DBHW Chapter 72

Wang Duo was a little stunned.

he was very confident in the security measures here, so don’t even mention a single person……Even a team of mercenaries would not be able to enter so quietly. But such an incredible thing had actually happened in front of his eyes. A man had just kicked open the door and entered.

And not only that, this person seemed a little familiar as well. He felt as if he had seen him somewhere before……But Wang Duo’s face showed his uncertainty.

Regardless, he had no intentions of performing anything in front of someone else, so he could only come down from the bed.

Clothes that they had taken off were strewn across the flower, and there was even that abandoned mobile phone in the corner……What Qin Yao saw was the scene of Gu Yan being pushed down beneath Wang Duo, and left free for his pickings. A strong surge of rage suddenly rose up within his heart! There was no way he could tolerate anyone doing such a thing to Gu Yan!

He was only worried about how Gu Yan would feel that he had always endured from interfering with his matters. But that did not mean that anyone could force themselves on Gu Yan!

That’s right, he believed that Gu Yan had been forced by Wang Duo. Wang Duo’s scoundrel ways were no secret to anyone, and he also had some beef to pick with Gu Yan. Qin Yao did not think that Gu Yan was such an easy person, so he must have been forced. He was even unable to pick up his phone……That’s why, he quickly rushed over!

Gu Yan was the person he wanted to protect, who dared to touch him?!

Qin Yao’s eyes were icy cold. Watching as Wang Duo got down from the bed practically in slow motion, he could physically feel his eyes getting sore. He clenched his hands into fists……He had also not expected to see such a scene, did he come too late?

Extreme emotions of panic, anger, and jealousy gushed out at once. Qin Yao stepped forth and gave Wang Duo a punch!

He had to keep a strong restraint, otherwise, Wang Duo would have died directly with that hit! Even as he did so, the coldness in his eyes were still as sharp as blades. If anything really happened to Gu Yan, then he would definitely have Wang Duo’s life for it! No matter whoever it was!

Wang Duo had been beaten to the ground before he had any time to defend, and the metallic taste of blood coated his mouth. He looked at Gu Yan and his eyes were filled with shock.

Qin Yao’s punch felt like it weighed a thousand pounds, and there had been practically no way he could avoid it. He was not just some showy kid without any skills either, he was a pretty good fighter back when he was still in the army. But……Qin Yao’s strength had already surpassed the realm of human comprehension.

With a cold face, Wang Duo crawled up from the ground and noticed the strange colour of Qin Yao’s eyes. Suddenly, he reacted in a cry of surprise.

Wang Duo’s face changed instantly.

He remembered now why Qin Yao was so familiar to him. There were always people with strange abilities in this world. Being able to fight was nothing, who could actually compare to an actual weapon? But to reach that extent of power was an exception, and Qin Yao was most probably that sort of an exception.

The only time he had seen Qin Yao was in the Wang family’s ancestral home. At that time, he had been grounded at home due to him causing some trouble, and the family just so happened to be welcoming a guest that day, nobody paid any attention to him at all. He was just about to creep over the walls secretly, but he just so happened to see who the guest was. It was a young man, and the most striking part about him was not his handsome looks, but rather, those impressionable eyes, both of different colours. His grandfather was right beside the man, accompanying him with a respectful attitude. The contrast between the elderly and the young was very strong, it was also the first time he saw such a humble side of his majestic grandfather, so he always remembered that man.

The reason it took him so long to recall was because……That was already ten years ago.

And the man in front of him now still looked as young as he did before, without a single shred of change, overlapping completely with that man in his memories.

Wang Duo knew that he had banged up the wrong door today, there was no way he could even think about putting on airs anymore.

If the old man of the Wang family was to know about this, then he would definitely be beaten up without another word……

The look in Wang Duo’s eyes changed. In a moment, he understood many things. The call he cut off earlier must have been from Qin Yao.

And the reason why Qin Yao was so eager to rush over today was naturally because of Gu Yan.

He did not know what Qin Yao was in Gu Yan’s eyes, Gu Yan had never mentioned it before. But he could see it from Qin Yao’s eyes that Gu Yan was very important to him. That was a look he was familiar with, the look of anger when a man’s belonging was touched by another……

After he understood this, Wang Duo felt a great sense of regret pool within his heart.

As the child of a big family, being able to weigh the pros and cons was an ability he was born with. And Gu Yan was not worth enough for him to fight for with his life.

Only……It’s rare for him to be able to take an interest in another person, so no matter what, he still felt unwilling.

