VRP Vol 2 Chapter 6

Hey, I must be waking up wrong!

  Ling Xia was a bit flabbergasted, wasn’t Yu Zhijue hugging him as if he were a pillow? Although Yu Zhijue’s young body was a bit thin, but his muscles were firm and hard when you hug them, fortunately he didn’t snore.

  He gently moved Yu Zhijue’s arm from his waist to the side, and the person immediately opened his eyes, the eyes under the long eyelashes were exceptionally clear, he seemed to have been awake for a while.

  Ling Xia froze for a moment, and smiled: “Ah Jue, morning.”

  Yu Zhi Jue looked at him for a moment, and sat up unnaturally, he slowly turned around and put on his outer shirt.

  They came over to look for that demonic beast, so to avoid grabbing too much attention, they didn’t wear the ShaoYang Sect uniform, and instead wore casual clothing.

  Ling Xia asked while washing his face: ” I heard from Xiao Hu that you guys were here to find a type of demonic beast’s blood to use as a cure for Feng Luo’s poison?”

  “Mm.” Yu Zhijue nodded, “This demonic beast is quite famous, it’s a type of fifth grade electric element beast that’s only found here.”

  This time the disciples from ShaoYang Sect totalled to five people, besides Yu Zhijue and Song Xiaohu there were Xu Yan, Xu Mingyang, and Liao Ziqing. Ling Xia still slightly remembered Xu Yan, during the competition he was beaten up good by him, but the other party didn’t remember.

  He was slightly worried that he would recognize him and cause unnecessary trouble, so he thought about taking an Appearance Changing Pill. But Yuzhijue stopped him, after all this type of drug was harmful to the body.

  Watching the persistence in Ling Xia, Yu Zhijue coldly said: “No need to worry, he won’t look for trouble.”

  In terms of strength, he was the genuine senior disciple of ShaoYang Sect, Feng Shuming’s most proud and discredited protégé, Xu Yan was just a simple sword cultivating disciple, naturally he wouldn’t offend him. Yu Zhijue still remembered when Xu Yan had humiliated him in the past, if he behaved then that’s fine, but if not……

  Listening to how confident Yu Zhijue was about the issue, he put down some of his doubts and decided not to change his appearance. He still had a good impression of that young lady Feng Luo, and thinking about it now, he wondered what sorts of artifacts he can refine to help them out.

  Their plans were to move at night, so they spent all day resting in the inn.

  Ling Xia carefully considered while reading the artifact refining manual, to capture an electric element beast, naturally a wood and wind element artifact was best. He currently had a second tier wood energy stone, and a third tier wind energy stone in his collection, but he also had to think about how to design the artifact.

  He used a special quill pen and started writing drawing on the straw paper, calculating the required energy stones, wood, and flame intensity, he designed the schematics for four to five artifacts.

  Yu Zhijue quietly stood in front of the window and watched Ling Xia, Ling Xia was quite good-looking when he was focused, The normally soft lips were now pursed into a line, his eyes were focused and serious.

  Yu Zhijue watched him in a trance, a strange and hard to describe heat suddenly arose in his heart, he wished to go over, and hug him from behind…… this type of impulse made him feel very strange, but inexplicably excited.

  Ling Xia had finished designing by midday, and took out the artifact refining furnace as well as the required materials from his storage chain and prepared to start refining.

  The capture tool designed by him had taken into account the characteristics of the beast, and specially made it into the shape of a net, he added a special spiritual stone to increase flexibility. Because the materials were more quite assorted, the consumption of spiritual power was also a huge issue, so he took out several extremely previous refining auxiliary stones. Normally he would be reluctant to use this type of lingshi.

  The refining furnace soon began to operate, the materials begun to dissolve under the influence of the refining auxiliary stone and Ling Xia’s spiritual power, converging little by little. Ling Xia’s mental energy cultivation is indeed several times faster than before, but the smelting stage still required a fair bit of energy, sweat was dripping non-stop down his forehead, and his brows wrinkled. His pale skin was looking paler and weaker.

  Yu Zhijue frowned, he pressed his hand on Ling Xia’s back and sent over his own spiritual power.

  Ling Xia’s eyebrows quickly relaxed, he guided Yu Zhijue’s spiritual power into the furnace. The masked man had helped him in the same way before, so he was quite skilled at it.

  After four hours, the net-like artifact was finished, it was silky and flexible, it was about the size of a fist when bunched up. The problematic part about the artifact was the wind and wood element, most electric element users can do nothing against it.

  Ling xia was exceptionally pleased, the blood on his face had not returned: “I’ll go with you tonight.”

  “You better take a rest.” Yu Zhijue was dissatisfied, and coldly said, “Actually even without this artifact, I could catch it.”

  If I had known that Ling Xia would struggle so much……

  Ling Xia laughed, why is this child so stubborn? He nodded, a pair of eyes looked over warmly: “Naturally, I know Ah Jue is the strongest.”

  Yu Zhijue felt a sudden flush on his face, clearly it was a comforting look full of warmth…… he turned his face stiffly: “Take a good rest first, we’ll talk about it tonight.”

  Ling Xia laid down on the bed and closed his eyes to his suggestion, and crossed his arms over his chest, quietly recovering his spiritual power.

  Yu Zhijue watched him dazedly for a moment, and also rested near the bed.

  When night reached, six people separated into two groups and started their search. Xu Yan saw Ling Xia and was stupefied, he quickly figured out Ling Xia’s identity from the way Song Xiaohu greeted him. After all he had once looked for Guang Xuzi to give Ling Xia a hard time, he could remember him clearer than the others.

