RWSB Chapter 5

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The current day of his previous life was an important day, Qin Yu Zhuo had come to the school to see Shu Ning. Shu Ning who was sitting in the classroom stared peacefully at the blackboard, turning the pen in his hand, his mind wandered off. As the class teacher knocked on the door,  the English teacher lifted her glasses to take a better look before opening the door right away to speak with her. The class teacher spoke a few words with her before waving towards Shu Ning. Based on how vigorous the teacher looked, she must be very happy.

I guess it was understandable, a homeless child who had no parents and had also lost his grandmother to death, for his mother to suddenly come calling, who wouldn’t be happy?

The class teacher brought Shu Ning to the director’s office, Shu Ning stood honestly, the school transfer procedures has already been completed, the director was speaking cheerfully with a very beautiful lady, this woman who did not have the air of a country bumpkin at all is Qin Yu Zhuo. She could be considered unusual, she didn’t look like anyone else, beautiful, with an elegant temperament, the long floral dress fitted to her perfect body made her look even more gentle and generous, her decent way of speech made her seem like a wellbred girl, and not just a pretty girl from a humble family.

Is this person really Shu Ning’s birth mother?

The class teacher frowned subconsciously, she wasn’t trying to adopt him was she? This woman looks quite bright and beautiful, she definitely came from a big city, not someone they from the tier IV cities can be compared to. She then took a look at Shu Ning, he looked like a withering bean sprout, thin and shriveled with dull hair, wearing faded clothes.

Shu Ning lightly greeted a word of uncle, and only then was the class teacher relieved.

There was a labourer standing at the corner, he had seemingly just left from work, his shoes were covered in mud……

After their greetings, Qin Yu Zhuo held the procedure papers, and curved down her waist with tearful eyes, her hands hesitated, as if afraid of frightening the child, before she even hugged him she spoke:”You……I am your mother.”

Her voice was very quiet, those who did not understand the situation would definitely think that Qin Yu Zhuo was feeling so emotional that she could not control herself.

Shu Ning raised his brows, and took a look at the beautiful woman dazedly, he observed her immodestly. A sense of unhappiness flashed past Qin Yu Zhuo’s eyes, and raised a sweet smile, her real intentions were revealed. Under normal circumstances, she would probably be ashamed and regretful after seeing the son that she had abandoned for more than ten years. But she was the executive assistant of a CEO after all, and was very knowledgable, yet heartless, naturally she would not be afraid to face him.

Qin Yu Zhuo’s appearance and temperament were actually not that outstanding, it just depends on who she’s being compared to, at her dad’s company she was practically transparent, hardworking, responsible, she had just settled down securely in the executive assistant position for 15 years, her ability to cope with situations is not uncommon in the city.

“Xiao Ning!”Qin Yu Zhuo spread her arms out, watching in anticipation.

The Shu Ning of today is not the same as the foolish one from before, believing anything he’s told, he took two steps back doubtfully:”Didn’t my mother die?”

The mask on Qin Yu Zhuo’s face faintly cracked, and she immediately held her mouth and cried, she gazed towards the garbage-like Qin Yu Fu as if asking for help. If not for the fact that she needed him to be a witness, why else would Qin Yu Zhuo lower her status to stay in the same room as him.

Qin Yu Fu gave Shu Ning’s shoulder a pat, and sighed:”She’s your mother, third sister……also had her difficulties, in those years she would have casual sex after getting drunk and she was so afraid after getting pregnant before marriage that she nearly……She did not take her own life after she thought of you. Xiao Ning, you are still young, you don’t understand the problems of adults, don’t blame third sister.”

Shu Ning gave a snort of contempt, do you want me to thank her as well?

How could these words be said in front of outsiders? They say mud does not help to hold the wall, that is very true, the implicating words from earlier are all wasted. Qin Yu Zhuo was furious yet she did out lash out, she wanted to pull Shu Ning’s hand, but didn’t expect for him to evade her again, it seems that it may require some effort for her to curry favour with him.

The class teacher quickly smoothed things over:”Are you still attending class today?”

