VRP Vol 2 Chapter 10

There’s a fair bit of Japanese slang lingo in the chapter, but in Chinese they are referencing these Japanese terms so I will keep them that way. I know some people don’t like seeing Japanese in a Chinese webnovel but hey what can I do it is what it is

And it’s time for me to sleep!! 4:20 AM!!


The following chapter contains foul language

If you are not reading this on hellitranslations. wordpress. com the release you are reading is stolen

Due to how closely they were sticking to each other, the hot breath puffed against Yu Zhijue’s ear, his sensitive and white ears quickly reddened unnaturally, and a sense of chaos appeared on his gaze.

But he quickly regained his focus when he heard what Ling Xia had said, naturally he knew what a human panacea is, he grabbed Ling Xia’s collar and asked: “What is going on?”

“The senior did it to save me, I’ll tell you later.” Ling Xia thought about something, and he panicked, if the blood demon finds out Yu Zhijue’s identity then…… He won’t let this damn child follow these terrorists to end the world no matter what!

He hurriedly gripped Yu Zhijue’s hands and said: “Don’t get too close to him– Don’t leave my side later.”

Yu Zhijue dazedly turned his head to the side, and coldly humphed: “Understood, naturally I will protect you, you don’t have to be so scared do you?”


While talking, that bald eagle which was the size of a pterosaur had beautifully dived and landed on the bow of the ship, the large impact caused the ship to shake violently. Yu Zhijue reacted quickly and hooked his leg on the window frame to stabilize his body, and held onto Ling Xia’s waist with his other hand, only then the two managed to avoid hitting the wall.

There are nearly a hundred passengers, so there was naturally a lot of cultivators on board. Ever since Yu Tianxing’s death, the blood demon had gone into seclusion, so many mid to low tier orthodox sect disciples did not know of his strength. But judging from the dangerous atmosphere of Chu Yin as well as the demonic beast he rode on, everyone knew that he wasn’t someone who was easy to deal with.

One of the disciples on the boat timidly spoke up: “This disciple Zhuo Qing hails from the Xu Yang sect, excuse me senior……”

Before he managed to finish speaking, he was shocked to find that his body was flying forward involuntarily! By the time he recovered his senses, a cold finger lightly fondled his neck, like the palm of a lover. His body subsequently numbed, there was not an ounce of strength in him to retaliate.

Chu Yin lightly raised his upslanting eyes, and indifferently spoke: “Mm, a healthy yang body, not bad.”

His voice was extremely peculiar, it sounded coarse like a male duck, but it also sounded natural.

Without waiting for everyone to regain their senses, Chu Yin had already started to lower his head towards the artery on his neck and bit down without hesitation, sucking the blood dry quickly, he narrowed his eyes drunkenly as if he were addicted.

Zhuo Qing’s eyes which were wide with fear slowly protruded, his limbs twitched, and at this moment the veins on his face were revealed and his face was white like a sheet of paper.

Chun Yin quickly had his fill, and his abdomen bulged slightly, A radiant red faintly emerged on his unnaturally pale skin.

The other passengers and ship crew did not have time to respond, and were all watching in shock, a strange chill rose up from their hearts, even Zhuo Qing’s fellow disciples had no courage to step forward.

“What are you doing? Let him go!” Ling Xia suddenly heard a familiar voice ring out from nearby. He held his forehead weakly, how did he forget about Song Xiaohu that daredevil child?

This is currently not an enemy the protagonist can take on! Even on ground they were completely over-classed!

Chu Yin’s swept his eyes across the crowd, and quickly focused on the Song Xiaohu which was jumping down from the third floor. He laughed roughly, and licked the blood laced edge of his mouth, conveniently throwing the corpse in his hands into the ocean, and sighed regretfully: ” Mm, what a shame, if I had seen you earlier, I could’ve sampled better tasting blood.”

Song Xiaohu glared at him, there was not a single hint of fear on his face. Ah Li knows that the enemy is strong, and jumped down from his body, and lightly stooped on the ground, the amber coloured pupils narrowed into a line, giving the bald eagle a death glare.

The bald eagle was one grade below Ah Li, but on the current terrain it was not afraid, and even arrogantly gave Ah Li a disdainful look with its soybean eyes, pissing Ah Li off to the point where he gritted his teeth and couldn’t wait to transform into his original form to bite him to death! All the ones who can fly are so bad!

Ling Xia took a deep breath and looked at Yu Zhijue: “Seems like the newcomer isn’t nice.”

A killing intent sprouted up in Yu Zhijue’s heart, it’s a demonic cultivator again, could he be called here by that hateful woman? As expected, he should’ve ended her right then!

