RWSB Chapter 78


I need sleeeeeeeeep


Second by second passed!


You’re so heartless, you actually didn’t call me!

Let’s see if I’ll still talk to you in the future!

A bottom was a bottom, they get unreasonable when they’re hungry.

Each day Shu Ning passed felt as if they lasted for years, the person he expected never appeared. He had his arms crossed over his chest and his legs kept on shaking, and shaking, he was irritated and gloomy, and his eyes were stuck to the phone without moving away at all.

Ding~It had just rung when Shu Ning immediately answered the call. Actually, only ten minutes had passed, perhaps Shu Heng had gone to the washroom or he may have been walking, ten minutes wasn’t so bad.


“Did you miss me?”


“If you don’t then I won’t call anymore.”

“You wouldn’t dare!”The words had just left his mouth when Shu Ning regretted it immediately, he just realized, Shu Heng must have done it on purpose today! Because Shu Ning had ignored his calls deliberately quite a few times before this. Shu Heng’s got the guts, he’s actually playing around with me like this, unhappy~ Unhappy~ He was thinking about how unhappy he was, but Shu Ning’s mouth was curled into a smile:”Call me on time!”

“I shall obey!”

They were just three words but they filled Shu Ning’s heart with joy, he had a feeling as if he had become an emperor, and inwardly he thought to himself, Little Heng, your emperor is in a bad mood so quickly cheer me up~

“I heard you got tenth place in the whole year for your mid-terms, that’s amazing, your gift will arrive tomorrow in the afternoon, you’ll definitely like it.”

What could I be more in a hurry for than you? Shu Ning rolled his eyes:”Will you be returning at the end of the year?”

“How could that be possible?”

God, Shu Ning stomped his feet:”You still have to be there for longer?”

The little one was furious, he was definitely very cute right now, but it was a pity that he refused to do video calls, Shu Heng was slightly regretful:”I’ll come back in the middle to see you, silly.”

You’re the silly, you’re the only silly one in the entire family, Shu Ning was prideful  ̄へ ̄

His little brother went silent again, Shu Heng would always hold him in his arms and comfort him every time he went silent:”I miss you so much.”

“Me too,”Shu Ning’s voice was very quiet, he clearly wanted to pull away the boundaries but he was always reluctant, he would feel so fulfilled every time he heard his voice, he had really sunk down and couldn’t pull himself out anymore. Shu Ning brightened up, the topic was too warm, Shu Heng didn’t try to hide any special meanings in his words but Shu Ning couldn’t stand it:”How’s the weather in M Country?”

“It’s alright, I can take a car out so I don’t feel much.”

“Stay safe.”

“Mm, you too, don’t always go out alone, bring your bodyguards with you.”

“Okay, I’ll listen to you. Brother, you should be tired from your studies right? Take care of your body, I hope you won’t miss home too much and end up coming home early, don’t work too hard~”

His little brother’s voice was soft and cozy, sounds very pleasant, Shu Heng was intoxicated by it as if a little kitten was scratching at his heart, it felt very itchy. At that thought, he narrowed his eyes:”Alright, you too.”


“Don’t start dating too early!”

“I won’t!”Shu Ning frowned, who am I gonna do that with? The one I like is you, silly.

“Don’t get too close with girls.”

“You too.”

“……”Shu Heng stopped, and an inexplicably he felt very happy, was this his little brother’s concern, or jealousy? If it was the latter, Shu Heng might have been unable to bear it and flown back immediately, and then push him down……and do this and that over and over.


“I’m here,”Shu Heng was speaking tenderly with Shu Ning until Shu Ning had started to feel sleepy, only then did he reluctantly wish him a good night.

Shu Ning did so as well:”Good bye brother, remember to call me on time.”

“Alright, I’ll do everything you say.”

In a flash, summer arrived, Shu Heng flew back and brought Shu Ning who was on his holiday all over to have fun. They went to the sea side, to some small islands, and they would nestle up in their room during the day, then have barbecue at night and went down to the beach to play, they went to a planetarium, they went boating, speedboating, fishing, and visited ancient cities, buying antiques, sat on the ferris wheel, and bungee jumping. When the two held each other tightly under the gazes of everyone, the feeling was super good, and super blissful, Shu Ning didn’t even want to open his eyes, and Shu Heng was also willing to keep on soothing him, he was worried that his little brother would get scared.

