VRP Vol 2 Chapter 15

Maybe I should change “saint” to “Holy Maiden” instead

She is the holy maiden of the Holy Maiden Peak! But there are also other holy maidens….

8 more chapters to go!


“?!!!” Ling Xia’s mouth was so wide he could almost swallow an egg, what kind of progression is this?

Miss Goddess said she…… is looking for the villain?

In front of the protagonist?!

Yu Zhijue slowly turned, Murong Xue’s words were also outside of his expectations. He frowned and took a look at Murong Xue, and went straight to the point: “Don’t remember, have I seen you before?”

Based on Yu Zhijue’s deep hatred of the Holy Maiden Peak, letting Murong Xue continue on with her words will probably put her in danger!

Ling Xia hurriedly went over and pulled Yu Zhijue’s wrist to take him away, he nervously giggled: “How could you have met before? Haha, you must have gotten the wrong person……”

He teared up silently in his heart, based on the age and location, they really could have met in their childhood. Since the goddess could still recognize Yu Zhijue after so long, why couldn’t she remember himself?

Murong Xue shook her haid and said obstinately: “I will not remember incorrectly.”

Yu Zhijue cast a glance at Ling Xia, and pulled his hand, due to inertia, Ling Xia was pulled directly into Yu Zhijue’s embrace. His expression showed that he did not want Ling Xia to cut off Murong Xue’s sentences, in reality, after Yu Zhijue smelled the familiar scent, the peeves in his heart had mysteriously vanished.

He hugged Ling Xia and calmly spoke: “Even if we’ve met, what business do you have with me?”

Ling Xia was anxious to hell, when had this damn child become so strong? He feared that he would rush over to kill Murong Xue later, and quickly clung to Yu Zhijue tightly with his two hands.

Song Xiaohu was stunned from the sight, why did he feel that the current situation was a bit weird?

There was not a speck of change on Murong Xue’s expression, as if she didn’t see the strange scene in front of her, and only gently spoke: “When we were very young I saw you on the Holy Maiden Peak…… I always felt sorry.”

As soon as Yu Zhijue heard the three words “Holy Maiden Peak” hie entire body froze, he coldly looked at Murong Xue and said: “So you are from the Holy Maiden Peak.”

Murong Xue nodded: “I am, a month ago, the holy maiden of divination said……”

As she spoke to that part, a commotion popped up outside, and the ship had also swayed heavily.

Everyone was astonished, and heard the loud voice of Kelan Minerbai outside: “Hey, the one surnamed Ming, you hit us on purpose didn’t you?”

Song Xiaohu crawled to the windowsill and looked out, and was also shocked, he turned and spoke: “Another ship came! The people on the ship are strange!”

Ling Xia finally pried himself out of Yu Zhijue’s embrace, he was afraid that Yu Zhijue would hurt Murong Xue, and pulled him over by the wrist. Fortunately, Yu Zhijue actually followed him obediently, Ling Xia finally relaxed a bit.

An expressionless white-robed man stood on the ship opposite to them, as soon as Ling Xia took one look at him, two words sourly appeared in his heart– “Pretentious bastard”.

That’s right, the man looked about twenty-three or twenty-four years old, very manly and very handsome, causing a certain man named Ling to feel envious. The white-robed man had a look that was the standard of looking cool, with both hands clenched tight, black hair fluttering around in the ocean breeze, a paralyzed face that would make a woman scream faced them.

Connecting the dots from what Kelan Minerbai had referred to him as, Ling Xia suddenly thought of a person, his pupil contracted– One of the villain’s six guardians of the White Abyss Law Defender, Puppet Master Mingze!

In every book there is a guy with facial paralysis, and Mingze is that guy.

Mingze as the first of the villain’s six guardians, his cruel, merciless, toxic methods need not be mentioned, he often kidnaps orthodox sect disciples to be turned into puppets, after that a good half of the large puppet army of the villain was also caused by him– Mm, he is the same as the blood demon Chu Yin, towards Yu Zhijue they had an almost paranoid loyalty.

So to say shipping them really was too cruel!

