VRP Vol 2 Chapter 7

A darkness loomed over Yu Zhijue’s eyes and he quickly pulled over Ling Xia and rushed backwards, Song Xiaohu followed them as well.

When they got there, Xu Yan and co really was around the area. They were surrounded by a group of strange cultivationers holding lightning element artifacts, but Bi Yun was away from the encirclement. Judging by their green coloured robes, Ling Xia could deduce that they were Qingmengdong Sect disciples.

But why would people from Qingmengdong have anything to do with Xu Yan and the others?

Yu Zhijue stopped the Song Xiaohu who wanted to hop over, and carefully observed the people from behind a tree.

Bi Yun was dressed in a jade coloured top that was embellished with several bright pearls, golden bells were tied around her bare ankle, and her hair was loosely secured with a jade clasp, looking exceptionally beautiful. She twirled a few strands of her luscious locks around her fingers happily and tenderly said: “These three shixiong are too unsensible, I only asked for the direction, but you treat a girl so fiercely, I don’t like it. Qingmengdong shixiongs, they’re bullying me.”

Ling XIa’s mouth twitched as he watched the scene, this demonic young lady was causing mischief out of boredome again.

The 10 or so Qingmengdong people all looked out of it, seems like they’re all under Bi Yun’s mind control technique’s influence. They lifted the swords in their hands mechanically, and rushed towards Xu Yan and them.

Xu Yan split the two in front with his sword, and gritted his teeth: “You shameless witch! DO you only know how to use these mind control tricks on people with low cultivation! Watch me bear judgement from the heavens!”

Bi Yun was in a laughing fit from his words: “You’re all pompous, bearing judgement from the heavens? Why don’t you kill them before you kill this poor little girl.”

By the time she finished speaking she was already on the verge of tears, A thought suddenly popped up in Xu Yan’s heart “That’s right, she’s so weak and pitiable, how could she be a witch who knows black magic……” He suddenly noticed that Xu Mingyang, and Liao Ziqing’s movements started to slow down and they started to look a bit out of it, and he was startled, this witch was clearly using black magic again!

He gathered his mental energy and struggled, the energy sword in his hands sent out a long crisp sound, the other two quickly recollected themselves after hearing it. Xu Yan shouted: “You better release them quickly, or I won’t let you off easy!”

If they were near Chongming City, these Qingmengdong disciples would be nothing in Xu Yan’s eyes, but this time they were within other people’s territory, they may not be able to afford the consequences of attacking. With his continuous concession, the low level disciples managed to restrain their actions.

Song Xiaohu saw the crisis faced by his fellow disciples, and couldn’t resist jumping down from the tree and giving Bi Yun a good smack, only due to the fact that she was a girl, he only used a small bit of force.

Xu Yan and the others immediately rejoiced, due to how weak the Qingmengdong disciples were, their movements suddenly stopped like wooden puppets over to the side.

Bi Yun easily dodged, and by the time she made out the appearance of Song Xiaohu, she beamed: “So it’s you. This younger brother, big sister still didn’t manage to thank you for saving me yet.”

Her words made Song Xiaohu blush, and indignantly said: “I nearly fell for your trick! You witch, you nearly made me hurt Ling Dage! And now you’re here to bully my fellow disciples, how evil!”

Bi Yun nonchalantly fixed her hair and looked towards the treetop, a pair of bright eyes were filled with expectation: “Was the Ling Dage you mentioned the guy from yesterday? Is he here today?”

Yu Zhijue gently jumped down the tree with Ling Xia and sneered: “Of course he’s here.”

Bi Yun was surprised by the unfamiliar voice, by the time she saw Yu Zhijue, her charming actions suddenly came to a halt, and brought about the shyness of a lady.

Sure enough destiny was strong…… Ling Xia tearfully watched the villain sister’s flushed face, and he complained in his heart.

“My name is Bi Yun, and you?” Bi Yun regained her normal expression, a fine pair of eyes stared unbashedly at Yu Zhijue, noone else could enter her sights.

Ling Xia suddenly felt like this scene was quite familiar, didn’t the young miss Cui Yu also say those lines?

Yu Zhijue didn’t answer her, and only narrowed his eyes at her. Did this woman make fun of Ling Xia yesterday like this? He looked calm, but inside was already at the limits of anger, and energy started to gather at his palms.

Perceiving the cold aura from Yu Zhijue, Ling Xia cried in his heart.

Actually Bi Yun was considered one of the best subordinates in the future villain boss’s troops, only that she was a bit too mischevious, most of the later evils were ordered, she was still quite popular amongst the otaku. Since he was planning on bringing the villain boss back to the good route, this little lady wasn’t considered the worst by nature, only that she was contaminated by bad habits from the diabolic world……

Ling Xia quickly patted the shoulder of Yu Zhijue, coaxing him to calm down, and smiled towards Bi Yun: “Miss Bi Yun, this isn’t the territory of dark arts cultivators, you alone are no match for Xiao Hu, so you should hurry back.”

Bi Yun slowly shifted her gaze over, and only now noticed Ling Xia, a disgusted expression emerged on her face.

