VRP Vol 2 Chapter 12

Luckily this chapter was a quicky, I finished at 3:40 but I mean I did start at like 1:20 lol, as always thank you for reading! But I mean should I really be thanking if I didn’t write the novel?


The following chapter contains vulgarities (just one word tho)

As the sun sets to the west, the surface of the sea is dyed with a beautiful field of orange, finally a shore and greenery came to view in the front.

Yu Zhijue’s spirits stirred, increasing his swimming speed, and finally reached the shore as the reflection of the sun disappeared from the surface of the sea. He languidly carried Ling Xia up the shore, and carefully checked Ling Xia’s breathing and pulse, they could still be considered normal.

He carefully called: “Ling Xia?”

Ling Xia was still unconscious, and only made a quiet “Mm” as if he could hear him, Yu Zhijue finally felt relieved.

He did not know, that the cause for Ling Xia’s unconsciousness was due to anemia, the other reason was that Chu Yin’s teeth contained a drug similar to an anesthesia, if he were bitten he would not be able to wake for awhile.

After a short break, Yu Zhijue carefully sized up the small island, it was clustered with forests and strange cragged rocks, it wasn’t known whether there were any demonic beasts that were harder to deal with. He leaned down to pick up Ling Xia on his back, and decided to enter the island to look for food and water.

Due to the similarity of their heights, coupled with the fact that Ling Xia’s current unconscious status, Yu Zhijue did not have a hard time carrying him, he didn’t need to adjust his hold.

Yu Zhijue had about five to six external injuries, he had been bearing with it till now, even though his body was exhausted, he slowly carried Ling Xia, and brought an infinite joy in his heart.

Heading inside, they finally found a small creek in the island, fortunately the water was very sweet, Yu Zhijue gave it a taste to check that it was consumable and scooped some water over to Ling Xia with a leaf.

Ling Xia dazedly opened his mouth and drank it, he was extremely thirsty, he drank a bit hurriedly currently, water that he had not been able to swallow flowed down the corner of his lips down to his beautifully shaped chin.

Yu Zhijue’s heart stirred at the sight, he used an embroidered handkerchief to wipe his chin, and couldn’t resist putting his lips towards his again.

The place their lips touched was soft and warm, it felt limp and numb as if a soft current was running through them, but it was indescribably comfortable. Yu Zhijue resrtrained himself from sending his tongue in, even so, his breathing was still getting hotter and faster.

Their lips were affixed for a long time, he lightly and lovingly touched Ling Xia’s eyes, and fed him more water.

There weren’t any dangerous demonic beasts on the island, Yu Zhijue caught a few edible ones, and started a fire. He had done these a lot while he was out wandering before, he was very experienced.

The clothes on both their bodies are wet, but are some sets of clean clothes in their storage bag.

Yu Zhijue hesitated for awhile, and finally pulled off Ling Xia’s belt slowly, removing his wet clothes.

Seeing Ling Xia’s clavicle and chest, Yu Zhijue felt a bit dizzy, his hand couldn’t help trembling slightly. He took a deep breath and held it for a moment, and changed Ling Xia into a clean set of clothes in a breath, then checked over his condition briefly.

The skin under his hand is warm and smooth, bringing with it a hint of fresh herbal scent, as his fingers accidentally touched the inner section of Ling Xia’s thighs, his heart jumped.

That day he held Ling Xia and even did ……

With just that quick thought, the hot feeling in his abdomen rose up again.

Yu Zhijue remembered seeing Ling Xia’s naked body at an early age, that time he was shocked and disgusted. But now he couldn’t understand why, it didn’t matter where of the other person he was looking at he would feel dazzled, and even wanted to extend his hand to give it a touch, to bite down with his teeth. A sexy clavicle that was prominent due to how slim he was, two pinkish dots adorning his chest, long straight legs…… Even the part that used to look disgusting to him, he wanted to touch them.

Yu Zhijue bit down hard on his lower lips, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath to try and restrain himself.

He carefully continued dressing Ling Xia, but his heart throbbed again as he took a look at the other’s flexible waist and full hips, his nose inexplicably heated up.

After getting dressed in a hurry, he helped Ling Xia groom his hair, the roasted meat had already become scorched……

In the end, Yu Zhijue looped his arms around Ling Xia’s waist and hungrily layed down next to the fire. In any case, it wasn’t as if he didn’t know what it was like to go hungry.

Hey hey hey, what’s going on?

Ling Xia dazedly opened his eyes, feeling as if he couldn’t breath well. As he finally sobered up, only then did he realize he was being tightly held in Yu Zhijue’s embrace.

So, I actually didn’t end up dying this time?

After all he had such a terrible experience in the past, what’s more Yu Zhijue is a healthy young man, the lower part stood up in great spirits in the early morning. Ling Xia got goose bumps from the part poking at him, he couldn’t resist wanting to push him away, becoming a blow-up doll again? Or maybe I should just die!

Though Yu Zhijue’s breathing was extremely peaceful, just that his breathing was slightly heavier than usual due to his exhaustion. Ling Xia took a look at the scenery around him, and felt a bit confused in his heart.

In his last memory, he seemed to see Song Xiaohu getting kicked by Chu Yin, and he seemed to hear Yu Zhijue shouting something, thinking about that voice made his heart ache slightly……

It seems that on this island there is only him and Yu Zhijue, so how did that child rescue him from that devil? And where are the rest of the people on board?

He struggled to turn his back over to look at Yu Zhijue, the other was sleeping extremely well, a satisfied curve lingered on his mouth, just that there was still an unhealed wound on his face.

Ling Xia’s heart softened, stopped his actions, and quietly nestled into Yu Zhijue’s embrace, frankly Yu Zhijue did not do anything too overboard this time.

