TOIC Chapter 20

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Seeing the look of disbelief on Yuan Zhitao’s face, Chen Qianqing said: “He got too scared and ended up crashing into a wall.”

Lu Zhengfei: “……Yeah, I crashed into a wall.”

Yuan Zhitao responded with a very long ‘oh’, and went on: “And the both of you ran that fast even though you were both so scared? I was trying to look for the two of you for a very long time.”

Chen Qianqing snorted. He would never admit that he was afraid: “He dragged me away on purpose cause he was scared you’d see him shivering like a mouse.”

Lu Zhengfei: “……Yes, yes, you’re right.”

Yuan Zhitao: “Qianqing, are you and Brother Lu doing a comedy show? I want to eat ice cream, buy me one.”

Hearing this, Lu Zhengfei said: “He can’t stand for long with his legs, so the two of you wait here, I’ll go and buy it, what flavour do you want?”

THe reason why Yuan Zhitao was so casual with Chen Qianqing was because of their good relationship together, so Chen Qianqing would not care. But even though Lu Zhengfei offered, she still peered over at Chen Qianqing for his consent.

Chen Qianqing gave Lu Zhengfei a glance, and saw that he did in fact draw blood from his lips earlier, so he said: “Let him go.”

Yuan Zhitao said: “Then, thanks Brother Lu, I want strawberry flavour.”

Chen Qianqing turned towards Chen Qianqing: “What about you, Qianqing?”

Chen Qianqing shook his head. He was not a fan of such frozen treats.

Lu Zhengfei got up and set off to buy some ice cream cone for Yuan Zhitao. It was the National Day holiday, so there were many places at the shops as well. A very long line had formed in front of the ice cream stand, so he would be stuck here for at least 15 minutes or so.

Seeing that Lu Zhengfei left, Yuan Zhitao turned towards Chen Qianqing: “Qianqing, is he really your friend?”

Chen Qianqing responded: “Why do you ask?”

Yuan Zhitao’s complexion was rather strange, it looked as if she had something to say, but she was hesitating. After some thought, she still started in a soft voice: “Qianqing, are you still angry at me?”

Chen Qianqing had no idea what happened with him and Yuan Zhitao in the past, but hearing this, she must have done something to be sorry towards Chen Qianqing about. So, he tried to string her along for an answer: “What’re you talking about? I’ve forgotten.”

Yuan Zhitao said: “I didn’t mean to say those things to you.”

Chen Qianqing was still quite unsure of what happened.

Yuan Zhitao sighed: “I just……never, thought you were that kind of person.”

Chen Qianqing had a bad feeling about this. He responded: “What kind of person?”

Yuan Zhitao said: “I thought about it seriously, and you know, your sexuality really isn’t your fault and whatnot……but didn’t you like girls in the past?”

If Yuan Zhitao had come this far, then Chen Qianqing would be an idiot if he still did not understand what she was talking about. His calm face had become very stiff, and he could feel a buzzing in his head: “Yuan Zhitao, are you trying to say that I told you I liked men?”

Yuan Zhitao grinned: “You forgot? During the second half of your freshmen year, you suddenly told me……I didn’t want to make it out to be such a big issue, but, but, I really……couldn’t come to terms with it so quickly.”

Chen Qianqing kept silent. He looked at the unfamiliar girl in front of him, and suddenly had the urge to cry.

When Lu Zhengfei was trying to pursue Chen Qianqing, he never showed any hint to Lu Zhengfei that he was going soft on him. He would ignore Lu Zhengfei’s calls, refuse his gifts, and even refuse to look at him.

However, due to the inclusion of other sources of stimulation, being completely rejected by Chen Qianqing ended up causing Lu Zhengfei to use force on him.

But now, Yuan Zhitao was telling him that the original Chen Qianqing had already decided to accept men. To Chen Qianqing, hearing this piece of news was like hearing the thunder crash down on a sunny day.

Being someone that was originally stubborn, there was zero possibility of the original Chen Qianqing compromising after Lu Zhengfei had begun to use force on him.

It was Lu Zhengfei who destroyed everything. He was too young, and too hot-tempered, he was the one who completely destroyed the wonderful future they could’ve had together.

Chen Qianqing was no longer speaking. He looked at Yuan Zhitao and revealed a strange but sorrowful smile.

Seeing the sudden change of Chen Qianqing’s expression, Yuan Zhitao was slightly hesitant: “Qianqing……I really don’t discriminate against homosexuals, so don’t be like this. We’ve been friends for so many years, even if auntie doesn’t accept you, I will still support you.”

Chen Qianqing did not speak.

Somehow, Yuan Zhitao suddenly felt a little worried. She reached out to hug Chen Qianqing, and gave him a stiff pat on the back as she spoke word of comfort: “It’a okay, Qianqing, don’t cry, is that Lu Zhengfei the person you like? Don’t worry, I can help you get with him, I’m very amazing at getting the boys, ah, don’t cry……”

Chen Qianqing dropped his head down to look at the girl who was hugging him nervously, and spoke softly: “I was the one who ruined everything.”

Yuan Zhitao felt even more worried when she heard this.

When Lu Zhengfei headed back with an ice cream cone on his left hand, and a bag of popcorn on his right, he was met with the scene of Yuan Zhitao hugging Chen Qianqing.

Chen Qianqing’s head was hanging down with tears in his eyes. The expression he had looked so sad and dejected, as if he had realized a truth that he could not accept.

