DBHW Chapter 69

It was very late at night when Xu Ming finally came back defeated, he was unable to find Tong Tong at all. When he entered, he saw a small pair of muddied pink shoes, and his eyes brightened in an instant. He asked Gu Yan who was currently reading a book:”Did Tong Tong come back?”

Gu Yan gave a faint hum in reply.

Xu Ming quickly went in to look, but even after going one full circle, he was not able to find her. He turned back and asked:”Didn’t Tong Tong come back?”

“Left again.”Gu Yan’s voice was slightly cold.

“Left? Where can a little child like her go? Why didn’t you stop her?”Xu Ming was anxious.

Gu Yan shut his eyes, he could feel a small spark of rage peeking its head. He thought he had already gotten used to how noisy Xu Ming was, but right now, he realized that he had barely cultivated any patience for it at all. This stupid human being was bothering him to no end,”Her dad came back so she went home, is that not allowed to happen?”

“……”Xu Ming was dumbfounded. He had never thought about this possibility.

Gu Yan had no interests in answering any further questions he had. He got up and left for his room, shutting the door behind him with a slam.

Gu Yan sat on his chair and could not help but recall all the things that have been happening since he came to the human world.

Even though he had not been here for long, his memories of this world was much richer than those of the demon world. Life in the demon world has always been boring, you either kill, or devour other demons, hunt or be hunted……until that one day where he finally reached that level of strength, where no demons were any threat to him any longer. There was nothing left to do, he just drifted through life. There was no longer any need for him to struggle for his survival, to the point where he even felt that there was no point in it……This was how all demons were like, there was nothing unusual about it, and he was no exception, nor did he find any issue with himself.

But for him to actually think now, what really am I? Where did I come from?

And what were those mysterious dreams he had been having? Could it be, just like Zhou Yu said, those were the memories he had during his time as a human?

Gu Yan clenched his hands into fists, his thumb held over his index finger with much force.

Heh……For him to actually wonder what the meaning of his own existence was……

After a good moment or two, Gu Yan suddenly broke out in a laugh. For him to actually have such insignificant thoughts, he had gone mad.

Why did he need to know what he was in his past life? He just had to know what he was now, and that was all he needed. He understood himself very well; he knew what he wanted to have, what he wanted to do……The him of now had finally found something to live for, was that not so?

Just think about this beautiful world, with all this wonderful food, endless amounts of it easily available to him. Was there anything more exciting than this?

There was no need for him to hesitate at all, he just had to follow his heart.


Their shooting had been interrupted halfway through that day, and since the equipment had all been destroyed, they lost all the footage they got on that day. The crew quickly received compensation from Wang Duo, and the amount they got was twice as much as what their equipment cost in the first place. Young Master Wang was not a man short on money.

Soon after, Gu Yan received the notice for the advertisement’s re-shooting.

Since they’ve already done the shooting once before, they were much more successful this time around. Nobody came to mess anything up either, so they were able to finish everything in one day. Then, the only things left to do was to edit the photos and add special effects.

For the sake of catching up with the heat recently surrounding Gu Yan, the new advertisement was rolled out in just a little over a week, and was quickly broadcasted on the major TV stations.

Gu Yan’s 360 degree no dead angle beauty as well as his abstinent yet wild yet sexy, ever-changing looks made many of his fans tempted to lick their screens. His Weibo fans had successfully broken through the 10 million mark, and he had instantly became a hot topic. All the previous scandals and criticisms from the past had also been pulled out, but it was no longer a one-sided situation. Any topic about Gu Yan could easily attract a huge fan battle. Some of Gu Yan’s old candid shots from the streets were also published on the internet. As long as it was related to Gu Yan, it was ready to turn into a hot topic at any moment.

His fame at this moment was simply unparalleled, and since he was too famous, Gu Yan had to put on a mask and sunglasses every time he went out. If he was not careful, he might still be recognized. This ended up causing quite a lot of trouble for him.

And so, Gu Yan did not decide to go out as often anymore. If he really had to go, he would change his appearance and avoid getting too close to people.

Another few days passed when Gu Yan received a call from Director Zou out of nowhere.

Director Zou had been preparing to take over another big production recently that was adapted from historical fantasy novels. The movie had actually been in the preparation stage for several years, and the novel itself was a very famous original story with a large reader base. The idea of adapting movies from novels just was not ripe enough in the market these past few years, so for the sake of maximizing profits, the company had been pressing down this project until now.

Now that the movie market was in good shape, this project was now pinned on their agenda. Director Zou had been invited to direct the movie, and he was also quite interested in it. Most of his films went with the literary path, and they’ve received countless rewards. Even though the pay was good, it was still a tad lacking when it came to fame. Even so, he did have some interest in this commercial fantasy blockbuster. Moreover, the budget proposed by the producers were also very sufficient. They were able to agree to all his demands, so he eventually decided to take the job.

The first thing he did after taking the job was to star the characters. A very important villain of a demon lord was present in the movie’s source novel. The moment he saw this character, all Director Zou could think of was Gu Yan. And so, he immediately decided for Gu Yan to come for an audition, which ended up with this call with Gu Yan now.

But what he did not say was that Fu Zhe Chuan was, as usual, one of the investors. So, as long as Gu Yan was suitable, he was not worried about any other problems.