Ling Xia carefully observed the ship, and as expected, other than Mingze, the other crew members all looked slightly stiff, and their faces were abnormally white. As he thought about how that was an entire ship of walking dead, Ling Xia couldn’t help but feel disgusted.

He hurriedly made a silent gesture to everybody, and supported his ear to listen to the two’s conversation outside.

Hearing the arrogant voice of Kelan Minerbai, Mingze still looked unfazed, and with an unemotionless voice he spoke: “The left elder has given an order, you are to patrol this territory, you must find the man in the portrait– Leave not a single mark on him.”

He passed a scroll over as he spoke.

Kelan Minerbai lazily received it and opened it, she couldn’t help but feel a bit surprised, because the young man in the portrait had a pair of brilliant phoenix eyes, with a little red beauty mark under the corner of his eye, it really looked quite like Yu Zhijue.

Mingze had already keenly noticed the change in her expression, and immediately asked: “You’ve seen the man on the portrait?” Because of the flatness of his voice, all his questions became declarations.

Kelan Minerbai rolled up the scroll and conveniently kept it on her body, she smiled: “I was just curious, the left elder had already retired for so many years, why is he looking for a young man? Mm, could he have left an illegitimate child somewhere? Haha. Besides, on the sea I am the queen, why would I need to heed the orders of an old man I’ve never seen? After the demon lord’s death the demonic sect had already scattered, nobody can order this lady!”

Mingze’s eyes were cold, and rage slowly built up in his heart.

Indeed, Demon Lord Yu Tianxing had been dead for ten years, the demonic sects of the thirty six islands and seventy two caves had already fallen out of order, two elders and six guardians took over the leading position, nobody would submit to eachother, these ten years the entire demonic sect were a group run by noone. Kelan Minerbai was still young, and inherited her mother’s position of Verdan Depths Law Defender, and was even less interested in the demonic sect.

Kelan Minerbai happily played with the staff in her hands, and beamed: “Defender Ming, why don’t you explain to me the identity of this boy, and if I’m interested, I’ll help you take a look.”

In Mingze’s view, Kelan Minerbai was naturally his junior, and she actually dares to be so arrogant? The fact about the demon lord’s offspring naturally could not be talked about with this unreliable brat, after all the demonic sect nowadays was falling apart, and each had their own thoughts, he could determine that the ones who were truly loyal to the demonic lord only numbered three or four.

If not for the fact that Kelan Minerbai was more familiar with this ocean territory as she had pirated around the area for long, he definitely wouldn’t look for this detestable brat for help!

Mingze opened his mouth, with his countenance still unchanging he spoke: “You will naturally find out when you meet him. Remember, not a single mark on him.”

Kelan Minerbai shook her legs and laughed: “White Abyss Law Defender, if we are comparing positions, you are still below the position of my Verdant Depths Law Defender, what can’t you say? Unless, you don’t trust this lady?”

She had always been a troublemaker, now that she was idle and bored, she wanted to tease this legendary into exchanging notes with her even more.

Mingze’s eyes flashed, several nails from his hands hit the give poisonous spiders on the deck that had come out of nowhere. He rised his head to gaze at Kelan Minerbai and spoke: “Verdant Depths Law Defender, what is the meaning of this?”

Kelan Minerbai smiled: “Comparing by seniority, I still have to call you uncle, your niece was just curious, they all say that the White Abyss Law Defender’s puppet techniques are unparalleled under the heavens, and the eigth grade puppets that were refines were no different from real people. Won’t you expand the horizons of this niece of yours?”

Mingze spoke: “Just seeing is fine, but if my eigth grade puppet were to be taken out, then blood will be spilled.”

Kelan Minerbai grew even more interested and laughed: “That’s good, not long ago I easily nurtured an eigth grade blood spider, it had really taken a lot of effort on my part. White Abyss Law Defender, why don’t we give it a go, let’s see whether your puppets are stronger, or my blood spiders.”

Mingze was too lazy to get entangled with her, and instantly controlled his puppets to turn the ship around, he left one last sentence: “If you want to compare, wait till you’ve found the man in the portrait.”

