VRP Vol 2 Chapter 16

And Yu Zhijue’s vinegar eating marathon continues.

While I’m at it I’d like to ask for everyone’s opinion about something, after I’m done with volume 2 I am planning to translate another novel, preferably something that has been dropped and has a decent story because cliff hangers galore, time to get rid of that. If none are available any other good one will do, suggestions please! I am interested in Wuxia/Xianxia, transmigration/system, mpreg, angry tops/yandere, but well actually I like most stories as long as the MC isn’t a tofu princess who can literally fly away from being blown by the wind and a single touch makes them wail(read: useless), manly bottoms are a wonder.


Yu Zhijue’s face darkened as he heard this, Song Xiaohu was also pissed and said: “What do you mean by your man? A woman like you…… really knows no shame!”

Kelan Minerbai laughed: “Men can force women, so why can’t women force men? Besides I can guarantee you a good life if you follow me, what’s there to complain about?”

“……Shameless!” Song Xiaohu didn’t know how to refute her, and could only repeat those few lines.

Ling Xia smiled bitterly: “Miss, in the end you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink, you also know that forcing is not right, so why would you still force my brother?”

Kelan Minerbai grinned: “If you’re unwilling you don’t have to be my husband, you get to enjoy freedom with me at sea, isn’t this way stronger than joining those so-called elite orthodox sects?”

Ling Xia’s heart moved, Kelan Minerbai was just doing whatever she liked, compared to the other demonic cultivators, she was at least not as bloodthirsty as them, otherwise she wouldn’t be moved by the protagonist and follow his group.

He looked at Kelan Minerbai’s eyes seriously and pointed towards the liao ran at Song Xiaohu’s waist: “To tell you the truth, the three of us are disciples of the  Shaoyang Sect from Chongming city, this time we the goal of our visit to the continent across is to catch a liao ran to save someone. If we can’t reach back in time, that girl will no doubt die! The Miss Murong aboard this ship is proficient in healing techniques, we also hope that you can let her join us.”

Kelan Minerbai is used to seeing gazes full of hatred, towards this gentle and focused gaze she felt rather uncomfortable, with a kick she lifted herself up on the mast and spoke: “Heheh, what you said sounds interesting, but I don’t know whether you’re faking it or not, besides, what does that girl you mentioned have anything to do with me?”

Yu Zhijue impatiently said: “What need is there to speak so much nonsense with her?”

Ling Xia patted him on the shoulder and smiled: “This lady is not unreasonable, Ah Jue, wait for me here for a moment. Relax, I’ll return soon. ” He turned around after speaking, and also jumped up, sitting not far away from Kelan Minerbai.

Kelan Minerbai had seen many demonic cultivators come and go, and all the men at her side were all big and rough, she really had no experience dealing with such a gentle and polite man. She pretended to be fierce and said: “For you to stick over to me, are you hoping to become my husband?”

Ling Xia shook his head: “Ofcourse not, I feel that in life, staying as a couple of two forever is the most wonderful. If I had a lover, I would certainly respect her, love her, if she loved me as well naturally nothing would be better, I will marry only her.”

As he spoke to that point, he felt like there were too many misgivings, and smiled faintly: “I know that you are not a bad person, you did not hand over my brother, I feel extremely grateful.”

He spoke sincerely, his voice was warm and pleasant, Kelan Minerbai was dazed for a moment, and her face subconsciously heated up. She unnaturally shook her legs: “Hmph, that’s nothing, there has never been anyone capable of taking someone away from me.”

Song Xiaohu curiously whispered: “Ah Jue, what’s Ling Dage talking to her about over there? This girl…… seems a bit less fierce than earlier?”

Yu Zhijue watched the two sitting on top shoulder to shoulder seemingly chatting extremely happily,, and his hands clenched tighter, as if something was hatefully clutching his heart, it felt sour and hard to bear.

Why, why does he treat everyone the same……

Ling Xia continued: “You are a hero among women, to be able to build a career on the ocean at such a young age, I admire you a lot……”

Currently he was cheekily bullshitting, his popularity towards this type of wild mature girl Kelan Minerbai was way higher than compared with a group of men, he recalled and used the words commonly used to comment on girls. Actually Kelan Minerbai was currently just a little lady who had just reached adulthood, he thought of it as praising his own little sister, and spoke with no pressure. He didn’t hate this type of bold girl in his heart anyway, being friends is still pretty good.

Kelan Minerbai was quickly overwhelmed, she turned her face and said: “Hmph, my mother said men excelled at speaking rhetorically, you’re only saying all this to deceive me into letting you lot go.”

……Ain’t that the truth my lady.

