DBHW Chapter 80

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“Enough.”Gu Yan looked coldly at Qin Yao.

Qin Yao’s hands were stiff in the air. After a moment, he turned his head over slowly, his eyes filled with unspeakable emotions. Thick and deep, boundless.

“Let him go.”Gu Yan frowned.

Qin Yao pursed his lips. He pressed down the complicated emotions within his eyes and slowly let go,”Sorry, I got carried away.”

Fu Zhe Chuan was baffled. He did not think that Qin Yao would make his move directly without a single word, and even held him down with so much force, not allowing him to move even a single inch. He suddenly realized that perhaps Qin Yao was the same as Gu Yan, they were both people with mysterious abilities.

Moreover……He had seen Qin Yao in the past. They met by coincidence when he saw Qin Yao together with Song Yun Zheng, and at that time, Song Yun Zheng had been very respectful to this man.

A man who could receive the respect of the Song family’s eldest was definitely not an ordinary person.

Fu Zhe Chuan eyed him thoughtfully.

Gu Yan helped Fu Zhe Chuan up,”Are you alright?”Even though he did not care about whether Fu Zhe Chuan lived or died, he could not tolerate Qin Yao’s behaviour——He was too aggressive.

In that moment, the look within Qin Yao’s eyes were very dangerous.

“I’m fine.”Fu Zhe Chuan patted the dust off his clothes and tidied himself up. A faint smile returned to his lips as he fixed his glasses.

Gu Yan hummed softly in acknowledgement. He could see how Qin Yao had stubbornly restrained himself even though he was extremely enraged, so he did not kill this mortal in an instant. Otherwise, with Qin Yao’s strength, there was no way Fu Zhe Chuan would still be alive now.

But despite that, he still did not enjoy having his affairs being interfered with by others.

“Apologize to Director Fu.”Gu Yan cocked his head to the side, looking at Qin Yao with a cold gaze,”You’ve went overboard just now.”

Qin Yao’s expression stiffened.

After a moment of silence, he found that Gu Yan was serious. He could not help but clench his hands that were hanging by his side, and his eyes were full of a murderous aura when he looked at Fu Zhe Chuan!

Gu Yan actually asked him to apologize to Fu Zhe Chuan, he should’ve just killed him earlier!

Fu Zhe Chuan noticed the murderous gaze in Qin Yao’s eyes, but he pretended not to have seen anything. His smile was still hung high on his lips as if he was not preparing to make things easy for him.

This abominable bastard, he had already figured out that he would not rebel against Gu Yan. Qin Yao’s eyes were icy cold.

“I’m-sor-ry.” After a moment, Qin Yao spat out these three syllables through gritted teeth.

He had never once lowered his head to anyone besides Gu Yan in this lifetime, but now, he even had to lower his head towards his love rival. Anger and vexation was boiling within the depths of his heart with nowhere to vent. Because this was what Gu Yan wanted……It had taken so much for him to find him, so how could he disappoint him now?

He could compromise with him in anything, except for one thing……Only one thing.

Fu Zhe Chuan smiled as if he had just een Qin Yao, but he appeared to be very reasonable with him,”It’s fine, you were just a little impulsive was all, Mr. Qin.”

Qin Yao’s knuckles creaked. This hypocritical bastard.

With some force, he took his gaze back, turning to look at Gu Yan instead. In an instant, his gaze had turned soft,”Don’t go, please?”

Gu Yan paused for a moment, then he smiled:”Alright.”

Even though he was not very satisfied with Qin Yao’s actions, he could not challenge his limits time and time again. After giving him a beating, he still had to offer him a treat, there will be no benefits to him if he forced Qin Yao to the limits.

“You should leave first.”Gu Yan turned his head over to look at Fu Zhe Chuan, revealing a sincere smile.

A look of disappointment swiped past Fu Zhe Chuan’s face. Following that, he smiled generously to him,”Alright, but remember, I will always be waiting for you.”

Qin Yao was glaring daggers at him, he could not wait to crack his neck.

