RWSB Chapter 26

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All the people around them pricked their ears up, they were filled with curiosity, for a moment, not a sound could be heard.

The air around them seemed to have solidified, and there was some awkwardness in the goddess’ expression even the smile on her face could be held no longer. Do you even need to ask? Their intentions are already very obvious, with this, it made me look shameless instead, rushing over to chase after men. And besides Shu Heng’s family background is too good, would it make me look like a gold digger?

The goddess has already been adoring Shu Heng for a long time, they were going to graduate soon anyway, so what if she lost some face? It’s time to risk everything. If there really is someone in his heart, I……will give up. Secretly loving someone for three years is too exhausting, it’s not like nobody coveted the goddess, tons of handsome boys are waiting for her, if not for the fact that he heard Shu Heng telling Yang Wei Wei during her confession that they could give it a try, why else would she be so flustered? Thankfully they didn’t hit it off.

Chances don’t come twice.

The goddess understands this, but she still wants to take the challenge, perhaps Shu Heng would be willing to try her out as well, if the two managed to hit it off, wouldn’t that be harmonious and wonderful?

Shu Heng did not show his happiness or anger on his face, nobody knows what he’s thinking about. The girl in front of him was currently waiting for an answer, she was brave like Yang Wei Wei, but different, Yang Wei Wei only had a crush on him, her feelings were not deep, and she had a carefree character, everything was fine after talking it out. But this is a three year long crush, Shu Heng was clear about it:”I do not.”

So it’s like that after all, the goddess breathed a sigh of relief, she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

The bodyguards noticed that there were many people surrounding the area, they immediately stepped forward vigilantly, Xu Jin’s perks have arrived, he seized the beauty’s shoulder with one hand:”Hey hey hey, there are so many good men under the sky, what use is there to care about a block of ice?”

“You’re right,”Now that someone was here to help her off the stage, the goddess smiled faintly, she stared at the figure of Shu Heng who left resolutely, and entering a Rolls-Royce.

“You womenfolk have such strange tastes,”He put down his hand, Xu Jin’s demeanor was elegant.

“What do you know?”The goddess concealed her sadness, and continued being beautiful and moving as before:”He is perfect without flaws.”

“……”Stupid, Xu Jin also left. His heart ached as he walked, if a guy’s not bad, a woman won’t love him. But Shu Heng clearly wasn’t bad, he was full of poison, deadly poison, he’s not aloof, he’s emotionless, they had grown up together when they were children, Xu Jin understands well the type of methods Shu Heng is capable of using, but one by one they were moths flying into a fire!!! How foolish.

Xu Jin got on his own personal car, his high school days are finally over, these past three days have been rather exhausting, he definitely has to properly indulge himself on tonight’s party, only then can he live up to the beauty of the night.

On the other side, Shu Ning was eating ice cream while sitting on a chair in a shop, his eyes showed satisfaction.

Ji Tu walked over from afar, his complexion did not look good, he sighed as soon as he sat down, and drank some mineral water.

Shu Ning understood:”How’s the situation?”

“Not going too smooth,”Ji Tu had just graduated university not long ago, her greatest desire was to be scouted by a talent company, now that Qin Yu Zhuo had noticed her ability, and liked her very much, naturally she would give her all in her work, but something that was supposed to be supper simple, had turned out to be so difficult:”I don’t even know what happened to the others.”

Qin Yu Zhuo’s ten person group were all running around the village, their lips had cracked from talking and there were blisters on their feet from walking, they had only managed to deal with twenty seven houses. Because there were no intermediary companies there such as second-hand house dealers and whatnot, to buy a house they would have to rely on asking around. At first the idea was to make a small investment, but now it has turned into a small development. Arrows do not return when shot from the bow, even if Qin Yu Zhuo was put in an awkward situation, she could only continue.

If this goes on it won’t do, as a prodigal son, he should help his mother diffuse her wealth.

Shu Ning frowned awkwardly:”Sister Tu, what sort of troubles have you found?”

You won’t know even if I say it, you’re just a small child, but he was still quite sensible, he didn’t bring any trouble to anyone. Ji Tu gave him a pleasing smile:”Young master Shu, we can’t find the owners for some of the empty houses, and some houses were not for sale or they wanted a high price, some were old folks who had been living there for several decades and are unwilling to part with their house, some of the youngsters wanted to sell but the older ones won’t move, saying something about how there was a yard in front and behind the house, they could plant vegetables, how much money can they earn from planting vegetables? Why would they need to spend so much effort to plant them?”

