VRP Vol 2 Chapter 5

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  “Very good, you didn’t lie to me, otherwise……” Yu Zhijue finally uttered a sound, but every word seemed to come out between clenched teeth, bringing about an unnoticeable tremor and trembling.

  The voice of the boy which was originally crisp and melodious now brought about the coarseness of a teenager going through puberty, but it softened one’s heart.

  Otherwise what? You’ll destroy the world like the book?

  Ling Xia suddenly said without hesitation: “I would naturally never lie to you.”

  He caressed Yu Zhijue’s back to comfort him, thinking back to the final declaration of the great villain. This child really was too insecure and stubborn, that’s why it’s easy to go astray……

  Besides, hasn’t this hug dragged out for a bit too long?……

  Ling Xia loosened his hands and wanted to straighten his body, but the other party was still holding him in a death grip. Upon feeling his movement, Yu Zhijue only softened his hold, changed positions and continued hugging.

  “……” how did these 4 years make this child so sticky? Hey hey, how would such a sentimental teenager become the villain boss?! Did that damn author make a mistake?

  I guess, for him four years passed in a flash, but for these children they were separated for a long time, regrettably they may have even been carrying a sense of guilt…… Ling Xia held Yu Zhijue back into his embrace again, and gently sighed.

  Song Xiaohu had already come back with food, Ah Li was sitting on his head, a pair of man and beast pushed open the door and saw the two hugging figures, they were dazed for a moment.

  Yu Zhijue glanced over with the corner of his eye, and neatly held out his hand to slam the door closed, The plates of food on Song Xiaohu’s hands fell to the floor with a crash, his nose was also hit, he painfully held his nose and knelt on the ground, he angrily huffed: “Damn Ah Jue! If you’re not careful I’ll go a round with you!……”

  Ah Li managed to dodge quick enough, and also roared on the ground angrily, Only with his current small stature, it was no different from a little kitten throwing a tantrum.

  “Next time.” Yu Zhijue said coldly, changed his posture and supported his chin on Ling Xia’s shoulder, his eyelashes hung down as if preparing to take a nap in this position.

  This person’s smell, always seemed to make others feel comfortable……

  “……” Ling Xia was slightly weak, and said softly with a smile, “Why don’t we sit down, Ah Jue, how have you been passing by these years?”

  How had he been passing by? Yu Zhijue felt like he was seeing the dim and lifeless afternoon again.

  He was confined for a month and finally released, but didn’t see that familiar figure, but what he saw was instead that hateful girl. The other party called over to him: “Because of what happened to my shixiong Shang Yan…… Your brother has a few words he wants me to convey to you!”

  What do you mean by “I won’t die”?

  What do you mean by “Get along with Xiaohu, be good brothers”?

  What do you mean by “I’m not in pain at all, I’m not suffering”?

  Everything else Cui Yu said with swollen eyes he couldn’t hear anymore, he only knew, that person had thrown everything away for himself!

  When he rushed to the punishment hall, all he saw were old bloodstains that had turned black on the wood and ropes.

  This blood had been bled by that person in his stead……

  Just thinking of it, for just a moment, his heart was so anguished that he could hardly breathe.

  That person said he wouldn’t die, he would believe it, he will definitely wait for his return!

  From that day onward, he only had one goal, that was to become strong!

  The bleeding that was caused by others, that person was too soft, he will make them pay him back tens and hundred times more!

  By the time he returned, he wouldn’t let anyone else bully him ever again, and he wouldn’t allow him to leave him!

  Yu Zhijue slowly let go, and stared at Ling Xia with the ferociousness of a wild beast, with a hint of anger in his tone: “I’ve been good these four years, why did you go missing for so long!”

  Listening to the familiar tone, Ling Xia was relieved, gave a little smile and held up his hands to help Yu Zhijue groom his disheveled hair: “I’m sorry, I’ve also only just awoken”

  Song Xiaohu pushed open the door and entered while rubbing his nose, he scolded with a hint of jealousy: “Damn Ah Jue, Ling Dage hasn’t eaten yet! He he, I’m the one who found Ling Dage first……”

  “……” Ling Xia clearly felt that, due to Song Xiaohu’s airheaded speech, that his family’s meticulous child’s expression was even more gloomy.

  That being said is it really worth showing off who saw him first?

  Seems like these two children were still rivals after four years…… Ling Xia couldn’t help but laugh.

  The meals were quickly sent over again, Song Xiaohu even ordered a jar of wine. Ling Xia watched him skillfully pour a cup of wine, and was pissed to death, didn’t you know underage kids can’t drink alcohol?

  He quickly stopped him, Song Xiaohu scratched his hedgehog head in confusion and said: “What’s the problem with a bit of drinking? Ling Dage didn’t you know, Ah Jue even got drunk twice, and he was punished by master.”

  Yu Zhijue heard Song Xiaohu expose him but he wasn’t ashamed, and only looked to Ling Xia and spoke while pushing away the wine cup: “If you won’t let me then I won’t drink.”

  What’s more, the two times that he got drunk, it was only so that he could temporarily forget about reality.

  He spoke quietly: “Where have you been these past years?”

  It’s constantly “you you you”, if not he would just call him by his name, this damn child had never called him big brother!

