RWSB Chapter 29

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Shu Heng was silent, his gaze was still fixed on Shu Ning, his stomach was not hungry, he had already eaten his fill at the party, but the strange part was that towards this little person……he was indeed hungry, a menacing hunger he had never experienced before.

I wish to embrace him.

I wish to touch him.

I wish to……eat……

Shu Ning’s eyes blinked, his heart was thumping in his chest, forget it, it’s better not to talk to him any more, now that Shu Heng wasn’t throwing a tantrum this is pretty good. He has seen many people with poor alcohol tolerance, each of them cried, made noise, sang, jumped up and down, threw up all over, they could make people die of disgust.

Shu Ning settled the bath water, but a problem appeared, how is he going to strip?

Even if he’s drunk, Shu Heng’s intelligence was still present, he stood up by himself, and even spread his arms out.

Shu Ning resisted the urge to roll his eyes, and helped him take his clothes off, he unfastened his shirt buttons one by one, and the chest inside and whatnot, he couldn’t not look at it even if he wanted to, I say……Young man how on earth do you exercise? Eight pack abs! You’re only eighteen what on earth are you striving so hard for? Can you please leave me some space to live?

He unfastened the belt, the material of the pants are pretty good, it slid down directly, then another problem came, underwear……we won’t be taking that off. He settled his socks, and held Shu Heng by his exceptionally firm waist, under his palm is the other’s bulging muscles, ah, Shu Ning was filled with envy, he carefully let his brother step into the water, and sit down steadily.

Water overflowed from the edges of the big bathtub, and at this time, big brother’s sharp gaze had become even more profound.

Problems after problems came in droves, should he wash his head first or his body? Shu Ning didn’t have any set rules, he was very casual when he washed himself, and now he didn’t want to bother, so he just simply poured the shower gel into the water, and randomly give him a wash and be done with it→_→I’m no nanny, even if he woke up with his memories he can’t blame it on me.

After all, I’m only thirteen years old aren’t I╮(╯▽╰)╭Being young is a wonderful thing, they have the privilege to play dumb!

Shu Ning rolled his sleeves up high, after stirring up the water with his short little hands, he picked up a bath towel and started to help Shu Heng bathe, his skin’s not bad, wide shoulders narrow waist and big long legs, he can become an idol. When he reached his back, Shu Ning raised an eyebrow:”Brother, can you turn over?”

Shu Heng stared at him steadily, unmoving.

You’re relentless!

Shu Ning hesitated for a moment, then took off his pants and got into the water, I’ll get wet if I have to, it’s no big deal.

Big brother’s back is very smooth, occasionally Shu Ning would use his hand to touch over it as well, after all he’s not a real child, from time to time he would compare them subconsciously, Shu Heng really had no flaws, everything about him was good, even his muscles were stiff, and he couldn’t make a dent on it, his sights trailed over to the area between his knees, could that part be small? If that really was the case then that would be awesome! Oh, Shu Heng’s trailed over again, his gaze was as sharp as a blade, I’m innocent I didn’t do anything at all/(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

He was done washing his body save for the area below his waist, only his hair was left, Shu Ning gulped, they always say a man’s hair can not be touched, now we’ll have some fun today, he squeezed some shampoo onto his palm, and after lathering it with his hands, Shu Ning tried to give Shu Heng’s lustrous black hair a touch, oh my, young man, not bad!

No wonder he liked touching my head so much, it turns out that hair is so soft, it suits one’s interests, he touched it a bit more, such a good chance only comes once in a lifetime, if I don’t touch till I’m content, then I’ll have wronged myself.

Again and again, I rub and I rub, it felt like he was kneading and rolling Shu Heng into a ball, he didn’t know what was wrong with him today but Shu Ning felt exceptionally ostentatious, he felt extremely satisfied, as if he was flying in the sky, hey this is Shu Heng’s head, be good, this young master will treat you very well, ha ha ha ha……

At this moment Shu Heng’s eyes were half closed, his gaze was staring steadily at the white thighs dangling in front of him, how tender, I want to……bite……but when he was just about to approach it, the little one just so happened to move, Shu Heng frowned in dissatisfaction, with a stretch of his hands he pulled Shu Ning into his embrace. Shu Ning who was feeling pretty pleased with himself screamed in surprise, he had already fell into his brother’s embrace.

“Brother? I’m trying to give you a bath!”