Fu Zhe Chuan turned to get back on his car, passing his gaze over Qin Yao before he left. Even though his expression was normal, Qin Yao was still able to catch a hint of provocation in those eyes beneath his glasses.

Qin Yao took a deep breath to press down his emotions.

If he was not afraid that Gu Yan would get angry, he could just have offed that mortal, be it Fu Zhe Chuan or anyone else.

He did not care in the slightest.

“Do you drive?”Gu Yan asked Qin Yao.

Qin Yao had only realized that Gu Yan was talking to him when he retracted his thoughts. He nodded. Even though he was not very dependent on such means of transportation, he still used it during his life in human society.

Qin Yao did not pay much attention to cars, and this Bentley he drove was a gift to him from some wealthy human.

He pulled open the car door for Gu Yan before getting on the driver side, and started the vehicle.

Qin Yao had his own residence as well in Haiyun City. Even if he did not pay much mind to earning money, there were still many mortals who would come to him for things after living so long, so the amount of wealth he had accumulated was still very impressive.

He drove Gu Yan to his villa. The villa was very large, and you could not find any other buildings around at a glance. The environment here was quiet and beautiful at the same time, just like paradise.

Gu Yan stood at the window and looked out, smiling faintly:”Not bad.”

Qin Yao looked at Gu Yan’s profile, and could not move his eyes away. His lips were raised up very naturally,”If you like it, you can come over anytime. What’s mine is yours.”

Gu Yan turned over and saw the profound look in Qin Yao’s eyes.

“What do you hope to get from being so nice to me?”Gu Yan asked.

Qin Yao’s lips moved, but he did not speak.

“Don’t tell me there’s nothing you want. Be it a human or a demon……Everyone has something they want, there’s not a single person in this world who would want for nothing.”Gu Yan looked calmly at Qin Yao with a fiery gaze,”You must have been living for a very long time. Being in the mortal world for so long, what is it that you want?”

“I just want……to see you alive, joyful, happy……”Qin Yao’s voice was grave as he looked seriously at Gu Yan.

Gu Yan’s lips curled into a faint angle of a smile,”Just that?”

“Yes.”Qin Yao affirmed.

“So why did you put your hand on Fu Zhe Chuan just now?

Are you so convinced I won’t be happy with him?”Gu Yan looked Qin Yao in the eyes.

A look of embarrassment flashed past Qin Yao’s face before he quickly covered up that look in his eyes, and remained silent.

How should he answer? If Gu Yan regains his memories, how would he think about how he was being now?……Just thinking about the results made an unstoppable feeling of panic spread inside of him.

But Gu Yan was such a smart person, he might have noticed.

Qin Yao pursed his lips and struggled fiercely with his heart. If Gu Yan really had to know, he……

“Forget it, tell me about the past.”Gu Yan raised a brow and smiled at Qin Yao as if he was just asking a casual question, not at all expecting an answer to begin with.

Qin Yao breathed a sigh of relief, but he did not know why a sense of disappointment was washing over him.

Strong emotions were running rampant in the depths of his heart. He wanted to take a step, but he didn’t dare to do it. If Gu Yan had insisted on getting to the very bottom of it, then he may have given up, and told him everything……After all, he was almost unable to control himself.

But he was glad that Gu Yan did not insist on it, because he was not ready for that yet.

“The past……There’s a lot, where should I begin?”Qin Yao asked after some thought.

“You can tell me how I died.”Gu Yan’s eyes were bright. He continued to ask,”How did I die that caused me to turn into a demon?”

A curious look was exuded within his dark eyes, as if he was listening in on a very interesting piece of gossip that had nothing to do with him, just something of interest from someone he didn’t know.

Seeing how Gu Yan was reacting to this, Qin Yao closed his eyes in pain.

He could never forgive himself.

Qin Yao was only sixteen when he went up that mountain. It had been invaded by demons at that time, so everything was in chaos.

That man led his troops into battle without leaving himself any time to rest. To ensure his safety, he had spent a lot of effort to send him to the Mountain of the Immortals, away from the bustling world, to seek guidance. He was born with yin yang eyes with a body of harmonic spirits. He was very much valued by the elders who study the way of the sword spirit, so they received him as their disciple.

