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In a flash, Shu Ning’s eyes were wide open, I let you stand on my nose and now you want to stand on my face?

This was a typical example of giving an inch, and wanting a mile, this can’t be spared!

“Brother! You can’t kiss me on the mouth!”Shu Ning wasn’t just giving up his territory, but rather he was defending it, if he doesn’t make himself clear how is he going to fix things if he ends up licking him? In the event that the news of what he did had been spread Shu Heng’s glorious image was one part of it, but being detested and abandoned by his father and his grandfather was the other, how is he going to find a partner in the future? This is the important part!

Shu Heng tightened his grip on his arm:”Why not?”

“We’re brothers!”Not like we’re lovers~

“As long as we’re not brothers anyone else can?”


“Then what?”Shu Heng insisted on getting to the bottom of this, his eyes were getting more and more fierce.

Oh shit, what if I can’t stand the pressure? This topic is laced with poison:”My future partner can kiss me on the mouth.”

“If it’s not a brother but instead a partner then it’s fine?”

What kind of logic is that? Shu Ning was already confused, why was Shu Heng asking like that? Does this have anything to do with him? Only over a decade old and he already wants to be a guardian? Or is he really trying to manage me like his son? Although his balls weren’t big, but at this moment Shu Ning could really feel his balls hurting, he really wanted to grieve to God~ My big brother of my past life was not like this /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

“If it’s not a brother but instead a partner then it’s fine? Say something?”

The more Shu Heng questioned him in such a serious way, the more worried Shu Ning who already had his words by his lips was and did not dare to say it out, as if some kind of bubble was going to be popped, it made him feel lost and didn’t know what to do!

“If you don’t speak then it means you’ve agreed by default,”Shu Heng’s gaze became a lot softer, my adoptive father did not seem to have any intentions on telling Qin Yu Zhuo and Shu Ning about my birth, not only were we not brothers, we weren’t in the same household registry either, there was completely no blood relations between us, none of this was an issue:”Ning Ning, you’re overthinking things.”

His eyebrows jumped up, no way would Shu Ning compromise with him:”Brother! I don’t like it.”

“You don’t like it but you still kiss me?”

“……”Shu Ning was slightly started, he became even more angry, he’s irrational! Some things do not need to be right or wrong, just letting him know was fine if not it would strain their relationship:”That……that was an accident!”

“It was an accident the first time, but what about the second?”

“……”Nothing I say is right, do you really want me to turn against you? Damn it, this is heart breaking!

Shu Heng was completely disburdened as he poured out a large amount of shower gel on his hands and began to bathe the little guy, his movements were exceptionally gentle and careful, Shu Ning who was contemplating about his life had come back to his senses, can he really bear to abandon such a good brother? Although after he grew up he can depend entirely on himself to achieve economic independence and live a tasteful life……but they’ve been helping each other out in these days and he was falling in deeper and deeper, leave him? He really couldn’t bear to do it.

The big hand was washing him meticulously and even the important bits were washed carefully, he didn’t shy away from it, ah this is such a good big brother, Shu Ning should be content with it, he should just let nature take its course. He reckoned that after a year or two if Shu Heng would drive him out he would also be unwilling. Wretched, truly wretched, he was angry for one moment and desperately trying to find a reason to forgive him in the next, could blood affection really have such great charm?

Shu Ning’s eyes glimmered, he deliberately stirred up the water naughtily, and suddenly splashed it towards Shu Heng. Shu Heng’s face was wet, as soon as his movements stopped, Shu Ning’s heart was beating like drums, it’s coming, it’s going dark, then I can stop wanting you any longer! But not only did Shu Heng not get angry, he even held Shu Ning’s head and gave it a rub.

“Don’t play around~”

Shu Ning who was used as a towel……

After he was done bathing Shu Ning he quickly settled himself, he wrapped a big towel around himself before wrapping Shu Ning in another, then picked him up and walked towards the bed. Shu Ning was getting drowsy and his little head was bobbing up and down, it was simply too adorable, Shu Heng lowered his head and kissed the little brother who belonged to him, he was very satisfied.

