VRP Vol 2 Chapter 13

Do you guys prefer more direct translations from Chinese or localized ones? These are currently localized but certain sentences I’m like ummm because if you localize it without changing too much it doesn’t really make sense…

Good night kiss to everybody


Generally speaking, from the protagonist’s harem girls that Ling Xia had met, Cui Yu is unruly, Feng Luo is mature, Shui Ling is keen, But this oddly dressed Kelan Minerbai girl is…… wild.

Yes, this girl is manly. The most important part is, she is a demonic cultivator, and her ability is extremely strong, she is especially adept at the techniques of raising poisonous insects and bodily techniques, otherwise she wouldn’t dare to pirate around in the orthodox sect territory for seven or eight years.

Seems like, in the book she wanted to snatch the protagonist who is three or four years younger to be her husband?……

So I say the protagonist’s taste is really quite mixed! Ling Xia didn’t think that taming this flower was anything great at all.

As Ling Xia’s eyes twitched from reviewing the story, Kelan Minerbai had already jumped down the ship.

She loudly swayed over to the two, and swung a golden stick threateningly: “Mm, if you’re tactful take out the thing from your body.”

Yuzhijue sneered, but was patted by Ling Xia on the shoulder.

Ling Xia didn’t want to provoke this big lady with a body full of poison, not to mention he and Yu Zhijue are injured. He threw his storage bag over, and calmly said: “Miss, this should be fine right?”

  Minerbai swayed, knowing that not many things were contained within, and temperamentally asked Yu Zhijue. “Yours.”

Yu Zhijue coldly threw his storage bag over, the disgust in his eyes were hard to hide, naturally he didn’t care much for these external belongings.

Yu Zhijue was after all a great disciple of the Shaoyang Sect, the items contained within his storage bag was heaps more valuable compared to Ling Xia’s which was just for show, there were all kinds of energy stones, medicinal pills, spiritual grass, artifacts, and etcetera, all sort of things were present.

Kelan  Minerbai conveniently tied the two storage bags to her belt. Since the other party was so cooperative, she felt a bit bored instead, therefore to fool around a bit she searched Ling Xia from head to toe and said: “Could you still be hiding anything else on your body? If not I’ll search you.”

After some casual observation from her, only now did she notice the young man in front of her was extremely patient, the young boy next to him was a bit too young, but he had an uncommonly handsome appearance.

Kelan Minerbai brightened her eyes and laughingly said: “Since you guys can’t leave the island with no money anyway, I’ll be a good person and send you back.”

Looking at the tomboy’s eyes which were glowing green, Ling Xia’s mouth began to twitch.

It seems that this girl, didn’t care whether it was a man or a woman as long as they were good-looking……

Yu Zhijue couldn’t resist and held onto his spiritual wood sword, and sneered: “No need.”

Ling Xia quickly grabbed his collar, Kelan Minerbai is much stronger than Bi Yun, naturally they should avoid it if they can. He smiled graciously at Kelan Minerbai:

“Many thanks miss for your good intentions, but my shixiong is here to cultivate under his master’s orders, naturally he doesn’t dare to disobey his master and leave.”

Kelan Minerbai laughed handsomely, and glanced over to the flame that nearby that hadn’t been extinguished: “Is that right? Then I won’t force you two.”

As she waved her hands, the two burly men returned to the boat first, and she slowly returned as well.

But as soon as she took a step on the ship, Ling Xia shouted: “Hold on miss!”

He looked indignantly at the hundreds of strange, bright green flying insects around the area that came out of nowhere, and was so scared that he didn’t dare to move.

As a human panacea he wasn’t afraid of poison, but these things had long sharp fangs in their mouths, just looking at them was a burden on his heart!

And if it hurts Yu Zhijue……

Yu Zhijue narrowed his eyes at those disgusting insects, and the murderous aura began to rise from his body.

He shrouded the two of them in spiritual energy, and his sword was slowly enveloped with water energy, forcing back the bugs a few meters.

Kelan Minerbai’s spirits perked and beamed: “Mm, this seems interesting!”

Her body blinked, and instantly appeared in front of the two of them.