Everything was fine back at the ancestral home, when Shu Ning and Shu Heng returned, they just so happened to see Shu Yao playing in the living room with several maids by his side, the twenty-one month old little guy had learned to run since a long time ago, but he still wasn’t very good in speaking, the baby voice and childish manner looked exceptionally cute. Meanwhile, Shu Ning felt instead that he was a little devil, he was so young and he already enjoyed riding on other people, and snatching toys from others, even if the maids had mouths, it was hard for them to complain, so Shu Ning hurriedly stopped them.

Shu Heng waved a hand to the servants, and they nodded, then took Shu Yao away.

Shu Yao just so happened to look towards Shu Ning and his big, big eyes were extremely adorable as he flapped his arms about, making an action to signal that he wanted to hit someone~

Trying to scare me? Shu Gao and Shu Cheng weren’t here anyways, Shu Ning rolled his eyes in front of him and gave him a big one, even his eyes were gone ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Shu Heng was filled with thoughts as he saw the scene. Shu Ning took Shu Heng’s hands and walked inside, up to the fourth floor, Shu Gao knew that they were going to return so lunch was already prepared and awaiting them. Wash hands, wipe your face, Shu Heng and Shu Ning sat down, and Shu Cheng rushed back, looking all worn and travel-stained, what on earth had he gone to do?

Shu Cheng was holding a gift, Shu Ning had bought one as well, and they sent each other gifts mutually. Shu Gao had also prepared red packets, he was old so he didn’t know what the younger generation liked, so it was the most practical to give him money as a gift.

And Shu Ning loved red packets the most, the red packets got thicker and thicker as he grew, he loved them all to death.

“You like red packets?”

Uh, big brother suddenly spoke, frightening Shu Ning so much he nearly yelled out. He guarded his red packets and pressed them deeply into his arms, this was a subconscious reaction to cover his chest but he didn’t expect that everyone had misunderstood. Shu Gao laughed out loud while Sun Lin was standing beside him soothing his back in worry, Shu Cheng had a hearty smile and his voice was exceptionally resonant, even Shu Heng couldn’t resist turning up the corners of his mouth, but it was too quick so nobody caught it.

Shu Ning knew what had happened and he put the red packets on the table, his face was flushed red, he reckoned that it was useless even if he climbed up a hill to hide……_(:зゝ∠)_

However, Shu Cheng had given Shu Ning a red packet worth a million later due to this great blessing, while Shu Heng gave him ten million, Shu Gao would give him red packets worth ten million every single day, and in the end Shu Ning wasn’t even willing to leave anymore, while Shu Heng was the one who had to haul him over his shoulders in front of Shu Gao and Shu Cheng to leave. Shu Ning waved his hands about in a tearless cry, I-I-I’ve already finished my high school studies in my past life, I’m not going~ Not going~


I want red packets~


Shu Cheng laughed until his stomach hurt, he had never laughed so heartily before, it was way too funny, this was my own dear son, this is wonderful, Ning Ning was a big living treasure. When he graduates, he would stay in C City to take care of the family, this was pretty good. Shu Gao had also laughed so much he could barely breathe, he even had to take medicine. Sun Lin had a helpless look, but he himself was also laughing so hard he choked.

Ah, this second young master, he was the big baby of the whole of Shu clan, everybody dotes on him, normally Shu Yao was clearly the one most doted on, but he was taken into the old room as soon as the second young master returned. After Shu Ning had left for a while was Shu Yao carried out once again to be cared for, Shu Gao gave Shu Yao’s unhappy little face a touch:”My baby, what’s wrong?”

“I want grandpa I want dadda!”

“Alright, daddy is yours, grandpa is also yours,”Shu Gao was coaxing this small little person, holding him in his arms with an exceptionally compassionate look in his eyes, he wondered to himself what did Ning Ning look like when he was young?

