TOIC Chapter 6

A few days later, Chen Qianqing was discharged from the hospital.

Since the plaster was still on his left leg, he had to sit on a wheelchair.

And when he left the hospital, it was inconvenient for Chen Qianqing to get around, so it was Lu Zhengfei had carried him home.

In the eyes of Chen Qianqing’s mother, Liu Huamei, love between two men did not exist. When she saw Lu Zhengfei holding Chen Qianqing, she never thought about that at all, instead, she sighed in admiration of how hard Lu Zhengfei was working.

Lu Zhengfei carried Chen Qianqing into the car and put the collapsible wheelchair into the boot before getting into the driver’s seat, driving Liu Huamei and Chen Qianqing to his residence.

Chen Qianqing had lived here before, or to be accurate, he had been locked up in there.

The windows in the room were all fenced off with iron bars, while the doors were locked with iris scanning biometric locks, leaving Chen Qianqing practically no way to escape at all. But even so, Chen Qianqing had still found an opportunity to run out. But in the end……That was how Lu Zhengfei had ended up breaking his leg.

Now that he was back here, Chen Qianqing was not very sure what he felt.

Perhaps, even if the current Lu Zhengfei was not so familiar with this room, this is where he spent a full decade with Chen Qianqing. Even if he had left this place occasionally, their final moments had still ended in this room.

Chen Qianqing who was on his final breath laid on the bed, and his last words, were a curse. With his own death, he had taken his perfect revenge against Lu Zhengfei.

A grand piano was placed on the second floor of this house. In the past, Chen Qianqing had been very adept with the piano. However, he never touched this instrument again after his eyes had gone blind.

Not long after Liu Huamei had returned, she went out again to buy groceries. She felt that she had been troubling Lu Zhengfei with too much, so she took the initiative to take up the task of cooking. Lu Zhengfei tried to persuade her otherwise, but since Liu Huamei’s mind had already been decided, he could not say anything more.

After Liu Huamei went out, only Chen Qianqing and Lu Zhengfei were left alone in the house.

Chen Qianqing was watching TV on the first floor, but it was unknown what Lu Zhengfei was doing on the second. After a while, he came down and saw Chen Qianqing looking blankly at the TV. He spoke to him: “Qianqing, I want to hear you play the piano.”

Chen Qianqing: “……” Looking at himself from another angle, he really was quite the impulsive person.

“Qianqing?” At this moment, Lu Zhengfei was not much different from Chen Qianqing. The both of them did not have a rich array of facial expressions, but Chen Qianqing was clear that this ‘Qianqing’ meant that Lu Zhengfei was starting to lose his patience.

Chen Qianqing: “But the plaster’s still on my leg.” This could only be used as an excuse. After all, though you had to use your legs when playing the piano, it was no more than for auxiliary purposes. Lu Zhengfei wanted to hear him play the piano, and he would not try to pick at it from a professional’s view either.

And sure enough, after hearing what Chen Qianqing had said, Lu Zhengfei’s face turned dark. In this distorted relationship between Chen Qianqing and Lu Zhengfei, the only place they could both relax was in the room with the piano on the second floor.

No matter how angry Lu Zhengfei was, he still would not do anything to that piano; and no matter how angry Chen Qianqing was, he would never refuse to play the piano. It was like taking a deep breath after suffocating for a long time, that piano was the only thing that could provide a sense of relief in their relationship.

And right now, Chen Qianqing was looking for an excuse.

Lu Zhengfei was very angry, but he held himself back: “Qianqing, I want to hear you play the piano.” He repeated his words.

Chen Qianqing looked at Lu Zhengfei’s eyes that were practically blazing with anger, and went silent for a moment. It was not that he wanted to anger Lu Zhengfei on purpose, but he just did not know how to play at all.

Chen Qianqing was very good on the piano, but Lu Zhengfei had never been very clever with music.

