned his gaze to the side, and spoke quickly:”If you don’t like it, I’ll make you another one in the future.”He could not be sure whether Yu Zhijue had heard him or not, and left quickly as soon as he finished speaking.

If he continued to stay there, he wouldn’t be able to resist stroking that child’s hair, to stop him from showing such a heartbreaking look in his eyes……

Watching the familiar figure disappear into the mountain forest, Yu Zhijue still stood there unmoving.

After a long time, as if he were shocked awake he turned his gaze towards the river, and quickly jumped in, searching in the depths of the possible area that it had landed, and finally found the sword glowing with a blue luster.

He wiped the sword clean carefully with a clean silk handkerchief, Yu Zhijue did not hesitate to embed his own essence blood into the sword.

Even if Ling Xia said that so what?

He said two men getting together would make people laugh, he could just kill those who laugh at them; if he says he doesn’t like those methods, he can resist and not do them……

No matter what, he has to stay by his side, forever! Because, he promised!

This man, can only belong to him!

Ling Xia deeply thought about what he should do next. They had been separated for more than a month, the more fortunate fact was that the Holy Maiden Peak and the demonic sects were quite far away from the Shaoyang Sect, there are many other big and small sects scattered between their distance, and besides they didn’t dare to search for them in broad daylight, so it gave them time to brace themselves.

The demonic sect was trying every plan to lead Yu Zhijue down the path of destruction, meanwhile the Holy Maiden Peak wanted to kill him early to prevent making things harder in the future, no matter which side it was they were all very troublesome.

Before he managed to think of a counterplan, Song Xiaohu brought back a message, saying it was from Feng Shuming, they are already allowed to visit the Myriad Beast Forest to train for three months, and find their own demonic beast.

Ling Xia was almost overjoyed, the Myriad Beast Forest was a stretch of a few thousand miles, and the surroundings were protected by the barrier of Shaoyang Sect’s elite, so even if those troublesome characters came, Yu Zhijue was temporarily safe inside.

In the book Xiaohu’s contracted beast was Ah Li, and Ah Li’s growth with him was significantly fast as well, in the end he became an elite beast above grade 10. Yu Zhijue became the villain boss, and inherited his father’s tenth grade wild elemental elite beast, the two-headed snake.

A cultivator can rear many demonic beasts in their life, but they were only allowed one contracted beast, unless they dissolved the contract or that demonic beast had died they could find another contract beast.

Ah Li and Song Xiaohu shared the same attributes, and temperament, they were without a doubt the best partners. So Ling Xia thought about it, and cautioned Song Xiaohu seriously:”Xiaohu, Ah Li hasn’t returned, but I think he is very fit to be your contract beast, so Xiaohu when you go in to train why don’t you wait before contracting a beast?”
Song Xiaohu stared blankly:”Isn’t Ah Li Ling Dage’s demonic beast?”

Ling Xia laughed:”Of course not, not to mention me and Ah Li’s elements conflict, it’s not a good fit no matter what. In Xiaohu’s three months of training, I will definitely find Ah Li, and bring him back.”

And besides that was Murong Xue, Ling Xia recently learned quite a lot about medicinal pills and herbs from her, she was as Ling Xia had expected, she couldn’t delay returning back to the Holy Maiden any futher. Ling Xia decided to help send her back, then he could look for Ah Li along the way back.

Even the harder to heal wounds could slowly be smoothed over with time, in these three months, he hopes that Yu Zhijue can recover during his training.

Ling Xia specifically told Song Xiaohu, telling him not to spread this news to Yu Zhijue, he just said he was afraid that he would worry for him, and Song Xiaohu had agreed.

On the night before Song Xiaohu and co’s departure, Ling Xia had already excused himself early from Song Xiaohu and returned to his room. Actually he really wanted to go and see Yu Zhijue, but in the end he still restrained himself and didn’t go.

On the second day after watching Song Xiaohu depart, Ling Xia and Murong Xue had also embarked on their journey. In order to avoid suspicion, Murong Xue was still disguised as a young boy, matching together as two brothers.

The first few days went well, on the fourth evening, he and Murong Xue came to a small inn to rest. Murong Xue decently ordered a meal, Ling Xia watched her serious look, and couldn’t resist laughing. Following their familiarization in these days, Murong Xue had already become close to him like a young neighbour girl in his heart.

While the two were eating, a woman wearing a white cloak slowly walked in, Murong Xue had a sudden change in expression, almost as if she was going to scream, and quickly covered her mouth. Fortunately that woman did not look towards their direction, she just looked straight ahead and continued in.

Ling Xia’s heart sank, he used his eyes to signal whether or not that was someone from the Holy Maiden Peak, Murong Xue nodded her head definitely, she dipped her hands into the tea and used it to write a few words on the table–She is the great guardian Bai Shan.

Seeing the guests, the waiter quickly went over and politely asked what she wanted to eat, Bai Shan first laid a handkerchief over the stool before she sat down, and placed a few delicate porcelain plates on the table. Her voice was cold and emotionless like a robot:”I don’t want to be waited by filthy men like you, let your womenfolk come over, and use these utensils to serve the meal.”

Hearing these words, Ling Xia’s hand shook, and the chopsticks fell to the table. He nearly laughed out loud, so this is one of the four legendary guardians from the Holy Maiden Peak? Based on this person’s temper, it would be strange if she could even find Yu Zhijue.

The waiter was also stupefied, but his reaction was fast, his face was quickly filled with smiles:”Customer, there are only men in this small shop, there are no womenfolk.”

Bai Shan gave him a cold stare:”Then forget it.”As she spoke she took out some fruits from her storage bad, and slowly started to eat them.

“……Customer, the shop does not allowed outside food, we would like to seek the customer’s forgiveness.”The waiter’s face had already become a bitter gourd.

Bai Shan disfavourably took out two energy coins and placed them on the table:”This should be enough right? Prepare the most secluded room. Mm, have you met a mongrel with the surname Yu? He looks to be under twenty.”

The waiter shook his head dazedly:”This one doesn’t know.”He saw Bai Shan wave her hand impatiently, he was immediately relieved, and retired himself after keeping the money.

Ling Xia’s eyes suddenly became cold as he heard her address, do all these insane women from the Holy Maiden Peak all insult him in such a way? Murong Xue sat across from him, she looked extremely distressed, Ling Xia reluctantly smiled at her.

Watching Bai Shan go up the stairs, Ling Xia still decided to stay here, the sky had already turned dark, Murong Xue was weak and delicate, not the same as the crazy constitution of those two dummies.

After the two bid farewell, Ling Xia returned to his room and read for another moment under the candlelight, and couldn’t help but worry. To tell the truth, although this Bai Shan’s IQ was lacking, but there are only a few days of distance between here and the Chongming sect, it was hard to guarantee that she couldn’t find her way there.

What’s Yu Zhijue doing right now?

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Nine Days to Fell Demons – 九天降魔剑 Jiu Tian Jiang Mo jian nine days, (cause)surrender, demon

Er Dan – two egg

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