DBHW Chapter 73

Qin Yao’s gaze landed on that scar in front of Gu Yan’s chest that was the width of a sword. As if a bucket of cold water had just been poured over his head, his blood cooled in an instant.

As he remained still, it seemed as if his eyes were almost burning a hole through Gu Yan’s chest, striving to see through the very depths of him.

Scene after scene of his memories flashed through his mind like a movie.

On tha rainy night, that fight against that ruthless and ferocious demon——The only fight that was able to force him to use his own spiritual weapon. His sword was a spiritual weapon with intrinsic power that had been cultivated for a thousand years, and it has already entered the category of a celestial weapon. The pure gold spiritual energy was the natural nemesis of a demon, so not a single demon could save themselves from the wounds created by his sword. Frankly, he was rather surprised that the demon was able to survive after taking a hit from his sword.

And what if that demon not only survived……It was still living well, and was sitting right in front of him?

Both Qin Yao’s eyes were stiff as if he had lost his ability to think for a short time due to the excessive shock he received.

On that night, Gu Yan and his crew just so happened to be staying in the villa.

That demon shared the same height and body shape as Gu Yan.

And also, there were those misunderstandings and coincidences that happened time and time again……

Qin Yao could not fool himself any longer, or tell himself that this was also a coincidence.

There was no doubt about it, the man right in front of him was a powerful high-tier demon, and he was a threat that was several times greater than any demon he has encountered before. For him to be this close to him right now was extremely dangerous. Even he would find it hard to defend from Gu Yan completely under this situation.

Qin Yao knew that he had to make a decision now, but he wanted to delay it……

Perhaps he knew that as long as he let go of this person now, he would lose him completely. This false image that he had put up in front of him would crumble away like glass, and they could never go back ever again.

The moment he realized this, it felt as if his heart had hollowed out completely.

But, if he continued to deceive himself……Perhaps there would still be no changes in the end.

Qin Yao closed his eyes, and opened them once more. Not a single trace of emotion could be seen from his indifferent eyes anymore, they were now back to how they used to be.

Slowly, he stood up, and took a step back.

This is a demon.

He was just deceiving him, using him.

This person was not the real Gu Yan either, he had just occupied the body of the original Gu Yan. This was a demon who tried to confused him with a human’s body, so this was all a lie.

Take for example, that night. He was completely capable of killing that low-tier demon easily, but he pretended to save that woman, and allowed himself to get hurt.

Take for example, that time at the mall. His appearance was no coincidence to begin with, he went to see Zhou Yu because they knew each other from the very beginning. Not only that, he might even be Zhou Yu’s master.

And take for example, right now. There was no way Wang Duo could have forced him, the only reason he was here now would only be if he was willing.

This demon was even more cunning and horrifying than any demon Qin Yao had ever seen before. He had great power, and a forbearing mind. Quietly, he lurked in the human world, playing the humans like a game——Including himself.

Qin Yao knew that what he should be feeling at this moment was anger, he had been fooled.

But even at this moment, he did not feel much anger in his heart. Perhaps that indescribable sense of sadness had spread too quickly, so he could not even spare any extra emotions to be angry about being deceived.

That empty feeling inside of him had even taken his anger away.

At first, Gu Yan looked at Qin Yao with some surprise. He did not understand what happened to Qin Yao, but then, he seemed to have realized. Then, he lowered his head, and saw that scar on his chest. Suddenly, he understood, and he revealed a look that said ‘oh, that’s why’.

Qin Yao looked at the expression on Gu Yan’s face, and the last glimmer of hope in his heart was crushed ruthlessly.

Gu Yan knew everything.

The only one who knew nothing was him.

“You caught me.”Gu Yan swayed his head to the side and let out a soft laugh. Everything had happened too suddenly just now, so he never thought about this at all, and he was found out before he had time to cover it up.

He admitted that he was careless this time, and that he would have to face off with Qin Yao now.

Qin Yao kept his eyes firm on him, and he took a deep breath. Word by word, he enunciated:”Why didn’t you deny it?”

“Deny it?”Gu Yan fixed his collar and buttoned his shirt up with his slender fingers, slowly fixing up his clothes,”Would you believe me if I denied it? You’re not that stupid, are you?”

Qin Yao was stiff, and a self-depreciating smile was gradually revealed on his lips.

This is what Gu Yan was truly like, was it not? All his fragility and kindness was just an act, only his arrogance and ruthlessness was the real him. Once the truth was revealed, he was not even willing to keep up the act anymore.

“I never planned for you to find me now, but you still did……”Gu Yan raised his eyes and looked at Qin Yao. He put on a calm smile,”Are you going to kill me now?”

Qin Yao’s lips were pressed right, and his face was now both cool and pale. He clenched his fists that lay at the side of his body, as if he was trying to hold himself back.

Gu Yan stared at Qin Yao, and raised his lips up into a smile. Qin Yao did not land a killing blow on him the first moment he could, that meant he was hesitating, and this meant an opportunity for him. But if he made his move now while he was completely unprepared, he would not have much chance to win——This was not the best time for that yet.

Gu Yan stood up slowly and met Qin Yao’s eyes.