He did not want to leave this person, but he knew that he who was weak would only drag him down. So he told himself he had to become strong, only when he was strong could he help him, and protect him.

From that day on……He wished to protect him, protect that man who appeared cold and powerful.

Only he knew that the man who never showed his weakness had a warm and generous heart, and he has the most determined heart in this entire world……No matter how hard he lived, he would never give up on his principles. He would never let the darkness take him, not even a little, he was like a light in the boundless abyss, illuminating his heart.

He wanted to protect this person, not to be protected his whole life.

But who would ever thought that it would become their final farewell?

It only took ten years for Qin Yao to succeed in cultivating his core. He was a genius one could only see once in a thousand years in the entire sect. After feeling that he was strong enough, he asked the elders to let him down the mountain.

He could not suppress the thoughts in his heart, he could not wait to see him, to show him what he had become, so that he could be proud of him.

The elders did not stop him at that time, they only told him one thing: you have no clear judgement of right or wrong, and your obsession is too strong. If you continue, you may end up being possessed by the devil……It is also time we let you go. This time, if you can find your own way, then come back. If you can’t, you can just pretend this old man never taught you in your life.

Qin Yao did not care. The only place he wanted to stop at was by that man’s side, and perhaps, he might not even return.

He bowed down three times to the highest ranking elder before going down the mountain without hesitation.

In ten years, many things have changed.

He could not wait to get to the capital, he wanted to look for that person. But when he arrived at what had once been the red gates of the minister’s mansion, all that was left was a pile of debris. He was not willing to give up, he went to all the places where the two of them shared a memory together, but he still could not find him.

Like a madman, he inquired about news of that man from everyone, but he only received one——That man was dead.

He did not want to believe it.

It was only ten years, ten years……How could he die?

Why was everyone calling him a sinner?

Why do they say he is fierce and cruel?

Why does everyone say that he deserved to die?

It shouldn’t be like this, he was by his side for seven years and knew him better than anyone else. He was the kind of person who would always stay determined even in his times of adversity. He was loyal to his emperor, respected his parents, caring, exhausting all his energy to protect this country, this world. Even if the world was not kind to him at times.

How could such a person betray his country and rebel? How could he lead a massacre? How could he be evil and cruel?

He does not believe it!

Qin Yao did not know how he ended up accepting this fact in the end, but he only had one thought at that time, and that was to avenge him.

Since he wanted revenge, he had to know who the enemy was.

This was a conspiracy pushed along by many people. To defeat the enemy, General Qin killed countless demons and returned triumphantly, but ended up blocking the path of promotion for the others. They did not look at the merits of what he did, or the blood he paid in sacrifice, only envy was in their eyes.

Because of his great achievements, the glory of the ministers were endless, and the glory of Emperor Chen Chan even more so, but his family did not know when to stop, flaunting without limits.

With envy, jealousy, disgust, and fear.

Rumours turned around like whirlpools, pulling the entire cabinet of ministers, bit by bit, as well as that person, into the bottomless abyss.

Emperor Chen Chan listened to the words of the divine master Fu Tu, and suspicion gradually welled up in his heart.

The military factions were categorized distinctly with those who stood as a tower of strength being the Qin family and its people. The emperor was afraid of his power, and when a rebel happened in the north, he tried to strip the Qin family of their military power, substituting them with another family instead.

This move was met with strong resistance, and on that night itself, the immediate army under the Qin family broke into the capital, causing chaos.

Even though they were quickly suppressed, the emperor was furious. At this time, countless people tried to pelt stones at them while they were done, and all sorts of evidence of their rebellion appeared, instantly placing them in a predicament.

How could Emperor Chen Chan let go of such a good opportunity? He wanted to have every last member of the Qin family executed.

At this time, Divine Master Fu Tu stepped out to speak of General Qin’s harmonic spiritual body. If he were to be killed just like this, he would definitely resent the emperor for this, and the resentment of his spirits would erode the heavenly energy of the emperor. He had a way to resolve this, and it would require General Qin’s body to be torn apart by écartèlement, and placed separately to be suppressed in different places rife with the force of evil. In this way, it will be worn out slowly from the negative energy, and he will never be able to rise up again! He would never be a threat to his majesty ever in the future!