  Ling Xia skillfully fed the chicken thigh from his bowl to Ah Li, with a smile he said: “I was saved by a senior, it’s the one I told you about before, the one that taught me how to refine artifacts. Oh and, this is Ah Li, Ah Li was put under my care by that senior, due to some issues he’s not able to care for him now. On that year I suffered an injury to my heart meridian, so that senior spent quite a fair bit of time to help me recover, I came to look for you guys as soon as I woke up.”

  He deliberately simplified the story, the matter had already passed anyway, the things concerning the holy maiden peak were all glossed over.

  Ah Li lifted his head towards Yu Zhijue and grimaced, he could clearly feel his body emitting an evil intent toward itself, and the chilly aura emitted by this person was also quite dislikeable.

  Yu Zhijue coldly gave Ah Li a glance, Ling Xia had never fed him before, why should he feed this beast?

  Watching the two similarly disgusted expressions, Ling Xia suddenly felt the urge to laugh. He felt that Ah Li was similar to Yu Zhijue occasionally, similar personalities really did clash.

  Yu Zhijue stared at him and asked: “Then where will you go in the future?…… Do you still want to return to look for that senior? ” his clenched his hand, if Ling Xia didn’t wish to return to Shaoyang Sect then he would leave with him, Shaoyang Sect had never had him in their sights anyway……

  Ling Xia couldn’t help but touched Yu Zhijue’s head like in the past, and smiled: “I returned naturally to find you guys, I won’t leave.” Even though this child had grown a lot on the surface, but his habits were still the same, he could easily detect the nervousness in Yu Zhijue.

  Yu Zhijue hung his eyes down, his clenched hand had unknowingly relaxed, the joy that had been lost slowly rose up again in his heart.

  It was already midnight, Ling Xia sent the half-drunk Song Xiaohu back to his room, and put the sleeping Ah Li with him as well, to prevent him and Yu Zhijue from duking it out. Song Xiaohu was mumbling something in his mouth, occasionally laughing stupidly. Even though the key point to gathering followers for the protagonist was to be able to drink, Ling Xia still decided, he needs to advise Song Xiaohu to drink less and eat more, He’s still growing.

  While waiting for Ling Xia, Yu Zhijue had already removed his outer robe and sat on the side of the bed, wearing a snow-white undergarment, ink coloured long locks were draped over his shoulders. When those phoenix eyes glanced in an angle, even though they were both male, Ling Xia still got distracted by him.

  Ling Xia suddenly remembered the words from that ridiculous book. What “Like the most seductive poppy” “elegant and noble” and whatever bunch of descriptions about Yu Zhijue’s appearance. It really gets worse as he gets older……

  Yu Zhijue’s chest still held the jade pendant he gave him in the past. the object was slightly large, hanging on his neck really felt quite awkward, but this child really treasured it for so many years…… Ling Xia was slightly moved.

  Yu Zhijue sensed that Ling Xia’s gaze was also quite embarrassed, he took off the ornament and put it next to the pillow: “Aren’t you going to come rest?”

  Ling Xia took off his outer robe, Yu Zhijue’s expression clearly showed that he wanted him to sleep inside, did he think he would run? He laughed: “This artifact is not good, next time I will make an even better one for you.”

  The two lay side by side, and Yu Zhi jue did say a single word, Ling Xia had been tired for half the day and finally fell deeply asleep.

  But Yu Zhijue kept his eyes open with nary a blink, he felt the smooth and long breaths next to him and turned over, carefully inspected Ling Xia’s eyes and lips. This person’s expression always brought a faint smile, always kind to everyone, even towards an enemy he seemed to not resent them.

  He raised his hand gently and rubbed a finger across his lips, so soft, and warm……

  Yu Zhijue suddenly felt a hot and unfamiliar sense of longing, He wanted to violently bite onto those lips, to etch the taste of his blood deeply into his heart, and similarly to etch himself into the other’s heart.

  The moment he saw Ling Xia a sense of unrestrainable sourness roused up in his heart, that taste was stuck in his chest, making him feel extremely uncomfortable, but Ling Xia was still the same as before, treats everyone well, treats everyone the same!

  Just like with him and Song Xiaohu, even with that beast, in his eyes there were no difference!

  So would Ling Xia sacrifice himself to save others like he had saved him next time?

  Yu Zhijue’s slightly squinted eyes brought about a sense of bloodthirsty coldness, He didn’t want this! Not even if it was for the Song Xiaohu whom he grew up with!

  There was an unknown desire beating in his blood, making his breaths more and more hurried.

  A scary thought suddenly roused in his heart, he wanted to confine this person to him, seeing only him for the rest of his life……

  He wanted to completely watch him beside him, just like right now, right at his fingertips!

  But…… if that were the case, wouldn’t he be hated?

  Even thinking about the look of hatred in the man’s eyes made his chest feel uncomfortable……

  Yu Zhijue finally calmed down.

  He tried to carry Ling Xia’s head over to him, sticking close to his chest, and put Ling Xia’s arms around his body.

  This person really didn’t have any sense of alertness, his eyebrows lightly wrinkled, but quickly loosened back into his deep rest.

  Yu Zhijue hugged Ling Xia’s waist contentedly, smelled the familiar scent, and closed his eyes.

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  1. I can’t believe my eyes when I saw vol 2 updates on NU. I’m grateful this novel has a chance to get fully translated. Thank you so much for all your hard work 😄

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  2. BLESS You I was worried that no one would have picked up volume 2 but–here you are. You are my hero!!! And gdi I love these two so much. Ling Xia, hurry up and notice the wanton looks Ah-jue is sending you. Your chrysanthemum will get plucked!

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