“You told me in the past that you wouldn’t let a single demon go. Actually, I’ve already thought about this day coming a long time ago……I just never expected that this day would come so soon.”Gu Yan smiled, and closed his eyes slowly,”Go ahead, kill me.”

Qin Yao was shocked.

“I’m very happy I got to come to the human world, I got to see a lot of different people, and a lot of different places. The human world and the demon world are completely different, we had nothing in the demon world, there were only wastelands and slaughter. For the sake of survival, you could only kill other demons, and that never ends. Unlike here……”Gu Yan’s tone seemed to be mixed with deep feelings of attachment, but also a feeling of relief, mixing together in a great contradiction,”I learned a lot about the humans in my days here, I admire them. Even though humans are so weak, they have such rich feelings and imagination. They live such wonderful lives.”

“Then, I thought about it, and understood. How could I bear to destroy such a beautiful world?……Since I already got to look at the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen in my life, I don’t think I would have any regrets even if I died now.”

“In the end, I am only a demon, how could I ever wish to become a human? Even I can’t guarantee that I could live like this for the rest of my life. Could I live carefully the whole time like I did now? Would I one day be overtaken by temptation, and start a massacre? Destroying everything I admired, I envied, and cared about. I’m scared……”

“So, just kill me.”

Gu Yan kept his eyes closed this whole time. He raised his head slightly, revealing his pale, beautiful neck. For him to stretch his neck out like this as he awaited the executioner’s sword, the image seemed to exude a beauty of the desolate despair of a sacrifice.

This scene felt almost painful to look at for Qin Yao. Unable to help himself, he took another step back.

When he faced Gu Yan, it felt like he was constantly retreating in a miserable way.

Qin Yao’s heart was moved for the first time. He knew since a long time ago that demons were cold-blooded and ruthless, they are not worth redeeming, they had to be killed. A demon’s character would not change for anyone, they were not people, they were just evil creatures. Since ancient times, anyone who tried to influence a demon for the better would always pay for their stupidity with their own lives.

But now, he suddenly felt uncertain.

If what Gu Yan said was true, if……If demons could turn good, why can’t he give Gu Yan a chance? What did he do wrong? He just wanted to live in this world.

If he insisted on going his own way, pulling the blinds over his eyes over truth and falsehood, then what difference would he have with those people he hated?

As if he was completely ignorant to Qin Yao’s feelings, Gu Yan suddenly raised his legs, and took a step forward.

“Demons have no feelings, since birth, all they know is slaughter. We can’t kill ourselves, only others, and this continues on endlessly……We will never know why we live, or why we die.”

“I’m tired, I don’t want to go on like this anymore……”

“Would you help me?”

The smile on Gu Yan’s lips were serene and peaceful, as if he was waiting for some sort of relief.

Qin Yao clenched his fists, and his body was faintly shaking. Suddenly, he turned to leave in the next moment.

His footsteps were rushed and disorderly, as if he was trying to run away.

As he walked on the streets, people came and went, going past him as the noise and bustling entered his ears, finally saving him from that suffocating dilemma.

Clearly, he was the one who was deceived; clearly, he should be ridding the world of all the demons. But with just a few words, he was forced out of there like an abandoned dog with the weight of the pressure. No——It shouldn’t be like this.

But how was it supposed to be? Should he have put his hand on Gu Yan?

To kill him, and free him of his shackles?

When Gu Yan opened his eyes, Qin Yao was already gone.

He came and went like the wind.

Qin Yao still did not make a move, he just left.

And Gu Yan did not reveal a happy expression, instead, his expression was grave. On the surface, he had on an expression as if he did not care, but he was actually very nervous. He was ready to defend himself against Qin Yao at any moment! Even though he managed to get Qin Yao away while he was distracted, this did not mean that Qin Yao would not come to terms with things at a later date.

Gu Yan did not feel that this matter would be settled so easily.

He picked his phone off the ground and gave a call to Tong Tong.

“How are the preparations on your side?”

“Mm, all good.”

Gu Yan hung up and called Xu Ming. The content of his call was very short and concise:”Don’t care about anything else right now, help me book the latest flight back to Haiyun City.”

Step by step, Qin Yao returned to his own manor in the suburbs. Every step he took seemed to weigh a thousand pounds.

In his daze, he ended up walking to the lake in the middle of his manor.

The lake sparkled under the night, and reflected Qin Yao’s face. He looked steadily at the surface of the lake, and the look of a painful struggle flashed past his eyes. Also present within was a trace of attachment, and unease, as if he was a worried and confused little child.

After a long time, he finally made up his mind.

He walked one full circle around the lake, and when he stopped, a whirlpool suddenly emerged within the center of the lake, revealing a long flight of stone stairs that led directly down into the ground.

Qin Yao fixed his eyes on them.

After a full quarter of an hour, he slowly stepped in.


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    Gu Yan you could also work in marketting because you’ve proved you can sell anything to anyone I’m amazed. I bet he can convince Qin Yao to somehow help him with this portal shenanigans lmao.

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  2. I’m so nervous. I can already smell the gunpowder in the air, and who knows what those two are planning to do… and I feel sorry for QY, who is obviously fooling himself. I want to see GY being more emotional, but for real, not his demon lord-class acting. I guess that’s what his flashbacks are for…


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