DBHW Chapter 59

Gu Yan De who was at the door saw a man with a profound air about him step down from a black, low-profile car, and instantly his face revealed a look of surprise as he quickly perked up and hurried over to greet him!

“Minister Song, what an honour!”Gu Yan De held Song Shan’s hand tight, and he spoke to him with a voice filled with emotions.

Song Shan smiled and spoke to him with a polite yet distant tone,”I have also long been friends with Brother Gu, how could I not come for his seventieth birthday feast?”

Song Shan himself was also sixty this year. Even though he was a little younger than Gu Zong Han, he was still one of the seniors. And with his position of this day, calling him Brother Song was not him putting on airs, instead, it showed that the Gu family was close in his heart, which made Gu Yan De even more surprised.

He had actually received the Gu family’s invitation a long time ago but had not thought to show up. After all, the relationship between the two families were just normal, and as the Gu family had their heart in business, he had no interests in being too close with them either. The reason he changed his mind all of a sudden today was because of the call he received from Qin Yao. He asked him what time Gu Zong Han’s feast was being held, and where.

Who really was Qin Yao? Song Shan could feel his heart beating every time he thought about it. For all these years, he did not dare to show the slightest hint of disrespect to Qin Yao. Qin Yao was a man well-respected even in his father’s generation, so shouldn’t be show all the more respect? And his father had also told him that their family owes Qin Yao a great debt of gratitude. They would come in contact every so often these years, and this allowed him to understand Qin Yao’s strength even further. The more he knew, the more he felt in awe……Since Qin Yao was a very private person who did not enjoy being talked about in public, he had never once dared to reveal Qin Yao’s identity to the world.

He had never even mentioned it to his own son, Song Yun Zheng. However, he believed that with his son’s character and abilities, he did not need to worry about him accidentally getting onto the wrong side of Qin Yao.

In his eyes, Qin Yao was an existence that stood at the very top. Which is why he would never have expected that Qin Yao would take an interest in Gu Zong Han’s birthday banquet.

How could the great Song family ever find any interest in the Gu family? But strangely, such a thing just had to happen!

And so, for Song Shan to come today with the excuse that he was here for Gu Zong Han, it was a great service to them as he could have said he was here because of Qin Yao.

Moreover, who said the great Minister Song himself could not be curious?

Recalling the matters Qin Yao had entrusted on him to investigate before, a strong interest in Gu Yan had sprouted in his heart.

So not only did he come today, he even brought his niece, Song Yuan, who had come over from Haiyun City for a holiday. He liked this niece of his very much, she was a very good girl and she grew up by his side when she was young, he would inevitably feel the need to pamper her a little. He just so happened to have taken her out today to introduce her to people, since it was better than her staying cooped up all day unhappily at home if she could get around and know the people around the capital.

This was simply hitting two birds with one stone.

Song Yuan followed cautiously behind Song Shan; there was none of her usual arrogance on her face, instead, there was even a hint of reservation that was hard to catch.

Even though she was a grand young lady who could look down on the others in Haiyun City, she knew that she was in the capital right now, and did not amount to much of anything.

But since she was Song Shan’s niece, she was naturally in a different position. Even so, she was only a single girl who had been separated from the Gu family many years ago, and had long faded out from the capital’s circle. Before she came, her father had also told her to calm down with her pride, and to be wary of herself.

Since Song Shan was willing to take her out today, she would not want to lose out on the chance to meet the other ladies due to her impertinence.

Which was why her performance was both modest and polite today in every regard, she even kept herself from speaking anything more than she should.

She had also heard about the Gu family in the capital. Even though they were not as noteworthy as the Song family in the capital, they were still a big and grand family, everyone present today were all famous people. All the men and women who came to the banquet today were also very glamorous and extraordinary.

And so, when she saw Gu Yan in the crowd, she really found it hard to believe.

What could you say to describe her feelings right now? This was a face off on a narrow road.

But she had no idea what connections Gu Yan used to come today, he was just a third-rate star!

She had long wanted to slap this fly out of the sky. For her, a lowly character that dared to make her lose face were absolutely unforgivable! But due to what happened with Liu Ling Hui and Zhou Yu previously, she had delayed her plan to deal with Gu Yan. But she would never have expected that she would see him again, here! In the capital!

Song Yuan gritted her teeth with her hate for Gu Yan, but this was not a place she could just swagger about, so she could only withdraw the resentment within her eyes.

Nobody noticed it, except Gu Yan Xin.

Gu Yan Xin’s attention had always been around Gu Yan’s perimeter, so he had also noticed Song Yuan who had lost her cool due to Gu Yan.

He knew that he should be going up to Gu Yan now and pleading for his forgiveness, but he was extremely unwilling to do so. His struggle with all these surging emotions were shackling him, so even after so long, he did not take a single step.

He watched the pair of mother and son from afar with piercing hate swirling within his eyes.

He was filled with hate with nowhere to vent, that deep unwillingness to accept this was pooling up more and more……Gu Yan Xin tightened his hand around his wine glass so much that even his knuckles were turning pale.

He could not wait to strangle Gu Yan to death, but as soon as he thought of that terrifying man, all his courage was lost. Not only did he not dare to do anything to Gu Yan, he still had to try to get on Gu Yan’s good side.

There was nothing he could do……

But……What if someone else made a move?

Gu Yan Xin calmed himself down and walked over to Song Yuan with a smile on his face.

“Hello, beautiful, I don’t think we’ve met?”Despite the fact that Gu Yan was now over thirty years old, he still had the appearance of a stylish and handsome man. Just his face alone could easily gain the interest of women, and his smile, as well as his relaxed tone right now was even more likeable.