The two of them turned over and jumped down as well, Ling Xia shouted: “Xiao Hu!”

Yu Zhijue quickly held the spiritual wood sword in his hand, and wrapped it with water element, he spared some effort to set up a barrier around the area, and encased Ling Xia inside.

Chu Yin saw the three man one beast team which had grouped together, other than the oldest one who looked rather weak, the other two youngsters are remarkable, and there was also that snow flamme……

His slanted eyes were so pleased they were practically glowing red, he looked at Yu Zhijue and Song Xiaohu one by one, and gave an ear-piercing laugh: “I’ve finally found you!”

The colour of Ling Xia’s changed slightly. Every weak to strong novel always had a few crazies and perverts. In this book, Chu Yin was the one who took the part of that embarrassing role.

Battle addict, vampire, suspicious shotacon…… as well as that loyal dog behaviour towards the demon lord, all the girls held their face: “Awww, gap moe!”

He really wanted to spit: “A big fuck from me!”

To the protagonist and villain-kun who are being stared at by a pervert, this honorable one is going to be destroyed……

Imagine the human panacea him, as well as all the supporting background characters in the area, completely sucked dry by blood demon-kun…… Heheh.

Song Xiaohu couldn’t restrain himself under the sticky snakelike stare from Chu Yin, and shouted: “Who the hell are you? Are you from the demonic sect? The orthodox sect won’t have such evil practices as yours!”

Blood demon-kun’s interest was completely caught by Song Xiaohu’s passionate performance, he used his coarse duck-like voice and lengthened his intonation as he spoke: “That’s right~ So what are you going to do? Mm, good child, what is your name?”

“Song Xiaohu!” Song Xiaohu got goose bumps from his creepy speech, and angrily rebuted, “And who the hell are you?”

Chu Yin smilingly played with his long maroon locks: “Me? I’m Chu Yin, mmhmm, it seems your so called orthodox sirs have given me a nickname called blood demon, I  think it sounds quite good.”

As he spoke, immediately some people remembered the legend of the blood demon, they were so frightened that they all pulled out their weapons.

The blood demon was a killing addict, compared to the previous demon lord Yu i he was even more cruel. he has great patience, once he had set his eyes on a prey, he would chase them for years!

Chu Yin didn’t care about the frightened looks of the masses, a pair of upslanting  eyes pleasurably watched Song Xiaohu’s reaction.

Needless to say Song Xiaohu was not afraid, he just gathered energy on his palms and replied: “I don’t care what kind of demon you are, since we’ve met, don’t even think about hurting anyone anymore!”

Ling Xia’s eyes watered up. This protagonist is so straightforward sometimes he puts tears in people’s eyes, my god, he really wanted to cry now. protagonist-kun, you are durable, but my cannon fodder life is desperate!

Chu Yin thought of something, and laughed: “So who’s the one who taught that dummy Bi Yun a lesson? Was it you?”

Yu Zhijue froze, so he really was called over by that woman! He stepped forward respectfully, and glared at Chu Yin: “It was I.”

Chu Yin’s eyes brightened up, a pair of eyes awrily fixed its sights on Yu Zhijue’s body, he inspected him back and forth, completely from the top of his head to the bottom of his foot.

Yu Zhijue’s face remained the same, but he was outraged in his heart, he couldn’t resist plucking out those two upslanting eyes of Chu Yin!

“What are you waiting for?” Yu Zhijue slowly lifted up the spiritual wood sword, “Are you here to take revenge for that crazy woman?”

Chu Yin cackled: “That damn dumbass with weak techniques is better off dead–Of course I’m not here for that. Since I’m bored anyway, and indeed I did not waste effort in coming here.”

He looked towards Yu Zhijue’s neck as he spoke, and took another look at Song Xiaohu, he gently stroked his blood stained lips with his fingers.

Ling Xia’s mouth twitched, this evil crazy perverted character is really not good to look at!

Song Xiaohu’s scalp numbed under Chu Yin’s weird gaze, As the fire element converged in his hands, he sent it out forcefully, Chu Yin waved his sleeves, and the fireball was deflected over to the top of the ship, the hull suddenly shook, and the ebony walls were burned.

Chu Yin gleefully cheered: “Not bad! This is going to get even more exciting in a few years!”

Ah Li could hold back no longer, and changed his form with a howl, sharp claws rushed towards the bald eagle and attacked. The bald eagle rushed to the sky, and beat its wings, condensed wind blades shot towards Ah Li, the hull shook even more violently.

