VRP Vol 2 Chapter 14

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Ling Xia felt excited, thinking back on something his face instantly flushed red, he quickly retracted his head back– That, his goddess had probably already seen his naked body while treating his heart meridian……

Moreover this goddess is the saint of the Yunǚ sect!

God damn! Wouldn’t Yu Zhijue kill the goddess for revenge after finding out?

Seeing Ling Xia go from excited to tense, and peeking out every so often, not at all like his usual calm appearance, Yu Zhijue’s eyebrows subconsciously wrinkled.

He looked towards where Ling Xia was gazing at, and saw a young girl in a bit of a fluster.

In his eyes, all girls look just about the same, he narrowed his eyes and carefully observed for a moment, he could not see anything special about the young girl.

He quietly asked: “Who is she?”

Ling Xia replied incoherently: “She, she’s the benefactor who saved my life Murong Xue, When my heart meridian was injured last time she was the one who treated me…… But why is she on board this ship?”

The slight noise from earlier had attracted Kelan Minerbai’s attraction, she lifted the rod over her shoulder and went over to them: “Oh, seems I’ve forgot about you two.”

Yu Zhijue took a glimpse at Ling Xia, and pushed the door to leave while dragging him along, he sneered: “Is that so? Where are you planning to take us?”

He noticed that Ling Xia’s palms were sweaty as a result of being nervous, and his heart churned with an strange, indescribable sense of sourness, he wanted to have that young girl killed immediately, or throw her off somewhere where Ling Xia couldn’t see her.

Song Xiaohu saw the two of them and froze, then called out in surprised: “Ling Dage, Ah Jue! How come you’re on this evil woman’s ship as well? Where’s Ah Li?……”

Kelan Minerbai happily patted Song Xiaohu’s face as a signal for him to shut up, then turned her head to say: “Naturally I’m bringing you all to my Ling She island to become my husbands. Mm, this miss doesn’t look half bad, if I sold her off to that group of demons, she’d probably fetch a good price wouldn’t she?”

She couldn’t resist pinching Murong Xue’s face as she spoke, and frivolously spoke: “What covetable skin.”

Kelan Minerbai only said these to tease Murong Xue, seeing that her pure and naive face had not a single thread of reaction from her words, it felt a bit dull, and immediately let go of her hand.

Murong Xue slowly turned her head over, as soon as she saw Ling Xia and Yu Zhijue, the calm face clearly expressed a hint of surprised.

Could it be his goddess had recognized him?!

Ling Xia excitedly cried inside, he was at loss for a moment, and stammered: “Miss Mu, Murong Xue, I, I’m LIng Xia, I never had a chance to thank you properly for saving me all this while……” He stopped halfway through speaking, because his goddess wasn’t looking towards him at all! She had been staring at Yu Zhijue all this while!

The goddess actually stared at the villain even though the protagonist was right there? It’s not scientific!

As expected, the villain’s body is the greatest tool to attract girls isn’t it?

As Ling Xia enviously looked towards Yu Zhijue, only now did he notice the other party was staring wickedly at himself, he looked as if he wanted to eat somebody, he asked in puzzlement: “What’s wrong?”

One could almost hear the cracking of his knuckles from his clenched hands. He coldly turned over to Kelan Minerbai and said: “Is that so? That will depend on whether you have the ability to do so.”

Kelan Minerbai’s eyes slanted into a smile: “So passionate? Talk to me again when your injuries are healed……”

Ling Xia quickly pulled Yu Zhijue, signalling him not to start trouble, they were still at sea. And what’s more, even though the goddess’s healing techniques are peerless, but she was definitely still a gentle sister who needed the protection of others, what are they to do if it affected her?

Song Xiaohu struggled, and unknowingly flipped halfway in the air, with his back towards everyone he called out: “Ah Jue, this woman can’t even be considerd a woman! She’s too shameless!……”

“……” Didn’t it feel like the protagonist’s existence was as low as his right now?

In the end under Ling Xia’s persuasions, Yu Zhijue didn’t attack, Kelan Minerbai wasn’t afraid that they’d escape in this vast ocean anyway, and conveniently threw in Song Xiaohu as well, Murong Xue was locked in the room next doors, but at least the ropes on the both of them were finally released.

The injuries on Song Xiaohu’s bodies weren’t exactly light, but with his sturdy physique, he was still full of energy when he spoke. The both of them briefly explained their situations to each other, it seems that Song Xiaohu had lost consciousness that day after being injured by the blood demon and kicked into the ocean, after that he got caught by Kelan Minerbai, and the stuff on his body were all snatched by her, after that he had always been locked in the warehouse with his mouth stuffed, Murong Xue had been around for even longer than him.

Today Kelan Minerbai was quite clearly bored, so she pushed them up to tease them again.

Ling Xia silently touched his forehead, so why did the protagonist decide to take this tomboy into his harem after? Is he not afraid of his other harem sisters getting molested?

He was concerned for Murong Xue, but the ship was constantly being patrolled by the ship crew, and they brought some seemingly fierce and poisonous demonic beasts as well. He could only pick a small hole in the wall using a dagger, and whispered: “Miss Murong, are you alright?”

After a long time, a soft and sweet voice came from the other side: “Thank you for your concern, I’m fine.”

Ling Xia’s eyes glowed with excitement, goddess spoke! with! me!

He’s seen many a scary and violent girl in this strange world, this goddess really is a healing spring breeze……

Yu Zhijue coldly spoke: “Your wrist is still injured, why don’t you rest for a while. Are you not worried about Ah Li anymore?”

