TOIC Chapter 24

After they were done shopping, Chen Qianqing and Lu Zhengfei headed home.

Lu Zhengfei was carrying a box of yogurt and a few kilograms of fruits in his hand, while Chen Qianqing was holding a big bottle of cola. Even though neither of them liked Chen Xiaohui, they still played their proper parts as gentlemen, not leaving any of the baggage to Chen Xiaohui.

Chen Qianqing thought that Chen Qingyang would have settled his business by the time he came back, but never would have thought that he would hear the angry sounds of quarrelling between Liu Huamei and Chen Qingyang as soon as he opened the door.

Liu Huamei was clearly huffing from anger as she screamed at Chen Qingyang: “Chen Qingyang, you bastard! You did so much behind my back? How was I not informed that you wanted to sell my house? And for ten thousand? Do you want to try selling my house for that much and see what I’m going to do to you?!”

When Chen Qingyang saw that the children had returned, his face was twisted into an awkward expression and he tried to calm her in a hushed voice: “Huamei, if you can’t agree to it… we can discuss about it later, let’s not fight in front of the kids.”

Liu Huamei was pissed: “Don’t make me scold you! Listen, you better set everything straight today! I can agree to helping your sister, but don’t you dare touch my house!”

Chen Qinyu’s eyes had already turned red and she started to sob quietly on the sofa. She tried to speak: “Brother, sister-in-law, please don’t fight, I don’t have to have the house…”

Chen Qingyang said to her: “Qingyu, it’s hard enough raising Xiaohui by yourself, where are you going to live if you don’t have a house?”

Chen Qingyu put on a strong act: “Brother, even if I have to live under a bridge, I still don’t want to cause trouble for you!”

The first sight Chen Qianqing saw as soon as he entered was Chen Qingyang and Chen Qingyu’s two-man show. Actually, he could not understand Chen Qingyang too well, but following what he knew, it was reasonable to say that Chen Qingyang should have been a good father… But of course, you could be both a good father and a good brother at the same time.

Liu Huamei was almost losing it. She was usually not a hard-headed woman, and would generally discuss about the personal matters between her and Chen Qingyang in private; she had already taken a big step back for Chen Qingyang’s sister, but there was still no way she could accept what Chen Qingyang requested of her today.

Before retiring, there was a crowdfunded housing project which she participated in, and spent eighty thousand yuan on a house back then. After ten years, the urban planning and improvement done on the area over time improved the value of the house more and more. Just by renting out her house for a month, she could easily receive three thousand, and now Chen Qingyang was actually asking her to sell the house for a hundred thousand to Chen Qingyu? How could she ever accept such a condition!

Liu Huamei was laughing from anger: “Yeah, make me out to be the bad guy! You better listen here, Chen Qingyang, I will never agree to this. I can sell the house, but don’t even think about selling it for anything less than five hundred thousand!”

Chen Qingyang spoke up: “Huamei, the children are here!”

Watching up to this point, Chen Qianqing could already figure out what had happened. He said: “Dad, I’m fine, you better settle this properly with mom first.”

With the support of her son, Liu Huamei shot back with full momentum, saying: “Chen Qingyang, I know you care about your sister, I have brothers of my own! I know what you’re feeling, but you can’t do this. One hundred thousand! You think that’s enough to buy my house? That’s the house I’m keeping for Qianqing so don’t even think about it!”

Chen Qingyang sighed: “Don’t be angry, just calm down for now…”

Liu Huamei snorted and threw down her apron: “Qianqing, let’s go, we’re eating out tonight!”

“Sister.” Chen Qingyu started: “Don’t be angry, brother is just too worried about me… I… I should be the one to go. Come on, Xiaohui, let’s go home for lunch.”

With a sob, Chen Xiaohui started to cry.

It had originally been their fault, but she turned it around and made themselves out to be the victims instead. Chen Qianqing had no interest in this show at all, if life had a remote control, he would have definitely changed channels already.

Liu Huamei was besides herself with anger, so naturally she would not persuade them to stay. It was Chen Qingyang who finally got the pair to stay after some coaxing. He sighed: “Let’s have lunch before we talk about the rest, It wasn’t easy for Qingyu to come visit.”

