Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again Chapter 1

Johnny Johnny, digging holes? No papa
I am just doing this to amuse myself during my times of extreme boredom, I’ll be doing teasers for a bunch of stuff when I have time(lol) and bored enough, and I’ll translate them if nobody tears it from my grubby hands. also i finally change the way I write names


The first time I found myself within a book, was the first day of my second year in high school.

As a third-rate webnovel author, Shi Luo had a wonderful hobby. She loves abusive novels, and likes to abuse female protagonists in all sorts of ways. But of course, in order to cater to the taste of her audience, Shi Luo would still end the story with a happy ending. So as to say, after all of that abuse, the male and female protagonists will still enter the bridal chambers happily together.

And what comes after, you ask? Nothing, nothing comes after that.

As a qualified stepmother, you could say that Shi Luo had written more than a dozen abusive novels if not a hundred, which explains why it had taken over two years before she finally realized that she had transmigrated into a novel.

As for the reason why she reacted so slowly, it was not because she was not familiar with this story, but rather because this was the first novel she had written. At that time, one of the cannon fodders of that novel shared her name, and the person she transmigrated into was that cannon fodder; and since the plot had yet to unfold, she did not realize until now.

When Shi Luo rode her bicycle to school, the entire length of the school gates was packed. Two girls dressed in uniforms just a shade lighter stood at two ends of the entrance with excited expressions. They chattered noisily, but she did not know what they were discussing about.

Shi Luo got off her bike and looked up in confusion, what was going on?

Shi Luo put her bike away and went in.

After that, she saw a cool sports car zooming in with a trail of dust following behind, and finally stopping at the school gates.

The girls started to become roused”Prince Chu! Prince Chu!”

Black lines ran down from Shi Luo’s head……Prince Chu? Disgusting……

No, that’s not right, that sounds familiar. A faint feeling of uncertainty emerged……

But then, the door opened. Seeing that the person had come down from their car, Shi Luo covered her eyes. She had a feeling that it was hard to look straight at him. With silver, shortly cropped hair, a pair of peach blossom eyes, and that cold, distant aura!

Damn you! You were clearly the live reincarnation of my own dark past!

Everyone had their chuuni moments, and during Shi Luo’s chuuni moment, she just so happened to have been addicted to romance novels. And she was especially fond of a silver-haired iceberg prince!

After experiencing shortage of books again and again, the Shi Luo ravaged by unbearable thirst finally threw herself in, and debuted with her first novel 《Iceberg Prince Fell in Love with Me》.

And the one before her……Was definitely not that so-called iceberg prince! It was the rival of the iceberg prince.

Shi Luo’s first reaction was not to feel surprised at having transmigrated into her own novel, but rather, her first reaction was to look towards her surroundings. At this time, the female protagonist should be appearing.

Seeing the appearance of the first male lead, Shi Luo had an impulse of beating herself to death then and there. And so, she was anxious to take a look at her little female protagonist.

Since this was her first book, Shi Luo remembered it all very clearly, wasn’t that so! The reason it took her two years before she finally realized she had transmigrated into her own novel was all because this was where the plot started. And more importantly, the person she transmigrated into was a person who shared her name, Shi Luo. But now, recalling the fate of Shi Luo in the novel, the real Shi Luo could not help but sweat.

The group of girls looked fanatically at their so-called Prince Chu as Shi Luo looked left and right for a girl with a different expression, dressed in a worn out uniform that had started to fade from washing. So as to say, where is that female protagonist?

Shi Luo still could not bring herself to look at the representative of her dark past. She turned her head and prepared to enter the school.

At this time, the crowd that had been rowdy the whole time suddenly went quiet.

Shi Luo’s attention had still been there so as soon as she turned her head, she could see the angry faces of everybody in the crowd, glaring at a girl who kept her head low, wearing a faded uniform with her face unclear. And on the other side was a broken bicycle that had crashed into Prince Chu’s beloved ride.

Meanwhile, the so-called Prince Chu was so angry his face was starting to turn green.

Being watched by everyone, the girl lowered her head from their stares even more.

She quickly lifted up her own bicycle timidly began to chant,”I’m sorry……I didn’t do it on purpose……”From the tone of her voice, it could be heard that she was close to crying.

Nobody in the world could describe how Shi Luo was feeling at this moment. These things that had once only been mere words had now turned into reality, and they all happened right in front of Shi Luo’s eyes.

“……”Prince Chu did not speak, he had only walked over to her slowly.

And he finally stopped when he reached the girl,”I won’t hit a girl, so you better deal with this yourself.”

As soon as Prince Chu was done speaking, a girl came up to give that girl a slap on the face,”You ugly girl! Are you blind?”

Shi Luo felt as if she had been struck by thunder when she saw this scene. She was young and ignorant at that time, so she was even able to bring out this sort of cliché drama scene. If it was something she had written later, then she definitely would not have written it in such a crude and simple way.

The girl was not very strong, but a trace of blood still appeared by the corner of her mouth. A small sense of discomfort suddenly rose up in Shi Luo’s heart. She was getting that feeling one would get when the person usually bullied by them was bullied by someone else. No matter how much she disliked her, she was still her female protagonist! Shi Luo frowned. Indeed, she enjoyed writing abusive novels, but plots like these would never appear in her later works. Only at the very beginnings would the plot where such a casual cannon fodder without even a name could slap the female protagonist. Meanwhile, all the mental and physical abuse that came after could only be done by the second female lead and the male lead.

While Shi Luo was still tangled up with the irrationality of the plot within her early novels, another girl started to walk towards the girl who was wiping the blood from her mouth with her head down.

