VRP Vol 2 Chapter 18

More music! Fair warning I have peculiar taste in music.


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When only two people were left in the room, Ling Xia instantly started to feel uneasy, every move he made felt especially uncomfortable. But what he needed to ask still needed to be asked, he carefully spoke: “Miss Murong, were you……familiar with Ah Jue before this?”


Murong Xue nodded her head, with a slightly low tone she spoke: “I’ve seen him when I was young.”


Starting from when she was young, no matter where she went, a group of reverent and respectful handmaids have been following behind her shadow. The furthest distance she had walked was from the Holy Maiden’s palace to the medical room. She had been told not to talk to strangers, leaving the mountain is not allowed, and even making a friend was forbidden– All the people who lived there were all her subordinates.


When she was four years old, on one occasion, she saw several women hitting and scolding a small child she had never seen in the medicinal herb field, this child was about the same age as her, but he was thin and pitiful.


Even though he was surrounded by several adults and was beaten and scolded by them, he kept his mouth closed, and did not make a single noise.


On the edge of his eye was a mole, red like the colour of blood.


Murong Xue’s young heart was terrified, and immediately burst into tears. Her handmaid went over at once to order the women to kneel and strike their own mouths a hundred times, and commanded: “Hurry up and send this vile spawn to the back mountain, don’t scare the Holy Maiden!”


That child was dragged off by the collar roughly by someone, Murong Xue was carried by her nanny in her arms and taken back. She saw the look of that child through her tearful eyes, stubbornly gritting his teeth, there was a clear mark of a palm, but not a single tear.


Murong Xue wanted to make that person let go of that child, but she didn’t know how to bring it up.


There was always someone teaching her what to do, but whatever she thought in her heart, were always reprimanded with humility yet lacking in emotion by her handmaids: “This is not allowed, Holy Maiden.”


While returning she asked her nanny which was closest to her: “Granny Cha, who is that child?”


The look in Granny Cha’s eyes were no longer the same kind look, but rather a scorning and hateful look that had never appeared before: “That is a vulgar and hateful man! They only know how to deceive us women, Holy Maiden you must remember you should never interact with these filthy things.”


After that, she finally couldn’t resist her curiosity, and secretly slipped out during her nap, she wanted to see the outside world. Just that as she ran, she had accidentally gotten lost, ended up in the back mountain, and unexpectedly saw the boy again.


The sunlight shining through the awn dyed the ground with a shade of tangerine, the boy was playing with a dog underneath a tree. He took out some steamed buns from his clothes, the expression on his face was different from last time, his expression was extremely warm as he looked at the small dog, as if he wanted to touch it, but didn’t dare to. She could only peep from behind the tree.


She felt that the boy was not as scary as what Granny Cha said.


A big and tall woman suddenly came over, and slapped the boy’s face aside. She conveniently picked up the dog from its neck and sneered: “You inferior thing, not working and you still want to raise a dog? You stole steamed buns from the kitchen didn’t you?” As she spoke, she actually threw the puppy down the cliff.


The boy rushed over to bite her arm as if he were crazed.


Murong Xue’s heart was beating loudly, she felt heartbroken. But she gripped the tree trunk tightly, her legs seemed as if they were nailed to the floor, she watched the boy getting beaten by the woman until he fainted without blinking, from the start to the end she never stepped out. Later she was found and carried back, and was disciplined for a good many days, until she pledged to everybody that she would never run off again.


And later, she heard someone report to a guardian that the boy was missing.


As Murong Xue spoke to this point, she slowly lifted up her head, the beautiful eyes as clear as water were filled with remorse: “Do you also hate and despise me after hearing this? I may be revered by the Holy Maiden Peak as the Holy Maiden, yet I couldn’t even do a single thing I had wanted to do.”


Her voice was very gentle, because she wasn’t eloquent her way of speech was very simple, Ling Xia’s heart felt even more stuffy, there was a pain in his heart that was difficult to explain. The things she spoke about, was the childhood of Yu Zhijue……when the goddess was young she was a lovable child.


He finally pulled out a smile: “Not at all, you were still a child then.”


–A child should not bear the sins of adults.


Ling Xia felt that he must make one thing clear, the goddess was such a healing type of gentle girl, if she could develop well with Yu Zhijue, he could also eliminate Yu Zhijue’s obsession towards himself, wasn’t that a beautiful thing. He cautiously spoke: “Well, for you to endanger yourself to come out and find Ah Jue, what did you do that for?”


