VRP Vol 2 Chapter 11

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Ling Xia had already switched places after shooting the arrow, e took a deep breath, and quietly gave a few whistles.

He and Ah li are already extremely familiar with each other. As soon as he heard the familiar whistle, he understood what Ling Xia was trying to do, he continued howling and roaring at the sky, reducing the bald eagle’s guard.

The bald eagle circled around the air for a long time and couldn’t find its target, and could only return his attention to Ah Li again. At this time it had already lost the idea of teasing Ah Li, and just kept going up and down, waiting for an opportunity to send some wind blades over to Ah Li, and send all his grief of losing his feathers towards Ah Li. The wind blades of a seventh grade demonic beast is not to be underestimated, although Ah Li’s body was dextrous and didn’t get injured, countless cuts of different sizes were strewn across the deck from the bald eagle’s wind blades.

Ling Xia took this chance, and sent three hidden arrows made of a camouflaged material towards the bald eagle’s back, the bald eagle dodged two of the arrows, but the third one managed to shoot down seven or eight feathers.

The bald eagle could no longer contain the grief in his heart, howled madly, and rushed towards the the direction the arrows shot from recklessl, it crashed onto the ship and the boat dangerously tilted to the side. It landed on the deck, two hawk eyes searched around, and finally found a suspicious shadow behind some wooden barrels.

Ling Xia’s was fridghtened as he saw the shadow coming closer, he bowed his waist and ran out abruptly while avoiding the obstacles. The bald eagle howled and rushed around the enclave quickly, it couldn’t wait to tear Ling Xia into pieces!

Flames erpted from Ah Li’s four legs, violently raising his speed and leaped forward, finally rushed to te bald eagle and pressed its body down. the bald eagle use two sharp blade-like claws to claw at Ah Li’s abdominal region, Ah Li blew out some flames and burned off several of the bald eagle’s prideful feathers from its head. In an instant two demonic beasts started a dogfight.

The ship shook left and right crazily, making a creaking noise, from time to time, there were screams from people who accidentally got dragged into the fight.

The situation looks even worse now…… Ling Xia cried in his heart. He looked anxiously at the other side, Chu Yin didn’t care at all what his mount was doing or whether it was in danger, his attention was focused solely on the two youngsters before him.

And what’s worse, was that Chu Yin was sending out provocations from time to time, Song Xiaohu was clearly displaying the protagonist’s aura, he was so excited by him that even though he was getting breathless, he still held his courage. Although Yu Zhijue was also slightly breathless, his expression was extremely peaceful. Chu Yin saw the two youngsters with different performances and felt even more excited, his attacks were more and more ruthless, Yu Zhijue and Song Xiaohu’s bodies were riddled with injuries.

A dense power surged around the three of them, the ship deck trembled so violently that people found it hard to keep their balance, even though Ling Xia wanted to help, he felt suffocated as soon as he went near.

Before he managed to think up a plan, he heard a loud noise, and the ship was cracked tragically from the center– to be able to hold up for this long already showed that the material of the ship was pretty good.

Ah Li bit onto the bald eagle’s wing resolutely, two demonic beasts rolled into the water, and made a loud “sploosh”.

Ling Xia hurriedly leaned over the side of the ship and called out: “Ah Li!”

the bald eagle saw him from the water, a gush of hate rose up in his heart, and it waved its good wing to send out a wind blade toward Ling Xia. Even though Ling Xia had brought many defensive artifacts on him, five or six cuts still appeared on his hand, the deep red blood dripped onto the deck along the back of his hand.

Chu Yin stopped suddenly, narrowed his eyes and took a deep breath with his nose, wolf-like eyes glanced over to Ling Xia.

Ling Xia froze, his heart beat heavily, and only just noticed the painful sensation coming from the wound on his hand. He couldn’t help but trembled, and stepped back in horror.

“Human panacea……” Chu Yin harshly laughed without restriction, In his early ears he had drank the blood of a human panacea, that wonderful taste, even after several decades it was still unforgettable.