“……” Ling Xia looked towards the vast sky. He really was no doubt nonexistent in this lady’s eyes next to the great villain, and he could only serve as a background decoration. That being said didn’t this Bi Yun show great interest in him yesterday…… this otaku is a bit hurt.

Bi Yun moved her hair to the back and giggled: “What if I say no?”

This was not the frivolous smile from before, it had become a pure but pitiable smile. If they had not seen her previous expression, one would think that she had come from a good family.

As expected, the power of love at first sight is great, causing people to be blind from imminent danger!

Besides Song Xiaohu, Yu Zhijue was also present. Ah Li aside, even the young Bi Yun could not defeat them.

Before Ling Xia managed to say another sentence, the Xu Yan who had lost to Bi Yun couldn’t resist and unsheathed his sword: “In that case, you better get ready to die, witch!”

He was quite successful in his sword arts cultivation, he jumped over the people from Qingmengdong and straightened his sword and rushed towards Bi Yun in an attack.

Even though Bi Yun mostly excelled at manipulation arts, but she was not weak in other factors, she dodged the attack easily and smiled: “Do you really think you’re qualified, you’re a decade too early to defeat me.”

She swiftly kicked her left foot, aiming right at Xu Yan’s waist, and threw him back a few steps. Her movements were very graceful, the ribbons on her waist billowed along with her movements, making her slender waist look irresistable.

Mm, if it weren’t for Bi Yun’s complicated diabolic status, her character would probably suit that damn brat in his family?

Ling Xia gave the youth beside him a thoughtful look, Yu Zhijue was currently staring coldly at Bi Yun, those eyes were clearly similar to that of looking at a rival who wanted to snatch his territory. Ling Xia rubbed his chin, mm, seems like this child has not yet learned to appreciate girls.

Being injured under the hands of a young girl, Xu Yan felt his face flush, he grit his teeth and condensed his energy around the blade of his sword, he flicked his wrist and stabbed his sword straight towards Bi Yun.

Despite his aggressiveness, Bi Yun was not afraid, a golden light flashed in her hand, and a golden thread was wrapped around the sword. She snickered softly: “This sword seems to just be about a third grade water element, let me do you a favour, you can find another better one.” She flicked her hand as she spoke, and the gold line atually twisted the sword into several pieces as it fell to the ground.

Xu Yan stumbled back a few steps, a trace of blood gushed from his mouth, and his face paled.

Song Xiaohu was furious, he assumed an offensive stature and shouted to Bi Yun: “You really are too despicable!”

Energy swords contained the essence blood of a cultivator, if it was destroyed, it would injure a person’s lifeline, even repairing would only recover about one third of it.

Bi Yun pouted and straightened her countenance and said: “If my technique weren’t good enough, wouldn’t he have just killed me? I only copied what he did, what’s more I didn’t even ask for his life, why would I be considered despicable?”

Song Xiaohu was dazed by her words, and hesitantly put his hands down.

Yu Zhijue sneered and pointed towards the Qingmengdong group controlled by Bi Yun: “Does that mean that if you were not strong, you will be controlled by others? In that case, if you lose to me does that mean you will let me control you?”

Actually he didn’t care even if the green robed people were to die, just that in front of Ling Xia, he could only find a justification to attack her.

Bi Yun’s eyes lit up, and brought a sense of shyness: “Naturally!”

Miss, this talk of control, definitely wouldn’t be as romantic as you thought, this young man definitely wouldn’t show pity towards women…… Ling Xia watched the little miss Bi Yun who almost seemed like she was going for a date, and felt extremely speechless.

He hurriedly tugged at the Yu Zhijue who bore a cold aura: “Ah Jue, don’t act rashly, if she manipulates the Qingmengdong crowd to attack us, and we hurt them, it is quite easy to cause a dispute between sects here.”

With his words, Bi Yun shook the bell at once, the group of Qingmengdong men staggered to the ground as if they were drunk. Bi Yun smiled sweetly with the grace of flowers and looked at Yu Zhijue: “My duel with you, naturally wouldn’t involve the use of them, but if you lose, you have to do three things for me, and vice versa.”

Yu Zhijue moved away Ling Xia’s arm and moved forward several steps, and took out his wooden spirit sword, and sneered: “Sure.”

He slowly lifted his sword, and the cold water energy enveloped it, the temperature around him seemed to drop significantly.

“……”Ling Xia was startled, since both sides had already agreed to fight, this foreign world already considered the fight agreement to be established, he no longer has a reason to stop him. Bi Yun probably wouldn’t hurt Yu Zhijue, he could only hope that Yu Zhijue knew to limit himself, and give this little lady a lesson that she will remember in the future.

Of course Bi Yun was not dumb, she shivered inside, and immediately held her golden bell weapon in her hands, and gently shook it. The crisp ring of the bell spread out in the woods, it was truly clear and melodious.

Normally she would only need to give a good shake, and her opponents would relax their minds, but hearing the chime of her bell, Yu Zhijue’s expression remained calm as always, and there was not a single trace of hesitation in his eyes.

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  1. Bi Yun is the type of female character that I like, flirty, frivolous, mischivious, and capable of making men dance in her palm. I wonder why she didn’t appear in vol 3.

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