“You’re not bad.” Kelan Minerbai swayed the nunchucks in her hand, , smilingly stared at Yu Zhijue and spoke, “Accompany this sister to play for a while.”

He had never heard such a skittish tone of voice before, without waiting for Ling Xia to reject, Yu Zhijue had already sent forth an icy wave from his sword.

Ling Xia watched nervously, according to the character of Kelan Minerbai, she probably wouldn’t kill Yu Zhijue, but for this child to be frustrated was natural. After all, in the book Son gXiaohu had been caught by this scary tomboy once when he was about sixteen or seventeen, it was also related to the protagonist’s reluctance to hit women.

After an hour, Ling Xia silently and grievingly carried the YuZhijue who was full of injuries on his back, and slowly boarded the pirate ship.

Yu Zhijue’s wounds weren’t tended to after all, Kelan Minerbai is an infamous genius demonic cultivator, and had also cultivated from a young age, Yu Zhijue is a bit younger than her, although he managed to withstand for two hours he still lost, and his spiritual wood sword had been broken into several pieces. Of course, Kelan Minerbai also broke two ribs from Yu Zhijue’s kick.

The island which was originally filled with vibrant forests had been ruined…… It really was quite a terrifying battle. If it weren’t for that Mo Da-like brawny man helping him up the ship, he might also be affected.

Ling Xia carefully wiped the bloodstains from Yu Zhijue, and sighed.

He really was too weak…… He always had to watch these two kids get hurt, as an older brother he really was too lacking.

Mo Da had led him to a messy little hut on the ship, and handed over a small vial to him and laughed: “Captain said, she had taken a fancy to this brat, and is prepared to take him back to take him as her husband. Take good care of him, feed him the jade toad in here, he will recover in a few days.”

“……” Ling Xia took the small vial rigidly, his eyes twitched.

What the hell, what is this progression!

Could it be this damn stallion novel is going to progress into an elaborate prime time revenge plot story of the villain and the protagonist over a girl?

After waiting for Mo Da to retreat, Ling Xia opened the vial, and just took a quick glance and immediately threw it into the sea– The thing inside disgusted him as soon as he saw it, he would probably be poisoned to death if he ate it wouldn’t he?

Besides, there’s probably no medicine better than the him who is a human panacea……

Ling Xia took Yu Zhijue’s head into his embrace, took a deep breath, and mustered up the courage to lightly cut himself on the blood vessels on his wrist, the vibrant red blood quickly poured out. He probably wouldn’t be able to perform such an act of self-mutilation before this…… So to say this it’s probably a suffering to stay in such a dangerous world!

The bloody taste of a human panacea is rather light, but Yu Zhijue who is still unconscious couldn’t drink.

Ling Xia called out in a bit of a hurry: “Ah Jue? Wake up.”

He had already lost too much blood before this, and now he was getting dizzy again.

Yu Zhijue clearly suffered heavy internal injuries, his bones were possibly damaged as well, hearing his breath his eyelashes only slightly trembled, but did not open his eyes.

Ling Xia sighed, put his fingers in Yu Zhijue’s mouth, and lightly pried his teeth apart, the trickling blood smoothly flowed into Yu Zhijue’s mouth.

The fresh cooling blood that brought the taste of herbs flowed into Yu Zhijue’s body, Yu Zhijue unconsciously sucked on the fingers in his mouth, greedily suckling with his tongue.

The soft and slippery tongue curled tightly around his fingers, a strange numbness rushed to his head, Ling Xia couldn’t help but tremble, almost taking back his hand.

In the end, he patiently waited until the wound on his wrist stopped bleeding and only then did he take his fingers back, his face was already slighty hot.

Damn! Although he always thought of Yu Zhijue as his little brother, but this was too impure.

Yu Zhijue’s body slowly became hot, human panacea’s blood still needed a few moments to take effect. Ling Xia simply bandaged his wrist, and dazedly closed his eyes while leaning on Yu Zhijue.

In his slumber, he felt that someone was constantly watching him, that gaze felt piercing, occasionally extremely warm, but occasionally it felt so violent it was scary. He wanted to see who it was, but due to his drowsiness he wasn’t able to open his eyes.

He felt a warm soft object gently touching his lips after that, bringing a feeling of clumsiness and cautious temptation, gentle like a catkin.

