VRP Vol 2 Chapter 17

White Abyss Law Defender and Verdant Depths Law Defender will now be _ _ Guardian instead because I’m a big dummy.

I actually planned to do double releases till I finish the series but my hopes and dreams were crushed when my mom keeps asking me to go outside despite my constant explaining that I did in fact have something to do…… I am not her slave!! I am a translating slave!!

Also thank you everybody for the suggestions! I may make a poll tomorrow to see what’s more popular between a few choices I’m interested in, the one I’m most interested in had been picked up by someone else, but well I don’t know if they’re gonna drop it but if they do could I possibly post 2 different novels daily?? LOL


The following chapter contains profanities.

“So this is called a kiss?” Yu Zhijue licked his lips, his eyes brightened up frighteningly in the darkness, “Why can’t two men do this? Do you want to find that Murong Xue or other women to do this with them?”


Ling Xia didn’t dare to look into his eyes, he explained in a fluster: “That’s not what I mean, just that this is something done by people who like each other mutually……”


Yu Zhijue heart clenched, and could only feel an unbearable sour pain, he gritted his teeth: “Does this mean I like you, but you hate me?!”


“……”Ling Xia felt powerless as if he were a chicken talking to a duck, he exclaimed: “That’s not it, of course I like Ah Jue……”


Before he could say the “but” that follows, Yu Zhijue had already once again reappear in front of him, and pressed down on both his arms, his lips planted onto his again.


Ling Xia was dumbfounded, he wanted to push Yu Zhijue as if he were mad, the other party had already taken precautions and increased his strength, his attempts at speaking were swallowed down by Yu Zhijue ending up with a “wuwu”, the space inside his mouth had also been completely invaded.


Fuck! Ling Xia’s scalp tingled, instantly goosebumps raised all over his body. He thought he would feel unbearably disgusted, but in actuality, Yu Zhijue’s young and not yet mature taste was extremely sweet, the kiss caused his head to go blank.


Although he can teach Yu Zhijue as a senior in other aspects, but in this aspect, he was also a tragic novice……


The tongue belonging to someone else in his mouth is slick and wet, and swept around nimbly in his oral cavity. Ling Xia realized this fact, and wanted to bite down on it, to let Yu Zhijue sober up, But, after hesitating for half a day he was still frozen stiff, he couldn’t bite down– because Yu Zhijue’s entire body was trembling, and his heart was beating extremely fiercely.


This child, isn’t joking?


Ling Xia was at a total loss.


After a long time, Yu Zhijue finally released him with a bit of reluctance, he rested his chin on Ling Xia’s shoulder and held him firmly in his embrace. the hoarse voice could hardly hide its shaking: “You like me too, I’m so happy……”


“In the four years that you were missing, I practiced obediently every day, I have always been waiting for you to return…… If you really had died like they said, I will definitely kill them all for revenge!……”


Although the words spoken by the young man were bloodthirsty words, they revealed sadness and agitation.


Ling Xia was stupefied as he listened, he thought of the words spoken by Yu Zhijue at the end of the book, and a part of his heart felt stuffy and uncomfortable. Even if there is a thousand words to explain, at this moment, he could say nothing.


After he returned, Yu Zhijue had only revealed a bit of emotion when they first met again.


This child is too stubborn…… because he had received punishment in place of him, had he always been bringing this feeling of guilt in his heart? An obsession brewed within these four years, so now he had mistaken his feelings as this kind of like…… What’s even more likely was, Yu Zhijue probably had never even understood the difference between normal like and love.


It’s probably like that?


In these years other than cultivating his child had been cultivating. he had no experience interacting with girls his age, his circle is too narrow. Meanwhile Song Xiaohu had friends all around the world, and he was quite careless, so, Yu Zhijue is probably quite lonely isn’t he?……


In any case, he has to guide him slowly, and let him interact normally with girls his age.


However, this isn’t the time to talk about this, they were still in the middle of the sea right now, Chu Yin is also still looking all over for Yu Zhijue, and Yu Zhijue is currently agitated and gullible…… He can only gradually think of a plan after today.


After a long while, Ling Xia gave Yu Zhijue’s back a pat to comfort him: “Ah Jue, I know, I will definitely accompany you by your side. Why won’t we have a good talk when we’re back?”


–Always accompany you, as your older brother.


Yu Zhijue felt an unknown joy slowly rising up in his heart, Ling Xia said he would accompany him by his side always…… He looked over to the side of Ling Xia’s face and couldn’t help but gently touch his cheeks with his lips, with his face flushed he spoke seriously: “You have to abide by your words.”


The feeling on his face felt as light as cotton, with a moist coolness, but it made Ling Xia feel more hopeless than the passionate kiss from earlier, his heart beat heavily, and made a “mm” sound in his fluster.