Qin Yu Zhuo pretended to force a smile, her finger lightly dabbed the bottom of her eye, wiping away the tears:”No, I’d like to bring Shu Ning out to find a good place to talk, there’s a knot in this child’s heart, the earlier we can unravel it the earlier we can live a good life together.”

Qin Yu Fu took the lead and walked out, Shu Ning said his goodbyes to the class teacher and the other teachers, and left.

In a cafe, Qin Yu Fu had only took one sip of coffee before his face scrunched up in bitterness, and ordered a cup of water.

The look of a poor person, how shameful, Qin Yu Zhuo shook her head, she looked towards Shu Ning and curled the corners of her mouth, smiling sweetly:”Don’t take your uncle’s words to heart, Even if your mother is alone no matter how hard it is I will never abandon you, before, your mother had no house, no savings, and I could only feel relieved putting you in the hold house, you’ve also grown up now, and you’ve wisened up, you can understand mother’s hardships right?”

Qin Yu Zhuo saw Shu Ning lightly furrow his brows, and knew she had some hope, she spared a few glanced to Qin Yu Fu, but that man only cared to drink water……Qin Yu Zhuo gave him kick, albeit a really light one, because this baggage had been dumb since young, how should she explain if on the off chance he asked why she kicked him? Today was the first time meeting Shu Ning, she could not afford to leave a bad impression.

Qin Yu Fu gave a few coughs:”Xiao Ning, you should go with your mother.”

Qin Yu Zhuo had also striked while the iron was hot, her teary eyes sparkled:”Xiao Ning, let’s not be separated anymore, ok?”

Shu Ning couldn’t not return, Shu Cheng had already known about the existence of such a son, and naturally wouldn’t let him go free again. But to just agree so foolishly, it made him grieve, he had to make some trouble or else his life would be in vain right?

Qin Yu Zhuo’s face had already filled with tears, she choked:”Xiao Ning, forgive mother will you? For you, I’m willing to find your real father for a talk, give you a warm home, with your mother and father, and even a little brother to accompany you in the future how about it?”

Sounds like a great idea, but the prerequisite is to kill off dad’s eldest son right?

You had not even seen what kind of person Shu Heng was, your head is so smart that it’s not human at all, sometimes Shu Ning would think in frustration, whether or not he was actually the reincarnation of a millennium bastard.

Since now that Shu Ning had in fact been reborn, maybe other people were evil too right?
He’s no match for them, he’d be better off honestly holding on to his”early wisdom”to make a fortune, and happily become a rich playboy, buy a sports car, drink expensive alcohol, and find a man to pass the days, never stepping foot in the office, and let big brother Shu Heng relax.

“Xiao Ning! Xiao Ning why are you not talking?”Qin Yu Zhuo’s face is really looking bad, could it be that this child was dumb like the little brother, he would be of no use then, might as well kept everything from him till the end. She subconsciously rubbed her stomach, in here, there was already a small life. If they did not grow up by her side, then they were not considered related, wouldn’t even spare me a glance.

Qin Yu Zhuo glared at Qin Yu Fu, Qin Yu Fu swallowed his saliva, thinking about the words third sister had said in front of the construction site. Now for Shu Ning to be alone naturally wouldn’t do, an adolescent, requires the love of his parents. Qin Yu Fu had also felt that third sister’s words made sense, those days third sister were actually quite pitiful, that man did not know of Xiao Ning’s existence, because having casual sex after getting drunk was too absurd, how could the man’s family be destroyed?

The folks in the countryside are simple and honest, so they felt that Qin Yu Zhuo’s actions are right, just that they do not agree with her choice to bear the child, an unmarried bringing a child along with her will destroy her future!

But third sister still gave birth to Shu Ning, Qin Yu Fu felt that third sister is very brave, and his eyes reddened:”Xiao Ning, your mother’s heart has already been broken because of what happened to your grandmother, you should comfort her well.”

Shu Ning sneered in his heart, he could follow the pole up just as he needed:”Before you go, you should go pray to your grandmother.”

Qin Yu Zhuo’s hand that was holding the coffee cup paused for a moment, feeling slightly uncomfortable, by now this case should have been settled. That day when she returned to the village, Qin Yu Zhuo wore a pair of high heels, the mountain roads were rugged, with a step and a stumble she reached the gravestone and knelt down, offering three bows, and gave a good cry, you have to go all the way if you’re gonna start a play, it looked just like it was real.