This refreshing atmosphere felt familiar, and the touch did not feel bad at all.

Did he have similar dreams before?

Maybe that he had gone too long without venting, so that’s probably why he kept having spring dreams……

Ling Xia’s mouth opened in a daze, and couldn’t help responding, he even actively brought the other’s intimate sluggish tongue into his own mouth.

He had been alone from a long time ago, maybe subconsciously he had hoped to kiss someone like this……

In the beginning the two’s teeth bumped into each other a few times due to their inexperience, after that it may be that they had been kissing for quite a while, and slowly relished it, their hair rubbed against each other’s ears and face, and both of their faces are hot.

The soft lingering noises, felt as if they were really ringing at his ear……

Even if he knew it was a dream, Ling Xia still felt more and more into it, his heartbeat accelerated, and he couldn’t help himself from making a satisfying sigh. The other party seemed to be very excited as well, his hold was getting tighter and tighter, he could feel the other’s palm slightly shivering.

Ling Xia felt as if he could hear the consistent heartbeats of the two stuck together.

Until Ling Xia’s hand inadvertently touched the other’s chest, and had a shock– The girl in the dream, though he couldn’t see the face clearly, how is the chest so flat?

But he really was too tired, and only dazedly stumbled upon this idea, and quickly fell into a deep sleep.

By the time Ling Xia woke up, it was already night time.

Yu Zhijue sat upright beside him, seeing him wake up his face unnaturally twisted to the side, and spoke hurriedly with a bit of anger: “Why did you let me drunk your blood? Didn’t you know that you’ve already lost too much?”

Ling Xia shallowly smiled: “I didn’t want to keep burdening Ah Jue as well, fortunately my blood still had some use.”

“…… I never said you were a burden to me!” Yu Zhijue was melancholy.

He already felt extremely shameful from losing to a woman, to see Ling Xia’s pale face and bandaged wrist as soon as he woke up discouraged him even more.

Ling Xia couldn’t help but touch his hair: “I know, but I also want to help Ah Jue a bit.”

Yu Zhijue allowed him to rub his head, and softly spoke: “You don’t have to care about all this, take care of your injuries well, that woman had also been injured. There is a total of nine people on the ship, I will find a good opportunity to seize control of the ship, you don’t have to worry.”

He spoke extremely naturally, but a hint of killing intent loomed in his tone, Ling Xia had a fright in his heart as he heard it. He wanted to make things clear, but suddenly heard a familiar voice hurriedly coming from outside: “You damn woman! Let me go!”

It’s Song Xiaohu! Ling Xia hurriedly supported himself up with Yu Zhijue, and looked out of the window, sure enough he saw a tied up Song Xiaohu falling down on the mast outside.

Kelan Minerbai’s exposed shoulder is bandaged, but was still smiling extremely arrogantly, using her nunchucks to lift up Song Xiaohu’s chin: “You don’t look half bad, so marry me and become my husband.”

Hey hey hey sister, where is your moral integrity? You want to bag the two most charming people, and change the story to one with a Female lead?

Ling Xia became speechless.

When he hesitated over whether now was a good time to go out, his eyes  inadvertently swam over to the weak and slender figure next to Kelan Minerbai. This young lady’s black hair framed her beautiful face, even though her hands were tied behind her she looked discomposed, but he could see her refined temperament.

Even if they had never met, Ling Xia’s heart still almost jumped out of his chest in an instant, so excited that his head almost hit the window frame–The goddess has finally appeared!


Mo Da is a character from “The Smiling, Proud Wanderer” the novel, and “Swordsman” the drama, as for why he’s mentioned I’ve never watched it so I don’t know who the hell he is, but I might consider watching it when I have the time, if I still remember I’ll bring it up.
On another note check out this guy’s strange hair from the new 2018 remake

Spring dreams – originally C dream in Chinese or “chun meng” it means wet dreams for those of you who didn’t know. 😉

“their hair rubbed against each other’s ears and face” – this is an idiom to describe the closeness of two people, it literally means the ear is touching the hair at the temples, there are some pretty strange idioms in Chinese. For those learning Chinese 耳鬓厮磨 are the four words.

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