“Mr. Qin.”Wang Duo shot him a calm smile as if he did not feel at all that he looked to be in quite a mess at this moment,”Is there anything you need?”He smiled to him meaningfully as he moved his gaze towards the broken door.

Wang Duo had never known what it meant to fear death, he believed in his principles of never wronging himself. He knew that he could not take Qin Yao on, but he could not take this sitting down, pissing Qin Yao off a little was still something he was capable of doing.

After spoiling his fun, could anyone still expect him to let them go respectfully?

Qin Yao’s face was stiff and his eyes were cold. Wang Duo knew him? But he did not care. Perhaps he had seen him once when he visited the Wang family. That was good too, it would save him a lot of effort.

“You should not make a move on Gu Yan.”Qin Yao’s voice was ice-cold.

Wang Duo raised a brow and smiled,”We’re both consenting adults, is it such a big deal? If you would’ve said early on that Gu Yan was yours, I would not try to go for someone who’s attached either.”Wang Duo enunciated the word ‘consenting’ with great emphasis. Even though you’re a powerful guy, Qin Yao, you still can’t interfere with anyone’s love affairs, right?

And sure enough, the look in Qin Yao’s eyes changed slightly.

He looked at Gu Yan.

Gu Yan’s shirt was open, and his hair was in a mess. Sitting on the edge of the dead, his eyes were lowered and his brows down. As he kept silent, he could not tell how he felt at this moment.

He was just thinking about how he was going to deal with this situation. For Qin Yao to actually rush over in this way because of one phone call, it may seem easy on the surface but he knew that a lot of work was required for him to find his location, and he even arrived in such a short amount of time. He did not have any intentions of returning any of Qin Yao’s feelings, but he also felt that this may be a good idea to deal with Wang Duo by using Qin Yao……So he decided to just watch this all play out quietly.

Wang Duo knew that both he and Gu Yan could not be considered to be fully ‘consenting’, it was at most a ‘power and money transaction’. But this could not be revealed in front of Qin Yao. He raised his head:”Mr. Qin, are you sure you want to interfere with our private affairs?”If Gu Yan did not say anything, then he would just take it as a yes!

Qin Yao’s knuckles creaked with his force, as if he was going to make a move in the next second.

Wang Duo’s brows raised, did he mess up? He coughed.

At this moment, Gu Yan suddenly spoke. With his eyes low, his voice was calm,”Wang Duo, go.”

Immediately, Wang Duo revealed a look of devastation, his acting skills weren’t too bad either.

“Don’t look for me in the future.”Gu Yan said bluntly. His tone was very calm, but at this moment, for him to be this calm was extremely abnormal, it was like some sort of helpless compromise and acceptance of his fate.

Wang Duo almost had the thought that Gu Yan really fell for him……Could it be that Gu Yan was actually interested in him, but was not willing to admit it before? If Gu Yan really liked him, then it was not like fighting Qin Yao a little over him was a no go. Falling to his death under a beautiful peony, even becoming a ghost after death would be romantic. To think that someone like Qin Yao would actually have an unrequited love, this was quite interesting!

Qin Yao could also hear the helplessness in Gu an’s tone. His face paled, and he stepped back as if he could not take it anymore.

So in turns out he had just been overthinking things this whole time? Was Gu Yan really together with Wang Duo because he liked him? Then what did it mean for him to do this?

Was he the bad guy breaking up a couple?

What was so good about Wang Duo? He was clearly still trying to pick a fight with him just before, why would Gu Yan like him?! And meanwhile he got abandoned even after all he’s done for him. In a moment, feelings of envy filled his heart, and all the emotions he had been suppressing in the past seemed as if it was ignited from the pressure, destroying what was left of his reason bit by bit……

You’re trying to tell me he was willing?……He didn’t believe a single word of it!

Qin Yao’s pupils dimmed, and he suddenly reached out, pinning his hands directly on Wang Duo’s throat! With a cold voice, he yelled:”Damn you!”

His fingers were clenched tightly, almost enough to pierce through Wang Duo’s neck. Blood slowly started to emerge as Wang Duo struggled, he could not even manage a single word.

The man in front of him had turned from an otherworldly expert to a fierce demon in an instant.

Wang Duo clawed at the man’s hand, and even though he was in so much pain, he still revealed a mocking smile to him.

Qin Yao became even more angry. From the looks of it, he was going to kill Wang Duo then and there……

Gu Yan suddenly shouted:”Let him go!”He raised his eyes to look at Qin Yao, both of them as dark as ink.

in Yao paused abruptly, and released his hold on Wang Duo. When he turned back to Gu Yan, the clarity had once again returned his eyes, but the complex emotions surging within him still did not decrease. He pursed his lips tightly, and looked coldly down at Wang Duo,”Scram.”

