TOIC Chapter 7

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When he realized that Chen Qianqing really hated him, a sense of dread that Lu Zhengfei had never felt in the past washed over him.

He let Chen Qianqing go and headed straight for the bathroom. From the looks of it, he had probably gone off to brush his teeth.

It was very inconvenient for Chen Qianqing to move around after he had his leg broken, but seeing that Lu Zhengfei had not come out even after a long time, he could only get up despite the difficulty.

Lu Zhengfei was in the bathroom for a very long time, but his expression had already turned back to normal after he came out. It was like nothing had happened at all just now.

Lu Zhengfei was five years older than Chen Qianqing, but he was only twenty-five years old at the current time, he still had a long way to go before becoming a mature man. He may have a bad temper now and might go out of line, but in another five years, even Lu Zhengfei himself may not be able to figure out what he was thinking.

Without a single word, Lu Zhengfei carried Chen Qianqing downstairs and they just happened to bump into Liu Huamei who had returned from buying groceries.

“Qianqing, what are you trying to do?” Seeing that Lu Zhengfei was currently carrying Chen Qianqing down the stairs, she felt rather suspicious.

“Qianqing wanted to play the piano earlier.” Lu Zhengfei replied: “So I carried him up.”

“How is he going to play the piano with a broken leg?” Liu Huamei was still carrying around some fresh vegetables, so it was clear that she had just returned. She said: “If you don’t get proper rest, don’t expect me to come and take care of you if anything else happens.”

Chen Qianqing hummed in promise.

Then, Liu Huamei headed off to the kitchen. She seemed to be heading off to make food.

Lu Zhengfei brought Chen Qianqing to the sofa and sat both themselves down. As Lu Zhengfei played around with his phone, Chen Qianqing watched the boring programmes playing on the television.

Lu Zhengfei: “Don’t go home on National Day.” This was not a question, but rather, a definite statement. He had never enjoyed having any discussions with Chen Qianqing, and that was because they would both be in disagreement most of the time.

And Chen Qianqing himself was also a little afraid to go back. He was worried that Liu Huamei and her husband would realize that something was off about him. But since it was National Day, he was much more reluctant to stay with Lu Zhengfei.

Neither of these choices were anything Chen Qianqing could have hoped for, but the former was still slightly better than the latter. Unfortunately, Chen Qianqing did not have the rights to decide, so he simply stayed silent.

Lu Zhengfei felt rather confused as to why Chen Qianqing did not say anything. Ever since he woke up, he seemed to have become much more quiet. At times when he should have been protesting strongly, he instead stayed quiet and passive. It was like he suddenly understood the situation that he was now in, so he had completely lost any interest in resisting him.

One of the big reasons why Lu Zhengfei had tormented Chen Qianqing to such an extent was because Chen Qianqing was never willing to compromise. If the original Chen Qianqing was ever faced with such a request from Lu Zhengfei, they would definitely end up in a big argument.

But naturally, Chen Qianqing would not pick a fight with Lu Zhengfei right now. He looked at the cold-faced man next to him, and suddenly felt like sighing. So it turns out the him in the past would actually be so petty and childish in front of Chen Qianqing.

“What do you want to say?” With Liu Huamei in the kitchen, it would not be good for Lu Zhengfei to make a lot of noise either. He asked: “Chen Qianqing, are you unhappy again?”

Why ask a question you already know the answer to? Chen Qianqing did not feel like responding to him at all, but considering the fact that Lu Zhengfei did not seem to have any intentions on stopping if he did not answer, he could only say: “Would you let me go home during National Day if I told you I was unhappy?”

Lu Zhengfei: “No.”

“There you have it then.” Chen Qianqing: “What else do you want me to say?”

The old Chen Qianqing was a very prickly person, but Lu Zhengfei would pick out those thorns one by one. He would feel very gratified when he saw his helpless appearance; but now, Chen Qianqing was like a ball. Lu Zhengfei did not even know where to start with him, he could only kick him far away to vent his feelings——And this was what Chen Qianqing was hoping for, it was what Lu Zhengfei was most unwilling to do.

“Xiao Lu.” Just as the conversation was heating up, Liu Huamei came out from the kitchen and asked: “Are there any foods you dislike? Are you fine with parsley?”

Seeing that Liu Huamei had come, Lu Zhengfei did not continue to force Chen Qianqing. Instead, he put on a smile: “I’m fine with anything, auntie.”

Anything? Why haven’t I heard of that? Hearing what Lu Zhengfei had said, Chen Qianqing could only think of laughing. Lu Zhengfei did not agree with the flavour of parsley, celery, onions, and garlic. If anything on the plate so much as touches any one of these items, he would not take a single bite, much less heavy flavoured foods like toona or chives.

“You don’t have to be polite.” Liu Huamei smiled: “It won’t trouble me at all to know your preferences……My child Qianqing was never picky with his food since he was young. Even if a piece of meat dropped onto the table, he would still pick it up with his chopsticks.”

Hearing this, a small smile finally revealed on Lu Zhengfei’s face. He peered over to Chen Qianqing and said: “There’s really nothing I don’t eat, auntie.” Actually, there’s just too many things in the list of things I don’t eat, so I’ll seem picky if I actually said it.

Liu Huamei thought that Lu Zhengfei just felt embarrassed to tell her, so she turned to ask her son instead: “Qianqing, the two of you are close, I’m sure you know what he dislikes, right?”

Chen Qianqing responded: “There’s way too many, I can barely count them.”

Lu Zhengfei’s smile faded in an instant.