He no longer cared about Song Xiaohu and Yu Zhijue, his hand sucked with force, pulling Ling Xia towards his grasp, and couldn’t wait to bend over his body.

Ling Xia could only feel a wet sticky thing constantly moving around his neck, and just realized that it was Chu Yin’s tongue, he suddenly struggled in disgust. But a sharp pain suddenly came from his neck, he felt as if he were anesthetized, and suddenly couldn’t move, only his body started to grow colder.

Am I going to die here? Ling Xia bitterly laughed, he didn’t think that, this time he would die in front of those two kids. He wanted to prevent those two from looking, but he couldn’t utter a sound.

The sight before him grew darker and darker……

This time, his death wouldn’t be too painful right?……

“Let go of Ling Dage!” Song Xiaohu hurriedly pounced over, but he was sent into the water with a kick from Chu Yin.

Chu Yin did not even lift his head, and only narrowed his eyes and slowly savoured– This type of delicacy, definitely should be savoured slowly.

Yu Zhijue gritted his teeth and spoke word by word: “Let, him, go!”

An unfamiliar strength surged within his body, this type of energy was cold to the bones, but the strength was unparallelled, so strong that Yu Zhijue couldn’t stop shuddering. As he lifted his head, the usually bright black pupils now flashed with a glimmer of purple.

Want to destroy! Destroy the man in red in front of him……

Break him into pieces, let him pray for death!……

“I want to– Kill you!” A black ball slowly emerged into shape on Yu Zhijue’s hand.

The previously clear sky suddenly turned dark, violent winds swept through the area, the ship that had been broken into two pieces were shaken, the sea water had formed a whirlpool that spanned a few miles, sucking in the people who did not manage to hide.

Chu Yin felt a shiver run down his spine provoked by the familiar energy, and finally let go of Ling Xia. He suddenly looked up, and just noticed the young man walking over to him slowly on top of the water, although the cold and scary air around him felt as if he were a messenger from hell, the gaze in his eyes were no doubt familiar!

“I, will, kill, you! “A shade of purple loomed in his eyes, the black mist-like energy ball in his hands was violently sent over, shrouding Chu Yin as if it were alive.

Chu Yin quickly bit down onto his own hand, the spewing blood formed a red protective barrier around him, but despite this, some of the black energy seeped in, the area that it touched was immediately dyed with a layer of black ash, in a speed that was visible to the naked eye, Chu Yin’s right hand slowly transformed into charcoal.

Although the scene was mysterious, Chu Yin was not afraid, he glared into Yu Zhijue’s eyes and felt an unpleasant surprise: “What is your name? Is your surname Yu? “

Yu Zhijue clearly could not hear him, and only set his gaze on Ling Xia’s body: “Return him– To me!”

As he spoke, the dark air permeating his body grew heavier, the sky crackled with thunder, and large droplets of rain dropped down, quickly turning into a heavy rain.

Chu Yin conveniently threw Ling Xia over, and asked again: “Is your surname Yu? “

Yu Zhijue acted as if he did not hear it, and took Ling Xia’s head in his embrace, he pressed down on the two teeth marks on his neck– blood was still flowing non stop from them.

Although Ling Xia’s face was pale, the arteries on his neck were still beating weakly. Yu Zhijue’s hand trembled without constraint, this man was nearly lost again……

He was most familiar with such an injury, since there was time anyway.

He looked towards the position of the bald eagle, and easily lifted him from the water with his remaining hand. The bald eagle was injured by Ah Li, and could barely move, Chu Yin stuffed a few recovery stimulating medicinal pills into its mouth, and the man and hawk duo quickly left for the skies.

Yu Zhijue hugged Ling Xia tightly and abruptly lifted his head, glaring at the sky, without concealing the murderous intent in his eyes, as long as he raised his hands, he could make that offensive red disappear!……

His brain fell into chaos, that sort of unfamilliar and unfathomable strength nearly caused him to lose control!