Wang Duo held his own throat and could not stop himself from coughing, he really was one step from dying just earlier. At this moment, the staff of the club rushed over. It was unknown whether they have received some sort of order prior to this, but they all hurriedly took Wan Duo out, and turned a blind eye to both Qin Yao and Gu Yan.

Gu Yan sat still without moving. He had just figured out a way to achieve two goals at once without gaining any suspicion, that was to make Qin Yao believe that he was in love with Wang Duo. This way, Qin Yao won’t stick to him like glue anymore, and Wang Duo would also have learned to step back a bit after this. As he sat quietly, he suddenly felt like he still understood humans quite well.

Qin Yao stood there as silent as a mountain, but after a moment, he started to move step by step towards Gu Yan.

Gu Yan raised his head to look at Qin Yao with a calm look, he was just waiting to dismiss Qin Yao now.

Qin Yao’s face was very cold, but his eyes were hot like flames. He raised his hand, pinning Gu Yan’s chin with it, and his eyes moved towards his tender pink lips. They were just like his, beautiful yet fickle.

Qin Yao lowered his head, and kissed down on those lips fiercely without saying anything!

Instead of a gentle kiss, this felt more like a bite. Even though it was rough, it still felt like an overwhelming surging tide, like he wanted to swallow up all of Gu Yan.

Gu Yan’s eyes were wide in shock. Did he get something wrong?

How could someone like Qin Yao do such a thing when he already knew where his heart belonged?!

No matter how much he tried, it seems he still could not predict the heart of a human.

The instant Qin Yao touched Gu Yan’s soft lips, it felt as if something had finally ripped apart in his heart! And it was now pouring out! That luscious feeling made it impossible for him to get himself away from Gu Yan. He wanted more, regardless of anything! More……

He wanted every single part of this man before him! His hand made its way to Gu Yan’s fair and fragile neck, and the warm, smooth feeling was like that of the finest silk……He wanted to destroy him completely, but at the same time, he could not bear to do it. He was afraid to cause any harm to it, even a little, he had to be careful.

Bit by bit, the reason left in Qin Yao gradually disappeared. He buried his head in Gu Yan’s neck……Moving down bit b bit, and suddenly——He froze completely.

Gu Yan’s clothes were half-open, and his bare chest was partially hidden in the shadows.

Qin Yao stopped, and his gaze landed on that scar in front of Gu Yan’s chest that was the width of a sword.

Instantly, his blood cooled.

FZC literally the only gentleman in this novel lmao

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  1. Oh sht! He saw it! It’s gonna be too easy to connect GY with the demon he fought! GY even bought that haunted place! Ahhhh goddammit! Is their connection strong enough for QY to ignore GY’s identity as a demon?! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

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  2. Oh yeah god fu is the most gentle characther in this novel . oh oh that bad is god qin realized about our lord identity ?? 👍👍 for our translator 1 chap/day that truly amazing 😊😊😊😊

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  3. I was like ‘what’s so bad about him seeing a scar?’ Then I realised where he got it. Ohhh. Really curious about the next chapter now, and worried for Gu Yan. Speaking about Gu Yan himself, I wonder what he thought during the kiss?



    i kinda feel bad for our Gu Yan getting molested by thE MLs.. FZC is the only gentleman in this novel.. why isnt he the ML.. xD

    thanks for the chapter Helli!

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  5. Sh!t hit the fan!!! There’s no getting out of this, Gu Yan! I’m looking forward to their reaction. I don’t believe Qin Yao will be able to just forget his previous feelings and kill GY, though he might try out of feeling betrayed. But more importantly, they KISSED!! This is where the real romance begins!! (I’m just gonna forget about the previous scene with Wang Dog….QY x GY all the way!) But yeah, FZC is the only one with manners, and that’s why he’ll lose haha sob *burns candle for all the sacrificed second male leads in the name of love*
    An out of control Qin Yao is hot though. When a usually calm and collected iceberg-type man snaps and tries to suck your soul out your mouth, that’s what you call gap moe.

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  6. I seriously wanted FZC to be the ML but wow, I’m not so sure after all of this.. I also kinda liked WD lol.

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    1. And lmao WD is quite a funny guy. He was ready to die just because it was romantic?? 😂
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      And uh oh the scene I waited on finally came!! 😳
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