Chen Qingyu and her daughter did not stay in C City, but rather, they lived rather far away from the main town. And it was because of this that Chen Qingyu wanted to buy the Chen Qingyang’s suite that was located in the downtown area.

Chen Qianqing felt that he might have come across such a matter in his past life, but since Chen Qianqing did not have the same opportunity to return home like this, Chen Qingyu actually managed to get her way during that time.

Liu Huamei was so pissed off that she was unwilling to cook, so Lu Zhengfei volunteered to make it instead.

The real Chen Qianqing might probably be surprised that Lu Zhengfei knew how to cook, but the current Chen Qianqing knew why Lu Zhengfei knew how to cook.

It was funny to talk about it, but Lu Zhengfei had expended all his energy in currying favour with Chen Qianqing, and specially went out to get cooking lessons, but it didn’t seem much like anything he could not accept.

Liu Huamei sat in the living room for a while, but she still felt that letting a guest cook by himself was no good so she still entered the kitchen with a long face. Then, it was not known what Lu Zhengfei had said to her, but the cheerful sounds of her laughter could soon be heard from the kitchen.

The atmosphere in the living room was quite awkward. Chen Qianqing was peeling an orange while he watched the television, completely ignoring the mother and daughter pair.

After some hesitation, Chen Qingyang turned to Chen Qianqing: “Qianqing, it’s not like daddy wants to be partial or anything, but your aunt really has it hard… Isn’t it enough for us as long as we have our own house to live in? Can’t we help them?”

When Chen Qianqing was still Lu Zhengfei, he had his own sister so naturally, he could understand Chen Qingyang’s need to help. But no matter what, even if it was your own brother or sister, you should still avoid probing over what the other party could accept.

After knowing what Lu Yiqin had done to Chen Qianqing in his past life, Lu Zhengfei sent her overseas, seemingly without even any hesitation. He ignored her pleading and all her tears, as if he had never had a sister to begin with.

Chen Qianqing spoke: “Dad, are you trying to persuade me?”

Chen Qingyang wanted to say more, but he could not get it out of his mouth. He knew that his family would definitely be against this, but he still could not bear to see his sister end up in the streets.

Chen Qianqing continued on: “Dad, you’re not the only one who wants to do good, I do as well, but do you really think I have the power to help? How much do you earn every month? How much does mom earn every month? It’s normal that mom would never accept you offering away several hundred thousands of yuan.”

Chen Qingyang sighed. Indeed, his usual salary was not high, it was only when the company sends him overseas that he could receive some subsidies, and the rent they received from that house had basically been used to pay for things around the house by Liu Huamei.

After hearing what Chen Qianqing said, Chen Qingyu’s gaze turned dark. She said: “Qianqing, you’re just a child so you don’t understand, I’m not greedy for your family’s wealth, it’s just that Xiao Hui is already a senior in high school, if she could have a place to stay… You know my house is far away from the city, she would only be able to come home once every month…”

Chen Qianqing snapped back at her: “So you planned to buy a house instead of just renting one? A hundred thousand yuan will be enough for you to rent a house for several years.”

Chen Xiaohui was still crying. She said: “Mom, it’s my fault…”

Chen Qianqing hated drama like this the most. Poverty consumes marriage they say, and it was a reasonable saying. Just look at Chen Qingyu, she even wanted to stick her fingers in her own brother’s money pot, truly hateful.

Chen Qingyu wanted to continue, but Chen Qianqing cut her off directly by saying: “We should eat lunch before we talk about this.”

Chen Qingyu could only shut her mouth.

Liu Huamei and Lu Zhengfei had finished preparing lunch and came out from the kitchen. Their faces finally improved, but there was not much to smile about. They all started to dig in after they set up the table.

Chen Qingyang felt awkward, but he couldn’t say anything so he could only sigh.

After lunch, Chen Qingyang spoke up: “Qingyu, you should just stay over for tonight.”

Chen Qingyu responded: “Forget it, brother, I’ll go after lunch, I can still make it.”

Chen Qingyang continued: “Come on, just stay, instead of rushing home we can head out for dinner tonight.”

As long as the whole house issue wasn’t brought up, Liu Huamei actually treated Chen Qingyu relatively pleasantly. She did not say anything after hearing Chen Qingyang’s suggestion, she only continued with her meal.

