RWSB Chapter 56



Sleep together……Shu Ning did not find anything out of the ordinary with this sentence so he did not put it to heart.

“Who said I disliked it? I like it, how about we make a rabbit nest? You’ll be wearing a set of bunny pajamas as well, we’ll place a few radish pillows there and a grass blanket, then we brothers can play house, how does that sound?”

Shu Heng:”……”

Ha ha ha ha, you’re dumbfounded now aren’t you? You want to joke with me? I’ll let you ride on the rocket right away and give you some exhilaration in your life! Being thirteen is not without its benefits, at least it wouldn’t be suspicious of him to play the part of the fool and act innocent! Shu Ning was overjoyed in his heart and he looked towards the ocean, this is great. Shu Heng would occasionally look over to Shu Ning thoughtfully, he closed the hood of the car and turned on the air conditioning.

Although it felt unacceptable at first, but after pondering about it it wasn’t as if it could not be considered, as long as my brother likes it……

His brother wearing a white fluffy bunny outfit with ears on his head, and even with a little bunched up tail on the back, he could feel how adorable and cute it was just by thinking about it. The one Shu Ning wore on his body right now was quite cute as well, he was worried that he wouldn’t like it so he specially bought one with a small tail, it was better than nothing, there was nothing much about it, it wasn’t even as big as an ordinary glutinous rice ball.

Since his little brother wanted to play house, would he learn to hop around like a rabbit? Maybe, if not he wouldn’t mention radish pillows, as to not ruin brother’s interests it’s enough for me to just wear pajamas with rabbit designs, Shu Heng was thinking about the interesting scene and his cold face had softened considerably, the corners of his mouth were curled up and there was a glimmer in his eyes……

If Shu Ning found out would he spit blood……

The evening sky was the same as the afternoon, it did not seem to be getting dark soon, it was so hot that it was sizzling. Shu Heng stopped the car by the roadside and bought an ice cream from a snack booth, many students were outside observing the luxurious car curiously, there seemed to be someone sitting inside, seeing how eye-catching the handsome guy who came out of the car was, could there be a top beauty inside?

Shu Ning didn’t dare to go down, he was afraid of becoming a laughing stock. His brother returned very quickly and the two shared the ice cream with a bite for me and a bite for you, Shu Ning did not suspect anything because the shaved ice from before was also the same, his brother kept on worrying about whether he would get sick, the ice cream that entered his mouth was cold but his heart was warm.

They’ve finished eating, Shu Heng had just taken out a wet towel when Shu Ning extended his hand over, but he did not expect that his brother would……

“I’ll do it myself!”It’s not like I’m crippled, Shu Ning was slightly embarrassed.

“Didn’t you move your hand over so I could help you wipe?”

“……”I don’t understand the great god’s logic!

“Alright,”Shu Heng took out another piece and Shu Ning hurried to snatch it over and wiped his mouth, Shu Heng snatched it back once again, he had gotten displeased:”Use a towel to wipe your mouth you little idiot.”

“……”You’re the idiot, Shu Ning was angry, he rolled his eyes and watched Shu Heng bustle about as he sat quietly.

Only after gently wiping the little one’s mouth did Shu Heng settle his own self, Shu Ning looked askew at him, and gradually the sweet feeling returned and he was happy again. Huh? There were a lot of notices on the wall of the food court, actually there were only crab catching tools up for sale, Shu Ning gave Shu Heng a push and his eyes were bright:”Brother, I want to catch crabs.”

Looking at the direction pointed by the little finger, how could Shu Heng not understand the meaning:”Alright.”

He got out of the car again to buy it and returned with two buckets, there were even two tongs inside. Shu Ning held it in his hands and felt slightly ashamed, how old was he now and he still liked to play with these things?

No matter, I am thirteen this year, ha~ ha~ ha~ black lines~

“Don’t like it?”

“I like it! Thank you brother,”Shu Ning hurriedly coaxed Shu Heng, the only thing lacking was to put on a tail and give it a shake:”I was just thinking about how we’re going to play with it.”