But Shu Ning understood how the old people think, first of all~ All the village folk were close to each other, when the need arises distant relatives cannot compare to neighbours close by, and when they’re free they can drop in to have a chat to pass the time. Secondly~ Planting vegetables of course, how much can old people eat? They do it to provide more allowance for their children, a dollar you can save is a dollar more. Thirdly~ When one gets old, they would want to stay in their own home.

“Sister Tu, did you get trapped in a vicious cycle?”

“What do you mean?”The parched, sweaty girl looked over.

“You can leave the houses whose owners you can’t find for now, the ones asking for high prices, as long as it’s within an acceptable range you can agree, if the lonely old people won’t sell then just leave it be, as for the old ones who want to move, that’s even easier to deal with, just buy an apartment in the city to exchange with them.”


Ji Tu was stunned after hearing this:”Young master Shu, if we do it this way, the cost would be too high.”

“Wrong again,”Shu Ning’s gaze was calm, he swayed his fingers:”What did my mom gather you here for? To make money? What she’s interested in is fame, so what if the money was gone? It’s a small matter to the Shu clan, sister Tu, you’ve put the cart before the horse.”

Her brain suddenly lit up, that’s right! But Ji Tu did not feel that she was wrong, after all she was not a rich person, she was reluctant to buy some fame with a pile of money. Now that she’s thought it through, it’s time to put things to action, she walked elsewhere and took out her phone to contact Qin Yu Zhuo, Shu Ning is just the young master, Qin Yu Zhuo was still the shot-caller.

“Sister Qin, there are some things I would like to report to you……”She mentioned everything to her.

Qin Yu Zhuo frowned, she only ended the call after talking a bit more with her, after that she gave a call to everyone else to ask about the situation, as expected what they said was not too far from what Ji Tu said, the government will be rectified soon, not much time was left, Ji Tu’s idea if feasible, just that it was too heart wrenching and depressing, for Qin Yu Zhuo losing this money made her teeth hurt.

She felt uneasy, and her morning sickness was here, she felt an incessant nausea, and nearly threw up.

After half an hour, Tu Ji took out her phone to check, it was Qin Yu Zhuo calling, only then did she come down from her high spirits:”Sister Qin.”

“Mm,”Qin Yu Zhuo’s face was ashen, her voice was slightly low:”Do as you’ve planned, it’s been hard on you.”

As the leader of the team, Ji Tu naturally worked hard:”You can count on me, sister Qin.”

The two talked about this issue for a long while, Qin Yu Zhuo gave her an approximate range of spending, after that Ji Tu immediately notified everyone to gather for a meeting, and as expected they took down several more houses, especially the ones who were exchanging their houses for the apartments, everyone had some doubts, Ji Tu felt like she has said enough for a lifetime, only then did she manage to deal with that greedy lot.

Who can they blame? Everyone had been settled there, and now they have to leave? How can they go without any benefits?

On that night, after Shu Ning came home from his exhausting journey, he wanted to take a shower before going to the study to see Shu Heng, he definitely did well in his exams, Shu Ning had confidence in him.

To his surprise, Qin Yu Zhuo was waiting for him in the yard, they had already talked on the phone on his trip back, what does she want?

Shu Ning went over obediently:”Mom, the nights are cold, why are you sitting here? What if little brother caught a cold?”

Hey now, you’re angry? Qin Yu Zhuo blinked, and gave him a warm smile:”I only came out here to wait after knowing when you were going to return, tell mom again how did you think of it?”

“Huh?”Shu Ning was pretty good at pretending to be a fool too:”I just said what came to mind, who knew it was actually useful.”

Qin Yu Zhuo pulled Shu Ning’s hand joyfully, before this she thought he was dumb as a brick, a bit slow, even if she were to say a truckload of tragic words he would just respond with an “okay” and be done with it, now that she looks at it, he’s the real deal, as expected he really is Shu Cheng’s son:”Baby, you’re very smart, you don’t need to humble yourself, the rectification starts the day after tomorrow, after another day of hard work tomorrow you can prepare for your exams peacefully, the He clan’s youngest son is in the same year as you, the He clan’s cocktail party was postponed just so he could prepare for his exams in peace, he’s truly spoiled to the heavens, mother did not pay attention before this, but you have to find a chance to befriend him alright?”


“Remember, everything mother does is for you, for this family.”


