DBHW Chapter 71

I actually forgot what song I was going to put on this chapter, but this will have to do. Also I was away for a few days and didn’t pay attention, so belated thank you for the pledges!


Wang Duo had been God’s favoured child since he was young, and was under high hopes of the Wang family. There was a reason he stood as the number one amongst all the silver-spooned princes in the capital.

Wang Duo was the eldest of the third generation in the Wang family. As a child of many talents, he had been winning against countless people since he was born, and both his father and grandfather had high hopes for him once upon a time, he was born to tower over everyone else.

But perhaps God gave him too much. He could not make a person too perfect, so even though Wang Duo excelled in everything, his only problem was that he liked men. Since he was no more than a decade or so old, he found himself with no interest towards the opposite sex, he just liked the prettier boys……This was something the Wang family could not bear. Not only was their plans of gaining connections with other families through marriage destroyed, this would even come to be a great humiliation to them. Not driving him out of the family was already very kind on their parts.

What could a homosexual achieve? Just like that, Wang Duo was abandoned by his family.

But he did not feel sad at all. On the contrary, it felt as if he was a bird finally freed of shackles, and had now completely fallen into the role of the devil incarnate. He was now free to laugh merrily or curse angrily as he pleased, and there was no need to mention how comfortable the life of a silver-spooned prince was.

Moreover, Wang Duo was a capable person. He may look anything but serious, but he was actually very good in business, and had many companies under his hold. Even without getting himself involved in politics, he had still made a name for himself. Slowly, the views of the Wang family towards him had changed. Even though they still allowed him to fool around, his status was now different.

In these past ten years, Wang Duo had achieved a lot within the capital, and he had never hid his sexual orientation.

This was nothing big either. Others would play around with girls, he just liked to play with the boys. Regardless, nobody dared to say anything about the esteemed Young Master Wang behind his back.

His surroundings were simply overflowing with twinks trying to stick themselves to him, and many handsome young men from the entertainment industry had also hopped into his bed in the past. But even though the great Young Master Wang was a delinquent, he was still a man with principles. He would never get someone to sleep with him by force, he would only take them if they were willing. What’s more, he had always been very generous to his lovers. With his identity and background, even straight men who had caught his interested would not mind bending a little for him.

Young Master Wang had just sent away his little lover who had been clutching to him like a koala. He was just planning to get some fresh air when Zhang Qin dragged him over to mess with Gu Yan.

And in the end, he found himself unable to sleep when he returned home that night……

He suffered some flesh wounds from the car accident, but his nerves and bones were all fine. He didn’t even need to stay in the hospital, he just recuperated at home with a pure mind free of all passion and worry. But Gu Yan’s face just had to appear constantly in his mind, so he could not keep up with those plans any longer. Such an unforgettable man……Why had he never noticed it in the past? If Gu Yan looked just like this in the past, then he might not have even driven Gu Yan out of the capital in the past……It’s not like he was hurt when he got hit that time, the great Young Master Wang had always been known to be easy on those he favoured, he would not have been too particular with him.

But it was not too late for him to find out either. Wang Duo never liked to treat himself badly, and what’s more, he had seen all types of men after all these years, and he really had not met someone who could tug at his heartstrings, and kept him from his sleep.

Since he was interested, then he might as well go for it. Wang Duo had always been very direct.

When he saw Gu Yan’s unhappy face, Wang Duo could tell that he might have been a little too abrupt. But he still had confidence in himself. If Gu Yan really wanted to mix around in the entertainment industry, he was practically a god in terms of what he could do for him there.

“I like you very much, please think about it, give me an answer tomorrow.”


Gu Yan coughed, it was very fortunate that he did not answer him in a rush earlier. Sure enough, human speech was profound and hard to understand, they always feel the need to go around in circles. Even if he felt that he was mixing well with the humans, he still nearly got tricked. He thought Wang Duo came this time for revenge.

Is this how those demons always end up getting found out like what Qin Yao said? It really was hard to prevent……

It’s all the humans’ fault for being speaking in such a roundabout way.