For Chen Qianqing who was eating the meal prepared by Lu Zhengfei and Liu Huamei, he actually felt that the taste was not bad, and even had a few seconds.

After lunch, Chen Qianqing was called by Liu Huamei to wash the dishes, and Lu Zhengfei joined him as well.

Lu Zhengfei said: “Qianqing, are you unhappy?”

Asking even though he clearly knew, how could anyone be happy with all this happening in their family? Chen Qianqing poured out some detergent with his head hung low: “What, and you’re happy about this?”

Being asked in such a way, Lu Zhengfei paused for a moment. After some thought, he responded to him earnestly: “Why don’t I buy your aunt a house instead?”

If it had been anyone else saying what he just said, then it might have been a joke, but Chen Qianqing was very clear that not only was Lu Zhengfei not joking around, he was extremely serious——Yes, buying a house for Chen Qianqing in C city was as simple as a snap of his fingers.

Chen Qianqing suddenly felt the need to sigh when he looked at this younger version of himself. He never felt this way before, but now, looking at the young Lu Zhengfei from the perspective of another person, he was simply brought to depression by his low emotional intelligence.

Chen Qianqing said to him: “You’re rich, huh?”

Lu Zhengfei responded: “… I’m doing alright.” Having yet to completely hold the reins of the Lu family, the amount of resources available to him was limited, but the amount could still be considered to be quite impressive.

Chen Qianqing continued: “If you’ve got that much money, put some in my card.”

Lu Zhengfei was so surprised that his eyes widened… This was the first time Chen Qianqing ever asked him for money.

Chen Qianqing said: “Take it as a loan, I’ll pay you back in two years.”

Lu Zhengfei said to him: “Qianqing, are you finally willing to accept me?”

Chen Qianqing looked at Lu Zhengfei with a serious gaze: “I could consider it if you turned yourself into money.”

Lu Zhengfei was actually speechless for once.

Chen Qianqing went on: “What are you looking at? Get those dishes washed, my leg is starting to hurt from standing.”

Hearing this, Lu Zhengfei put even more focus in washing the dishes.

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  1. CQQ’s dad is obviously a fcking idiot. And that sistee is such a shameless btch. I feel so bad for the mum. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

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  2. ksdfjksdfj i love that chen qianqing is literally an older version of lu zhengfei everytime i remember this i start to crack up because its so hilarious thinking about an older version of lzf just sighing at his younger selfs antics and inadequacy in pursuing him. thank you so much for this translation!!! i love your work so much

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  3. Can’t remember if I’ve commented on this story before but omg, I’m still loving it. I’m even kinda shipping older LZF/his younger self >.<, I just love all the context around their weird relationship, and the calm-but-mean way older LZF deals with his younger self…

    Thanks for the new chapter ❤ ❤

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  4. I can’t imagine how many times CQQ had to fight the urge to facepalm seeing his younger self antics. I always want to bury myself everytime I remember even a simple past mistake hahah

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  5. Not only is he subject to the whims of his past self, but he stuck with all the regrets and embarrassment he never felt at the time.

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  6. This dad…….reminds me of my dad orz
    It’s really frustrating and I have to remind him that “nice guys finish last” and what he’s doing by giving tons of money to anyone who wants it is a bad habit. I can only be happy that the parasites who always ask for money are in a different country.

    Also, “Watching up to this point, Chen Qingyang could already figure out what had happened.” –> Qingyang should be Qianqing.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😘

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  7. “I could consider it if you turned yourself into money.” Best comeback ever!!!
    Well now, I got my own little story to tell… Less then a year ago, my own “father” took out 2 grand out of my mom’s bank account. He send it to his little sister overseas without even telling anyone. They wanted a bigger house, because her daughters were fighting over a room. I shit you not.

    Of course, we got the money back. He was managing the money, so if mom haven’t overheard his skype conversation by pure accident, nobody would of know of it.
    I’ve been reading Chinese novels for a couple of years, and you’ll think shit like that happens only in fiction. The culture and countries might be different, but I can’t even laugh how many similarities I’ve stumbled on so far. Might as well write my own book.

    Makes you realize we’re not all that different after all, and all of us have at least one type of “crazy” in our life. 😂

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