On the other side, Shu Ning had his head drooping down, and would flash a resentful glare to Shu Heng every so often, but he didn’t speak, he was just a ball of anger. Shu Heng carried him into his arms to coax and kiss him, and patted and rubbed him for a long time before Shu Ning showed him a smile. Shu Heng moved his hand into his little brother’s clothes as Shu Ning leaned comfortable against his brother’s arm, if you want to touch, then just go ahead, you won’t be able to touch me once you fly away.

The two went to see the uncle, they parted on bad terms last time but they had a lot of fun this time, and also the foreman and the uncle had been very awesome, they actually changed to a double bed without saying anything! Shu Heng and Shu Ning slept together at night, you’ll give my nose a pinch and I”ll give you a bite, having fun together. This place wasn’t the same as home though, the little house didn’t have an air conditioner.

The foreman said they should sleep with the door open, since it would be more comfortable with the cold breeze blowing in, but Shu Heng was silent and Shu Ning refused!

With the window open and the fan on, Shu Heng was only wearing his underwear and so was Shu Ning.

His little brother’s pale skin was as clear as now, he was slim and his curves were perfect and moving, the feeling on his hands was very good, full of elasticity, especially his tummy, it was soft and fit his preferences completely. Shu Heng’s hand was roaming around, touching and squeezing, saying this part was developing well, that part needs training, there’s a lot of mosquitoes in the summer so you must pay attention.

Shu Ning who was being pampered narrowed his eyes comfortably, especially when the inner section of his thighs were being rubbed, his body couldn’t stand it and trembled, it felt very ticklish as if a spark of electricity was running through him, but his phone suddenly rang and destroyed the warm atmosphere. Shu Ning pursed his lips, he was unhappy, but looking at the screen of the phone it was actually He Ran who called!

What’s he trying to do?


He felt a pin on his calves and Shu Ning turned back to see, big brother bite me?

“Don’t just daydream, pick up the call~”He just so happened to be able to use this as a reason to harass his little brother, and play it off as just playing, but he was actually just taking advantage of him, he really really wanted to sleep with him. Shu Heng had a very difficult time enduring these years, he would pounce over every time he could find an opportunity and give him a few wolfish kisses, then a nibble, searching him up and down with his hands, wasn’t this wonderful?

Shu Ning replied with an “okay” and picked up the call like a good boy, but it was actually because Shu Heng’s eyes were too scary, and it wasn’t because he really wanted to pick up He Ran’s call.

The call went through, and they were both silent. It had been a long time since they last met up so neither of them knew what to say to each other.

He Ran was so, and Shu Ning hated him, naturally that was so as well. The two little mountain peaks had been rubbed, Shu Ning’s breathing fell into a disorder but he didn’t dare to turn back, and then~ The meat dumplings were bitten! Shu Ning had really gone silly, he was immediately frozen in space for a long time and couldn’t get back to his senses, up until He Ran was finally willing to speak. For a while, Shu Ning hoped that he would continue to stay silent, his big brother had taken several more bites, it was just a slight pain but it felt very good.

“My big brother is getting married to the Wen Clan Financial Group’s young lady in the capital.”

“Congratulations,”Shu Ning responded without a single hint of sincerity, he had decided to marry a fool for the sake of the He family’s glory, he wasn’t being responsible towards himself or the girl at all, is it a sin to be slow? The Wen clan had been living very rich lives for a good few generations, they took promises very seriously and did many good deeds, they hoped that He Jiong could be kind to the girl, otherwise they would never forgive him.

Shi Lang had gone in so easily last time because he didn’t keep himself in check, if he really didn’t do anything wrong it wasn’t likely for the Wen clan to say anything either!

In other words, it just showed how much the Wen clan paid attention to He Jiong, if not what did they do that to Shi Lang for? He Ran was also stupid, it wasn’t clear what his involvement was with Shu Zi Hui’s matters and he also spread those kind of matters, wasn’t he just showing that he was jealous? But it was already too late to reflect on it, impulses are the devil’s temptation! He had just wanted to make Shu Zi Hui look bad but he himself suffered an even heavier blow to his reputation, rumours were springing up non-stop and he had been dragged over to the teacher’s office for a talk, and in the end he was left in his room to be educated every day, his mother had to explain nicely about his family’s situation, he can’t be allowed to cause trouble any longer.

