TOIC Chapter 11

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Chen Qianqing had tons of ways to deal with Liu Jingyang.

But in the end, he chose to deal with it in the most simple, and most convenient way——He complained. That was right, on that night, Chen Qianqing had said directly to Lu Zhengfei: “My classmate said I was being sponsored by you.”

Hearing this, Lu Zhengfei’s pleasant face fell downwards in an instant. He said: “Which classmate?”

“My roommate.” Chen Qianqing told him: “Liu Jingyang.”

Lu Zhengfei had actually never thought that Chen Qianqing would tell him such a thing. Chen Qianqing would rarely ask him to do anything, much less something like this that was borderline a complaint about someone.

“Mm, I’ll deal with it.” Lu Zhengfei said: “Is anyone else spreading rumours?”

Chen Qianqing was fiddling with his phone with his head down, but hearing what Lu Zhengfei had said, he raised his head with a blank face: “Aren’t you supposed to be the one investigating whether anyone was spreading rumours or not? Lu Zhengfei, are you trying to make my life hard in school on purpose?”

Lu Zhengfei thought that Chen Qianqing was angry because of those people, so there was not much he could say.

But in truth, Chen Qianqing was angry at himself. He always thought he was a competent lover, and at the very least, he would not let anyone harm the original Chen Qianqing. But after he had switched bodies, he realized that the things Chen Qianqing had gone through in the past, those were things he would never have known in the past.

Lu Zhengfei was strong enough, so he was not afraid of being talked about.

But the old Chen Qianqing cared about a lot of things, so these few words were enough to push him towards the endless pit of destruction.

As Chen Qianqing mulled over these feelings he had never had in the past, all he could get out of it was the fact that he really deserved to be dead.

But Lu Zhengfei cared about Chen Qianqing’s feelings, so he quickly sent someone to deal with the issue. On the third day since Chen Qianqing returned to school, Liu Jingyang dropped out.

When the news broke out, it was the ignorant Zhu Mao who was most surprised. it almost felt to him like he was a sage engrossed in his books, unknowing of all that happened in the external world. So, it was not until Liu Jingyang had packed his bags and was ready to leave did he realize that something was strange about all this. Zhu Mao tried to ask Liu Jingyang what had happened, but he would not tell him.

Lu Zhengfei had always been very tidy in his work, otherwise, Liu Jingyang would not be the only person who had discovered the relationship between him and Chen Qianqing out of coincidence.

When he left, Liu Jingyang looked down in the dumps. Turning to Zhu Mao, he yelled: “If you really want to know why I have to go, then go ask your good friend, Chen Qianqing!”

This was when Zhu Mao finally discovered that Liu Jingyang’s departure was related to Chen Qianqing.

So, during class that day, Zhu Mao whispered to Chen Qianqing: “Qianqing, were you the one who got Liu Jingyang dropped out?”

“Me?” Chen Qianqing was currently taking his notes, but seeing Zhu Mao’s rare spark of interest, he smiled: “Would I really wait all these months to get him kicked out if I had that capability?”

After a moment of silence, Zhu Mao continued: “What did you two talk about yesterday? Liu Jingyang looked like he was in a really bad mood when he came back……”

“Oh, he offended someone so he asked me for help.” Chen Qianqing did not feel like he was lying at all. He went on: “I didn’t agree to it.”

Hearing this, Zhu Mao was about 70-80% convinced. He knew that Chen Qianqing’s family was in a pretty good position, but still, it was not up to that level where he could just get someone kicked out if he wanted to.

Since he had received an answer, Zhu Mao continued to focus on class.

There were actually many passionate people in this world, and also many good people, but you could not expect everyone to show kindness to you.

In the evening, Chen Qianqing maneuvered himself into the car Lu Zhengfei had sent for him with his crutches.

“Young Master Lu says he will be back late tonight.” The driver told him: “He asked you to eat dinner without him.”

Chen Qianqing rubbed his chin thoughtfully and looked out the window, not responding. It was always Lu Zhengfei who waited for him during dinner, so even if Lu Zhengfei did not tell him this, he would still not plan to wait for him.

In order to make sure that Chen Qianqing could eat more, Lu Zhengfei had specially hired a chef, and the foods he served everyday were practically all Chen Qianqing’s favourites. But it was a pity that this Chen Qianqing was not the same Chen Qianqing, almost none of those dishes appealed to him; so without Lu Zhengfei around to stare at him, he had only eaten a little.

Fortunately, the dessert fit Chen Qianqing’s taste very well. He had actually always been very fond of such pastries, but since eating them would not fit with his image, he would rarely take the initiative to eat them. Now was good, he could eat them whenever he wanted to and he did not have to care about his image.

It was very late but Lu Zhengfei still had not come home, and Chen Qianqing could not be bothered to wait for him as well. He went to bed right after brushing his teeth, and had already fallen deep asleep by ten.

At one in the morning, Lu Zhengfei finally came home, his body covered with the smell of alcohol.

Lu Zhengfei had very good tolerance for alcohol, so he would rarely get drunk; but if he drank too much, his mind would still inevitably be affected. He went straight to Chen Qianqing’s room after coming home, and after seeing that Chen Qianqing was slumbering peacefully, he dropped a gentle kiss on Chen Qianqing’s lips.

Chen Qianqing had always found it hard to fall asleep, so even the sound of his footsteps was enough to wake him. His mind was still muddled with sleep when Lu Zhengfei came in, so when he was kissed, Chen Qianqing was already wide awake.