“……” Barely balancing as he steadied himself on the ship cabin, Ling Xia hurriedly said. “Ah Jue, hurry and go help Xiao Hu!”

If the ship is destroyed, they were in the middle of a vast ocean, and the opponent’s demonic beast could simply fly away…… So he had to find a way to help Ah Li. If he hurt that bald eagle, Chu Yin would be trapped, and he wouldn’t dare to destroy the ship either.

Yu Zhijue gave him a look, he was naturally reluctant to join hands with Song Xiaohu in his heart, but if the current matter affected Ling Xia’s livelihood…… Water element mixed with spiritual energy quickly condensed into ice, Yu Zhijue suddenly erupted, several ice blades immediately flew towards Chu Yin.

Chu Yin casually moved aside, but an unexpected spiritual sword quickly emerged towards his back, he conveniently held onto the tip of the sword, he wanted to have his fill of playing with Yu Zhijue.

The intense condensed energy element turned into countless fine needles, Chu Yin didn’t think that the young Yu Zhijue’s cultivation was so refined, five fingers were suddenly cut. He wasn’t angry and instead laughed, fervently looking towards YuZhijue: “Ve~ry~good~”

Yu Zhijue groaned and forcefully flicked the blade, he had already backed off several meters, the Song Xiaohu beside him gave a loud “Ah”, and thunder energy followed up.

Yu Zhijue narrowed his eyes, water element accompanied his attack, fusing with the electric energy, countless sparks of energy sparked on the huge water dragon.

Chu Yin’s eyes darkened, spiritual energy quickly formed a barrier, countless droplets of water fell to the floorboards as the water dragon touched it.

These two youngsters actually managed to force him to defend so quickly…… he cackled cheerfully: “The two of you are great~~ more~~”

Yu Zhijue gritted his teeth: “You’re looking to die!”

Since Chu Yin’s personality was to play with them for half a day like a cat teasing a mouse, Ling Xia wasn’t too worried about the two children, his focus switched towards Ah Li and the bald eagle’s side. Those background decorations were now stepping back dazedly, some hid inside rooms, lest they get involved with the battle of that absurdly strong group of three men and two beasts.

Ling Xia currently had artifacts of different elements on him, they were all made during the day, but one that could harm that seventh grade flying demonic beast, it doesn’t seem like he had one.

However, at least he could bait that beast over.

He shrunk himself and hid behind a wooden cask, and pulled out a third grade long range offensive artifact. He made this following the form of a bow, the body of the bow is made of metal energy stones, and the bowstring is made of a rather flexible material. He slowly put an arrow up, gathered his spiritual energy, and aimed at the bald eagle.

The bald eagle was arrogantly circling in the sky to tease Ah Li, he cleverly kept enough distance to avoid Ah Li’s flame. It had good eyesight, but its hearing is bad. As soon as it heard the splitting of air it was already too late, there was something sharp shooting over with the speed of a meteor, although the arrow could not pierce its skin, he managed to shoot off some feathers.

Its species was quite rare, yet there were more Males than Females, they were a monogamous species, so a big portion of Male bald eagles had to either become bachelors or go gay. When Females choose their mates they paid great attention to their feathers, once the feathers of the bald eagles are damaged, it would take about three years to grow back.

So when it saw that its feathers had been harmed, this straight male bald eagle almost wanted to faint, it gave a long howl, as if it were a sonic boom. It angrily glared at the group of people hiding on the deck with its keen eagle eyes, but did not see any suspicious figure.

至阳之体(translated as “healthy Yang body”) is a body type that signifies that of a healthy Male(generally) body that cultivates elements with the yang property(generally fire). This type of body is considered quite rare normally, and there’s also a Ying counterpart. Most people generally have no afinity with elements, which is why you don’t see many people cultivate elements they have no afinity to. It’s not that they can’t it’s just hella effort.

There’s a bunch of other shebang relating to when you’re born sort of like being born under some kind of star and different context may also just mean the gender so I’m not gonna go too deep into that.
Either way Yin = Female/dark Yang = Male/light

Mental(or psychical as translated by winter) energy will now be replaced with spiritual energy because I have only just now realized what it meant after reading it out in Cantonese LOL

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  1. I’m cracking up so hard at the bald eagle part 😆😆
    The beast can’t stay straight forever. In BL novel, it’s a rule that the very straight male will go bent eventually.

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  2. Ahahahaa Song Xiaohu’s so very willing to just attck anyone immoral. Ling Xia’s being a good support, going after the eagle so Chu Yin is trapped too. Is Chu Yin here to find Yu Zhijue? Thank you for the chapter!

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