Shu Ning narrowed his eyes, his ears were filled with his uncle’s persuasions, what third sister did not have it easy, just a woman going to work in the morning and studying at night, working hard to earn a qualification certificate, she could not handle a child at all, it’s not that she didn’t love you, if not she wouldn’t borrow a money to build a house, afraid of Shu Ning bearing hardships and what not, saying everything reasonably……it does not fit uncle’s IQ at all!

“She taught you how to say all this?”

His uncle’s mouth pursed:”Your mother wants you to live well, Xiao Ning be good, live out your days well with third sister.”

“If she really meant well, she wouldn’t not give me even a single call. She abandoned me for over ten years, she had already abandoned her loved ones early on,”Shu Ning saw that his uncle wanted to refute, and said quickly:”She contacted you today because I’ve never seen her before, you were a suitable choice for a mediator, think about eldest aunt and second aunt’s mouths, what could they help her with? Only you were honest and gullible.”

His uncle was silent, and lowered his head.

Shu Ning did not want him to feel bad either, but some words has to be said or he would never find out:”The skirt she wore would cost at least thirty thousand, diamond necklace a hundred and seventy thousand, and do you know how much her car costs? three million and eight hundred thousand.”

Qin Yu Fu sucked in a breath, he was almost shocked to death:”Don’t talk blindly about things you’ve never come in contact to before.”

Simply taking some money from Qin Yu Zhuo, would be enough for grandmother to have fish and meat, and live the rest of her life comfortably, why was she left to die in the hospital?

“Uncle, is it that you don’t believe anything I say at all? Take note of the car model and go back to ask the foreman, this is the phone I bought using the money leftover from buying the house, you hold onto it, after I leave I’ll call you often. Oh and, she mentioned my real father just now, I reckon the two are already together, otherwise she would not have any thoughts to pick me up, you can rest assured, I’m good and I’ll be obedient.”

Qin Yu Fu couldn’t resist hugging Shu Ning’s thin little body, and sighed continuously, the mobile phone in his hand is quite simple, yet it was heavier than a daughter, his voice immediately became hoarse:”Xiao Ning, if you aren’t living happily then come back, uncle will raise you.”

Shu Ning held both his hands up, and tightly hugged his uncle’s waist!

Qin Yu Zhuo cried for a good moment and stood up, her legs were so weak she nearly fell over, she was frightened till her face was pale as she held her stomach. If he were to find out her effort of acting, if Shu Ning were to seize Qin Yu Fu would she regret it? Qin Yu Fu frowned, his heart felt flooded, he started to notice third sister’s every move. He felt that third sister was not like Shu Ning described, from time to time she would take note of her own words, gentle and sweet, just like when they were young. But Qin Yu Fu was not stupid, from start to end third sister had maintained considerable distance between them, there was no contact at all……and she did not even give him her number.

The Qin Yu Zhuo of the previous life had not kowtowed to grandma, Shu Ning got in the car and left the village, bringing nothing with him, Qin Yu Zhuo will buy new ones for him, the air definitely must not go awkward, Qin Yu Zhuo had nothing to say but she tried to find some topics, like a mother carefully currying the favour of her child.

To be able to bring home the target successfully, is she happy about it? Could Shu Ning say these words to her:”Why did you not contact me all these years?”

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Tier IV city – China’s cities are categorized into tiers based on their infrastructural and urban development, similar to first world vs third world countries. Tier I is the highest and tier IV is the lowest.

Mud does not help hold the wall – calling someone hopeless

Wouldn’t let him go free again – this one sounded a bit aggressive but the word is 放养 Fàng Yǎng, it means to free a captive pet to the wilds.

Heavier than a daughter – ok as for why a phone is heavier than a daughter, he is either talking about his unwillingness to let Shu Ning go, or he is saying that the phone is simple but weighs as much as gold (千金) I’ve never seen anyone refer to gold as Qian Jin I’ve only seen it used as daughter or someone’s precious daughter…. same thing lol

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