“No need, I’ll give you an answer now.”Gu Yan looked at him bluntly:”I don’t like you.”

Wang Duo did not seem surprised by this at all. He extinguished his cigarette and smiled:”I know you don’t like me, I just said I like you, and wanted to try it out with you.”

Gu Yan frowned,”Is there any difference?”

“Of course there is! You can try it with me even if you don’t like me, right? Maybe you might even end up falling for me, no?”Wang Duo smirked as he looked brazenly at Gu Yan.

“……”Can he kill this human now?

Gu Yan looked coldly at him,”In that case, let me emphasize, I don’t like you and don’t plan to try anything with you. I’m in a good mood right now, so you better not trouble yourself.”

“Oh? What do you plan to do to me if I don’t leave?”Wang Duo was not scared at all, instead, he was now filled with excitement. How many years has it been since someone dared to speak to him in this tone? If it was anyone else, Wang Duo would have already shown his might to them; but when Gu Yan was the one to say it, he felt instead as if an itch was tugging at his heart. Even if Gu Yan was just looking at him coldly, he still felt that his appearance was very alluring.

If Gu Yan was vodka, then everyone else he had been with in the past was nothing more than tasteless water.

So to say, men are by nature miserable bastards, all they cared about was whether something suited them or not.

Gu Yan raised a brow.

To be frank, he still could not kill Wang Duo right now, but getting involved with him in such away was also not the best way to go around things. He could also forcefully hypnotize Wang Duo and make him leave, but that would just be a temporary solution. He would get into an even bigger mess if he was found out……After all, he was not an expert in using such sideway tricks anyway, he had to rely on making them submit to him for a short time through the suppression of their levels. He knew nothing at all about any of the illusions or whatnot used by human cultivators.

Gu Yan hesitated for a moment.

Wang Duo smiled. He came in front of Gu Yan and said by his ear:”If you accept, you can do anything you want with me.”With his predatory eyes on Gu Yan’s body, he spoke in a flirtatious tone.

Gu Yan’s eyes were cold. How dare this human tease him.

“Come on, think about it. You know how my reputation is, I can guarantee you won’t suffer any losses if you try it out with me.”Wang Duo gave him a meaningful hint.

If the other party was just an ordinary star, they would’ve been moved long ago.

But this was Gu Yan.

Gu Yan thought about it a little and found some memories regarding Wang Duo in his mind. Indeed, he knew that he was not a person who would treat his pillow partner badly. But firstly, Gu Yan was not interested. Secondly, it was unnecessary to him.

The only thing about Wang Duo that differed from his memories was that Wang Duo was not such a desperate clinger in his impression. He did not lack for a lover by his side, and he was the only one who dumped others, not the other way around. But right now, after being rejected twice, Wang Duo was still asking him to reconsider.

He was determined to get what he wanted.

Gu Yan narrowed his eyes. This was not a good sign.

Gu Yan looked at Wang Duo thoughtfully, and laughed after a short moment,”Alright, let’s try it then.”

Even though Gu Yan’s answer was casual, a sense of unspeakable joy still emerged from the bottom of Wang Duo’s heart, both excitement and anticipation had flooded his eyes. It was just a simple answer, but it still filled him with such joy and hope. Wang Duo had a feeling that he would not get sick of this one anytime soon.

He took a step back and suddenly changed into the demeanour of a gentleman, starting up politely,”May I have the pleasure of sharing a dinner with you?”

Gu Yan looked deeply at him,”I like quiet places.”

Gu Yan abandoned his car there and got on Wang Duo’s black Jaguar. He sat quietly on the passenger seat, and looked around outside in a seemingly dazed way.

Inadvertently, Wang Duo ended up observing Gu Yan at the corner of his eyes. He believed that it must have been the benefits he promised him that moved Gu Yan, but he did not feel any disdain for him because of that. The world is a fair place, if you want something, you’ll have to pay for it. What he wanted was not his sincerity anyway, so it did not matter to him whether he had won him with his money or not. As long as they were both willing, there was nothing bad about this trade.

Besides, he is the one he wanted right now, so it was fine as long as he could get him, there was no need for him to think about anything else.