At this moment, Ling Xia sneezed from the coldness on his body, he opened his unfocused eyes and half consciously spoke: “Ah Jue, it’s so cold……”

Yu Zhijue froze, the killing intent in his eyes immediately disappeared, the evil miasma retreated towards the ocean.

His body was shaking and exhausted, struggling slightly to stand on top of the water, he held Ling Xia and sunk into the whirlpool together.

The sensation of being overwhelmed quickly brought Yu Zhijue back to his sense, he hugged Ling Xia tightly and went forward to float tot he top of the water, he conveniently took some strength restoring medicinal pills.

The thunderstorm stopped, the whirlpool in the ocean had also dissipated, but the shipwreck and the crowd including Ah Li and Song Xiaohu all disappeared, the were obviously scattered by the whirlpool.

Yu Zhijue paddled the water with some strength, holding Ling Xia to the front and swam over. But in the vast ocean, he swam towards the sun for almost two hours, and his strength was almost exhausted, but there was still no trace of land. He examined Ling Xia carefully, Ling Xia’s complexion still looked very weak, and the blood loss caused his lips to become pale and dry, both eyes were tightly shut.

The two bodies sunk down slowly, Ling Xia spat out several bubbles painfully due to the asphyxiation, the messy hair floated around the water like seaweed.

Yu Zhijue suddenly remembered the water element in his body, he did not hesitate to pull Ling Xia over, and bit down towards his mouth. Yu Zhijue simply did not know about kissing, but as they touched, even though it was in the water, his face heated up.

Noticing that air was constantly being sent over from the point of contact, even though he was unconscious, Ling Xia had responded instinctively. He opened his mouth dazedly, pressing even harder, he even stuck his tongue in in disatisfaction of the other’s clumsy movements, greedily breathing a few mouthfuls, letting out a few sighs of satisfaction.

Yu Zhijue only felt as if his head had exploded, his body was instantly stiff.

This type of shocking sensation, numbness, impatience, his body seemed as if it were on fire, but he was in bliss.

He even felt that his exhausted body instantly filled with energy, his tired limbs become peerlessly strong.

He hugged Ling Xia’s waist tightly and floated to the top, he went closer to examine the other party’s face that seemed as if he were asleep. This person looked the same as always, as if he were constantly smiling, the curvature of his eyebrows also brought a sense of comfort to people.

Uncontrollably, Yu Zhijue carefully brushed the strands of hair on Ling Xia’s face back, and once again stuck over and tumbled about, slowly closing his eyes.

So soft, so hot…… But it was a bit cracked and dry due to the dehydration. Yu Zhijue gently touched them with his lips, moistening the other’s lips, his ears were also getting hot.

He remembered Ling Xia’s actions from earlier, and tried to squeeze his tongue between Ling Xia’s mouth, he explored clumsily for a moment, and finally found the hot and humid tongue and stirred together, a light wet sound was gradually heard.

This kind of never before experienced lip and teeth contact, the intimate harmonious contact made Yu Zhijue’s hands tremble, he even forgot where they currently were. Because he wasn’t used to kissing, the saliva that was hard to swallow slowly ran down the attached lips of the two.

The atmostphere in Ling Xia’s lips fascinated Yu Zhijue, fresh with a hint of herb smell. He closed his eyes and got more and more excited witht he kiss, his heart beat chaotically, even holding Ling Xia’s head with his hands, pressing him forcefully towards himself.

The strange heat from the dream earlier appeared on his body again……

Ling Xia uncomfortably groaned in his daze.

Yu Zhijue quickly straightened up in a fright, the white face was stained with a red that was hard to fade. He looked at Ling Xia with an anxious yet anticipating gaze, but Ling Xia only mumbled a few sounds, and then stopped moving.

His heart felt slightly fortunate yet quite disappointed, Yu Zhijue’s lips touched Ling Xia’s face lightly and continued on swimming while embracing him.

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