“You kissed me again……”

“I didn’t kiss your mouth.”

“This isn’t about whether you’re kissing my mouth or not,”Shu Ning really wanted to die _(:зゝ∠)_ He was so tired he couldn’t keep his eyes open.

“You’ll get used to it sooner or later.”

“I mmph……”He was kissed on his little mouth, Shu Ning couldn’t evade him so he simply stuffed his face into his brother’s chest, the face is gone, the hell can you kiss now?

Shu Heng curled the corners of his mouth and his gaze was unfathomable, he spreaded the little one’s legs and let him straddle his own legs, it’s convenient to dry his hair this way.

Shu Ning who was being casually fiddled around with was enraged again:”Brother~ I don’t like this! I can just sit on my own.”

Shu Ning was struggling to get down and he pushed the young man’s chest with his two hands, Shu Heng moved one hand across and held him tightly, what’s wrong with his little brother today, has he had too much to drink? He’s normally quite obedient:”Shu Ning!”

Even his surname was called out what does this mean? You angry? I’m still furious! Shu Ning struggled a bit more and he didn’t dare to move anymore, it’s too scary, brother’s that……Shu Ning was so 囧 that he was stunned, he’s gone silly. I’m not wearing anything and he’s only covered with a towel, and right now……Oh heavens, Shu Ning was flushed scarlet, and steam was coming out the top of his head:”Brother~”He was so scared even his voice was shaking~

“Don’t move, it’ll be for just a moment longer.”

Shu Ning……He lit a candle for himself, normally I’m not like this, why am I going against my brother today? Was it the alcohol? Damn it, this was my first time drinking in this life, it may have something to do with that, how much is left of my innocence? Please don’t tell me it’s a negative number /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

Following the flow of time, the stiff and hot thing has finally become honest, Shu Ning breathed a sigh of relief, luckily that thing didn’t jump. He yawned, and heartlessly he became tired again, he leaned on his brother’s shoulders and his eyes had gone bleary, in the future I won’t make trouble with my brother anymore, then I won’t be miserable anymore, I’ll work hard to grow taller, then big brother won’t treat me like this anymore.

It will definitely be like that, definitely……Shu Ning closed his eyes and slowly fell asleep.

Shu Heng put him down and stared at his pale and tender legs, his eyes were wanton, it felt really good just now, he was absorbed in his thoughts.

The two passed the night outside just like this, Shu Heng had woken up very early, but they were after all not at home so he couldn’t go jogging, he supported his head with one hand and observed the sleeping profile of the little one that seemed like that of an angel’s. He can’t ever get tired of looking at it, truly, he enjoyed staring at him everyday for a moment before getting out of bed, he seems to have gotten used to it.

Shu Heng liked it, so he did not want to break their pattern of getting along, little brother was very soft, he feels very snug and cozy in his arms.

The person who was being missed woke up, after his eyelids moved, the first thing that caught his eyes was a chest, Shu Ning rubbed his eyes and looked up from the beautifully fit chest, and he caught the youth’s unfathomable eyes:”Morning~”

“It’s not early anymore, what do you want to eat?”

“Huh? We didn’t go back?”

“Mm, let’s order food, what do you want to eat?”Shu Heng smoothed his hand down the little one’s face dotingly, as his fingers slid past the pale pink lips, the little tongue inside could be partially seen, it looks quite sweet:”The hotel is not the same as our home, so order a bit more and pick the things you like to eat.”

You’re already talking this much so early in the morning? That’s rare, but speaking back to it, wasn’t that because of me? He laughed secretly, Shu Ning waved away the hand touching his nose, then the big hand went over to touch the top of his head again, with a glint in Shu Ning’s eyes, he slapped it away once again and even used twice the force, and so the big hand touched his ears, this part is not okay, Shu Ning’s whole body shuddered, and under his shameful anger he gave the seemingly firm waist a pinch.

