TOIC Chapter 8

Liu Huamei took care of Chen Qianqing for a month, and left after Chen Qianqing could walk with crutches with basically no problem.

Before she left, she did not forget to remind Chen Qianqing to bring Lu Zhengfei with him to C City on National Day, Chen Qianqing did not even know how he should react to that.

“Qianqing, you can’t be this clumsy in the future.” Liu Huamei sighed: “I’ve always worried that you’d cause trouble with your personality, but after seeing you this time, I feel like I can put down most of those worries.”

These words caused the smile in Chen Qianqing’s eyes to fade. He said: “Mom, I’ve grown up.”

Liu Huamei patted him on the shoulder and allowed Lu Zhengfei to help her with the luggage, then they both left.

Chen Qianqing stood at the door with his crutches for a long time, and finally went back slowly after he could stand no longer.

Hearing what Liu Huamei had said, he could not continue smiling at all. He did not know where the real Chen Qianqing left, he was just a sinner who had returned to the past to redeem his sins. Which part of him made him deserving of Liu Huamei’s preferential treatment? He killed her son and even took over his body…… Chen Qianqing sat on the sofa in the living room, and after a long while, he let out a sigh.

By the time Lu Zhengfei had sent Liu Huamei back, and returned home, he found that Chen Qianqing had fallen asleep.

Ever since Chen Qianqing’s leg broke, Lu Zhengfei felt that Chen Qianqing had changed a lot. He could not say whether the change was good or bad, but the only thing Lu Zhengfei could ascertain was that he and Chen Qianqing was quarrelling much less. In this month, you could say that he had practically never quarrelled with Chen Qianqing.

Lu Zhengfei had always been a stubborn one since he was young, and Chen Qianqing was also a person who would never settle with compromising. So, when the two were put together, their relationship sort of felt like they would not stand on each other’s sides even if they agreed with each other, the only way to come out victorious was to have one foot over the other person.

It was tough for Chen Qianqing, but this was not easy for Lu Zhengfei either.

But the current changes allowed Lu Zhengfei some space to breathe. It felt to him like Chen Qianqing had finally understood his predicament, and stopped trying to bite back at him.

As soon as Lu Zhengfei entered the living room, he was met with Chen Qianqing’s peaceful sleeping visage.

Liu Huamei had been making bone broth for Chen Qianqing practically every day since he broke his leg. Lu Zhengfei remembered that the old Chen Qianqing was not a fan of such broths, but now, he did not even waste a drop of it.

After his appetite improved, Chen Qianqing should have been gaining weight. But the fact was, Chen Qianqing’s body did not change much. Lying on the sofa with his eyes closed, his curled lashes, straight nose, and fair skin made him look like a prince from a fairy tale——But of course, that was only if you ignored the unsightly plaster on his right leg.

Lu Zhengfei did not wake Chen Qianqing, instead, he slowly walked over to him, lowered his head, and dropped a gentle kiss on Chen Qianqing’s lips.

Chen Qianqing did not wake up. His lips were not very thin, but the shape was very beautiful, it also felt good when their lips touched. Feeling the taste of his longing on his lips, he slowly got on top of Chen Qianqing, and he moved his hand down from his waist, entering him.

Chen Qianqing was having a nightmare. In that nightmare, a giant python had coiled itself tightly around him, and started to swallow him down from his head. Chen Qianqing even felt that breathing was getting a bit tough. He needed more air, so by instinct, he opened his mouth, allowing the python’s tongue to enter.

His body was finally reacting, and this discovery made Lu Zhengfei very excited. Since Liu Huamei was around this past month, he had been enduring his urges. It was not until Liu Huamei had finally left today, and he found Chen Qianqing sleeping on the sofa, that he once again found a good time to get close to Chen Qianqing.

Lu Zhengfei smiled as he watched that organ gradually harden in his hands——He just knew it, his Qianqing did not change after all.

Right as Chen Qianqing thought that he had been swallowed down into the snake’s stomach and slowly being digested, he woke up. Pain had woken him up.

Some strange thing seemed to have found his way into a certain part of his bottom, and this caused him to be roused from his nightmare in an instant. He was still slightly dazed after opening his eyes, it took him a moment of focusing to finally realize what was happening in front of him.

Lu Zhengfei’s face was right next to his face, nibbling lightly on his earlobes. His actions were very gentle and ambiguous, with one look you could tell he was very well-practiced.

Chen Qianqing finally understood what he was doing, but clearly, it was too late.

“Lu Zhengfei, Lu Zhengfei!” You could almost say that Chen Qianqing was panicking. He would never have imagined that he would one day be penetrated by himself. That person before him should have been the one person he was most familiar with, but at this moment, he felt unfamiliar, and terrifying.

“Qianqing.” Lu Zhengfei responded to him softly, but he did not take Chen Qianqing’s refusal. He told him: “Qianqing, I want you.”

For a moment, Chen Qianqing was seeing stars. Being entered by Lu Zhengfei was making him feel faint, and the previous drowsiness he was still feeling was gone without a trace. The only thing he could feel now was the swelling and pain coming from a certain part of his body, filling up all his nerves.

“No, you can’t……” Nobody can feel more despaired than Chen Qianqing at this moment. Can anyone ever imagine what it would be like to be invaded by their own selves? This should have been the scene of a nightmare, but Chen Qianqing was feeling it happen to his body right this moment.