Liu Huamei sighed: “Gosh, what are you saying. Xiao Lu helped us out so much but you don’t even know what he doesn’t like to eat? We’ll see if dad doesn’t give you a beating when you come home on National Day.”

His mom really was a godly wingman. Chen Qianqing quickly responded: “Mom, I won’t be going home on National Day.”

Liu Huamei was shocked: “Why not?” She had thought that her son would come home for the golden week holidays in May, but she never would have expected her son to end up in an accident. But why was he not going home on National Day?

“I have some stuff to do.” Chen Qianqing responded.

“What?” It was clear that Liu Huamei wanted to get to the bottom of it: “Your dad hasn’t seen you for half a year and you’re not planning to see him, you brat? Are you looking to be disowned?”

Chen Qianqing kept silent, but at this moment, he had the same expression as Lu Zhengfei; both could be considered quite terrible.

There was no way Lu Zhengfei did not know that Chen Qianqing had tried to get this topic out of Liu Huamei deliberately. He knew it was deliberate, but in front of Liu Huamei, he could no longer insist on his decision. And so, he said: “Qianqing, you should go back on National Day.”

Chen Qianqing replied: “Sure.”——Lu Zhengfei’s reaction was just as he had expected.

Liu Huamei really was a godly wingman, but after that, Chen Qianqing soon learned that his mother was not only his godly wingman, but also Lu Zhengfei’s godly wingman.

Because, the next thing Liu Huamei said was: “How are you celebrating National Day, Xiao Lu? Qianqing’s leg should be better by then, so if you’re free, you can come visit us in C City. When that time comes, you can ask Qianqing to take you out for some sightseeing.”

Chen Qianqing’s smile was solidified on his face, and in an instant, a smile had risen up on Lu Zhengfei’s blank face. That smile was so brilliant that it now made Chen Qianqing feel the same as he did when he had to agree to let him return.

And now, it was Chen Qianqing who kept a dull face.

The mood of the two was like a scale, if one went up, the other would go down.

“Mom!” Chen Qianqing tried to dissuade her in a hushed tone: “Lu Zhengfei is a really busy guy, how would he find time to go to C City……”

“My, don’t say that.” Liu Huamei shot a glare at him.

“Auntie, I’ll go back with Chen Qianqing when that time comes, you’ll have to welcome me then, okay?” There was no way Lu Zhengfei would refuse Liu Huamei’s proposal. He did not wait for Chen Qianqing to speak before continuing: “I’ve still never been to C City yet.”

Hearing this, Liu Huamei beamed: “THe tangerines there are the most famous……I’ll definitely take you out for some when you visit.”

Liu Huamei had originally came to ask whether Lu Zhengfei ate vegetables or not, but she mysteriously ended up introducing the city to her. Lu Zhengfei had been to many places, so naturally, he had seen many things. When speaking about the customs and localities of a place, he had said so much that Liu Huamei’s soup had nearly been burned dry.

It was Chen Qianqing who had to remind her before Liu Huamei returned to the kitchen, and in the end, she still did not figure out what Lu Zhengfei did not like to eat.

Seeing that Liu Huamei had left, Lu Zhengfei said: “Qianqing, I’m so happy I get to go home with you.”

Chen Qianqing: “……” How shameless, can you please promise not to make such crappy expressions with that face?

Clearly, Lu Zhengfei was in a great mood. Everything he had said about not allowing Chen Qianqing to go home had already been swept clean behind his head. The only thing left in his mind was the fact that he could visit Chen Qianqing’s home to greet his parents.

The old Lu Zhengfei had never received such treatment. There was no way he could have given Lu Zhengfei any face after having his leg broken, even the place Liu Huamei stayed in had changed. Lu Zhengfei’s attitude at that time had also affected Liu Huamei, and even though she did not know what happened, she was very clear on the fact that her son did not like this friend of his, and naturally there was no way she could ever have suggested this.

And on that National Day, Lu Zhengfei locked up Chen Qianqing in the house and did it for days on end, only letting him go after Chen Qianqing started to cry for mercy.

But now, there was no way Chen Qianqing would give Lu Zhengfei that opportunity. Just thinking about how Lu Zhengfei might enter his body caused him to shiver and feel tingles, even his brain was starting to go haywired.

The Lu Zhengfei who sat beside him was so young, not many things have started to sink between that smile of his yet. Thinking about this, Chen Qianqing wondered that perhaps things may not have turned out so terrible if he understood certain things he only did now.

“Don’t peek at me.” Lu Zhengfei suddenly spoke.

Chen Qianqing burst out in laughter. He really wanted to ask: so what if I look at myself? But fortunately, he resisted the urge.

Finally, when Liu Huamei set up the dinner table with food, Chen Qianqing noticed that Lu Zhengfei’s ears were red. Even though his expression did not change, Chen Qianqing noticed that Lu Zhengfei was actually feeling embarrassed…… Speaking of which, why did he suddenly feel that the young him was just that little bit adorable? Hm, must be my imagination.

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  1. Well, we know MC is originally a bit touched in the head, so it’s quite sensible he finds himself cute. It’s too bad Original CQ had to suffer the worst of things.

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  3. Narcissism to the extreme: selfcest…
    A question I’ve always wanted the answer to… If you are a straight man and die, return to the past as a woman, meet your past self and end up marrying him, what is your sexuality? I’ve had this after reading the summary for “I am My Own Wife”

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    1. lmao it feels like he has a lot of self-loathing though, I don’t even think he really /love/ loves himself.
      And I mean, I’m guessing his hormone changes can sort of give him a push towards being… gay? Unpopular opinion but brain activity is just chemical reactions so I guess he’s just um, following the flow of his new body lol.


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