Yu Zhijue glanced at his eyes, and quickly turned his gaze away.

Looking at the inconcealable curve on Yu Zhijue’s lips and eyes that were lit up with shyness, Ling Xia’s head was buzzing– This time, the trouble really is too big!


Song Xiaohu finally broke through the blockade left by Yu Zhijue on the door and rushed in, and said with a sense of self-satisfaction:” Haha, Ah Jue, don’t think that I’m not able to enter!……”


Speaking to that point, he was stunned to see the two people hugging tightly– This seem sstrange? Mm, this scene seems quite familiar……


Ling Xia guiltily pushed Yu Zhijue away, and dove straight into the innermost part of the small bed to hide: “Xiao Hu, it’s time to rest, Kelan Minerbai will send us off tomorrow.” Yu Zhijue gave Song Xiaohu a glance, and unhesitantly took his boots off and climbed in as well, with the two laying down like that, the small bed instantly became full.


Song Xiaohu immediately forgot about what just happened, he just stared at them with eyes the size of grapes and asked: “Then where do I sleep?”


Yu Zhijue pointed at a corner, and waved to Song Xiaohu as if he were shooing a puppy.


“…… Ah Jue’s bullying people!” Song Xiaohu grumbled, but still obediently sat down against the corner and closed his eyes, soon he hung his mouth and slept extremely well.


Ling Xia felt like there were barbs on his back, and uncomfortably scooted to the front more, but his waist was quickly caught by Yu Zhijue’s hands. He didn’t dare to turn around and face Yu Zhijue, and he was also afraid of waking up the Song Xiaohu who was had fallen asleep in the corner, his body tightened, and the nervousness made his heart beat faster.


Fortunately Yu Zhijue did not make any other movements, he only rested his head tightly against his back, Ling Xia felt his spine tingle from his breaths blowing against him, all kinds of discomfort were felt in his heart.


He really wanted to wipe his tears, what kind of godly progression is this? Although the villain had no ships in the original story, but he didn’t have any gay inclinations either! Breaking a young girl’s heart is unforgivable, but…… what about young boys’ hearts?


He tried to coax himself, because of the previous accidental kisses, and that awkward sex education lesson he had given Yu Zhijue last time. kids at this age gets sexual delusions very easily, because the only person he comes in contact with is himself, only because of that he started having such delusions or mistaking his impulses as love right?……


With his self consolation, he finally calmed down.


When Ling Xia remembered something, his face instantly heated up again, he could not wait to go and die– How had he forgotten? The room next door is the goddess’ room!


Not only that but he had also carved out a small window to hand something over?!

He and Yu Zhijue had been passionately kissing and embracing earlier, it can’t be that she saw it and heard it all could it?!!!


That being said, Murong Xue’s room had been strangely quiet since just now……

Crap! Crap! The story is completely ruined! He couldn’t have opened a new window into fujoshihood for the goddess could he?


Ling Xia shamefully clutched the bed sheets tightly, if not for Yu Zhijue hugging him tightly, he could jump into the ocean for the rest of his life and never come out.


The next day, Kelan Minerbai really did keep her promises, her pirate crew even had a small base nearby, she brought the few of them directly there, presented them with a medium-sized vessel, and there were even assigned them several shipmates to help.


In addition, she even gave Ling Xia a small bottle and a book, she grinned: “In here is the egg of an eighth-grade spider, Ling Bro, you’re a great guy, but your martial arts is no good. Next time if anyone bullies you, just let this spider bite him! The method to breed it is written in the book.”


Ling Xia knows Kelan Minerbai’s temperament, and didn’t dilly-dally, he received it and smiled: “It’s quite unfortunate I have nothing appropriate to gift you right now. Let’s meet again another day, and we should chat over a bottle of wine again!”


The ship had moved far away, Ling Xia watched the vague figure of the young girl from afar, and he sighed in his heart. He never thought that the protagonist wouldn’t start any sparks with the girls, while he himself, had become friends with a girl.


Yu Zhijue coldly spoke: “How much longer do you want to look?”


Before this Ling Xia always thought that this child was just throwing a tantrum, after experiencing that suffering that made his heart and mind exhausted, he sensitively picked up several unusual meanings from Yu Zhijue’s words– Fuck, how long had he been reflecting these hints? How had he never noticed this before?


Ling Xia had an impulse to hit his head on the wall, a child’s puppy love is not a problem, but the key point was, the target of his puppy love was himself!

He pretended to laugh naturally: “Mm, let’s go in first, Miss Murong probably still has something to say.”


Yu Zhijue wasn’t as bold during the day as compared to the night, but the shy and sweet look of a young boy in love was present on his face, although his face did not laugh, the joy showing through his brows were hard to conceal.

Even Song Xiaohu noticed it, and spoke in confusion: “Ah Jue, what’s up with you?”