Gu Yan kept his eyes down through the entire down, and finally opening them fully when Wang Duo announced they were there.

Wang Duo brought him to a quiet club, which was in line with what Gu Yan asked for. It was a little far from downtown, and compared to the noisiness of the capital, this place felt like some otherworldly paradise. Every villa was placed far away from each other, so they would not easily be interrupted by anyone.

Wang Duo pulled out a chair for Gu Yan politely, and asked:”What would you like to eat?”He asked with courtesy, but the aggressive glow in his eyes seemed to be saying that he would prefer to eat him instead.

Gu Yan understood his words, and could not help but laugh. When he smiled, the curves of his lips were inexplicably sexy, instantly igniting a flame within Wang Duo’s heart.

What an interesting human. If only you knew that I would actually like to eat you even more, but I can’t eat you for real……

“I’m not picky.”Gu Yan leaned back into the soft leather seat, and smiled lazily.


Qin Yao had just returned home. He noticed some demonic traces in the capital as well, if not for his timely actions, many mass murders might have broken out again.

Actually, the frequency of the recent emergence of the demons have been very scarce compared to the frequency at the very beginning, but he still managed to catch quite a few fish in his net.

And he had to make sure to clean up every last one of these demons. As long as one was left, they would still become a huge threat to the world. Qin Yao appeared slightly exhausted after his restless hunts. Bit by bit, it was starting to wear down his patience. He had done so much, all because he wanted to obtain a single person, but he was out of his reach.

The lights were bright outside of the window, and the colourful neon lights made the whole city look vibrant. Even so, Qin Yao could feel nothing but loneliness.

When he reached this level of cultivation, there was already no need for him to sleep. This instead served to make his nights even more difficult to pass. When Qin Yao thinks of Gu Yan, he did not know why, but he wanted to see him.

With his phone in his hand, he hesitated for a moment, but still called him.

The phone rang for a long time before he finally picked up. Qin Yao put the phone by his ear, but suddenly, the look on his face changed.


The exquisite and expensive meals in the living room were practically untouched.

The two were in each other’s embrace, stripping each other as they kissed, gradually moving to the bedside. The phone in Gu Yan’s phone suddenly rang, and the ringing was incessant, as if it would not stop if he did not pick up.

Wang Duo frowned and took Gu Yan’s phone from his pocket. Without even looking at it, he said coldly:”Whoever you are, stop calling.”

Saying that, he hung up, turning the phone off directly and throwing it to the side.

Gu Yan looked at him composedly as if he did not care what Wang Duo had done at all. His jacket had already been taken off, and the buttons of his shirt had also been undone, revealing a fair but strong and powerful chest.

Wang Duo’s throat bobbed for a moment. This was the most perfect body he had ever seen.

He watched him almost in devotion, and could not help but want to get closer. Right when he was just about to touch him, he was suddenly flipped over and firmly restrained beneath Gu Yan’s body.

Gu Yan narrowed his eyes and curled up his lips, slowly opening them:”I forgot to tell you, I only top.”


“You can think about it if you need to.”Gu Yan looked at him with his sharp eyes,”You still have time to regret it.”

Wang Duo had never known what it life was like to be pinned down by a person, so his answer was of course no. But to let Gu Yan go just like this, he felt very unwilling.

“Unfortunately, I also only top.”Wang Duo was silent for a moment, but he suddenly grinned,”So we’ll have to see who’s capable.”

Saying that, he kicked out his knee, aiming directly at Gu Yan’s stomach. By instinct, Gu Yan dodged to the side, but Wang Duo took this opportunity to grab Gu Yan’s arm, throwing him heavily to the bed. Immediately, he turned around and pressed Gu Yan down beneath him.

Gu Yan looked at Wang Duo. He never expected that this human would have a few tricks up his sleeve too, he would not be getting out of this easy if he did not use some force.

What a reckless idiot……Do you really want to force me to make a move? Gu Yan scoffed.

Just as he was about to throw Wang Duo down, a large bang suddenly sounded across the room. The door had flown open directly.

When Qin Yao entered the room, this was the scene he saw.


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