That Yuan Zhitao girl was being held awkwardly in Chen Qianqing’s embrace, and was comforting him by patting his back.

Though Lu Zhengfei had a big smile on his face prior to this, it slowly started to fade away. In front of him, Chen Qianqing had always been locked away behind that heavy suit of armor; but when it was someone else, to think he was able to reveal his weakness with such ease.

Lu Zhengfei really wished he could smile and say hello, but he could not keep that smile on his face. He really wanted to go straight over and tear Chen Qianqing from Yuan Zhitao’s arms, but he still endured it. In the end, he threw the popcorn he had bought for Chen Qianqing in the trash, and lit himself a cigarette.

The ice cream he bought was starting to melt. Lu Zhengfei finished his smoke and headed back towards Chen Qianqing and Yuan Zhitao. His face that was filled with tenderness had now been replaced with a false smile. His eyes held anger for Chen Qianqing, but for Yuan Zhitao, it was jealousy.

After calming down, Chen Qianqing turned his head and saw the smiling Lu Zhengfei with an ice cream cone in hand. The ice cream had already begun to melt, so it was clear that Lu Zhengfei had already been standing for a while.

Lu Zhengfei started: “The ice cream is already melting, should I buy you another one?”

Yuan Zhitao’s eyes were slightly red after being infected by Chen Qianqing’s outburst of emotions, so at the moment, she felt rather embarrassed. She spoke: “No no, it’s fine, thank you.”

Without another word, Lu Zhengfei handed the ice cream cone to Yuan Zhitao.

Chen Qianqing knew what Lu Zhengfei had seen, and he also knew what Lu Zhengfei was thinking about in his heart; however, he suddenly felt like he had lost any energy he could muster to an explanation, he just wanted to be by himself right now.

Yuan Zhitao was eating her ice cream, while Lu Zhengfei was sitting right beside Chen Qianqing, the two of them silent.

The bustling noises and yelling of the crowd surrounded them, but the atmosphere surrounding the three of them was so very quiet, it was like they were contained within their own world.

Finally, Yuan Zhitao could stand this no longer. She started: “Why don’t we try another attraction? Qianqing?”

Chen Qianqing’s entire mind was in the clouds, so when he heard Yuan Zhitao’s suggestion, his only reaction was to nod blankly.

However, Lu Zhengfei had no intentions of indulging in Chen Qianqing for his amusement anymore. He remained seated and said with a straight face: “We should head back early today.”

When Lu Zhengfei was nice to someone, you would think that he was a gentleman; but when he was angry, not many would dare to even look him in the eyes. He raised his chin faintly and said coldly: “Qianqing, say goodbye to your friend.”

When Yuan Zhitao heard this, he wanted to speak back to him, but when faced with Lu Zhengfei’s cold eyes, she had no way of spitting out the words that were turning circles in her mouth. At the end, she could only muster a whisper: “Qianqing, you don’t want to play anymore?”

If this was the original Chen Qianqing, then he might have been afraid of Lu Zhengfei; this was because he did not wish to reveal his relationship with Lu Zhengfei. However, the current Chen Qianqing had no such fears. He smiled and looked at Lu Zhengfei with eyes that were just as cold: “Why shouldn’t we?”

Lu Zhengfei’s breath stopped. He did not think that Chen Qianqing would actually dare to say that.

The original Chen Qianqing’s biggest mistake was his fear that Lu Zhengfei would actually harm him, but the current Chen Qianqing was very clear that Lu Zhengfei who was in this maddening state of envy was nothing more than a pitiful little worm. As long as Chen Qianqing did not run away, he would agree to anything, the threats that came from his mouth were as meaningless empty as words could be.

Chen Qianqing stood up and faced Yuan Zhitao: “Come on, let’s go and play.”

Lu Zhengfei was really angry this time. He grabbed Chen Qianqing’s wrist: “Are you sure?”

Chen Qianqing looked at him with a shallow smiles, and his eyes were filled to the brim with pity: “Are you going to join us or will you just be waiting for us here?”

Lu Zhengfei glared at him silently.

Yuan Zhitao tried to dissolve the atmosphere with care: “Qianqing……Maybe you should……head back for today?” She could not help feeling that perhaps they should not be provoking that man called Lu Zhengfei in front of them. Just being glared by him sent a chill down her spine.

Chen Qianqing patted Yuan Zhitao on the head: “We came out today to play, what do you think my mom’s going to say if we go back now?”

Yuan Zhitao made a sound of understanding, but did not say anything more. She could tell that there was something between Lu Zhengfei and Chen Qianqing, but she did not know how exactly they related to each other.

Chen Qianqing turned to Lu Zhengfei: “I want to eat popcorn.”

Lu Zhengfei snorted.

Chen Qianqing continued: “I want a mix of strawberry and vanilla flavour.”

Lu Zhengfei turned away.

Chen Qianqing went on: “I’ll be waiting for you with Zhitao at the Ferris wheel, you better hurry.”

Only then did Lu Zhengfei spit out a response: “I thought you didn’t like sweet things!”

Chen Qianqing put on a smile: “I didn’t like them in the past but I like them now. What, can’t I?”

That smile was able to disperse half of Lu Zhengfei’s anger in an instant. He hummed an acknowledgement and under Yuan Zhitao’s surprised gaze, actually set off to buy popcorn for Chen Qianqing.

Yuan Zhitao: “……Qianqing, is he really your boyfriend?”

Chen Qianqing responded coldly: “No, he’s my enemy.”

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