“Only your hair is left……be good~”Shu Ning’s expression was normal, but he was overjoyed in his heart. Be good~ sounds really great.


He started to feel nervous, Shu Heng’s gaze was similar to high-voltage electricity, dangerous, can’t be touched, Shu Ning subconsciously lowered his head to evade him, a snow-white neck entered Shu Heng’s sights, this part is good too, he lowered his head……and bit……

“Ouch ouch……”What kind of situation is this I don’t want to play anymore cry/(ㄒoㄒ)/~~Old man come over and take your son away! He’s digging a god damned pit for his brother!

Just like that, giving Shu Heng a bath had left him traumatized, a very very deep trauma.

After being bitten, Shu Ning wasted the energy of nine oxen and two tigers to escape from the bathtub, he released the water, and washed the foam off of Shu Heng’s body with the shower, he endured the trembling in his heart, and pulled him out, he was even more unlucky when he was wiping him down, Shu Heng kept on stretching his hand over mysteriously for a hug, Shu Ning was not a match for him at all, every time Shu Heng opens his mouth, he would block him with his arm, a deeper understanding of the meaning of the term of kicking against the pricks.

Oh damn, his underwear is still wet!!!

He tried not to look at the blinding scene, and helped him change into his pajamas with some difficulty, then stuffed the person into the blanket, Shu Ning lifted his arms in distress and glanced at them, damn, five bites!

Should I bite him back? Forget it, this gentleman is not as childish as that, ah, how unlucky.

He’s so tired he can barely stand, Shu Ning yawned again and again, he wanted to return to his room to change but he felt too lazy to move, unexpectedly Shu Heng brought him into his embrace once again, and he had no plans to let go.

“Brother, my clothes are wet, I should go back and change, if not I’ll catch a cold.”

“I have some here.”

“Your clothes are too big.”

“No matter, we’re just sleeping.”

You want me to wear it to school as well? After getting drunk his IQ has flown out the window as well, Shu Ning curled his lips secretly, what use is there trying to reason with a drunkard? Ah, he couldn’t even remember how many times he sighed, Shu Ning blinked his eyes, and wanted to cry but no tears came:”Brother, let go first, I’ll change my clothes, it’ll be alright after I change into your clothes right?”


Shu Ning got down to flip through his wardrobe, Shu Heng’s clothes are way too big, his pants were also too long, he’s basically looking to commit a sin. Alright, fine, Shu Ning was in a dilemma, but indeed he was too lazy to go back, so he just simply took out a triangular underwear that was still acceptable, and a rather long pajama shirt, he’ll just have to make do with this, while he was taking off his clothes he felt as if needles were pricking him on his back, a cutting gaze was stuck to his body, extremely unsettling, Shu Ning looked back uncertainly, it really was because of big brother’s dark gaze.

He shook his head, feeling extremely puzzled, it is reasonable to say that Shu Heng this child was born with a golden spoon in his mouth, he had no diseases nor disasters, a child favoured by god, respected by all, so of course he had never been kidnapped or mistreated, how could he have such a suffocating bloodthirsty stare? Something must’ve happened to him before, if not who would be born like this? Shu Ning who had settled everything quickly went back to the bed and laid down.

Shu Heng was laying sideways, with one hand supporting his head, his gaze was like an abyss. What are you looking at me for? Shu Ning was truly very sleepy, he shut his eyes and fell asleep.

Shu Heng who was waiting patiently by the side finally made his move, he gently brought the little one into his embrace, he leaned over to his neck, and gave it a sniff, the tip of his nose brushed past the little one’s skin, a strange feeling engulfed him like a turbulent tide, he couldn’t expel it no matter what……the smell on his body is the same as mine, how wonderful. Recalling the feeling of the fingertips across his scalp, a current surged into his heart, it fascinated him.

Shu Ning, really was special, foster father treats me pretty well, and foster father’s son was even more gentle to me. At first he had only wanted to protect him, so as to prevent Qin Yu Zhuo from corrupting him, that woman’s schemes are unfathomable, she’s good at sowing discord, the only reason Shu Heng made an exception for her time and time again was to repay her, and left Shu Ning by his side, even more so he wanted to keep him in his room.

He was a mysophobe, and didn’t like making contact with others, even more so he did not like having anyone in his “territory”.

But now, unknowingly, the relationship of the two had become even closer. Shu Heng’s fingertips slid across Shu Ning’s unguarded face, experiencing a different kind of warmth.