“It’s good as long as you’re happy!”

They started the car and left, Shu Heng was thinking that it was right to bring him out, if not the foul atmosphere of the house wasn’t great and it would affect the little one’s mental health. He Ran and Shu Zi Hui’s matter made the two family quite guilty, especially the He family, they didn’t want to admit it but the Shu family weren’t vegetarians either, if you touched her then you’ve touched her!

If this matter was replaced with a normal family, they could have resolved it by law or by private reconciliation and whatnot.

But it was different for the second house, they had might and background, they had their eyes on He Ran’s family and wouldn’t let go no matter what, it was quite easy for the He clan if they didn’t want Shu Zi Hui, but this matter had already involved Shu Cheng, and Shu Cheng had even come knocking, things can’t be settled so easily anymore. He Ran was willing, Shu Zi Hui was pretty and cute, marrying her was no big deal.

But the He family members were unwilling, the Shu family’s second house was like a dog biting down and not letting go, are they treating us as pie?

He Ran wasn’t sensible and they couldn’t blame him. Instead, they spent the whole day sitting in the house scolding Shu Zi Hui for her behaviour, never thinking about why the saying exists about the fact that it takes two hands to clap.

Han Yu was all tears, her eldest and her second son were by her left and right consoling her, the youngest son He Ran was eating fruits while sitting next to He Chang indifferently.

He Chang was also the same, he was as cool as a cucumber, Han Yu wiped her tears:”Honey, why don’t you say something? Entering the family tree is no small matter!”

“Just let her in.”

“How can that do? That girl from the second house is unworthy of our Ran Ran.”

He Chang drank his tea and crossed his legs, with an unfathomable look on his face:”Then let her become part of the main house.”

“……”After a quick pause Han Yu laughed, her beautiful eyes were glimmering:”How could Shu Cheng be willing?”

And so these few people laughed, this matter was like a rolling snowball and it had finally rolled to the top of Shu Cheng’s head, a plate of absurdity was served straight to him. Shu Gao did not have any response when he found out, he watered his flowers and pruned the branches, Shu Cheng was squatting to a side and plucking grass whereas Qin Yu Zhuo was sitting on the swing, she scraped the rope with her nails:”That Zi Hui child seems quite good, we have some enmity with the He family because of the land business so why don’t we take the chance and fulfill their wishes, and what’s more……Brother Cheng doesn’t want to fail his cousin, so how about this~ dad! Put Zi Hui under my name, just like Shu Ning.”

At first Shu Cheng was very grateful to Qin Yu Zhuo, his dad was stubborn and hard to persuade but what does her last sentence mean? Was Shu Zi Hui the same as Shu Ning? Shu Cheng looked up towards Shu Gao, sighed, and continued plucking grass.

Shu Gao was displeased and he gave a slap across Shu Cheng’s head:”Take a good look, that’s a flower seedling, are you blind?”

Shu Cheng:”……”

Qin Yu Zhuo’s eye twitched, my male god……Dad! There’s still dirt on your hand!

Qin Yu Zhuo had already contacted the second house, on the surface she was talking about personal matters but actually she was beaming in her heart, this is Gu Ya, the lady of the Gu clan! The Gu family had moved here to C city from the capital, and they were very powerful, everyone knew that the Gu family had got into a fight with another family and lost, but they still had insider information and had the chance to rise up again, they shouldn’t be looked down on.

But Gu Ya’s finesse was very high, she was the true leader of the second house.

Shu Ling Yun doesn’t care for his family, he brought his beautiful friends all over the country to paint, to put it plainly he was bringing his little lover out to pass their days and opened exhibitions everywhere, amorous and elegant, spending his wife’s hard-earned money. Everyone says that he was a talented and wealthy prince, he even knew how to play the guzheng, the harp, as well as other instruments, how could his head not be up in the skies?

He threw down his wife and three kids, including the one birthed by his lover, and threw them all to the wife to take care of, what the hell.