And alongside the pain, Chen Qianqing felt a strange sense of relief. He had wronged Chen Qianqing, he was the reason that Chen Qianqing was reduced to that miserable state. And thus, to be invaded by his younger self now might just be his retribution, this was the price he had to pay for his sins.

Chen Qianqing was no match for Lu Zhengfei at all. With just one hand, Lu Zhengfei was able to subdue him, and the other had raised Chen Qianqing’s leg up high, entering him with even more force.

The pounding had caused Chen Qianqing’s body to sway and jerk on top of the sofa. He could not move his legs, and his hands were being restricted, so he could only keep a straight face, and allow Lu Zhengfei to vent his desires in his body.

“Qianqing.” Lu Zhengfei did not notice anything strange with Chen Qianqing. As he panted, and kissed Chen Qianqing as their bodies rocked, he whispered to him gently: “I love you.”

Chen Qianqing did not speak. His hair was all scattered into a mess, staring up at the ceiling with a blank expression, it was almost as if he could not hear Lu Zhengfei speaking.

“Qianqing?” Lu Zhengfei touched his cheek and asked: “What’s wrong?”

Only then did Chen Qianqing’s eyes move slowly towards Lu Zhengfei’s face. He responded: “Nothing, I’m fine.”

It was now that Lu Zhengfei realized that something was off with Chen Qianqing. By the time he had a good look at what was happening below, he realized that Chen Qianqing had not released at all. Or more accurately, it should be said that it had not been reacting ever since he woke up.

This was nothing short of a big slap on Lu Zhengfei’s face.

But Chen Qianqing’s reaction was really the last straw that broke Lu Zhengfei’s heart. He asked: “Chen Qianqing, do you really hate me that much?”

Chen Qianqing looked at the younger version of himself, and after a long moment of silence, he responded: “Yes, you’re right.”——I really do hate myself, I hate how I was in the past, and I hate how I am now. Lu Zhengfei, if you’ve never existed, Chen Qianqing may have had a bright future ahead of him. He would have a wife, children, and live a peaceful life with his parents.

But you——Or so to say, I, destroyed everything.

His acknowledgement of his question became the conclusive remark of their conversation. Lu Zhengfei did not say anything more. He disregarded what he said, and pressed him down, taking his body once more.

Chen Qianqing did not have the strength to resist him at all. In the end, all he did was close his eyes. Between his gasps, softly, he sighed.

After it all ended, Lu Zhengfei held Chen Qianqing in his arms and lit a cigarette, making a call as he puffed on his fag.

Chen Qianqing was forced to rest against Lu Zhengfei’s shoulder, but his eyes showed only apathy.

Lu Zhengfei was on the phone with someone, talking about business. He knew that Chen Qianqing did not like this, but he did not let him go. He waited until his call was done before he turned to him: “I’ll carry you to the bathroom.”

Chen Qianqing hummed in acknowledgement to his remark.

Truth be told, Lu Zhengfei was rather surprised with Chen Qianqing’s calm reaction to all this. Every time he had sex with Chen Qianqing was like the scene of a battle. Chen Qianqing’s body would react to him, but he would always sulk after they were done. Otherwise, he would just scold him and call him a rapist. Then, the two would end up in a cold war before Lu Zhengfei finally gave in to him.

That was only fair, Chen Qianqing would have enjoyed his time more if Lu Zhengfei ignored him.

With Chen Qianqing’s leg wrapped with cling film, half of his body was submerged into the warm bath water.

Lu Zhengfei’s actions were very gentle as he cleaned him. Bit by bit, he worked the turbid liquid from his body. Then, he washed away all the traces left behind on Chen Qianqing’s body.

“When can I go to school?” Chen Qianqing suddenly asked.

“……” Lu Zhengfei suddenly paused his movements: “Wait till your leg gets better.”

Chen Qianqing returned to his silence.

But Lu Zhengfei could not take it anymore: “When do you want to go?”

Chen Qianqing responded: “I want to go back next week.”

Lu Zhengfei: “Next week? Not possible.”

Chen Qianqing’s face showed that he had already guessed it.

Lu Zhengfei muttered to himself for a while, but he told him: “Next week then, the procedures have already been completed, you can just go back.”

“Mm.” Only then did Chen Qianqing give him a response.

They did not quarrel, nor were they ignoring each other, but his attitude was very cold. For Lu Zhengfei, seeing Chen Qianqing like this felt very strange and unfamiliar. But in that unfamiliarity, he felt a strange sense of happiness. From what Lu Zhengfei could see, Chen Qianqing had finally shed off his stubborn self.

On that night, Lu Zhengfei slept with Chen Qianqing in his room.

Chen Qianqing did not seem to resist Lu Zhengfei when he embraced him. Laying obediently in his arms, he did not struggle nor speak.

He waited until Lu Zhengfei slept before he opened his eyes. He looked at the familiar room and fell into a silent trance. He did not know how much time had passed, but Chen Qianqing had only realized that the sun had come up when he saw the warm sunlight shining through the cracks in the window.

When Lu Zhengfei woke up, Chen Qianqing’s eyes were closed, he thought that Chen Qianqing was still sleeping. With light movements, Lu Zhengfei got off the bed to enter the bathroom, and when he came back, he saw that Chen Qianqing had woken up.

“Awake?” Lu Zhengfei touched Chen Qianqing’s forehead. After checking that his temperature was fine, he relaxed: “What do you want for breakfast?”

With a blank face, Chen Qianqing responded to him after a short moment: “I want some porridge.”

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