Ling Xia smiled: “Naturally I hope that you can let us go, but I’m not trying to deceive you, they’re all spoken from my heart. If this lady doesn’t object, I’d like to be friends with you. If you have any hardships in the future, I will definitely come to your rescue, I won’t go back on my word.”

Kelan Minerbai furiously turned her head, a dense killing intent arose from her body. She aimed her staff at Ling Xia’s throat, she narrowed her eyes and sneered: “All this that you’ve said, is all just to deceive me, is it not?”

The scene on top suddenly changed, the Yu Zhijue and Song Xiaohu below couldn’t help but feel surprised, and immediately readied themselves for a fight.

Ling Xia was surprised as well, the part that was swept by the shockwave of her staff started to hurt, but his fear did not show on his face. He gazed into Kelan Minerbai’s eyes and spoke: “I never lie to women.”

The golden sunshine shone on top of the young man’s pallid skin, a pair of eyes as bright as stars were even more prominent, it no doubt looked peerlessly honest and sincere.

Kelan Minerbai’s heart uncontrollably started to beat heavily, with a shake of her hands, the two staves disappeared without a trace, she hugged her thigh and turned her head once again.

Ling Xia breathed a sigh of relief, he slightly pondered, and lifted up his wrist, there was still an unhealed injury: “I already see you as my friend, and naturally I will not hide anything from you, actually I am a human panacea.”

Kelan Minerbai was surprised, and repeated: “Human panacea?” she’s a person who cultivates bugs, so naturally she knew how precious human panaceas are. She gently stroked Ling Xia’s arm with a fingernail, and tasted the drop of blood, her pupil couldn’t help but contract.

Ling Xia spoke generously as if he were giving away his life and property: “That’s right, I trust you, and I’m willing to entrust my life to you. Please you have to let my two brothers and Miss Murong leave, saving a life is like putting out a fire, we truly can not delay.”

Kelan Minerbai slowly lowered her head, after a moment, she lifted her head and laughed: “I, Kelan Minerbai am not a petty person! I will become friends with you!”

By the time Ling Xia and Kelan Minerbai came down, the sky had already turned dark.

And so the two watched the moon and stars, from reciting poetry to discussing philosophy.

As an otaku, Ling Xia normally did not talk much, but the books he had read were not less. So to a violent and obviously uneducated little girl, his words still held particular value.

In the end Kelan Minerbai drank till she was half-drunk and returned to her room to rest, she gave Ling Xia’s shoulder a good slap: “Brother Ling, you…… are a very good friend. Ha ha, I’m not drunk, next time…… we continue drinking!”

Ling Xia was also half-drunk, he softly smiled: “Sure! If the lady invites, I will be there!”

Song Xiaohu was shocked to see the look of the two who seemed like best buddies, he felt as if he was seeing an illusion.

Yu Zhijue carried Ling Xia back to the room with a somber face, Ling Xia was still worrying over Murong Xue, and murmured: “Xiao Hu, where’s Miss Murong? She looked very exhausted when she was refining pills, is she better now? Ah Jue what was she looking for you for……”

Yu Zhijue clenched his hand, with a slam from his hands he locked Song Xiaohu outside the door: “Don’t come in for now!”

Song Xiaohu rubbed his nose and wailed: “Ah Jue, what are you being crazy about?”

The force on his wrist was suddenly shocking, Ling Xia frowned and spoke in confusion: “Ah Jue?” What is this child irritated about? Does it have something to do with Murong Xue?……

Before he managed to finish his sentence, pain suddenly spread across his back, he had already been pressed roughly against the door by Yu Zhijue.

The close breathing was hurried yet hot, Yu Zhijue’s two hands were put on Ling Xia’s sides and wrapped him into his embrace, the pair of eyes were bright and spirited, Ling Xia promptly sobered up.

The chest of the two were tightly stuck together, Ling Xia felt as if there was a big rock pressing down on top of his body, he could not move at all. he perplexedly asked in a whisper: “Ah Jue?”

“Why?……”Yu Zhijue’s voice felt as if he was speaking through gritted teeth, it brought with it an icy chill, “Why did you smile and laugh with that woman when you were deceiving her? I said I would save you from this place! You don’t have to do this!”

Ling Xia felt relieved, so this was what this child was upset about? As expected his self-assertive actions had hurt the great villain’s self-esteem didn’t it?

He tried to move, and was immediately pressed down even harder by Yu Zhijue’s body.

“……”Ling Xia smiled and tried to calm him down, “I wasn’t really trying to deceive her, Kelan Minerbai is different from the other demonic cultivators, she isn’t that bad. “

As he spoke to this point he still felt rather pleased with himself, could it be he had the mouth of Kong Ming?