Qin Yu Zhuo can’t afford to look down on this type of man the most, they have no sense of responsibility, they’re selfish, and in her eyes Shu Ling Yun was a heartless rat and a scumbag.

Now that Qin Yu Zhuo could call her by Xiao Ya, it was needless to mention how happy she was. Both Shu Gao and Shu Yu’s wives have already died off in their life, Shu Cheng will have the highest seniority in the Shu clan, and naturally Qin Yu Zhuo was the highest ranking amongst her sister-in-laws, as they say your eldest brother is like your father and his wife is like your mother.

And now Gu Ya was in a terrible fix because of her daughter, Qin Yu Zhuo’s care was what she needed the most at this moment, although shamelessly she did not care much for Qin Yu Zhuo, when the crucial time came she couldn’t not lower her head anymore, Gu Ya called her sister-in-law, and she was happy to call her that, as if they were sisters separated for a long time!

After the two reached a consensus of mutual benefits did Qin Yu Zhuo propose this even if she had to bite the bullet.

During Shu Cheng’s silent weeding, a dark cloud gloomed over his head, he had to be able to settle his cousin’s matters, but the old man won’t stop being obstinate, the atmosphere felt like it was solidifying when Qin Yu Zhuo once again proposed:”Actually, we can let Shu Zi Hui sign an agreement, the things that you men aren’t good at talking about, I can look for sister-in-law to have a talk, it’s easier to talk between women!”

With the agreement, Shu Zi Hui’s inheritance rights would be void.

Shu Gao continued to clip off the branches, he was done grooming them, they looked pretty nice:”The main house is the main house, and the second is the second, the He clan is getting worse by the day, what is there for them to fear?”

Shu Cheng thought so as well:”The He clan hasn’t toppled yet, we need to be vigilant.”

“Dad, didn’t you always want a granddaughter?”Qin Yu Zhuo had thought it through early on, bit by bit, she had to take down Shu Gao:”Actually that Zi Hui child is quite pitiful, she was just a year younger than Ning Ning and it had even happened within the ancestral home, no matter how we talk about it we still have some responsibility, even if she doesn’t go under my name wasn’t her surname also Shu?”

They’re a family, they should be bound together for good or ill, Qin Yu Zhuo’s intentions are very clear.

“Stupid,”Shu Gao didn’t even look at Qin Yu Zhuo, he walked two steps and started to prune the plants again, even if he wanted a granddaughter it had to be Shu Cheng’s.

“Dad~”Shu Cheng stopped weeding on the ground, his eyebrows were in a slight frown:”This was the first time Ling Yun begged me for help, I can’t not help him, let’s just follow what Qin Yu Zhuo says and let the second house sign an agreement to put her under my name alright?”

“No need,”Shu Gao put down the scissors, his eyes that could see through everything shone with a sharp glint:”Put her under me.”

Qin Yu Zhuo was surprised:”Dad, this……”

Shu Cheng smiled faintly, he was happy:”Ok, I’ll take care of it.”

And just like that, one registry became two with Shu Cheng as the head of the household, beneath him was his wife and kid Shu Ning, and the other head of the household was Shu Gao with his granddaughter Shu Zi Hui under him, from the looks of it nothing was wrong but actually it was more than that. I’m the grandfather, but at the same time I am also the grandfather of all the kids, all of Shu Gao’s property was notarized and left for Shu Heng after his death. Now that Shu Ning was here, this will should also be changed, Shu Gao took this matter into consideration and settled it on Monday, all of it was left to Shu Ning and Shu Yao.

As for Shu Heng, Shu Gao could only sigh, Shu Cheng definitely will never treat this child badly, Shu Cheng had thirty percent of the shares in his hands and he would probably leave twenty to Shu Heng, and ten to Qin Yu Zhuo. Shu Cheng was a big hearted man and Qin Yu Zhuo was extremely attentive to him, as long as she keeps her morals and doesn’t do anything shameful as well as not bring harm to Shu Heng, Shu Cheng will definitely leave a lot of inheritance to her.

Precautions had to be made before it was too late, everyone was the same none of them abstained from thinking about these matters.