Early the next morning, Shu Ning woke up in Shu Heng’s embrace, he rubbed his eyes, and sobered up.

So brother……how much did he actually drink? Will he get a headache? Should I instruct the kitchen to prepare some hangover soup? He had slowly adapted to the awkwardness that was present from the very start, Shu Ning had already stopped freaking out, and gently got up from his brother’s embrace, Shu Ning stretched his waist, He Ran and the others will come looking for me again today, as soon as he thought of that stupid look of his he wanted to laugh, it was clearly a pressing matter, but he still he still held a look of “I’m only here because you’re not too bad in my books,” what a joke, he still thinks that people had no choice but to help him, no matter how good the He clan was, they are still no inseperable, if they keep going down the hill, they would be engulfed by Shu Heng sooner or later.

“What are you thinking about?”

Shu Ning turned his head and a field of darkness appeared before him, he nearly screamed, when did he wake up? And he’s even sitting so close, their faces were almost stuck together.”

“Brother, morning!”

“Mm, do you have confidence in your exams?”

“I do,”Probably top three in class, but compared to the whole year maybe not so good, but he still had confidence in being part of the top fifteen.

“Go wash up.”

“Okay,”Shu Ning put his legs on the floor, it was a field of white, he wasn’t wearing any pants, the loose and long pajama shirt simply covered his little butt, his two little legs appeared slender and long, Shu Heng narrowed his eyes dangerously, at the moment when Shu Ning had walked to the door and turned the knob, a gust of wind blew past behind him, a hand slammed against the door.

What happened:”Brother?” Shu Ning looked back in confusion, his collar was open, everything was visible.

Shu Heng took a breath, and walked back while pulling the little one’s hand, Shu Ning was dumbfounded, his head was barraged with endless question marks.

He opened the wardrobe, and took out a woolen blanket from inside, he shook it open, and wrapped it around the little person, only then did Shu Heng raise his hands in satisfaction, he can leave now. Shu Ning understood after as he walked out, his heart was warm, brother afraid I’d catch a cold, he looked back curiously, big brother had already disappeared, and the sound of running water could be heard from the bathroom.

Shu Ning and Shu Heng ate breakfast together, Qin Yu Zhuo had not appeared since yesterday night till now, where has she gone?

The couple had a big argument in the afternoon, as expected Shu Cheng did not disappoint the old man, after his aggression came out in a rush, he was defeated by Qin Yu Zhuo’s teary eyes, and had become gentle like water once again, Qin Yu Zhuo was part of the vulnerable group, and told him all about her thoughts and ideas, as if she was baring all of herself in front of him, all the misunderstandings naturally solved themselves. And what’s more the houses and farms that she bought in the second plot of land was indeed a small investment, if she had wanted to take advantage of it she wouldn’t have done it this way, Shu Cheng trusts that Qin Yu Zhuo had good intentions, all of this was so that Shu Ning could be formally accepted in the family!

Shu Cheng was worried about Qin Yu Zhuo’s status in the family, he was worried that his father would deal with her, so he simply took her hands and brought her away, until Qin Yu Zhuo manages to give birth safely, it was still not too late to return, at that time when dad sees his little grandson his anger would all but have dissipated. Shu Gao went to a holiday resort to relax, other than Shu Ning there was only Shu Heng in the house, but it was very harmonious.

An extra piece of tofu appeared in his bowl, Shu Ning looked towards the directions of the retreating chopsticks, big brother picked it for me, does this count as an apology? Does he have any impression of everything that happened last night?

But Shu Ning did not dare to tease him, he’ll be dead.

The texture of the tofu is exceptional, there are no additives and the like at all, it was made personally by the chef, filled with nutrition, Shu Ning ate more of it, Shu Heng’s gaze was deep and serene, and he picked up another piece of fish for him without bones, Shu Ning accepted all of it. But he did not realize that Shu Heng’s gaze had become even more unfathomable, does this count as……an indirect kiss?

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Kicking against the pricks – hurt oneself by persisting in useless resistance or protest, in chinese the word is 螳臂挡车Tang Bi Dang Che, which means praying mantis arm blocks a car.

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  1. poor Shu Ning, he is so caught up with his impression of Shu Heng from his previous life he can’t fathom what that behaviour is all about. It didn’t even enter his mind. After all, he just wants to get along with his brother, not seduce him.

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