Chen Qianqing had not planned to open his eyes at the start, but the more Lu Zhengfei did, the more over the line he went. So, he had to stretch his hand out to push Lu Zhengfei away: “Let me sleep.”

Lu Zhengfei stopped his movements, and reached out to loosen his tie. With a husky voice, he whispered: “Qianqing.”

“How much did you drink?” Chen Qianqing turned on the lamp and saw Lu Zhengfei whose hair was slightly disheveled. He looked to the clock and said: “It’s one o’clock, go wash up and sleep, I still have class tomorrow.”

Lu Zhengfei did not budge, he continued to undo his tie and threw it to the table by the bed.

“Lu Zhengfei.” Chen Qianqing was a little annoyed. It had always been hard for him to sleep, so being bothered by Lu Zhengfei like this made it even harder: “I want to sleep.”

Lu Zhengfei made an acknowledging hum, but he still did not budge.

Seeing his reaction, Chen Qianqing was just about to say something, but he noticed one small detail.

There was a red smudge of lipstick on Lu Zhengfei’s white collar.

Chen Qianqing’s face soured in an instant. But of course, it was not because he was jealous, but because Lu Zhengfei had evoked his fury.

Lu Zhengfei would never go off track from this relationship, and nobody could be more clear about this than Chen Qianqing. After he and the original Chen Qianqing got together, he had never done anything with anyone else; the smudge of red on Lu Zhengfei’s collar was not so much any evidence of his derailment, but a stupid display of a demonstration.

Lu Zhengfei Lu Zhengfei did not wash his own clothes, so if he did not notice it now, then he would have even less of a chance to notice it after it had been washed the next day. But what would Chen Qianqing think when he saw this part of Lu Zhengfei? If anything, then presumably, it would not have been anything positive.

Flames of rage suddenly rose up Chen Qianqing’s heart. Looking at the younger version of himself, he almost felt the impulse to point at Lu Zhengfei’s nose, and insult him as a fool, but he tried very hard to calm himself down. Facing him, Chen Qianqing criticized coldly: “Lu Zhengfei, shouldn’t you clean that stuff off your collar before you come to me?”——These were things the original Chen Qianqing would never say. Even if he had seen them, he may only end up burying it down into his heart, and the hate he felt towards Lu Zhengfei would deepen as well. Think about it, you imprison me and say you love me, but you even got something like that on you? If he could still treat Lu Zhengfei well after this, then it would really be strange.

Hearing this, Lu Zhengfei looked down and saw the marks that threw Chen Qianqing into a rage.

When he saw the red mark on his collar, his expression had turned just as terrible as Chen Qianqing’s.

“Qianqing, I can explain.” On such a rare occasion, Lu Zhengfei was actually panicked.

After being roused from his sleep all of a sudden, Chen Qianqing was still feeling quite annoyed, so seeing how much of a loser Lu Zhengfei was being, it annoyed him even further. In a straightforward manner, he told him: “Lu Zhengfei, get out of here if you really feel sorry, it’s one o’clock right now and I need sleep. If you have anything to say, tell me tomorrow, okay?”

“……” Seeing how irritated Chen Qianqing was, Lu Zhengfei was silent for a moment, but he still turned to leave.

Chen Qianqing heaved a long sigh and turned the lamp off before shrinking back into his blanket.

Insomnia was probably one of the hardest ilnnesses to bear. Ever since that time with Lu Zhengfei, Chen Qianqing had been finding it very hard to sleep well. After he had been woken up by Lu Zhengfei, he practically did not sleep after that. With the whole lipstick fiasco still fresh in mind, Chen Qianqing’s mood when he got up in the morning could be described as abysmal.

Today, they had Chen Qianqing’s favourite soft-boiled eggs for breakfast; it was the only favourite he had in common with Lu Zhengfei. After brushing his teeth, the exhausted Chen Qianqing came to the table with black circles under his eyes, and saw Lu Zhengfei with his under eyes just as dark sitting at the table. Clearly, Lu Zhengfei had also suffered a rough night’s sleep yesterday.

“Qianqing.” Lu Zhengfei’s voice was soft, and he sounded almost as if he was a primary school student who had been caught doing bad things by his parents: “About that mark from yesterday……”

“Lu Zhengfei.” Chen Qianqing cut him off. Seeing Lu Zhengfei’s current appearance made him feel both angry and humoured: “I don’t care what you do outside, but can you at least keep them out of my sight?”

“I didn’t cheat on you.” It was rare for Lu Zhengfei to lower himself, but he had really done something wrong, and he was not the type of person who would refuse to admit his mistakes: “I will find out who made that mark, but please don’t misunderstand……”

Chen Qianqing laughed and finished his milk and eggs, heading straight off to class with his crutches straight after.

Lu Zhengfei could tell that Chen Qianqing was not in the mood to listen to any of it at all, so he ended up keeping it to himself after all. But just by seeing how tightly he was gripping onto his chopsticks, you could tell whoever tried to play a trick on him yesterday would not be let off easy.

Chen Qianqing was slightly dazed in the car. He had not been Chen Qianqing for long, not even for half a year, but everything that he had experienced proved to him that he knew nothing about Chen Qianqing. You could even say that he knew nothing of the world Chen Qianqing lived in.

So, for them to reach that kind of conclusion now seemed to him as nothing surprising.

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