It was neither painful not itchy, Shu Heng raised an eyebrow:”You’ve learned to play little tricks?”

Shu Ning’s face was dark:”You started it first.”

“You’re allowed to touch me back.”

Why does this feel very……obscene? Shu Ning was thinking about it silently, is he taking liberties with me? That can’t be o(╯□╰)o

Shu Heng pulled him into his arms:”You still haven’t thought of what you want to eat?”

With one sentence he took away Shu Ning’s train of thought:”I’ll just have porridge and some side dishes, I’m already used to it, and a drumstick,”He won’t get sick of this.


Shu Heng got up and picked up the landline phone on the end table by his side and started to order food, Shu Ning pulled off the blanket, he wasn’t wearing anything inside, big brother wasn’t either. Ah, and they were even staying in a hotel, right now Shu Heng still did not have the power to overshadow the heavens, in the unlikely event that a bunch of reporters pushed open the door and barged in, then took pictures for their tabloids writing about brothers doing it and what not, how would they be able to live anymore?

“What’s wrong?”

Shu Ning’s mouth moved, but unexpectedly he didn’t dare to say it, where did the courage of yesterday go? It seems that he was really flustered because of the alcohol, even a single sentence could be amplified endlessly. His heart was full of dissatisfaction and he complained about Shu Heng, and was miserable till he fell asleep. Don’t tell me……Was I complaining about him because of how I died previously? He clearly treats me so well so why didn’t he protect me to the end? That’s not it, what’s with me today? In my past life I stood on the opposite side from the very start so it was impossible for us to reconcile! Shu Ning slapped his own face to sober up, head hurts~ The hangover has arrived.

Shu Heng waved his hand and brushed over Shu Ning’s head:”I was fiercer than you when I first got drunk, I didn’t let dad sleep and kept pulling him saying I want my mother, what you did was already very good so don’t reproach yourself.”

Which eye of yours saw me reproaching myself? I said one thing and you’re finishing the story with another, Shu Ning secretly shook his head~

To be able to hear the dark history of his brother, now that’s something I’m delighted to hear~

He had just drank a few mouthfuls and he actually became so spoiled? Even in his past life he wasn’t as unreasonable, it seems that he’s really been spoiled rotten by his big brother.

Shu Heng was speaking and ordered a few more vegetable dishes that Shu Ning normally liked to eat, looking at the young man’s body that was getting stronger and stronger, he could be counted as a man now, it’s great to have him around. Shu Ning who was feeling warm inside sighed and hugged his big brother’s straight waist from behind:”Sorry~”I owed you this.

Shu Heng didn’t look back, he moved a hand over and patted Shu Ning’s back slightly to comfort him. Some time was required for the food to be prepared and he was worried that the little one was hungry:”Send the porridge over first, the salted vegetables has to be freshly prepared.”

Throughout the entire Shu family only Shu Ning liked to eat salted vegetables with his porridge, in the past life Qin Yu Zhuo did not allow that, she felt that Shu Ning’s stomach was too lowly, was it really necessary to show your status by eating steak in a suit? There was no such thing as high class or low class food, it’s fine as long as he likes it. In this life Shu Ning was pampered so he could eat whatever he wanted to eat, and what’s more with Shu Heng watching who would dare to stop him from eating?

Shu Heng put down the phone and turned over to hug his little brother:”What’s wrong? Feeling uncomfortable?”


Shu Heng’s whole body was stiff, it felt numb as if he had been electrocuted, his eyes became dark as his hands gave the little one’s face a rub:”Big brother will stay with you?”


“Alright,”Shu Heng took out his phone and gave Shu Cheng a call, he only told him that brother wasn’t feeling too well, Shu Cheng wanted to come take a look but Shu Heng refused him, somebody has to be at the office, Shu Cheng agreed “grievingly”. Why are they coming one by one to split the pampering? That’s my son, he held his forehead, he hoped that nobody would try to snatch Shu Yao from him when he’s born.