“Probably because I felt sorry, I couldn’t believe at all, that that person who had smiled to a small dog, would be a bad person.” Murong Xue gently smiled, “Everytime I think of this I start to feel ashamed, fortunately, he is doing well now, he still had friends like you whom he could mutually trust.”


Speaking to that point, she lowered her head, her gaze quickly swept over Ling Xia’s lips, and her face flushed red.


Ling Xia stiffly licked the wound on his lips caused by Yu Zhijue’s bite, and his heart cried without tears–The goddess has definitely seen it right? Damn! Seems like the possibility of the goddess getting together with Yu Zhijue, was destroyed by himself……


Although his emotions felt a bit chaotic, he still thickened his skin and asked one final question: “Miss Murong, why didn’t you remember me? I still haven’t officially thanked you for saving my life. Do you still remember me? I was the one who was brought to the Holy Maiden Peak by a masked senior to seek medical help……”


Murong Xue lifted her head and stared blankly at him for a moment, she smiled in embarassment: “It’s like this, I was a bit dumber than usual since I was young, I can only recognize people who were close to me and had interacted with me a lot……The only reason I recognized Yu Zhijue was due to the mole under his eye.”


“……”This is practically thunder on a sunny day! The goddess actually had facial blindness! No wonder she looked at him as if he were a passer-by this whole time!


After saying their farewells and parting with Murong Xue, Ling Xia quickly found Yu Zhijue at the stern of the ship.


His wit tells him, that keeping his distance was the best, but he still went over uncontrollably, and watched Yu Zhijue with a warm gaze–Hearing about Yu Zhijue’s childhood from Murong Xue’s mouth, he suddenly felt an urge to rub the top of his head.


This is just a stubborn and awkwardly cute young man, not the villain from the book, neither is he any sort of destroyer of worlds.


Yu Zhijue’s cheeks reddened from his gaze, he felt a bit overwhelmed and turned his gaze elsewhere, he scoffed: “So you finally feel like showing up?”


Ling Xiao couldn’t help but smile: “Naturally, I said I would stay with you always.”


Right now not only was the Holy Maiden Peak looking for Yu Zhijue, there were also the demonic cultivators, but luckily neither of the both parties would start a search on a grand scale. As for the other matters, they could only set them aside for the time being.


They had no more bumps in their voyage, and arrived smoothly at Yunxiao city. Within a thousand li from Yunxiao City is the territory of Chongming City’s Shaoyang Sect.


Under Ling Xia’s persuasion, Murong Xue did not leave alone, but rather dressed herself as a boy and joined them on their trip to Shaoyang Sect. Ling Xia looked on the bright side, she just wanted to take a breath of freedom anyway, she came out to see the world but she would still definitely return due to her sense of responsibility. He was also quite worried about this gentle and simple little girl, she was a bit more safer with them.


Walking inside Yunxiao City, Ling Xia couldn’t help but thought of Cui Yu and the others, he unconsciously shouted, back then his last words, were relayed to Yu Zhijue by Cui Yu……


Yu Zhijue clearly had also thought about it, and his face gloomed significantly.


Along the way, Song Xiaohu and Murong Xue had gotten a fair bit closer, Song Xiaohu naturally had a personality that was easy to get close to, plus now that Murong Xue was dressed as a handsome young boy, Song Xiaohu had already started treating her like a bro. Sometimes Ling Xia couldn’t resist and gave Song Xiaohu a few words of advice, telling him to take note, to prevent provoking peach blossoms.


If he hurts the goddess’ heart in the future, it doesn’t matter whether he’s the badass protagonist, Ling Xia would surely beat him up!


Song Xiaohu obviously didn’t understand the relationships between men and women right now, and only dazedly asked: “What’s a peach blossom?”


Ling Xia put on an air of seriousness and taught him: “The so-called peach blossom, is the girl. Although it was quite common for a man to marry three to four wives, but a girl’s heart is very delicate, a relationship is best mutual, a heart can not be seperated into several pieces, understand?”


To tell the truth just taking a look at a stallion novel was fine, but in reality, he really didn’t want Song Xiaohu to bring him a big flock of brothers and sisters–with the goddess included!