“I’ll go over to your room tomorrow night for a while, and I’ll show you the data on He Ran, as well as the data on the other young masters from the other families, you need to memorize it and keep it in your heart. When you’re older, these will become your resources, you need to get them to open up to you, even if you don’t like them, don’t offend them. But of course, you are the second young master of the Shu family, you have a noble identity, you don’t have to yield too much to them, just take the lead to play with them.”


For the first time, Qin Yu Zhuo did not feel bothered by his “Mm”, she pulled Shu Ning’s little hands and returned.

After finishing his Chinese medicine and taking a shower, Shu Ning sneered, what data? What kind of yarn are you trying to spin from that dirtbag He Ran, he’s spoiled and arrogant, his grandfather has spoiled him into outer space, thirty years old and still no achievements, arrogant and bossy, and in the end he got backstabbed by someone, got some disease that starts with the letter A, and died on top of a woman’s belly.

He still remembered vividly how He Ran had taken the lead to bully him in his past life, even if he knew he about his hasty ending, Shu Ning would not wait for it, he has to pay him back once or twice so as to not let down the kind regards of others right?

He came out with a big towel covering him, Shu Ning’s gaze flashed, why is big brother in my room? Oh, it’s about what happened during the day.

“Didn’t I tell you to refuse her?”

Shu Ning shrugged, he showed a slight naughtiness:”Is it possible?”

Shu Heng wrung his eyebrows together, he watched as Shu Ning changed into his pajamas, there was no meat on his body at all, and it’s all white, even his private areas are coloured in fair tones, very pure, with no flaws in sight, he was done changing, and a trace of regret passed through Shu Heng’s mind. Shu Ning sat obediently by his brother’s side, he had just gotten out of the shower, his complexion was flushed and water dripped from his hair, and his gaze was a bit lazier than usual.

“Getting sleepy?”

Brother’s voice seems quite hoarse? Shu Ning was a bit hesitant:”Did you catch a cold?”


He lifted up his short little hand to touch the other’s forehead, it’s cool, it seems that he has been worrying too much. Shu Heng’s whole body stiffened, and his back was straight as a ruler, Shu Ning felt that it was pretty funny, even now he hasn’t gotten used to his existence, he still needs to work hard. This guy doesn’t seem to have gotten sick before, he’s too robust, it’s unscientific. Shu Ning picked up his towel to wipe his hair, his movements were gentle.

“You’re being too rough,”Shu Heng came to take over, and rubbed it even gentler.

Shu Ning felt wronged, this is my head, and my hair, how could I be rough? But speaking back to it, does big brother know how to wipe? At the start he was a bit confused, but after wiping for a while, naturally he got used to it.

Shu Ning lowered his head, his gaze full of warmth, even his tone had lightened up a lot:”Don’t worry, brother, tomorrow is the last day, nothing bad will happen.”

“Of course nothing bad will happen.”

What does that mean? Even if he did not watch over the entire process, Qin Yu Zhuo wouldn’t make a move at this point of time, but rather it was Shu Ning who had been playing little tricks, letting Qin Yu Zhuo break her budget incessantly, then deliberately leaked out rumours at a certain direction, and stirred up trouble, Shu Gao who has warmed up to Qin Yu Zhuo significantly should probably have noticed already, the days of her suffering from being scolded is not far from now.

Qin Yu Zhuo had been sowing discord for so many times, it’s time for her to have a taste of what she’s selling too.

Shu Ning lifted his head to look over, Shu Heng has an unfathomable look, his face lacking in expressions, his scouting eyes could only return in frustration, nothing could be made out at all ̄へ ̄

“What’s wrong?”Shu Heng lifted up the chin of the little one who was about to lower his head, from this angle, two little red beans were partially visible, his throat suddenly felt parched.


more helli’s chinese corner lmao, When one gets old, they would want to stay in their own home, 落叶归根 Luo ye gui gen,  fallen leaves return to the roots.



Shu Heng is not in college he’s in high school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I’m so sorry how did I get this wrong but to be fair campus and schoolgrounds is the same word in chinese 😭 I’ll fix everything when I’m not crying about not being able to do double releases LOL

Also chapter 2 of 7men is out (。・ω・)ノ゙

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  1. “What kind of yarn are you trying to spin from that dirtbag He Ran, he’s spoiled and arrogant, his grandfather has spoiled him into outer space, thirty years old and still no achievements, arrogant and bossy, and in the end he got backstabbed by someone, got some disease that starts with the letter A, and died on top of a woman’s belly.”
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