Shu Ning is already over thirty, he hugged his brother on the waist and didn’t get up, it was a very rare chance for him to be acting spoiled, and Shu Heng was willing to have a taste as well, he stretched his hands into the blanket and roamed around his brother’s body, he would scratch at his back every so often and give the back of his neck a squeeze, the placed that were touched by the big hand felt very warm and so was the atmosphere. Shu Ning felt so comfortable that he closed his eyes and he was too lazy to open them, big brother’s movements felt a bit like having his fur brushed with the direction of the follicles.

But it was impossible for time to stay static, Shu Heng regretfully put clothes on Shu Ning, as for why he felt regretful he still did not understand, his little brother’s body was very pale, and his little face was pale as well, he was brought up to be pink and tender, but he just couldn’t put some meat on him, while putting his pants on Shu Heng’s big hands subconsciously gave the two little buns a squeeze.

Shu Ning didn’t get angry, his intelligence has returned, naturally he knew what straight man cancer was and it would be foolish of him to care too much about it.

Qin Yu Zhuo was at home today so Shu Heng didn’t bring Shu Ning back, so they huddled about in the hotel for a day, their clothes and medicine and whatnot were sent over to the hotel before the sun rose, wish and you shall receive. Shu Ning became a little white pig for a day and passed the day sweetly with his big brother, there was someone to feed him if he was hungry, and someone to send him if he needed to use the bathroom, when he sunbathed there was someone to become a backrest for him, where else can such a good big brother be found?

It was truly vexing, why has he killed his heart, and steeled it in his past life and decided to fight with him no matter what?

“What are you thinking about?”

Shu Ning was looking at the evening glow in the distance:”I think this is pretty good.”

“Didn’t we agree on a lifetime?”

“Mm,”Big brother’s voice sounds better and better, even his eyes were getting more and more gentle, if I farted would he think it smelled nice as well? Such are people, it’s easy fall to your death if you were too kind, Shu Ning shuddered at the thought, he didn’t dare to not cherish it. Is he cold? Shu Heng’s eyebrows were slightly knitted together, he picked up the little one and put him on the bed then shut the window.

“Brother, are we going back tonight?”

“Mm,”Shu Heng sat on the side of the bed and took the plate of fruits over:”We’re not going back, dad will come fetch us.”

Coming over to see if we’re committing adultery? He shuddered again, Shu Heng put down the plate of fruits and brought his little brother into his arms:”Warmer now?”

“Mm,”Shu Ning had thought it through, courtesy calls for reciprocity, his little hand moved over to the hem of his brother’s clothes and slid inside, he bravely touched around and sighed incessantly at the abdominal muscles that nearly made him drool, one two……eight, they’re hard, he gave it a poke and a jab, very good very admirable. In the future when he’s looking for a man he’ll find one with abs, so sexy and exciting.

Shu Heng lifted up the little one’s chin:”Like it? Come run with me in the mornings, you can train your body and you can even grow taller~”

Shu Ning was weak, he really can’t stand his brother’s saintly voice when he’s deliberately coaxing children~ His whole body became limp as he counted the stars in his arms, in the future when he’s looking for a man he also wants this deep and charming type, just listening to him nearly made him hard.

The messaging tone of his phone rang, Shu Heng swept a glance at it:”Dad is on the road, we should get ready to go down.”

He’s really coming over? Shu Ning changed his wormy attitude and immediately went to the bathroom to wash his face in high spirits, Shu Heng was overjoyed as he watched him, little brother is becoming more and more dependent on me.

Shu Cheng came very quickly, Shu Heng pulled Shu Ning and went out together. They entered the car and their bodyguards entered the other three black cars. Shu Cheng patted Shu Heng’s shoulders as if he were displeased:”I’ve never worried about the way you do things, but recently you’ve been very reckless.”