Ling Xia froze, and his dazed brain promptly sobered up.

That’s right, they still haven’t found out where Ah Li is right now…… So they have to escape from the ship before they reach Ling She Island, and find Ah Li!

As he thought of something, he hurriedly walked over to the wall and gave it a few knocks, and politely said: “Miss Murong, may I ask if you have any healing medicine on you?”

Murong Xue is the current saint of the Yunǚ Sect, although she is inexperienced in worldly matters, she is born with the gift for healing techniques and medicine refining. Although Kelan Minerbai may seem bad, towards girls she is actually quite lenient, she probably wouldn’t search Murong Xue’s body.

And sure enough, Murong Xue quickly passed over a jade bottle through the hole: “Take two pills will be fine.”

Ling Xia stared at the goddess’ pale slender fingers, and was entranced for awhile.

Song Xiaohu took the pills and swallowed them in one go, with a little surprise he asked: “Ling Dage, do you know this girl? She’s like a log of wood, when I was tied up downstairs with my mouth stuffed, I signalled over to her for half a day but she still didn’t come to help.”

A log of wood?! Ling Xia immediately sent a fist down on Song Xiaohu’s head, this damn child, how dare you describe the great goddess in such a way? You’re looking to be beaten!

Song Xiaohu held his forehead in disbelief: “Ling Dage, what’s wrong?”

“……” How do I explain to these brats who had just had their pubic hair grow out the feeling of an otaku being so excited at seeing his goddess that he would cry his soul out and add three shouts of thanks to God?

As Ling Xia thought of something, he was suddenly puzzled. Although the plot had been advanced, but as the protagonist of a stallion novel Song Xiaohu had already met so many sisters, how could he not have met a single one that would tickle his fancy? Even the Feng Luo who had the best relationship with him, they were more like siblings when they were together……

No need to mention Yu Zhijue, he probably hasn’t even figured out the difference between a man and a woman, at least the protagonist still had a valiant spirit, he knows not to hit women.

He whispered: “Do you guys not feel that, she’s quite good-looking?” That temeprament, is celestially refined and indescribable!

Song Xiaohu looked blank: “Who? That Miss Murong?”

Ling Xia longingly nodded.

So to say the protagonist in the book really is too terrible, to stud sisters even after meeting this goddess? Could this be the reason the author had Murong Xue killed? That’s too terrible!

Song Xiaohu shook his head no: “She does look quite good, but she’s not as good-looking as Ah Jue ah, Ling Dage is also good-looking. Mm……Feng Shijie is also good-looking.”

“……” What kind of evaluation is this? Could it be that it doesn’t matter whether it was male or female they were all beauties in the protagonist’s eye?

Song Xiaohu scratched his hedgehog head and showed two dimples with his smile: “The ones who are good to me, I think they’re all quite good-looking.”


As expected, this protagonist is still a brat, a brat! His aesthetics are hopeless.

Ling Xia turned over to the dark faced Yu Zhijue, and endeavoured to get him to notice the beauty of girls, it would be even better to be able to reverse his view on love.

He lowered his voice and spoke: “Ah Jue, this Miss Murong, do you not feel jovial when you look at her?”

Yu Zhijue narrowed his eyes, and the atmosphere around him was even lower.

Ling Xia was unaware, and continued luring: “Girls and guys are entirely different, girls are made of water, and guys are shaped with clay. Xiaohu not beating girls is right, but it is far from enough, you need to respect and love girls……”

Yu Zhijue coldly pointed out the window: “Do you need to treat that girl the same?”

Kelan Minerbai was sitting on the mast while shaking her two legs, in her hands she was playing with two palm sized blood-coloured spiders.

“……” Ling Xia felt weak.

The ship had been going for half a day, Song Xiaohu had already recuperated a lot after taking Murong Xue’s medicinal pills, the three were planning, how they were going to seize the ship when the time came.

Ling Xia pondered, Murong Xue is good at healing techniques, and she may even have some medicinal pills that could cure poison. After all the secret of him being a human panacea, the less people who knew the better.

This time Murong Xue answered quickly, and spoke gently: “At my side there are materials to create poison cure pills, but I lack the refining tools.

Ling Xia quickly said: “I have some refining tools here, Miss Murong see if there’s anything you can use.”

He simply cut an average sized window on the wall, and quickly passed over the refining tools.

Murong Xue’s face was unchanging as she received it, after a few hours, she spoke with a bit of fatigue: “It’s done.”

Ling Xia received the bottle carefully, and nervously asked: “Are you okay?”

Murong Xue shook her head: “I’m fine.”

Ling Xia wanted to say a bit more to her, things like thanks for saving my life, do you still remember me and stuff like that, but restrained himself. He secretly scolded himself, this really is throwing away the pride of men from the 21st century!

Mainly because Murong Xue’s temperament really was a bit too much like an immortal, just looking at her made one feel lacking……

Yu Zhijue scoffed: “Are you not going to return soon?”

Ling Xia took one last look at the icy goddess, and comforted softly: “You don’t have to worry, we will definitely protect you well……”

Yu Zhijue Yu Zhijue slammed the table, that poor table split into pieces instantly. Ling Xia jumped in fright, Song Xiaohu’s face was also filled with shock: “Ah Jue, what are you angry about?”

Yu Zhijue held his fists, he wanted to press Ling Xia against the wall, and do those embarassing things in front of everybody. Give him a good look at himself, feeling only himself……

At this moment, Murong Xue spoke to Yu Zhijue: “Do you still remember me? I’ve been looking for you for a long time.”

Ling She Island – Spiritual snake island

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