Emperor Chen Chan believed that to be the truth and really ordered for General Qin’s dismemberment, and the rest of the Qin family would all be executed at noon! Only then could he consider this problem solved.

The Qin family that had just been basking in glory for some time, was now completely wiped out.

Besides getting his revenge, Qin Yao did not know what else he could do.

He killed all of those who framed that man, added fuel to the fire, and beat that man while he was down. He helped the prince achieve victory in battle, putting the muddle-headed emperor under house arrest, who later turned mad soon after..

In the end, he caught that so-called Divine Master Fu Tu, Emperor Chen Chan’s most trusted person.

This was the person who had been laying down the fuel in the background. At every step, he passed rumours, and forged letters, leading the Qin family’s army into the city, designing a trap for the Qin family to jump into……And finally succeeded in pushing that person into the abyss, unable to rest peacefully even after his death.

Then, Qin Yao discovered that Fu Tu was not actually human; he was a demon, a weak low-tier demon.

He thought that all the demons have already been eliminated, not knowing that he had let a single fish slip through the net.

This explains everything.

Humans and demons can never live in harmony, especially those who tried to block their way, they would incur even more of their wrath. This damned demon disguised as a human, lurking about the emperor’s side, manipulating the ugliness of a human’s heart, forcing that person step by step over the edge!

Qin Yao’s eyes were red with fury, he wanted to kill that damned demon!

But that demon suddenly told him, don’t you recognize me anymore?

Qin Yao was stunned.

That demon rubbed his face, turning it into a different appearance. With a flattering look, he watched Qin Yao, saying: If you did not let me go on that day, I would have died. It’s me, don’t you remember me?

Qin Yao recalled in a moment. It was ten years ago, and he was still by that man’s side at that time.

There was once where he and several cultivators surrounded a demon. That demon had slaughtered the civilians of several villages, including the Lijia Village he used to live in. When he returned there once more, there was not a single survivor. Bones and corpses littered the ground like a hellscape. He could still see the faces of those despicable people from their corpses. These people were all selfish, all of them had scolded and beaten both him and Widow Zhang. He had seen every facet of the wickedness of humans in these people. The ugly faces of these people appeared vividly in his mind, and seeing them, he started to smile. These despicable people were finally dead.

At night, both the officers and soldiers came over with their torches, and with the help of the cultivators, drove the demon into a corner.

There was no place for that demon to run, and its body was already littered with injuries. He managed to find a crack in their encirclement, and slipped away. The place where he stood was enshrouded, so he could observe the moves of that demon. He should have stopped him, he just had to shout and those men at the back would immediately rush over, encircling this demon once more, and slaughtering it. But at that moment……He let it go.

Demons, humans, which one of them were more heinous? He was actually unclear.

He did not know why he thought that way, but he did it. Silently, he let this demon go.

That man rushed over after and sighed at him. But even so, he did not blame him, he just thought he had been shocked silly by the ordeal.

Qin Yao finally recalled all of this. He looked at the red eyes of that demon, glowing with a ruthlessness that was cunning at the same time.

That demon he had let off that had been littered with injuries had changed into the Divine Master Futu in front of the emperor, forcing that man step by step towards his death.

Qin Yao did not hesitate to kill that demon with a single strike! At that moment when his sword pierced through the head of that demon, it still looked at him with disbelief, as if he could not understand why this man had let him go in the past, but would kill him so decisively now.

Qin Yao closed his eyes. The sword he had pierced through the head of that demon felt that it had pierced through his heart at the same time, killing the him of the past.

That selfish, despicable him.

He was no different from those people he hated. The one who should be dead was him, it should have been him.

But the one who had to face the consequences of his actions……Was that person.

If that person knew all of this, would he hate him? This was a thought he obsessed over for a thousand years.

From the start to the end, he did not dare to guess the answer of that question.


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