Qin Yu Zhuo had a heart to turn Shu Zi Hui into her own daughter but Shu Gao had spoken up, there was nothing she could do but rack her brains and find a way to turn this matter into a direction that was beneficial to her. Shu Gao was the old master of the house, and Shu Cheng is the current, and so with that Shu Zi Hui’s worth fell instead, but whatever as long as the outside world does not know.

The sky was turning dark soon and the temperature dropped, it had gotten a lot cooler, Shu Cheng and Qin Yu Zhuo returned to their room after dinner. Qin Yu Zhuo deliberately called up Gu Ya in front of Shu Cheng, both the women were speaking with joy and enthusiasm, there was intimacy and harmony in their words. Qin Yu Zhuo had the style of an elder sister-in-law, Gu Ya was also very grateful towards Shu Cheng’s wife and even wanted to come over personally to thank them. The Shu Cheng who was listening to everything clearly in his heart felt delighted in his heart, his wife’s sensibility meant he could be leisurely as well. Ling Yun did not care for his household, but his business affairs were still doable, it was indeed hard for him to talk to his brothers and sisters about Shu Zi Hui’s terrible matters, but now Qin Yu Zhuo had worked hard.

On the other side, after the ride had ended Shu Heng and Shu Ning walked towards the villa, Shu Ning had not found anything wrong with his body all this while and was jovial, but Shu Heng deliberately lagged a step back with his line of sight lowered, he stared at the bouncing little tail. Especially when they walked up the stairs it was even cuter, Shu Heng did not endure at all and extended his demonic claws……

A few bodyguards who were moving barbecue equipment outside and preparing dinner were shocked, Young Master Heng was stroking Young Master Ning’s tail Σ( ° △°|||)︴

Although he had just smoothed his fingers over in a light stroke……He may have found this fun?

It was like they had all been struck by lightning, in the next second they all regained their senses and turned their body to leave, they were afraid Shu Heng would notice that they had seen anything inappropriate and got the chop or whatnot.

But they made a mistake when they tried to hurry off, two people bumped into each other and one foot stepped over the other, in the end one of them knocked into the french window……They were in quite a fluster, two bodyguards who had just returned from shopping became aggressive, they thought something had happened and immediately rushed over to interrogate them, four badly shaken men could only shake their heads with a bitter smile, there was no way they could talk about their employer’s matters.

Who would’ve thought that even the aloof Young Master Shu had a childish streak in him →_→

The barbecue started in the yard, the smell was quite good and even wafted upstairs, Shu Ning squatted by the windowsill and looked down, when he wanted to go downstairs he was stopped by Shu Heng:”They’ll send it up when it’s done cooking.”

“Then that’s no fun anymore, I want to do it myself!”

“Listen to your elders, playing with fire will make you wet the bed!”

“……”Shu Ning’s face was dark, he clenched his legs together, the three words wetting the bed were his Achilles heel:”Alright, I’ll listen to brother.”

Shu Heng had a profound look, unless he willed it perhaps nobody at all could clearly see through his inner heart:”Come over, it’s dangerous there.”

Shu Ning did not doubt anything and he was picked up into his brother’s arms as soon as he returned, he suddenly felt a little entangled:”Brother, don’t you think it’s hot?”

“Should we turn on the air conditioning?”

“No need, both the front and rear windows are open and the breeze is really nice,”Shu Ning pursed his lips, Shu Heng actually tightened his grip, the two were stuck together. Shu Ning felt slightly hesitant as he looked towards Shu Heng’s exceptionally handsome face:”Brother, if Shu Yao was born, would you also hold him like this”


“……”Shu Ning’s heart felt extremely uncomfortable, Shu Yao~ Shu Yao again, do I exist solely to become his foil?

Unhappy now? Why? Shu Heng examined his conscience but he had not said anything wrong, Shu Yao was also his brother, could it be jealousy? In a moment, the strange feeling from the past returned again:”Ning Ning, even if he were born he still won’t be able to replace you, you are you, and you are the only you in the world, do you understand?”