At Shi Luo’s angle, all she could see was the red and swollen right cheek of the girl, but not her expression. But she could see that her thin shoulders were slightly quivering.

She was scared, wasn’t she? After all, she was just a fifteen year old girl.

“Mu Suo, what took you so long? I’ve been waiting for ages!”Shi Luo could finally bear it no longer and came out. It was not out of sympathy of this weak-tempered female protagonist, but rather how she could not get used to seeing the plotlines of her early writing. She really felt the impulse to edit it!

But this was not compassion. In Shi Luo’s eyes, a girl could have a good temper, but that did not mean they could throw away their principles, and allow herself to be bullied by people!

Only now did the crowd see Shi Luo.

The girl who had originally prepared to go over for a beating calmed down considerably the moment she saw Shi Luo,”Senior!”

Shi Luo still nodded, despite not knowing who the one greeting her was.

“Senior, this is Prince Chu from the Imperial Royal School.”Said another girl who had also participated in the beating flatteringly.

When she heard the name of this school, Shi Luo could only feel the impulse of holding her face. Imperial Royal School? During those times, she has been young and ignorant……

“Senior?”Seeing Shi Luo’s expression, another of the girls called out to her.

Shi Luo came back to her senses.

“Hey Mu Suo, let’s go in?!”Shi Luo finally recalled the more important matters, and said this to Mu Suo who still had her head lowered.

Mu Suo raised her head almost in disbelief. When she first heard the sound of that pleasant voice calling out her name, Mu Suo felt as if she must have heard wrong.

Only then was Shi Luo able to take a clear look at Mu Suo’s face. You couldn’t say she was beautiful, but she could still pass as delicate with her slender figure. Other than appearing weak to people, her appearance would instead rouse the impulses of people to bully her. But as soon as she raised her head, she dropped it back down again, facing down at her own toes. It gave people the impression that she was a weak-willed person. Shi Luo sighed in her heart, she had also forgotten why she had given these character traits to her female protagonist. She really wasn’t likeable at all!

“Whoa re you?”The so-called Prince Chu narrowed his eyes as he looked towards Shi Luo.

Shi Luo really did not want to talk to this so-called prince at all. The scene really was too……too hard to look straight at.

“Mu Suo, come on, let’s head to class.”As Shi Luo spoke, she turned to head towards the school.

Mu Suo scampered behind to catch up to her.

This was the first time Prince Chu had met a girl who would ignore him like this, and laughed out of his rage,”Who is she?”

“She’s Senior Shi Luo who is one year above us. I heard she has quite the background.”Said the girl who had called out to Senior Shi Luo earlier.

“Background, you say?”Prince Chu laughed.

Meanwhile, on the other side. As soon as Shi Luo entered the school, she bumped into a few girls in her class.

“Shi Luo, you’re here? How was it? Did you see that group of crazy girls when you came in?”Yu Yangyang, the girl well-recognized as the beauty of the class raised a brow, and smiled to her.

Shi Luo nodded,”And here I thought some celebrity came to visit!”

After speaking a little with Yu Yangyang did she finally come back to her senses. Mu Suo who had been right behind her the whole time was missing.

Shi Luo looked around but still could not find her. And so, she gave up. Perhaps she had already returned to her room.

Chuuni – Eigth grader syndrome, a commonly occurring thing that happens to people of that age or pretty much any age where you believe that you have magical powers or something else ridiculous like that

Senior – 师姐, this is what the girls call Shi Luo, it means upperclassman sister, or senior sister

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  1. *falls into the hole
    YURI?! A GENRE WITH MANY WOMEN!!!aaaaaaaaaaa
    this is a cute beginning! hehe she looks cool
    the inward ‘oh no, what have i written’ moments are funny to me
    judging from the summary… the ‘weak’ protagonists will develop a black belly? hehhehe
    (also I can’t figure out what changed with the way you write names.. )

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    1. 😂😂soon my blog will have an equal amount of both girls and boys
      Yeah i wanna see the author get bullied hehehe😍😍 it’s just the spacing between names, like fu zhe chuan would be fu zhechuan, nothing big

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      1. I just hope that nothing excessive will happen like ML destroying the company of the family of MC or putting her in the street or just bad stuff like putting thumbstacks in shoes (but i don’t think it would happen as they don’t use different shoes in China/only in Japan). Still i really can’t wait to see FL trying to be kind to MC or maybe be possessive of her.

        Also… *whistle 2 times* looks like FL already fell for MC (or began to just like her (thinks she is a kind girl) / I hope it’s the first). I really like this kind of development.


  2. Hm. I’m glad she stood up for the poor girl, it’s one thing to write a story and another to let it happen irl. Also lol the mistakes of her first work have come to haunt her, what a nightmare.

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  3. This looks super interesting… sigh I’m a such sucker for authors transmigrating into the books they wrote kind of plot… thanks for translating!!! It’s refreshing to see a gl novel around

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      1. Hello, I think you are a person with a great personality, and if you were to suddenly disappear, people would notice right away.


      2. Maybe you should read what I said above, I’m a starving third world pile of shit trying to survive above all else, I don’t have time to do so many things at once it’s also clear to me through the amount of attention each project gets that less people are waiting to see this compared to another project. Just because you have nothing to do doesn’t mean I will drop all of my work to cater to your needs. I was going to start on this soon but now I don’t even want to


  4. i choked when i saw the yuri tag, ur spoiling us so much ;;;; my little gay ass is Very Happy right now ;w;)/~<3 sending u lots of love
    (also the author is a mood for when i see my old writing/art, ouchie.)

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  5. Ohh this seems really interesting so far. I haven’t found a Chinese GL novel I wanted to read before, even though I have been looking for some…


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