Shu Ning became nervous, dad’s nagging big brother again? He anxiously stole a glance over at Shu Heng to observe him, is he unhappy? He seems to be quiet, the little hand held the big hand and cheered him on secretly, after all Shu Ning wasn’t too clear about what exactly his old man was trying to say, what if it was about the office? It’s not good to mediate between them hastily, let’s wait and see.

Shu Heng gave the little paw a squeeze and looked towards Shu Cheng:”I did this for Ning Ning.”

For me? Shu Ning looked at Shu Heng in surprise.

Shu Heng’s brows were knotted into a deep frown but Shu Ning did not notice, it was just for a fleeting moment.

They’ve returned home, Shu Gao was sitting in the living room. His kindly gaze landed on Shu Ning:”A liquor stealing little monkey~ I’ll bet your head hurts now doesn’t it? Come over, let grandpa take a look.”

Shu Ning released Shu Heng’s hand and strode over quickly to throw himself into his grandfather’s embrace:”Don’t laugh at me!”

Ha ha he laughed, his wrinkly hands gently gave the little face a rub, Shu Gao was so happy that flowers were blooming:”Oh~ How ferocious, you dare to speak to your grandfather like this?”

Qin Yu Zhuo was surprised, she clutched her clothes, Shu Ning is too insensible.

“If grandpa doesn’t like it……then I’ll go to dad?”

Shu Cheng had also laughed, he spread his arms open:”Come~ Dad likes you.”

Shu Gao was done:”Move aside, you’re not cute at all after growing up, so isn’t Shu Heng, keeping such a cold face every single day, don’t you lot dare to contaminate my precious little grandson.”

Shu Cheng lifted his head slightly:”How would I dare? I’m treating him like I would my ancestors.”

Shu Heng kept a cold face and didn’t make a single noise as he sat on the sofa, he drank his coffee and his gaze was leisurely.

Only after dinner could Qin Yu Zhuo find a chance to get close to Shu Ning, she pulled him over to the room in the first floor, the one she stayed in before:”What on earth happened?”

“I drank a bit of wine on the night of the gathering and my head hurts……”He hadn’t finished saying his head hurts incessantly and he was forcefully cut off by the woman.

“Stop acting confused, do you think I don’t know you well enough? Your headache is a lie, but hiding out was the truth, you even Shu Heng take the chance to skip work, do you realize that you’ve screwed up?”

Shu Ning frowned, but his heart was cool as ice, this woman doesn’t care about me as always, he curled the corners of his mouth and smiled sweetly:”What’s wrong?”

“You still have the face to ask?”Qin Yu Zhuo approached aggressively:”Don’t tell me you don’t know what happened with He Ran and Shu Zi Hui?”

As expected, those with the savage hearts of a wolf will strike as soon as an opportunity appears, Shu Ning could kind of guess what Shu Zi Hui had done, he had mentioned sending her back before this, but she just had to be obstinate, what could happen? Nothing concerning their lives, at most it was a problem between a man and a woman, Shu Ning sat on top of the sofa, with his head lowered his expression was hard to make out:”I’d like to hear the details.”

She pursed her lips as if she was angry for nothing, she was extremely despondent and she wanted to throw up.

Qin Yu Zhuo sighed and sat on the sofa, there was no water on top of the table, and there was some dust as well, it made her even more annoyed:”You really don’t know?”

The woman’s eyes stared straight at him, but Shu Ning was calm, not a single hint of anger could be seen on him.

Alright then, Qin Yu Zhuo was certain now, her son really didn’t know what happened, could it really have been an accident? Qin Yu Zhuo explained everything. Turns out Shu Zi Hui had been touched by He Ran, it happened in the car, their clothes were disheveled and Shu Zi Hui wasn’t very sober, they’ve both had a bit to drink and the bodyguard heard something at the back that wasn’t quite right, after hesitating for a while he retracted the partition in the center but unfortunately it was too late.