Ling Xia felt even more guilty.


Murong Xue’s face was the same as usual, Ling Xia didn’t dare to examine her carefully either, and could only pray that the goddess did not notice the things that happened last night.


He was like a mouse crossing the street right now, seeing Yu Zhijue made him feel guilty, seeing Murong Xue made him feel guilty, even seeing Song Xiaohu, made him fear that his eyes that were wide as grapes would expose any clues– Fuck, he didn’t do anything bad did he? But it seems, he really had done it……


Murong Xue slowly spoke: “Several days ago when the astrologers from the Holy Maiden Peak were observing the stars, they deduced that the destroyer of worlds had appeared, and it was a Male who had connections with the Holy Maiden Peak.”

As she spoke she gave Yu Zhijue a quick glance, and spoke quietly: “I do not believe these predictions.”


Ling Xia was surprised: “What destroyer of worlds? Could it be Ah Jue?”

Murong Xue nodded her head: “The four great guardians from the Lingxiao Pavillion of the Holy Maiden Peak has already moved out, I alone can not prevent these forces, so I think that no matter what happens I must find him, to give him a notice.”


Yu Zhijue’s eyes were cold, he naturally knew what the Lingxiao Pavillion was. He sneered: “Is that right? I was just thinking when I should take a visit to the Holy Maiden Peak.”


Song Xiaohu was enraged when he heard it: “Which bastard said that? How could Ah Jue be that what destroyer of worlds? Don’t speak randomly, Miss Murong.


Ling Xia was startled, how did he not remember that the original story still had the part where the diviners deduced Yu Zhijue as the destroyer of worlds? And why did Murong Xue come to inform Yu Zhijue? Isn’t this equal to her betraying the Holy Maiden Peak?


The Holy Maiden Peak had been searching for Yu Zhijue all this time, but due to their pride, they wouldn’t do a search on a grand scale, but only secretly. But now what four great guardians, just listening to it felt badass alright? Not to mention the disappearance of the Holy Maiden is a huge situation for the Holy Maiden Peak, with Murong Xue together with them, the target had become even bigger!


Ling Xia rubbed his hands nervously: “Thank you very much for this lady’s report. Just that Miss Murong, for you to move out alone is very dangerous, why don’t we send you back after reaching the port in front?……”


Murong Xue gently said: “Many thanks, but I didn’t come out this time just for the notice.”


She slowly raised her head as she spoke, and revealed a faint smile: “Everyday is happy when I’m outside, I want to be like that miss Kelan, living a free life, going wherever I please. Let’s part ways when we reach the shore, I’m bringing a lot of medicinal herbs and pills on me, it’s enough to keep me alive, you don’t have to worry about me.”


“……” The book really did not contain a period of the Holy Maiden’s rebellion…… That being said the goddess brought so many things out, and she looked dainty and beautiful, wouldn’t it be weird if she weren’t targeted?

Ling Xia held his forehead: “Miss Murong, you don’t understand the sinister hearts of people at all, it was still fine when you met Kelan Minerbai, but if you meet other wicked people…… that……”


Murong Xue curiously said: “I’ll be kidnapped and bullied by bad men? My handmaid had always said that to me.”


She gently smiled as she spoke: “But no matter what happens, I wish to see the scenery outside.”


Ling Xia felt a strong sense of powerlessness, that is true as well, the goddess is still just a naive little girl right now…… Is it possible to not be bored being closed up in the mountain everyday? Just that in any case, he still wanted to advise Murong Xue to return. If the goddess stays there, and progresses along with the plot, a day will come when the protagonist will come to save her.

Yu Zhijue coldly took a glance at Ling Xia, he snorted and pushed the door open to leave.


Ling Xia hurriedly faced Song Xiaohu: “You go take a look at Ah Jue, he’s probably still angry now right?”


Song Xiaohu also felt worried, and hurriedly followed.


Actually Yu Zhijue’s gaze did not show any anger from hearing the news from Murong Xue, even more so it was “Why are you still talking to her? Do you dare say one more word?……”


Ling Xia’s mouth twitched, he was currently very afraid of being alone with Yu Zhijue.


In addition, he had also wanted to ask Murong Xue, why would she face such great danger to look for Yu Zhijue– Fuck! There’s something between the villain and the goddess? He wouldn’t believe it even if you beat him to death!

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  1. I hate this type of not denying but not accepting senarios. I’m sure he could tell him the difference between like and love and then could understand that the villain is really in love with him and he could act towards that way. But now..! It feels like Ling Xia is playing with little Jue’s feelings/heart… T.T
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      1. Well I wouldnt call Ah Jue demisexual either, but I wouldn’t relate anyone from cultivation stories to a sexuality since theyre not really about that life, but I may also just be obnoxiously chinese as we have different views and culture relating to gender and sexuality.


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