He Ran was silent, and Shu Ning had bitten down on his lips, his big brother……Lick~ My leg? This was too shocking! The feeling was hard to describe!

“Shu Ning.”

“Hah?”As soon as he opened his mouth he had called out.

He Ran did not misunderstand, he thought that Shu Ning was just asking. He hesitated for a moment before hs poke:”My brother’s coming back with his wife.”

“And……And then?”He couldn’t speak anymore, how hateful, how could you treat me like this? Shu Ning’s entire body was flushed red and turned his head back in a charming way, and gave him a glare.

With just one glance, even Shu Heng’s soul had flown off. With his brother watching, he opened his mouth~ Lowered his head~ Bite down~ And a watch emerged~


Shu Ning calls Shu Heng Xiao Heng Zi when talking about the emperor part, it is a common way to call eunuch slaves Xiao(name)Zi

Apparently the watch is a bite mark… but it’s not on the wrist… why is it still called a watch??? is life real? am I alive? what is going on?

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  1. It’s because whenever someone is bitten, a big, circular mark appears and it’s called a watch. Normally it’s done on the wrist, so that’s where “watch” comes from, but I guess it still applies with the leg? I don’t know Chinese, but my mom always called it a watch when she did that to me ^^

    Thank you very much for the update! First time commenting :0

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      1. O.O well… after this i bet the fashion designer would built one for the butt. -imagine butt clock- They hv invented tie watch, keychain and necklace.

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      2. maybe it’s a game, making a watch on your wrists? o . oa
        ah, might be like this too:
        someone strapped their watch too tightly it left a mark, his coworkers think it’s kiss mark but it was really a watch mark?

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      3. Perhaps it’s in reference to pocket watches? Since they can basically be anywhere you have a pocket and they’re big and round.

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  2. Maybe an alarm or some allusion to get past censorship? No idea. If I were you, I’d read the start of the next chapter for context? And then you might as well translate it for us while you’re there. ;P

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      1. I thought Ning was turning and looking at him, maybe he hit a second location after the butt! It’d be hard to look at him biting back there and Ning had turned… right?

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      2. Butt! Poor little Ning. I wonder how his reaction will be. Then it will be “poor big Heng” heh.

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    1. You’re a genius!!! But maybe Shu Heng doesn’t want to encourage Ning Ning curiosity with others? Who knows? XD However scene like this would be glorious ^_^

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  3. Thank you for the update and your hard work 😀. He Ran, what’s your point of calling, so what your big bro is getting married to Wen girl. SH already have a plan for your clan and Wen clan. So just find a cliff and jump 😠.

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  4. I heard somewhere that the thing with the watch is slang, there was a story with it, I don’t remember that well though…
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    Aww, he loves him so much he can’t leave him even though he’s his big brother :(( SH GDI (*/益\*)

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    1. anyone still remember that friend back home, the class president who helped Shu Ning back in the first ten chapters?? wonder what he’s doing now
      SN said ‘we’ll be friends from now’ and then we never hear of him again

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      1. right!?? I was thinking maybe he was a figment of my dream, a midsummer night dream
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  8. This hungry wolf really do not hesitate to take a bite, I hope it only gets there because NN is not yet legal, that slow grows, but thanks to that there are more “subtle” moments between them and the best thing is that it is mutual. He asked me who will be planning SH for the family. He allowed NN to answer his call.
    P.S. I insist the uncle and the foreman should formalize
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  10. Hm…what is He Ran up to…? After doing what he did to his ex-fiance, I can’t say that there’s ANYTHING that he can do to redeem himself in my eyes, atm. That was such vile behavior.

    Also, loved the interaction between SN and SH–as usual. I really hope Shu Gao and She Cheng live longer in this reality–especially Shu Cheng. I don’t want to see Ning Ning and SH hurt like that.

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  13. I didn’t get the paragraph of shu Yaos and shu ning interaction. Once shu yao waves his arms around like he wants to hit, Shu ning says,
    “Trying to scare me? Shu Gao and Shu Cheng weren’t here anyways, Shu Ning rolled his eyes in front of him and gave him a big one, even his eyes were gone -“.
    What does he mean by “big one” and that “his eyes were gone”? Is this a Lost In Translation thing??


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