Fact was, He Ran was so drunk that he was unconscious, Shu Zi Hui probably took it off herself, Shu Ning laughed secretly but his face appeared very confused:”That’s not right, it’s impossible for He Ran to do that.”

“Why not? I’ve watched the surveillance recording from the yard on that day, they’ve met for the first time and he dared to stick his hands inside a girl’s clothes, that He Ran boy isn’t anything good, and that Shu Zi Hui was even more unscrupulous.”

You’re good, you’re holier than everyone else alright? Shu Ning was also too lazy to act two-faced:”What does this have to do with me?”

“You were the one that proposed to drink white wine.”

“Nothing happened to the rest of them?”

“……”A breath was stuck in Qin Yu Zhuo’s chest and she nearly had an internal injury:”What else did you want? I asked you to go apologize to He Ran and now what happens? The bills on that day was also on He Ran’s account, did you actually listen to a single thing I said?”

Shu Ning did not follow on with her words as he said facing down:”He Ran was as drunk as a dead pig, Shu Zi Hui did not even take a single drop of alcohol, they were both sitting beside me, could there be any misunderstandings here?”

Qin Yu Zhuo held her head with one hand:”Maybe, go back and sleep.”


Her son left, and Qin Yu Zhuo’s expression changed, this girl is good, she’s as crafty as a fox, now the engagement will have to be turned into a wedding, she’s really played herself a good game of chess! If she had such a background as her then she wouldn’t have to get a fake medical record to request for a long leave of absence, and she wouldn’t have to hide her child in a remote area.

They were underage so naturally they couldn’t get married, she can live in He Ran’s house for now and write herself into their family records, posing as the young lady of the house was still possible, there has been such precedents in other families. There were even engaged young ladies from big families who were invited into their homes from young to raise as to prevent accidents. How great it is to be well-matched in status, a golden boy and a jade girl, Qin Yu Zhuo’s eyes had turned green with envy.

As time passes, I am in a different position now. Girl, if you dare to make me envious then you better pay the price.

Shu Ning’s words were like a golden key, it was a golden key that can open the doors to the second house!

Shu Ning had done it deliberately, he was having tons of fun digging pits for his mother, he’ll toss these rotten people together and plague them until they wore each other out, this could also make things easier for Shu Ning.

Shu Ning whose mind was filled with thoughts of Shu Heng returned to the study, big brother wasn’t there, eh? It’s a sticky note? Big brother’s writing is exceptional, vigorous words like the floating clouds and flowing water, just like its owner! He was appreciating it honourably and forgot to see the meaning, big brother went to the study in the third floor, what are they going to talk about? Big brother didn’t go to the company today, he had left them a blank, Shu Cheng is definitely going to reprimand him isn’t he?

And what about what he said about doing it for me? Shu Ning thought of a hundred possibilities but couldn’t figure it out, he looked towards the chair in a deep black colour, can I sit here? Can I touch his table? These were thoughts he had never had after he was reborn, why was he rebelling so much recently? He would even poke at his brother’s bottom line from time to time.

What am I trying to prove?


In the study on the third floor, the father and son were sitting atop the long sofa, they were both quiet and did not speak. The computer was on and the surveillance display was showing.

Originally there were no monitoring devices within the room on the first floor, but now there were, they even had a clear view of it, needless to say this was done specially by Shu Heng. Shu Cheng couldn’t find a reason to nag him for it, he sighed:”Get rid of it, it’ll be bad if you end up recording anything indecent.”

“Mm, so dad, what’s your answer?”

“You take him away.”

“Alright,”Shu Heng finally obtained the answer he wished for, he didn’t need to deal with such a person like Qin Yu Zhuo at all, now he managed to send her for slaughter with just a test of the butcher knife.