Seeing Chen Qianqing’s silence, there was no way Lu Zhengfei could not understand his intentions. He asked: “Are you never playing the piano again?”

This sentence itself could already be considered a threat. Chen Qianqing looked at Lu Zhengfei’s eyes, but finally, he still said: “Alright.”

Lu Zhengfei finally relaxed. He said: “Let me carry you up, Qianqing.”

Saying this, he came forward and carried Chen Qianqing. They were both adult men, but Lu Zhengfei still had enough strength to carry up Chen Qianqing who was 178 centimetres tall, carrying him up the stairs without much effort, and placed him in front of the piano.

With much reluctance and the plaster still on his left leg, Chen Qianqing sat in front of the piano that had already been opened.

“I want to listen to Für Elise.” Lu Zhengfei’s request was not too excessive as this song was quite simple at the front, but the difficulty starts to pick up at the back. Generally, a person who had passed grade 3 in the piano would have no problems playing it, but this was completely impossible for Chen Qianqing.

But here comes the problem. This was something easy for Chen Qianqing in the past, but now, it was as hard as trying to climb up to heaven.

Chen Qianqing eyed the black and white keys on the piano, but he did not move.

“Play it.” Seeing that Chen Qianqing was not moving, Lu Zhengfei frowned: “What’s wrong?”

Chen Qianqing took a deep breath and turned his head. With a tone that could not have been more sincere, he said: “How about you beat me up instead?”

Lu Zhengfei: “……” His mind could not process what Chen Qianqing had just told him for a while, but when he did, he had nearly gone mad in anger. The best way for Chen Qianqing to humiliate him was with his expressionless face, but he was not even willing to play the piano for him again. It seems that he and Chen Qianqing, had finally reached the point of no return.

Nobody was any more clear than Chen Qianqing at this moment what Lu Zhengfei was thinking about. He watched as Lu Zhengfei’s face changed rapidly, but he did not say anything——There was no way he could tell Lu Zhengfei he did not know how to play the piano, right?

“Do you really think I wouldn’t dare to?” With his hands that were shaking from anger, he caught Chen Qianqing’s jaw. The shaking of his hands were very intense, but his voice was cold: “Hm?”

Chen Qianqing was sure that Lu Zhengfei would not. When he was together with Chen Qianqing, he had been angered by him so often, and even pushed to his limits each time, but he would never lay a hand on Chen Qianqing——Unless, Chen Qianqing tried to run.

Lu Zhengfei was so angry that his eyes were getting bloodshot. But in the end, he still let go of Chen Qianqing’s jaw.

Chen Qianqing sighed silently in his heart. He thought that this was over, but he quickly realized that he was wrong……

It was true, Lu Zhengfei would not hit Chen Qianqing, but he had other ways to punish him.

When he had been picked up by Lu Zhengfei and tossed onto the big bed in the bedroom, Chen Qianqing was paralyzed all over. He watched as Lu Zhengfei’s face came closer and closer, and landed heavily on his own lips.

Practically in an instant, goosebumps had covered Chen Qianqing’s body.

Nobody knew what it felt like to kiss themselves, but Chen Qianqing did. He looked at that face that he could not be more familiar with right in front of his eyes and felt his warm breath on his face. God, this feeling.

Without hesitation, Chen Qianqing started to struggle against that person on top of him——Damn it, not even letting a disabled man go, is this really him? What an animal!

Being rejected by Chen Qianqing was no different from eating rice to Lu Zhengfei now. With ease, he pressed down Chen Qianqing’s head and started to trail down his neck with kisses.

Chen Qianqing’s goosebumps were starting to move down. His leg was still covered with the heavy plaster so it was not easy for him to struggle at all. And even if his leg was not broken, he still may not be able to fight back against Lu Zhengfei, much less now.

“Chen Qianqing.” Lu Zhengfei spoke: “Did you really think I wouldn’t get angry?”