  But the current Yu Zhijue is incomparable to before, He clearly understands his strength. Yu Zhijue had once crippled a disciple who had scorned him without hesitation, and Feng Shuming had only lightly reprimanded him, he could see how much he had Yu Zhijue in his sights. Besides, he has no bone to pick with Ling Xia, he only detested and felt envious of Yu Zhijue.

  Ling Xia naturally entered Yu Zhijue and Song Xiaohu’s team, as well as Ah Li. They were heaps stronger than the other three man team.

  Yu Zhijue and co had been tracking this demonic beast for several days, and they were very familiar with its habits, the demonic beast had a very good sense of smell and hearing so they had to be careful, that was the reason it slipped away many times.

  Song Xiaohu had nearly caught it once, he led them and jumped around on a tree and spoke: “Ling Dage, I suspect that the cave I met you guys at last night was its lair, let’s go take a look.”

  Yu Zhijue vigilantly asked: “Last night? Who was Ling Xia with?”

  Ling Xia was too slow to catch up with them, so Yu Zhijue had been holding on to Ling Xia’s hand and pulling him along, when he heard what Song Xiaohu said his grip subconsciously tightened.

  Ling Xia was pained by his grip and he complained in his heart, but it was a complicated matter after all. Before he could signal to Song Xiaohu, Song Xiaohu had already started to speak loudly: “Didn’t I say? Oh, it was pretty funny when I met Ling Dage last yesterday, a bad woman said Ling Dage molested her, I nearly hurt Ling Dage on accident cause of that……”

  “Molest?” Yu Zhijue narrowed his eyes, “What actually happened?”

  Hey hey, is this the kind of tone you should be using on your brother?

  Ling Xia rubbed his nose and awkwardly replied: “Actually it wasn’t anything, that lady was just trying to be playful. Besides it was just a misunderstanding, and it led me to meet up with Xiao Hu and I even got to see you again.”

  This protagonist is such a blabbermouth! He’s just asking for a beating!

  Song Xiaohu’s memory was really good, and he quickly managed to find that area. Three people stopped on their tracks and held their breath, listening for any movements in the silence while holding onto a branch.

  The liao ran beast liked to hunt rabbit beasts, Song Xiaohu pointed to Ah Li and quietly said: “Ling Dage, Ah Jue, take a look at Ah Li, doesn’t he look like a rabbit from afar?”

  Ah Li had a pair of long snow white ears, and due to Ling Xia’s daily feeding as well as lack of exercise it was so fat it looked like a big ball, If you didn’t look closely it really did look quite like a rabbit.

  Ling Xia was joyous and gave Ah Li’s head a rub: “Mm, that’s right, we can use Ah Li to lure liao ran out.”

  Ah Li quickly understood, and gritted its teeth in displeasure, he was an eighth grade demonic beast, not a little rabbit. Ling Xia rubbed his head to coax him for a while, and Ah Li eventually decided to jump down with grievance, he suppressed his aura and curled up, walking slowly, looking like a snowball under the moonlight.

  Ling Xia and the others waited in ambush on top of the tree patiently.

  Yu Zhijue and Song Xiaohu naturally had the patience of a hunter, but Ling Xia was the one shaking his head and nearly fell asleep. At midnight, they finally heard a strange hiss in the air.

  Ling Xia’s eyes opened with a start, Song Xiaohu gestured towards him excitedly, without a doubt the target had appeared!

  An eagle sized demonic beast flew out from the depths of the forest, and pounced towards Ah Li, it was fast like a meteor. But by the time it reached about a meter away from Ah Li, it noticed that Ah Li’s smell was not quite the same as a rabbit, and immediately withdrew itself.

  Ah Li gave a fierce roar, and pounced towards the sky with force, but the liao ran was too fast, even though Ah Li managed to jump quite high, he still came down empty.

  How would Yu Zhijue just let it go, he quickly threw over the energy net from his hands, and he managed to land it on the liao ran’s body. Once the net caught onto its target, it quickly bunched up. Liao ran struggled to fly away, but it was difficult to rush out, it struggled to shoot out several bouts of electric, but it was rebound, it turned obedient under Yu Zhijue’s firm hold.

  Song Xiaohu beamed: “Ling Dage, the artifact you refined is so amazing! Ah Jue also has such a quick reaction time!”

  Yu Zhijue humphed in disapproval, and threw the liao ran over to Song Xiaohu.

  Ah Li was neglected by Song Xiaohu, and angrily jumped on top of Song Xiaohu’s hedgehog head and nudged him lightly, and then he returned back into Ling Xia’s bosom.

  Ling Xia gave him a stroke to appease him, and smiled: “Now that we’re done with our task, let’s look for the other three and return, after all Feng Luo’s poison can’t be delayed

  The relationship between Song Xiaohu and Feng Luo had always been very good, he quickly nodded: “Mm.”

  The three returned along the same path, and after about seven minutes, they suddenly saw a flash of light in front of them, and clearly heard the sounds of clashing swords and offensive artifacts.

  Ling Xia frowned, he looked eagerly to Song Xiaohu and said “Let’s take a detour, our primary goal now is to bring the liao ran back.”

  Song Xiaohu was a busybody, but he also understood the importance of priorities. What’s more they were in someone else’s territory, and they were a few thousand miles away from Shaoyang Sect, they had to be even more careful. He nodded, and Yu Zhijue did not object either.

  Only after they look a few steps, they heard the laughter of a familiar girl as well as Xu Yan’s snarl.

  Song Xiaohu suddenly turned back and said: “Ling Dage, it’s that lady from last night!”


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