DBHW Chapter 64

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Gu Yan was stunned for a moment, then he turned his head to the side,”Nobody asked for your help.”

“I wanted to show you my concern, but I ended up causing you trouble in the end, and even failed to notice your feelings, I will apologize to you for this.”Qin Yao said,”I will take note in the future.”


Gu Yan closed his eyes, and a look of ridicule swept past his face in a quick flash, quickly disappearing once more.

It seems that no matter what person it was, be it an ant or someone strong, they would not be able to remove their special human characteristic of being full of themselves. He will one day realize that a demon like him did not need the kindness of anyone.

“Well then……I will take my leave.”Seeing that Gu Yan was not very welcome of himself, Qin Yao smiled and turned to leave.

Gu Yan did not stop him either, he was busy drinking his own wine.

He swayed the glass of wine in his hands, and watched as the red liquid sloshed around within the glass, reflecting his dark eyes that shone with a cold light.

After the banquet, the Gu family all returned together to their mansion.

Gu Zong Han called Gu Yan to him and looked at him with an expression filled with love and affection, the appreciation within his eyes could hardly be concealed. The smile playing about his lips was huge,”Yan Yan, it took a lot for you to come home this time, I hope you don’t run off again.”

“But my work requires me to be away, I can’t always stay in the capital.”Gu Yan smiled innocently. How could he sit around at home and do nothing?

But Gu Zong Han was slightly unhappy about this. He was still rather traditional in thinking, and felt that being an actor was not a decent job, so he was just preparing to tell Gu Yan to quit. But after thinking about it, it was better for him to work than gamble and drink his life away. This was at least better than he was in the past, it might not be a bad thing. Besides, he was not very demanding of Gu Yan to begin with.

So he changed his tone:”Oh, that’s right, how did you meet Mr. Qin?”

As soon as he said this, both Gu Yan De and Gu Yan Xin were staring intently at Gu Yan, their faces tense.

Bai Ya on the other hand was sitting at the side with a smile on her face. There was no need to mention how pleased she was today, not only was Gu Yan both obedient and sensible today, he even managed to raise her reputation. Just look at those wealthy ladies who did not like to talk to her in the past, aren’t they all surrounding her now? This was the treatment she had never dared to wish for in the past.

Even just invitations were piling up her mailbox, she was not able to squeeze herself into these events even if she tried, but now she could even choose whether she wanted to go or not. There were so many that she could not even go to all of them.

Gu Yan put on a smile. He did not even spare a glance to his two brothers, he just narrowed his eyes lazily,”He is also a fan of mine.”

“……”Gu Zong Han.

“Oh, that’s right, he even asked for my autograph once, then after seeing each other more, we just got familiar with each other.”Gu Yan said this easily and in a carefree manner.

Gu Zong Han had decided that he would look at Gu Yan’s works later! Could it be that he had even be ignoring his son’s talents?

Both Gu Yan De and Gu Yan Xing had on a look as if they had just fucked a dog, and almost could not help themselves from yelling ‘who are you trying to fool here?!’

“Cough cough……”Actually, even Gu Zong Han had felt it hard to believe that statement, but he looked at his youngest son with difficulty and felt that it would be impossible for him to meet someone like Mr. Qin with his IQ……As for him being his fan……Mr. Qin did not look like a person with such cheap taste, perhaps it was for some other reason, such as Gu Yan’s straightforward personality?

“Since you got to become friends with Mr. Qin, then there must be something he looks up to you about. You better keep in contact with him in the future, he will be good help to you, do you understand?”Gu Zong Han was afraid that his youngest son would end up a fool and accidentally provoke Qin Yao, so he was nagging him now to prevent that.

Gu Yan gave him a meaningful look,”Mm, I know.”

“That’s good then, this is a good opportunity for you, so don’t let it go to waste.”Gu Zong Han said.

Gu Yan nodded, and suddenly, Gu Yan leaned over shamelessly in front of Gu Zong Han and said:”Hey, old man……I ended up spending all my money so I could buy you a gift, so……”

Gu Zong Han was both pissed and amused. As expected, it was hard for him to change his character. He raised his voice as if he was angry:”What, you want me to give it back to you?”

“Come on, you know I don’t mean it that way.”Gu Yan rolled his eyes:”I’m not asking for much, just a little for emergencies. I won’t even bother to ask if my pay came.”

“Then don’t you know how to leave some emergency funds before you buy something?”Gu Zong Han asked.

“My mind was full of what I was going to buy you at that time, who’s going to think about that much?”Gu Yan’s face showed his unhappiness.

Gu Zong Han laughed out loud. Even though he spoke with unhappiness, his heart was overjoyed. As expected, this youngest son of his was caring after all.

Gu Yan De was still slightly calm, and was quiet, but Gu Yan Xin was trying to hard to endure it his face was distorting! He just knew that he was putting an act in front of his father, but everyone knows you’re the real schemer here! Do you still take yourself as a child? How can you even live until this age without such common knowledge? And still live this well?

And besides……To hook up someone like Qin Yao on his rod, who does he think he’s fooling, calling him a fan?

But for Gu Zong Han to actually take the bait! Gu Yan Xin gritted his teeth in anger.

But no matter how much he hated it, he did not dare to say anything……

Gu Yan was way too lazy to even spare a glance at Gu Yan Xin, but Bai Ya noticed it. The words Song Yuan yelled before she left today felt as if they had been carved into her heart. She just knew that Gu Yan Xin would not be able to get Gu Yan go. She never had any evidence for it in the past, but now……Moreover, with the expression on his face at this moment, how could Bai Ya still be unclear? She would never just let what happened today pass! What if Gu Yan Xin tried to harm her and Yan Yan again? He was just trying to frame someone this time, but what about the next?