Chen Qianqing: “……” I’ll admit, I really didn’t think so.

Lu Zhengfei stopped talking and continued to focus on kissing the man beneath him. Men are creatures of pleasure, so even if Chen Qianqing did not like him, he would still usually get a reaction from being teased by him, and these reactions were the ‘language’ that comforted Lu Zhengfei.

Originally, Lu Zhengfei would easily be able to incite a reaction in Chen Qianqing’s body, but today……Lu Zhengfei had miscalculated.

Not only did Chen Qianqing not get a reaction, he even had on a helpless expression. No matter how Lu Zhengfei tried to tease his body, he still would not be able to get hard in the slightest.

Chen Qianqing knew what Lu Zhengfei was thinking of as well. The techniques of that man on top of him were not bad, but he really could not get hard while looking at that face.

“Do you really hate me that much?” Lu Zhengfei suddenly stopped all movements, and spoke with a hoarse voice.

Chen Qianqing did not know what he should say either, so he could only keep silent.

“Chen Qianqing, is this how much you hate me?” Lu Zhengfei continued: “Is it?”

Chen Qianqing felt that if the original one was here, then he would probably say yes to Lu Zhengfei’s question. So, after a moment of silence, Chen Qianqing hummed softly in acknowledgement.

Lu Zhengfei did not speak anymore, and did not move either. Just like that, he hung his head, and with eyes full of sorrow, he looked down that the person underneath him with his expressionless face.

Chen Qianqing thought that this would have been the end of it, Lu Zhengfei had received a huge shock and he was sure of that.

But in the next second, Lu Zhengfei had done something that horrified Chen Qianqing. He saw him taking his pants off directly, and when he thought he was going to force himself on him, he put his mouth around that part that did not have any reaction.

Chen Qianqing was completely dumbfounded, and for a moment, he did not know what to say.

Lu Zhengfei worked hard to suck on that part, which made it hard for Chen Qianqing to help himself from grabbing his hair: “Lu Zhengfei, don’t do this.”

Lu Zhengfei did not speak, nor did he stop.

Seeing this scene, Chen Qianqing could only feel cold. To be able to lower yourself for the sake of certain feelings was normal——That’s right, there was no way Chen Qianqing was worthy of bringing up the word ‘love’.

Lu Zhengfei worked hard for a long time, but in the end, Chen Qianqing’s body did not react at all.

No matter how hard he tried, all he could see was the stiff expression on that man’s face. Chen Qianqing had already given up on resisting, but his indifference was the best way he could ever resist Lu Zhengfei.

He did not know why, but seeing Chen Qianqing like this, Lu Zhengfei felt an indescribable sense of despair.

Words can be false, but the body is honest; right now, Lu Zhengfei was sure that Chen Qianqing really hated him, and that hate was carved deep into his bones.

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  1. 😅 If MC had more of a sense of humor, he’d probably LOOOL at the absurdity of himself sucking himself. 😂 Which of course, doesn’t help the situation…but there’s so much great unintentional humor. There’s a yandere selfcest list he can check off:

    ✔ Imprisonment
    ✔ Forced kiss
    ✔ Pressed down on bed
    ✔ Sucked off
    ⬜ Getting beat up?
    ⬜ Noncon?
    ⬜ Con?


    Thanks for the intriguing chapter! ✨

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  2. I want to feel sorry for the mc because he’s being r*ped but at the same time it’s ‘he’ doing it to ‘himself’ and he also did it in the past so I can’t feel sorry for him and my brain is so confused.

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  3. I like this. Usually no matter how reluctant it’s like: I don’t want this but it feels so amazing and can’t help myself, whoops came from just my ass.
    But this is like, yeah, there’s no way I can make this work. I’ve never been more turned off. But good try pal.
    Never has there been a more fitting punishment for a bad boy.

    Thanks for the great translation ♥️♥️♥️😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😏😏😏😏💦💦💦

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