Watching the ship vanish, Kelan Minerbai grinned: “Wet blanket.”

And as expected, the wet blanket uncle was half-dead, it was still more fun to tease youngsters.

She grinned and took out the portrait, turning around and shouted towards the direction of Ling Xia and co: “You’ve been watching for awhile haven’t you? Come out if you want to.”

Ling Xia did not know that Chu Yin had already found out the identity of Yu Zhijue, not even after hearing the two’s conversation, he was only worried about what Murong Xue said about looking for Yu Zhijue.

In the book there was nothing about any great goddess coming out to look for Yu Zhijue, after that Song Xiaohu and the goddess’ relationship scene had also progressed simply, while Murong Xue was the Holy Maiden who was revered by everybody in the Holy Maiden Peak from when she was young, but in actuality her personality was very simple and kind. Her life in the Holy Maiden Peak was monotonous, so after that she couldn’t resist sneaking down the mountain, she wanted to understand the casual lives of normal people, and when she was faced with danger, she was saved heroically by the protagonist……

Fuck! Damned exaggerated plot!

Kelan Minerbai didn’t start a fight with Mingze, Ling Xia felt more or less disappointed, because they’d have an easier time escaping if they fought!

Son gXiaohu had already shouted over: “You think we’re gonna come out if you tell us to? We won’t come out now just because.”

Ling Xia held his forehead, this fourteen year old Song Xiaohu is just a silly brat, the domineering presence at the back was not present at all, he obviously couldn’t hold back this future harem sister of his!

He was quite familiar with the personality of Kelan Minerbai, in a while he pushed the door open and brought Yu Zhijue out with him, he smiled: “I did not expect this lady to have such a grand identity.”

Kelan Minerbai smiled and carried her staff over her shoulder and replied: “Mm, identity is not the most important, the important thing is, this girl has a lot of possessions, let’s not say just taking care of three or five husbands, even seven or eighty is not a problem at all.”

“……”How does a conversation with her always end up devloping into this direction?

Kelan Minerbai swept through all three of their faces, the smile on her face dispersed and asked pensively: “Who are you lot? To be able to move the left elder to the point of putting down an order?”

Hey hey lady, you clearly didn’t have the Elder Law Defender in your sights! Ling Xia’s heart shrunk, the person in the portrait couldn’t be himself could it? Because Chu Yin didn’t suck him dry so he’s longing now?!

Kelan Minerbai had already taken out the portrait, she carefully looked at Yu Zhijue, and shouted: “THe person who drew this portrait must be a girl, Mmhmm, I didn’t expect you to have attracted so many peach blossoms. Tell you what, once you’ve entered my domain, you should forget about doing these sorts of things again!”

“……”The artist couldn’t be Miss Bi Yun could it? She had probably drawn it while gritting her teeth!

Ling Xia felt astonished, why would Chu Yin be looking for Yu Zhijue? Unless? …… His chest tightened, quickly took a look at Yu Zhijue, currently the other party had lowered his head and lightly frowned, seemingly wondering about it.

In the story, Yu Zhijue had finally entered the demonic sect for various reasons, but that was for when he was eighteen, Chu Yin probably still haven’t figured out his parentage right?

He couldn’t help holding Yu Zhijue’s hand tight, no matter what, he wouldn’t let this child go down that evil path!

Kelan Minerbai heroically threw the portrait into the sea: “Don’t worry, since you are to become my man, I naturally wouldn’t pass you over.”

Pretentious bastard – 装(Zhuang) B or pretending to be badass
White Abyss Law Defender – 白渊护法 Bai Yuan Hu Fa, I’m not sure if I should leave it as Chinese or English…
Verdant Depths Law Defender – 青冥护法 Qing Ming Hu Fa, cyan, deep, protection way…. I don’t even know.
With some googling they seem to be dharmapala, or defenders of law, a type of Buddhist wrathful god, but I won’t use the term dharmapala because it’s the wrong religion and language.

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  1. Thank you for the chapter! I’m really grateful for your hard work to help us fill in the missing chapters. This is my favorite BL novel and I really appreciate you!

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