“It’s not like I don’t,”Shu Ning’s pale little face was gloomy. He pushed his little hands against his brother’s chest, he wasn’t willing to be held anymore. They were having such a good moment so why did he have to bring up Shu Yao? Are you asking to feel bad? He was a bit regretful, Shu Ning sighed, but it was unfortunate that he could not push himself away from the young man’s imprisonment:”Brother, I want some quiet.”

“Who’s quiet?”Everyone joked in such a way, and Shu Heng went for it.

Shu Ning:”……”

“You’re so young and you’re already filled with worries,” Shu Heng kissed his little face and focused his sight on his lips, his throat bobbed with dryness and he lowered his head for a kiss.

Shu Ning was still upset and dissatisfied with his answer, he was already reluctant to be kissed on the face so how could he let Shu Heng kiss him on the mouth?

This time his reaction was stronger than before, the little one dodged side to side, but Shu Heng managed to hit the bulls-eye, he had only vaguely understood:”What’s wrong?”


“Give me a reason?”

“……”He looked to the side and ignored him.

“You don’t like me holding Shu Yao?”Shu Heng’s gaze was leisurely, he pulled back the little one’s face with his finger, and as expected Shu Ning had a none of my business look, but his ears stood up, how could Shu Heng not understand? His gaze was even deeper now:”It’s not that I can’t not hold Shu Yao, but……only if you let me hold you.”


“You can’t turn back once you’ve agreed~”

He dragged his words again, it was so celestial, Shu Ning could not stand it and went limp, his whole body rested numbly in his brother’s arms, the little face was stuck to the handsome face, and his little hands were holding his sturdy waist:”Both you and me.”

To KO Shu Yao just like that? It was somewhat inconceivable, Shu Heng liked little kids so much so he should be liking Shu Yao even more instead. When Shu Yao was young he was especially easy on the eyes, he looked so good that he was famous, it was as if he was carved out from the same template as Shu Cheng. Words like what carved out of jade and decorated with white powder and whatnot were used on him, and Shu Yao was very good at pleasing people, and he was good at tricks too, he would break toys and blame it on the other kids, crying loudly and missing out the details, full of guile just like Qin Yu Zhuo.

Shu Ning looked towards Shu Heng seriously, since I was born earlier than Shu Yao then you can’t blame me for depriving you of your brotherhood:”Brother, I’m very serious, you can’t joke with me.”

On this rare occasion Shu Heng raised an eyebrow:”Give me a reason.”


Shu Heng did not force him, his finger was rubbing the little one’s lips, pink and tender it was pleasing to the eyes, the soft sensation was just what he liked.

Shu Ning had thought up a good reason:”Compared to my little brother I like big brother more.”Like? Shu Heng narrowed his eyes and his heartbeat quickened, even his blood was starting to boil. Shu Ning sucked in a cold breath, what’s with big brother? His gaze had sharpened considerably like a dagger, could I have said something wrong? Shu Ning did not dare to look into his eyes, he frowned and lowered his head, he had made an unwise move, he forgot that although Shu Heng cared for him a lot, perhaps he liked to care for Shu Yao even more.

Have I lost?

If I’ve really lost, then I’ll go far away, I can’t win a fight over them so isn’t it fine if I just left? In a moment he was saddened, Shu Ning’s mood had just sunk to the bottom when his chin was lifted again. Big brother is so scary, what does he want to do?

Shu Heng’s breath was unstable, and he stared straight at the little one with eyes like an abyss:”I promise you.”

What? Really? Shu Ning was overjoyed to the point that he had gone silly, after all Shu Heng was a man of his word~

Shu Heng’s finger pointed to his lips, the meaning of it was self-evident. Shu Ning was slightly dumbfounded but compared to throwing away Shu Yao, I’ll give you a kiss if that’s what you want. Because he wasn’t tall enough, Shu Ning could only straddle Shu Heng’s legs, he straightened his back and held Shu Heng’s exceptionally handsome face that was as perfect as that of a god, and slowly……slowly……kissed……

This moment was immensely wonderful.