He carefully said: “See, isn’t it fine now? She’s agreed to send us back, no blood was spilled, and we even made a friend……”

Such an affectionate way to talk about her! Yu Zhijue had already stopped listening to the end of Ling Xia’s words.

Doesn’t matter if it’s what Murong Xue, or Kelan Minerbai, or any other person’s name, he doesn’t wish to hear it from this person’s mouth!

Yu Zhijue unhesitantly pressed himself on that chattering mouth, because of the force he used he had bitten Ling Xia’s lips.

“???!!!” Ling Xia’s eyes widened in astonishment in the darkness, because he was too shocked, he even let the other party’s tongue pry open his teeth, and stuck itself in.

He had been wanting to do this since daytime, not in his sleep, but when he’s awake……

Yu Zhijue firmly embraced Ling Xia, his whole body was heated up, before when he  managed to get a reaction out of Ling Xia when he was still unconscious he felt as if he was so happy he was going to explode.

Only until this moment was the smothering sour pain in his heart able to be released……

He kissed him very hard for a while, and noticed that Ling Xia had not response at all, and suddenly recalled that this person seemed to like the gentle type more. Yu Zhijue lessened his force, with his hands holding Ling Xia’s face they slowly twirled, his face was burning.

Just that the taste of wine lingered in Ling Xia’s mouth, as soon as he thought that he had drunk it with that woman, Yu Zhijue was so angry he bit down on his tongue softly several times.

The air in his lungs dispersed in a flash, his brain felt dizzy.

By the time Ling Xia finally sobered up, he pushed him away in fright, he actually pushed Yu Zhijue two steps back. He held his red swollen lips in horror, he panted, and disbelief he spoke: “Ah Jue, what are you doing?”

To be interrupted suddenly, Yu Zhijue was quite unsatisfied, he licked his lips and spoke: “Just like this, like before whether it was in the water, or when you were unconscious, we had been doing this.”

Yu Zhijue’s voice which was still changing in puberty brought a strange hoarseness due to his desire.

That voice spoke indifferently about things matter-of-factly in the dark room, the temperature of Ling Xia’s face was so hot he could cook porridge with it.

What do you mean whether in the water, or when I was unconscious?

This, my first kiss was taken by my own brother?!

……Seems that while he was dreaming of kissing somebody, and not only did it feel realistic it also didn’t feel bad……

That flat princess is, is Yu Zhijue?!……

Ling Xia’s brain stopped working, he could not function normally at all right now. Speaking of which this isn’t the biggest problem right now isn’t it?!

By the time he noticed Yu Zhijue getting closer to him again, he was almost shocked, he relentlessly retreated to the side, with a flushed face he incoherently said: “That, Ah Jue, you’re not j-joking are you?”

“What joke?” Yu Zhijue looked at him and halted his movements, his eyes suddenly cooled, his heart felt slightly irritated, why would this person reject him?

He clenched his fist and said: “When we did this before you looked so happy, and even took the  initiative to  respond to me……”

Ling Xia wanted to quickly dig a pit and bury himself after listening to his words, why did the other party’s complaining feel like he were the one who had started it? This child was probably curious and didn’t understand right? Yu Zhijue probably doesn’t understand what a kiss symbolized……

He turned his heated face over and said exhaustedly: “This isn’t right, how could two men kiss?……”

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink – originally 强扭的瓜不甜 “A forcefully twisted melon is not sweet” but that makes no sense in English.

When describing Kelan Minerbai as “not bloodthirsty” the word is actually 血腥变态, blood, blood/fish smell, pervert/abnormal attitude, I thought the words used to describe the demonic cultivators was pretty funny, but it’s quite a shame there’s not many words I can use to replace that.

When trying to woo Kelan Minerbai into releasing them, Ling Xia uses the first person pronoun of “在下” to refer to himself, this means “under” as in he is under her, it is an old humble way to refer to oneself when you’re buttering people up or if they’re your boss or customer.

When Yu Zhijue confronts Ling Xia about his actions he says 为什么对那个女人虚与委蛇地又说又笑的? “Why towards that woman with fake feelings you talked and laughed?” but again Chinese doesn’t make sense in English, but it also feels like a lot of the feeling isn’t going through. so TIME FOR CHINESE CLASS eye emoji, helli’s chinese corner lmfao

Kong Ming is Zhuge Liang, a famed strategist from the three kingdoms era.
太平公主 Taiping Princess, tranquil princess, is a pun. Taiping can mean peace and tranquility but the letters themselves mean “too flat”

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