RWSB Chapter 25

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Isn’t this all nonsense? Shu Ning did not respond, he knows that previously Qin Yu Zhuo had worked hard just to leave a good impression with Shu Cheng, it was to build a foundation to marry into the rich! But now the times have changed, you need to speak with results. Because the matters with the land was very pressing for her, Shu Ning had given her a chance to suffer, ha ha.

“You……may not know, your mother had a clash with Shu Heng before this, I lost, I lost tragically,”Qin Yu Zhuo’s face was bitter, the edge of her eyes were moist, as if she was going to cry.

Shu Ning watched in silence, and did not console her.

Qin Yu Zhuo looked at Shu Ning’s dull-witted look, don’t even mention getting angry, but she had to continue:”The things you said this morning, they’re true, I confirmed it with your father, but of course, I did not mention your name, I just said it was a rumour I heard from outside. This matter, it involves the Mou family so you are not to tell anyone else do you understand?”


“Your mother, I, need to produce some results, only then can I give a better impression to your grandfather……”She had only spoken halfway, but Shu Ning wasn’t fooled by her, and stared at her ignorantly, Qin Yu Zhuo felt her internal organs hurting:”Ning Ning, right now all mother wants is you, you have to work hard, and produce some results and let others notice you! Only then can you gain a firm foothold in this family, and not get bullied by Shu Heng. I managed to get some money from selling the house and some jewelry, you should take it and buy a house as a small investment, don’t worry, don’t be afraid, I have everything arranged, you just wait to enjoy the limelight!”

Shu Ning laughed, the capital is here, as for being given figurehead rights Shu Ning did not mind, he did not contribute much in his past life, but to commit a fraud was something he was experienced in, these were all taught by the people hired by Qin Yu Zhuo, thanks to her, it was quite easy now for Shu Ning to use her, after all, it was under the name of Shu Ning wasn’t it?

Heh heh heh~

Qin Yu Zhuo had achieved her goals, and walked with flair, Shu Ning was only thirteen and he already knew how to invest, no matter how you look at it he’s a genius isn’t he? Shu Heng used the Mou family to make profits, but he could only do it in the dark, the tip of his tail must be hidden well. But Shu Ning was brought in by his stepmother, they were in different positions, thus the situation was also different, he can afford to play little tricks openly. Once the government starts to rectify, Shu Ning’s name will have time to shine, and she was still afraid of not being able to protect her status? What a joke!

As for Shu Heng’s acquirement of the second plot of land……rumours can be released when the time is appropriate, then all his hard work would’ve been for nought.

Within the room, Shu Ning looked at the geometry questions quietly, and his thoughts floated to his past life, while spinning a pen in his hand.

Shu Heng said he did not publish the criminal evidence, Shu Ning believes him, things were urgent back then, his mother was at a loss and she washed her face with tears, his younger brother was still so young, as a man and a brother he ought to put himself forward. If you wish to calm this matter down, you need to put out a person with status, simply pushing someone out to be the scapegoat would not work. As for the matters concerning his younger brother being the beneficiary for the property and stocks, it had become natural.

Later when he died in sickness, Shu Yao had just become an adult, and Shu Ning had already been abandoned.

A hatred born from a feud of life and death is irreconcilable, to be given birth to but not raised, they were no longer considered intimate.

Why did Qin Yu Zhuo treat me like this, Shu Ning no longer thought about it, since he had not reincarnated and had been given another chance instead, it means that his chains have not been broken. They had become mother and son again, naturally they would be tangled together for a lifetime, Qin Yu Zhuo let us play slowly, we’ll play until you die, the things you care about, I’ll ruin it, the things you like, I’ll turn it to waste.

Shu Yao, get born quickly~ Big brother will love you lots and lots.

The smile on Shu Ning’s face was exceptionally ferocious, where was there any hint of childishness? He hated it, he had been completely devoted for twenty some years, who could have several twenty years?

It was a little over nine o’clock, it’s time to go see Shu Heng.

This big golden thigh, thick and reliable, Shu Ning subconsciously stretched his hand out to pick up his pillow, and a trace of warmth flowed in the depths of his heart.

It was very quiet in the study, Shu Heng sat atop the chair, and was quite absorbed in his book.

Shu Ning yawned, and walked to the side of the table to pick up the thermos habitually, he unscrewed the lid, the inside contained warm milk, Shu Heng seems to have gotten accustomed to preparing it.

“My mom gave me money to buy a house.”

“Refuse her!”

You see, he was actually afraid of people trying to cheat me:”It’s fine, she says she’s already found people for the job, I’ll open my eyes big and watch over them properly.”

“She won’t let you see it.”

“Where do I have the right to refuse? She’s my mom!”Shu Ning pouted his little mouth grievingly, they were pink and moist.

Shu Heng did not answer, his eyes were looking towards that area, his throat bobbed, his mouth felt a bit parched.

Shu Ning drank his milk self-servingly, secretly he felt extremely pleased, Shu Heng had never once paid any mind to Qin Yu Zhuo, and it was even less likely for him to spend time to deliberately stare at the jumping clown, he wasn’t being careless, but the strength was placed there. Now for me, would he spend some time to pay attention to Qin Yu Zhuo? Ha ha ha, Qin Yu Zhuo’s gonna have it now!