So much so that even while they were eating barbecue, Shu Heng was still floating in his dreams, when while Shu Ning was speaking occasionally, it would take him a little thinking to understand, he felt like his entire soul had flown up to the sky.

Shu Ning was eating his skewer and blushing, why does his brother keep looking at him? Before this he would look at him openly, but now why was he sneaking peeks at him? So strange, could he be thinking that I’m too shameless? Kissing him so simply and even lingered for a moment, just like a real couple. His heart rate sped up, and Shu Ning had some troubles breathing, only after picking up the water by his side and drinking it did it ease up a bit.

Alright, whatever, let’s not think about it anymore, just take it as the education of someone who had just grown up of that direction, just in case when he gets a girlfriend and knocks his teeth into her, that won’t be good, he he, he couldn’t laugh, was there a girl who would dare to like someone like Shu Heng?

The bodyguard entered and put down another two plates, there was seafood and meat, mushrooms, sausages and the like, it was quite a selection, Shu Ning picked some to eat, only after he filled his stomach did he remember that they haven’t visited the beach yet. Shu Heng had already planned everything early on, and wasn’t hurried.

The sky was just right, it was about to darken but not yet, and two thirds of the crowd had already dispersed, at most they could play for an hour, it had to be said that Shu Heng was well-intentioned, he always felt that the little one was not in good health, what if he were to get a fever?

On the beach, the big blue ocean was truly beautiful! You could not see the end of it with your eyes, it was magnificent, his heart had also opened up significantly, the smell of the ocean lingered around and everyone around it seemed smaller. The cool wind rushed over and the waves rolled, the seagulls were flying high, Shu Ning walked forward with a peaceful mind.

Shu Heng was following behind him with a bucket in hand, occasionally he would curl the corners of his lips and his eyes chased the figure of the little one. A few bodyguards were stationed behind, watching them and ensuring their safety.

There was nothing to catch on the seashore, occasionally a small crab would crawl out, after Shu Ning picked it up with his hands to take a look he let it go.

Shu Heng hurriedly caught his little paw:”Be careful.”

“I’m fine.”

“Be good,”Shu Heng was like a qualified parent, he squatted down and explained how to catch crabs without hurting his hands, after all the pair of big pliers weren’t just for decoration.

Shu Ning also squatted down and his words went in one ear and out the other, he really liked the feeling of his brother being worried about him, the two were head to head, and filled with love between them.

One of the bodyguards had been recording the scene, he was also extremely busy. Shu Ning wanted to go step on the sea water, and Shu Heng agreed. Both of them were wearing shorts so they weren’t afraid of getting wet.

Shu Ning took off his shoes and walked forward barefooted, the waves rushed over and hurriedly rolled back, Shu Heng was right behind him, as long as his brother was having fun everything is fine. Right at this moment, Shu Ning suddenly turned back and smiled to Shu Heng, and even waved his hand. At this moment, Shu Heng’s heart contracted violently.

Shu Ning thought that his brother’s legs were very long and very good, it was enough for him to be a model, actually Shu Heng liked to look at legs as well, the both of them were the same.

The sky darkened and Shu Ning had gotten tired, after all he wasn’t really a kid, just playing a bit was enough for him and he was satisfied, the ocean under the night sky was surprisingly beautiful, stars were shining in the sky, it was especially relaxing.

But Shu Heng squatted down:”Get on, the nights are cold, we should be heading back.”

You’re going to carry me? This will be good, Shu Ning licked the corners of his lips and got up pleasantly on Shu Heng’s back:”Thank you brother.”

Shu Heng got up and walked back, after giving the weight on his back a nudge, it seems to have sunk a bit, quite good. Shu Ning was blushing, what is brother doing? So embarrassing, he simply leaned on his back and stopped moving. Shu Heng’s pace was steady and they reached the villa in a short while, the bodyguards have already filled the tub, and they closed the door when they left.

Little brother is sleepy, I……shall take off his clothes personally!

big brother no

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