He felt a bit loss, but at the same time a bit fortunate, fortunate that he didn’t die……

If he died in front of these two kids, that would be too cruel.

When Yu Zhijue finally woke up, it was already close to noon.

The sune shining through the gaps between the leaves left mottled and swaying shadows, Ling Xia smiles at the childishly dazed look of the great villain, and beamed: “Did you sleep well? Do your injuries still hurt?”

Looking at the other’s bright and transparent pupils up close, clearly showed his own sluggish reflection……

Yu Zhijue’s heart jumped heavily, his face uncontrollably heated up.

He snorted and quickly turned to sit up, attempting to hide the heat on his face: “A bit of injury is naturally fine, but you, really are too useless! Just you watch what I’d do if you go and get killed again!”

“……” Ling Xia watched his tantrum, and felt a sense of indescribable cuteness, he wanted to give Yu Zhijue’s head a rub. He couldn’t hear it at all, even though Yu Zhijue pretended to speak harshly, his words trembled undetectably.

Ling Xia slowly sat up: “How did you save me? Where’s Xiaohu and Ah Li?”

In the book Song Xiaohu encountered numerous troubles, the ones who died were all the cannon fodders or villains around him, he’s constantly improving, so Ling Xia wasn’t too worried.

Yu Zhijue frowned: “Let’s not worry about this now, how are you feeling? I’m going to go find something to eat.”

Ling Xia quickly tugged at him, and took out some healing medicine from his storage space: “These medicine are slightly better than the ones from Shaoyang Sect, come over here Ah Jue.”

With a tug from Ling Xia, his body uncontrollably sat down obediently, allowing Ling Xia to rub the unnameable medicine on his face.

Ling Xia’s fingertips quickly smeared over Yu Zhijue’s wounds gently, on the areas where the cold medicine was smeared, the hot and painful feeling reduced considerably. But their close distance caused him to lightly feel his breathing on his skin, and heated up even more, bringing a hint of numbness……

Yu Zhijue nearly couldn’t control his hand from holding Ling Xia, just like yesterday night, kissing his lips and eyes, but he endured it in the end.

Somehow, he could feel that, if he had done that, Ling Xia would probably get very angry……

THe meat was done roasting, and two people dug in. Yu Zhijue briefly explained the situation, and didn’t talk about the changes in his body, just said that the weather changed, he rushed over to Chu Yin and snatched Ling Xia back, and everyone else was swept away by the whirlpool.

He secretly tried to summon that strange, powerful energy, but never succeeded again.

Yu Zhijue had also thought, did that disgusting man in red have any relations with his cheap dad? Is this power related to him??

In his muddled memory, he was called “vile spawn” and “mongrel” every time those women mentioned him, said his dad was a crute. And that mother, had only seen him once from afar, and avoided her eyes coldly.

He only saw his dad once, that was when he died in the hands of that apathetic woman.

A sword stabbed into Yu Tianxing’s heart, but he laughed extremely joyously. He pulled out the sword before his death, and similarly stabbed the woman in her chest, with a gentle voice he said: “I still can’t let you go, I can only rest assured if you’re with me.”

Even if Yu Zhijue couldn’t understand their complications, he could see that, this cheap dad was still terrifyingly strong even if he had suffered a fatal injury, he could still destroy the entire Holy Maiden Peak if he wanted to.

But why would he choose to let that woman stab him?

Yu Zhijue couldn’t understand then, but now he could understand it a little bit.

Especially when he saw Ling Xia looking at other people with a gentle gaze……

Ling Xia carefully applied the medicine to Yu Zhijue’s injury, and looked worriedly towards the ocean: “I hope Xiaohu and Ah Li are both safe.”

Yu Zhijue bit down hard on his lower lip, and spoke in a low and heavy voice: “They’ll probably be fine, but I’m not too sure how we’re going to leave this place.” Actually, it would be great to stay here with just the two of them too……

Ling Xia suddenly opened his eyes, and stood up excitedly: “Ah Jue, there’s a ship!”

Yu Zhijue narrowed his eyes and looked over, there really was a ship trail.

Ling Xia looked left and right, piled some damp firewood together and lit it up. His movements were hurried, but a field of black flashed in his eyes, and he nearly fell down again.

Yu Zhijue frowned and rushed over to help him up, conveniently cut off a few trees and piled them together, black smoke soon rose up in the air.

The ship slowly turned, and came towards them.

Ling Xia became vigilant, the region around this ocean was occupied by miscellaneous sects, He and Yu Zhijue were both hurt, naturally they had to be careful.

That ship quickly reached the coast, Ling Xia felt that it wasn’t too good when he took a look– Why are people on the ship dressed in such a strange way? The banner on the ship is also a pattern he had never seen before……

A young girl was sitting on the mast of the boat, with tan skin and full lips, her way of dress resembled that of some ethnic minorities, the clothes on her body were colourful, and there were two blue feathers on her head, she was a qutie a beauty.

She crossed her legs arrogantly, her eyes brightened up as soon as she saw the two, and jumped down from the past, clutching her thin waist and madly laughed: “Mo Da, Lu’er, there are two fat sheep here!”

This tone, this hairstyle, this outfit……

Ling Xia’s eyes darkened, fuck, would it kill him to not meet the protagonist’s harem girls?

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  1. Yu Zhijue stilll having complicated puberty feelings, I see! Meeting his father’s henchman won’t be too much of a push for the dark side, I hope, especially since now the henchman suspects he’s his father’s son… I hope Song Xiaohu and Ah Li managed to save that beast they were transporting for the sect leader’s daughter’s medicine. Thank you for the translation!

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