After thinking about it, Gu Yan agreed. He had already worked with Director Zou before, and the two could be considered on familiar terms, so they would not have many issues working with each other.

Gu Yan was not interested in all in acting the part of a human. His principle in doing anything at all was to save as much effort as possible. Instead of finding a different job, he might as well just take this one. Besides……this might not take up too much time anyway.

The two quickly decided on a time.

The next day, Gu Yan went to see Director Zou. The two had arranged to meet at the movie studio.

Director Zou had on a face as proud as a spring breeze. The box office for 《Sins of the Heart》 had already broken through the 1.5 billion mark, and the momentum had still yet to diminish. No other big movies was able to pose a threat to him in the past month, so even breaking through the 2 billion mark would be no issue. This was actually the most successful movie Director Zou had done in the past few years, this proved that he was allowed to have both artistic freedom and money. Moreover, the film had been shortlisted for several awards recently, even Gu Yan received a nomination for the best newcomer.

“You’re here! Great.”Director Zou patted Gu Yan’s shoulder happily, and deliberately kept him in suspense:”Xiao Gu, have you heard anything passing through the winds recently?”

Gu Yan glanced at Director Zou’s hand, but decided to forget it. He would be magnanimous today for just this once. He shook his head:”No.”

“Really nothing at all?”Director Zou asked again, he was just like a child.

Gu Yan looked at him expressionlessly.

Director Zou sighed:”You’re this year’s best newcomer, don’t you even keep up with your own news?”He seemed to be reproaching him with his tone, but his eyes showed great appreciation. Now here’s a guy who can hold his own weight. Don’t even mention the impetuous youngsters they had these days, even a guy at his age could not dare to say they didn’t care about their own fame.

But Gu Yan could do it. He cared only about acting, nothing else, he really was among the rarest of the rare. With this mentality, he would have no limits in the future. Director Zou couldn’t help but think back to the time when they first met. At that time, he also had his biases against Gu Yan. But now, thinking back to it, he felt like he had been too shallow.

“Alright, I’m not going to nag you on any longer. Do a good job, I’ve got a good feeling about you. Get changed first.”Saying that, Director Zou pushed Gu Yan into the dressing room.

While he was doing his makeup, Gu Yan flipped through the script in his hands. This was what Director Zou passed to him earlier. It was only two sheets of paper with a simple summary of the character, as well as several of his lines.

He memorized it with just one look, and he just about had an idea on how he would go about this in his heart. This type of character……really did not require much effort to play. Director Zou had good taste.

The makeup artist secretly looked at Gu Yan. At such a close distance, she was able to see that Gu Yan had wonderful skin, even better than any star she had worked on before. That texture……was simply too good, he was even better to look at in real life than on television. instantly, she had turned into a fan. She gave it her 120% and finished Gu Yan’s makeup, and put a wig on him……After tossing about for more than an hour, she was simply amazed when she looked at Gu Yan again. With a blush on her cheeks, she asked:”Can I take a photo with you? Don’t worry, I’ll just keep it to myself……I won’t post it anywhere.”

Gu Yan didn’t care, he let her take one.

The makeup artist was very happy. She was saying thank you, but her hands had been tapping away incessantly. Then, holding her phone, she put out a sigh of satisfaction.

Director Zou was drinking tea outside, and when he saw Gu Yan walk out, he nearly burned himself with his tea as he rushed to get up in his excitement.

Gu Yan wore an ink coloured robe with a silver sash around his waist. His black hair was allowed to hang freely down his waist without any extra decorations. His skin was a very fair shade, but the curve of his brows and eyes were deep, within which you could see an indifference that was laced with a sinister flavour. Even so, his appearance was beautiful enough to be enchanting. Those who set eyes upon him clearly knew he was poison, but they could not help themselves from wanting to get close to him……

He did not speak, he just stood there quietly. But even so, it felt like his cold indifference could be felt. He was high above the rest, watching down on everything else with disdain at the corner of his eye……

Director Zou knew that Gu Yan would fit this character very well, but he never would have expected him to fit this well. It was practically tailor-made for him.

He understood in an instant, that nobody else was worthy of this character but him.

Gu Yan looked at Director Zou, and after a moment, he raised his lips up in a mocking smile:”What is it, do you not recognize this honourable lord any longer?”

“……”Gu Yan was clearly only speaking the lines, but Director Zou felt like even he himself had nearly got into character! He was simply the same as the demon lord of his dreams, okay? No……He was even better, his act was even richer than his imaginations. Only after seeing Gu Yan did he feel that this was how a demon lord should be!

Instantly, he had a newfound understanding of the entire movie, and could not wait to start.

Director Zou came back to his senses and looked at Gu Yan in satisfaction:”Good, very good, I don’t think I even have to try anyone else, we’ll just go with you. Do you have any issues with your schedule?”

Gu Yan shook his head:”None.”

“Alright, I’ll talk to your agent about this, just wait patiently for the shooting to start. I’ll ask someone to bring you the script later, take a look at it first.”Director Zou said.

Gu Yan had no comments.

A half hour later, Gu Yan took off his makeup and left with the script in hand.

But he did not expect that he would bump into Qin Yao as soon as he left the studio. What a coincidence, Gu Yan said to himself in his heart.

Qin Yao was leaning on a tree. He raised his head and looked over, in his heart he said, you’re finally here.


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