After drinking it, Shu Ning stuck his tongue out and licked his mouth, he was in a good mood today, a bit had flowed out while he was drinking, he hurriedly licked it off. While drinking milk no matter how careful you are you would get a little stain, for the sake of his image he had to wipe it off quickly, Shu Ning had lazed off one time, but he didn’t expect that Shu Heng would suddenly stand up and leave, what’s with him? Shu Ning shrugged his shoulders, the effects of the medicine hadn’t even kicked in and he had already felt so tired he couldn’t stand it anymore.

Oh? There’s a little blanket on the sofa!

Am I seeing this right? How thoughtful! Shu Ning’s eyes were full of little stars, and all the pillows he disliked were gone, only the warm coloured ones were left! It’s too bad big brother went to the bathroom, if not he would give him a hug, showing brotherly love and respect and whatnot, such love! Does this count as me infiltrating the enemy territory? Pah, this is blood kinship!

Shu Heng took a cold shower, he had exceptional self-control, but he did not know why he had been getting more and more impulsive recently.

His little brother slept on top of the sofa, covered with a thin, black blanket, only half of his small face was exposed, his hair was scattered on top of the pillow, looking very petite and cute.

Shu Heng sat on the side of the big sofa, he supported himself with his two hands by Shu Ning’s side, his gaze was exceptionally profound……

Time passed like running water, in an instant the day of Shu Heng’s university entrance exam had arrived, Qin Yu Zhuo bustled around, and bought many broken houses in the villages next to the second plot of land, since the smell of raising pigs and cattle weren’t great, the price of the houses were cheap, as for the land, Qin Yu Zhuo did not touch it at all, she’s smart enough to know how to weigh the situation to her advantage.

Shu Ning showed his face, those villagers had all seen him, they felt that this child had a good birth and upbringing, their words were courteous, polite, and knowledgeable, in the future they definitely could not limit it.

Shu Heng who had just come out from the examination hall had his exit blocked by a great beauty, Xu Jin had invited many people, he wanted to go over with Shu Heng to get together, he didn’t think that Cheng Yaojin would suddenly show up along the way, is the goddess here to continue the confession spree?

“Are you free for a talk?”

The surrounding passersby had gloomy expressions, they were already accustomed to it, there were some who knew Shu Heng, and some who didn’t, but he wore a full set of tailored clothes as well as a Swiss branded watch, he was obviously a rich second generation, here’s a good show!

Shu Heng’s face was expressionless, his gaze deep and cold:”No time.”

Xu Jin laughed wickedly, he truly is the magnificent male god, his words of rejection were so ruthless, he did not show any hint of tenderness to women at all. The previous girl was still more carefree, Shu Heng looked for her in private, and that girl immediately agreed, she felt that Shu Heng was too cold, unsuitable with her open personality. Having a crush with someone and getting along with them are separate things, a male idol was just like a celebrity, one could only admire them.

The goddess reluctantly smiled, she could only give up……Facing the type of person like Shu Heng who yielded to neither persuasion nor coercion, at the same time of accepting her bad luck she felt a bit unwilling:”Do you have someone in your heart already?”

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Cheng Yaojin suddenly showed up along the way – Cheng Yaojin was a guy who was known to show up at the right time to disrupt somebody. He is one of the 18 warriors of the Sui-Tang period.

Man in the previous chapters it’s mentioned that Shu Heng is giving him sedatives but that sounds… so wrong….. I mean if you read it with that in mind it still sounds really wrong

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    Thanks for the chapter, three in one day I’m in heaven 😇😇😇

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  2. You are on a roll!!! /applauds! But please do remember to take proper rest and relaxation! As much as I love you for your frequent updates–I would hate for you to get overly stressed by it!

    Also, Shu Heng is going to become a master martial artist purely from the amount of cold showers he’s having to take lately. Just spend some time in there meditating each time and he’ll cultivate into godhood…

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    1. Translating is fun too~~ I’m a heavy reader so although some words give me headaches it’s not stressing at all 😃
      That would be really hilarious if he really did reach nascent soul just like that LOL
      But at least he will become even manlier and stronger when ning ning is finally older haha 💪💪 Thank you for reading!

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    Thanks for your hard work!

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    1. [Xu Jin laughed wickedly, he truly is the magnificent male god, his words of rejection were so ruthless, he did not show any hint of tenderness to women at all. The previous girl was still more carefree, Shu Heng looked for her in private, and that girl immediately agreed, she felt that Shu Heng was too cold, unsuitable with her open personality. ]

      Shu Heng already cut the girl off if I understand this passage correct

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  4. every novel has an obnoxious Cheng Yaojin…
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    big bro is so thirsty *almost feels bad for him but likes to see him suffer a bit*

    thank chu for the chapter~

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  5. Oh man, this goddess is actually…….pretty sensible. Now I hope the author doesn’t do a 180° just to mess with us because likeable mob characters are really rare.

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