Song Yuan had been feeling uneasy this whole time since her uncle, Song Shan, had been surrounded by the others as soon as they entered, so she ended up alone. She wanted to try joining in with the crowd, but they were all part of their own circle, there was simply nobody who was paying her any mind. This feeling of being unfamiliar and alienated really did not feel good……Compared to how she was fawned over in Haiyun City, the loneliness and rejection she felt now made her feel very upset, and she had to try her best to cover it up lest she embarrassed herself.

So when Gu Yan Xin called out to her, she was quite surprised. And seeing that it was such a charming man, she felt her heart flutter even more. She tried her best to stay calm and said,”Oh, I’m not from the capital, this is my first time here.”

Gu Yan Xin revealed a look of understanding,”That explains it, I was just thinking that if I’ve seen a beautiful lady such as you, I would definitely not forget.”

Song Yuan smiled. She was not a young lady new to love, so she was not a stranger to being talked to in such a way. Usually, she would just ignore this, but things were different today after all. Seeing the extraordinary aura surrounding Gu Yan Xin, she could tell that he definitely was not just an ordinary person. Thinking in such a way, Song Yuan’s voice became softer:”You flatter me.”

“Let me introduce myself, my name is Gu Yan Xin, and this young lady is?”Gu Yan Xin’s smile was gentle and amiable.

Song Yuan had another surprise. Turns out this was the second young master of the Gu family. She expected him to not be an ordinary person, but not to this degree. She quickly responded:”Song Yuan.”

“Miss Song.”Gu Yan Xin’s voice was both deep and regal, just these two words alone were enough to tug at a person’s heartstrings.

Song Yuan’s face reddened faintly.

“Since you are a guest from so far away, you are free to visit me if you ever need someone to have a chat with in the capital if you ever decide to visit again.”

“Thank you, Young Master Gu.”Song Yuan pursed her lips. She could feel her heart skip a beat.

“Please, it’s my honour.”Gu Yan Xin smiled.

At this time, the sound of talking could be heard from Gu Yan’s side. When Gu Yan Xin raised his head to his direction, his brows were knitted into a frown for a short moment.

Song Yuan followed Gu Yan Xin’s line of sight and saw Gu Yan. Things were very merry by Gu Yan’s side, there were many people coming to greet him and the woman right next to him, they were even more popular than her. Song Yuan hid the resentment and envy in her eyes and asked as if she was not bothered:”Who is that?”

Gu Yan was silent for a short moment, then he revealed a helpless expression:”That is my younger brother, and……Madam Bai.”

Song Yuan’s eyes widened in surprise.

Turns out Gu Yan was actually Gu Yan Xin’s brother! How could this be? He was no more than a small-time star that she could wring to death with the light twist of her hands, how could he turn into the young master of the capital’s Gu family just as he turned around?! With his identity, how was she going to deal with him? She really found it hard to take this sitting down!

As these thoughts ran through her head, Song Yuan almost forgot about keeping her expression in check.

For someone like him who used to be an existence she could trample on to now have a head on top of her, this was something Song Yuan as a high-class young lady who never experienced any setbacks in her life could endure.

Gu Yan Xin looked as if he did not notice anything at all. He shrugged and continued on in a casual tone:”Madam Bai……She has been with my father for several decades now. Even though she did not receive the family name, who expected she would have such a good son?”Deep disdain could be heard hidden within his words, but it was easy to miss if one was not paying attention.

But Song Yuan noticed it. Her eye flickered:”Madam Bai?”

There was no way Gu Yan Xin would call her in such a way behind her back if she was the head lady of the family, could Gu Yan be the illegitimate child of a mistress?

Gu Yan Xin smiled, but his expression was domineering:”Oh, that’s right, you’re not from the capital so you do not know. This is not a secret within the capital either. Even though Gu Yan is my younger brother, we are only half-brothers from our father’s side.”

A flash of joy emerged within Song Yuan’s eyes. This is how it should be, only the identity of an illegitimate child should be suitable for that lowly scum, Gu Yan!

Moreover, seeing the disdain expressed from Gu Yan Xin’s tone, this illegitimate child was clearly not very well-received, and was not very welcome either. It’s just that with Gu Yan Xin’s position as his older brother, and the legitimate child of the Gu family, he was too lazy to nitpick with this younger brother of his.

Even though she was not from the capital, she was still Song Shan’s niece, well and proper, wasn’t that still a better position than that of Gu Yan being an illegitimate child?

But Song Yuan did not notice that she was starting to care more and more due to the differences in their identities. She could wish for nothing more than to be able to trample Gu Yan beneath her feet anytime she pleased!

Gu Yan Xin did not seem to be too interested in continuing this topic, he smiled to Song Yuan:”I still have to greet the other guests, so I will see you later.”

“Sure, no need to pay me any mind, Young Master Gu, you do what you have to.”Song Yuan gave him a bashful smile.

Gu Yan Xin looked at her for a short moment, and turned to leave.

As soon as he stepped away from her, Gu Yan Xin sneered. He could tell with one look this woman had been spoiled silly, what with letting all her hate and envy getting to her mind and whatnot. She was so ignorant, not even knowing when to behave in this occasion.

Since she hated Gu Yan so much, then just let it out……I’ve already given you the fuel, what else are you hesitating for?

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    1. She was the one who was married to the Liu guy who was killed by Zhou Yu and also the woman who had that Han Cheng guy as a boy toy in the beginning! The one who was tried to hurt Gu Yan by sending ruffians after him and was pushed off the stairs by Gu Yan. In the end, she couldn’t do anything to Gu Yan because of our awesome CEO Fu! I hope this helps!

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