Shu Cheng closed his eyes and leaned on top of the sofa, this was the first time he had seen Qin Yu Zhuo so aggressive, he did not expect that there was a different side to this little sheep, it has really opened his eyes, not only that, but her attitude towards Shu Ning was over the top, Shu Ning was quite good, he was loyal and proper, he can’t be led astray by her. Now he let the Xiao Heng take away the big one, then what about the small one? I don’t have the time to keep my eyes on him, do I really have to agree with dad’s proposal?

For the first time, Shu Cheng was deeply remorseful, I’m the real father of these children……

In the study on the second floor, the little one was playing with his phone on top of the chair, he seemed to be very into it, when Shu Heng returned Shu Ning’s heart was beating like drums, I’m really seeking death, will he really die just try it one more time, just one time! Shit, cold sweat was coming out, what do I do?

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    ““If it’s not a brother but instead a partner then it’s fine?””
    Yes! Progress in relationship!

    “Or is he really trying to manage me like his son?”
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    “we weren’t in the same household registry either, there was completely no blood relations between us”
    (^ o ^)b I approve of that thought process!

    “then I can stop wanting you any longer!”
    Request denied!

    “He was kissed on his little mouth, Shu Ning couldn’t evade him so he simply stuffed his face into his brother’s chest, the face is gone, the hell can you kiss now?”
    The ear… I hear it’s VERY sensitive!

    “It will definitely be like that, definitely……”
    Keep dreaming!

    “You’re allowed to touch me back.”

    “Shu Ning pulled off the quilt, he wasn’t wearing anything inside, big brother wasn’t either”
    So you should fu- *gets shoved over by Xiao Ning Ning*

    “Which eye of yours saw me reproaching myself? I said one thing and you’re finishing the story with another, Shu Ning secretly shook his head~
    Love truly is blind…

    “looking at the young man’s body that was getting stronger and stronger, he could be counted as a man now”
    SO… He’s legal now?

    “That’s my son, he held his forehead, he hoped that nobody would try to snatch Shu Yao from him when he’s born”
    Oh, trust me… no one would want to.

    “he stretched his hands into the quilt and roamed around his brother’s body”
    Once again, *wink*

    “Shu Heng regretfully put clothes on Shu Ning, as for why he felt regretful he still did not understand”
    You still don’t realize? Heng Heng! We need to talk.

    “naturally he knew what straight man cancer”
    …Your bro ain’t straight…

    “In the future when he’s looking for a man he’ll find one with abs, so sexy and exciting”
    You don’t have to look very far.

    “don’t you lot dare to contaminate my precious little grandson.”
    *Goes pale* Heng Heng… RUN!

    “Stop acting confused, do you think I don’t know you well enough”

    “What am I trying to prove?”
    That Big Brother Loves you. and 1984 is a good book.

    “You take him away.”
    And marry him.

    “he did not expect that there was a different side to this little sheep”
    Sheep meat taste good. Better than beef or pork. 100% should slaughter that sheep.

    “I don’t have the time to keep my eyes on him, do I really have to agree with dad’s proposal?”
    Please do…

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      1. Maybe it’s the Chinese, but like I said it’s not uncommon with mothers, just because you love your child doesn’t mean you won’t talk to them in a threatening manner, but I’d rather speak to people how I would like to be spoken to especially with children as they are easy to influence, the cycle will keep on continuing because people never stop to think not to threaten a child because their mothers loved them and did the same
        Perhaps you may also be on a different page with Shu Cheng and your mother never spoke to you like that at all. I can easily imagine QYZ speaking to SN in a hostile tone, the contents of her words if loosely analyzed, something a man like SC should be used to doing, suggests she is manipulative and controlling, she is trying to get SN to do her bidding. Why can you not fuck with He Ran? Dad doesnt care, he wants to fuck his family up regardless. Why does mom care? She is playing politics here with her children, she wants SN to get close to him as a means of forming connections. What does this mean to dad? This woman is robbing his child of his childhood and innocence, SN should not need to learn how to kiss up to people for benefits at the age of 13, he has a soft spot for him knowing that he lived in poverty and worry, SN should be enjoying himself as the boy he is.

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