Song Xiaohu suddenly blushed: “I’m going to become the most powerful martial god in these lands! How could I still find time to care about those troublesome women? I don’t plan to marry……”


“……” alright then, a strong person being single was better than being gay, protagonist, you can do it!


To avoid anything too awkward from happening, Ling Xia booked seperate rooms for all of them, and usually avoided any case of being alone with only two people. Everytime Yu Zhijue seemed to have any intentions of hugging him, Ling Xia would find an excuse to stop it, So Yu Zhijue’s face had gotten darker by the day, Ling Xia guiltily pretended he didn’t notice.


When they were about to leave Yunxiao City, Ling Xia didn’t think that they would meet Cui Yu and seven or eight other Yunxiao City disciples.


He recognized Cui Yu at a glance, because the grown up Cui Yu was still riding that demonic beast steed, a whip was tied to her waist, it seems that Cui YU had changed quite a lot……to be precise she had grown up, and had become more stable.


Yunxiao City and Shaoyang Sect disciples are quite familiar with eachother, the friction between the two years did not end in these years, but on the surface they still seemed peaceful.


Song Xiaohu could of course stand his ground in the face of outsiders, he courteously exchanged pleasantries with the people from Yunxiao City, Ling Xia consciously turned his faace to the side. Yu Zhijue abhorred Yunxiao City, without even glancing at anyone, he stood to Ling Xia’s side as well.


Ling Xia was still surprised by Cui Yu, before this Cui Yu that little girl would have a lovestruck look on her face every time she saw Yu Zhijue, now she only gave a simple nod at this direction, it seemed like there were no differences between him and Song Xiaohu.


But this was great too, Ling Xia breathed a sigh of relief, he feared that this missy would make another flashy action.


When the two groups of people were about to seperate, Cui Yu’s gaze swept over Ling Xia’s face, and was immediately frozen in place.


A “click” sounded in Ling Xia’s heart and he immediately turned his face to the side, his face had changed quite a fair bit in these four years, if he could still be recognized, wouldn’t Cui Yu’s vision be too toxic?


“You……You are……” Cui Yu had already jumped down from her steed, a beautiful leaping body landed in front of Ling Xia’s body. She stared dazedly at Ling Xia, her lips slightly trembling, clearly showing excitement.


Ling Xia’s heart suddenly alerted, if Shang Kai and Yu Tiancheng found out he was still alive…… His felt a faint regret in his heart for not disguising himself.


Yu Zhijue’s spiritual wood sword was broken into pieces by Kelan Minerbai before this, and currently he could only secretly gather elemental energy in the palm of his hands–He did not mind preparing for a murder!


But Cui Yu eventually settled down, and did not call out Ling Xia’s name.


She quickly walked past everyone, and jumped onto her steed again, she waved the reins and said: “My mistake, I got the wrong person.” She turned her head and once again took a look at Ling Xia, and left straight away with the other disciples.


To tell the truth, this missy’s current appearance was even more shocking than her loud shrieking.


Song Xiaohu was a bit confused: “Ling Dage, did she recognize you just now?”


Yu Zhijue’s hand turned, and the energy gathered at his palm disappeared without at race, but at the same time his heart filled with monstrous anger and indescribable irritability–The look on that woman’s eyes when she looked at Ling Xia earlier……


In actuality, the two did not have any sort of intimate contact since that day. Yu Zhijue looked desperately towards Ling Xia, the other party was smiling towards the Murong Xue by his side. This person is always like this, treating everyone so well!


He desired to be able to hold this man at any time, to kiss his forehead and warm lips, to embrace him as they slept……


Yu Zhijue rigidly bit down on his lower lips, why is Ling Xia constantly avoiding him despite saying that he would always be by his side?


Holy Maiden’s palace – 寝宫 (Qin Gong), the emperor’s resting area, or a harem palace, she belongs to neither of those groups and I can’t call it royal chambers so Holy Maiden’s palace it is. Ayy Helli’s Chinese corner LMAO

He took out some steamed buns from his clothes – the steamed buns were kept in his 怀 which means arm/embrace/bosom/chest so I used clothes because chinese people like to keep things in their sleeves/near their belt. Ye boi just drop them buns down your collar.

A thousand li = about 250 miles, each li is about 418 meters in olden days, one li is currently considered 500 meters in modern times.

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