No matter what, she had to get justice for Yan Yan today. If not for Mr. Qin’s sudden appearance, Yan Yan would definitely be badly wronged today. Just thinking about it made Bai Ya very sad. She looked at Gu Yan Xin and revealed a cold smile,”What’s wrong with you, Xin’er? Are you not feeling well? Why does your complexion look so bad?”

Gu Yan Xin choked. Even if he wanted to keep away the expression on his face, it was already too late. Who knew that this bitch would actually come for him? He put on an ugly smile:”I’ve worried you, Aunt Bai, don’t worry, I’m fine.”

Gu Zong Han frowned. He had also seen the malicious look on Gu Yan Xin’s face that he was unable to cover up in time. He sighed in his heart. It seems like this matter really was inseparable with Gu Yan Xin. He did not want to believe that such a thing was happening between his sons, but with everything laid out in front of him, he really could do nothing but believe it. He also knew what Bai Ya was trying to do, she was just trying to get justice for Gu Yan.

If this was before, Bai Ya would just swallow her anger down and ignore it, all so she could remain in the Gu Family. And because of that, she tried very much to butter up to the two older sons, but now it seems she was really well pissed.

Even though he cared very much for Gu Yan, he still felt regretful in his treatment of his two older sons. Besides, what happened today could not be said to be a big issue after all.

He had no idea that Gu Yan Xin wanted to take Gu Yan’s life, he just thought that the two could not get along, and just ended up in a small spark. No matter what, the two of them were his flesh and blood, this would be a hard one to settle.

Bai Ya has been by Gu Zong Han’s side for several decades, so how could she not understand him? With just one look, she could tell what he was thinking. Instantly, she coughed to get his attention:”You know, thinking back to it……Our Yan Yan really is a simple-minded child, he doesn’t understand all the plotting and intrigue at all. If not for Mr. Qin’s appearance today, I wonder what would happen to him? Though he’s a bit stubborn, he’s a good boy. Even so, there will inevitably be people who can’t see his good points……Thankfully Mr. Qin is here, whoever dares to bully him in the future better watch themselves!”

Bai Ya kept on mentioning Mr. Qin, to the point where even Gu Yan Xin’s face had turned green.

Gu Zong Han was also feeling slightly awkward. But Bai Ya did remind him of one thing: Now that Gu Yan has received Mr. Qin’s care and attention, this might even have an effect on their family in the future, and perhaps it may even be a blessing……This was all something that relied on Gu Yan, they really could not afford for him to have a change of heart.

Gu Yan Xin was in fact the one who was in the wrong in this matter, and it was not like he wasn’t angry at all.

Gu Zong Han looked at Gu Yan Xin,”Xin’er, do you know what Miss Song called out to you for today?”

Gu Yan Xin opened his mouth, but his face seemed to show some embarrassment:”I saw Miss Song today and thought she was beautiful, so I went to speak with her, and even told her that she could come and look for me if there was anything she needed. Who knew that she……This is also the first day that we’ve known each other, so I really don’t know what she needed from me. That was just a guess from me earlier as well.”

“Only that?”Gu Zong Han asked.

“Yes.”Gu Yan Xin smiled bitterly. He had already put away his hatred, okay? He really didn’t dare to have any more thoughts!

“That better be it.”Gu Zong Han gave Gu Yan Xin a sharp look.

“It really is so.”Gu Yan Xin’s forehead was laced with cold sweat.

Gu Zong Han looked coldly at him, then he turned his gaze away, now to look at Gu Yan instead with a look of affection. He had no proof of this matter, so he could only give a warning to Gu Yan Xin. But he still needed to give Gu Yan some compensation. And so, he decided that he would give the shares to Gu Yan in advance, as a means of stopping Gu Yan Xin’s thoughts right then and there.

“Yan Yan, didn’t you say you needed money earlier?”Gu Zong Han chuckled.

Gu Yan raised a brow,”Yeah, are you going to give me money?”

“I don’t have money, but we have some stores in the family, what do you think about the chain jewelry stores of our family?”Gu Zong Han asked.

“Pretty good.”Gu Yan’s look was carefree.

“How about I give it to you?”Gu Zong Han said.

Gu Yan finally revealed a look of surprise,”To me?”

Gu Zong Han nodded seriously,”I have 80% of the shares with me, and I’ll give them all to you.”These were all the shares Gu Zong Han had that he had originally intended to leave some to split between Gu Yan De and Gu Yan Xin, but now he had decided to give it all to Gu Yan as his way of compensating him.

“But I’m no good at business……”Gu Yan showed a look of embarassment.

“No worries, I don’t expect you to manage it anyway.”Gu Zong Han continued in exasperation:”You just have to bother about getting money from it, just don’t screw it up.”

“Oh, that won’t be an issue!”Gu Yan chuffed.

With just a few words, the father and son paired had settled a handover worth over 100 million yuan. Even though Bai Ya was dissatisfied with Gu Yan Xin’s behaviour, she knew that Gu Zong Han could not actually do anything to him just because of Gu Yan. Since Gu Yan had also received such a great advantage, she did not say anything more about it.


At the very end, Gu Yan still did not stay in the Gu family home. He used the excuse that he had the endorsement to take care of, and returned to the hotel.

The first thing he did was to arrange for Xu Ming to find a lawyer tomorrow, and get the shares of the jewelry store under his name. He did not have to get involved with this either, but as the main holding shareholder, anything he needed after that would be easy to handle.

Then, his first movie was finally released nationwide.


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