DBHW Chapter 53

Within the entertainment circle, things like acting ability have always been something that depended on the taste of the audience. Even if he was an actor with acting ability that shoots off the charts, it did not mean that everyone would enjoy his performance, much less the performance of a newcomer like Gu Yan? There would definitely be many people who looked at him with questioning eyes at the start.

Li Wen Bo’s question seems to have been thoughtful towards Gu Yan and gave him a chance to clear his name. But for him to put forward all these malicious speculations circulating the internet without any hesitation, it would inevitably push everyone to speculate upon Gu Yan in such a way, making it hard for him to avoid explaining himself. Humans, once the seed of their first impression is sowed, the more you try to clear your name, the worse things would become.

And how could a simply TV show prove Gu Yan’s ability in a way that could convince everyone?

No matter how Gu Yan answers this question, it would still count as him falling into Li Wen Bo’s trap. He believed that once the programme was broadcasted, everyone would be talking about Gu Yan’s backer. After all, scandals have always been more attractive topics than empty words of praise.

And what was more even amazing was, the fact that he would only trouble Gu Yan with his question, and not anyone else, so he would not end up provoking any of the others.

In their current fast-paced era, there was nothing more explosive than this topic. How many people could a good topic attract to a movie? And how much could the popularity be raised? How many people could Gu Yan’s scandals attract to insult him?

He managed to smoothly target only Gu Yan, but he managed to win the attention lottery in topics. He managed to sell the movie, so there was practically nobody who would be upset with him after this. Maybe he would even be praised for doing a good job on the programme.

Li Wen Bai did not do well in the world of show hosting for no reason.

There were countless stars who fell into his trap, but they still had to grit their teeth and smile to him. Every time he recalled these situations, he would feel a wonderful sense of satisfaction.

Now that it has come to this, the consequences are already irreparable. The best thing Gu Yan could do now was to give as positive an answer as possible, then slowly prove himself with his abilities so as not to give Li Wen Bo any chances to attack him.

Gu Yan smiled,”This is my first time doing movies after all, so it’s normal for people to have some doubts about me.”

Li Wen Bo looked at him with encouraging eyes, waiting for him to continue. But in his heart, it was different. He was thinking that Gu Yan was just a guy who only dared to pick a fight in private, and would end up terrified in front of the camera. He had seen plenty of these types of actors, and with how things were going, it seems he will have to talk about the scenes next. But he had already reached his goal, he did not care how Gu Yan was going to respond.

Gu Yan looked deeply at him, and continued:”But this doesn’t mean that I fully accept these doubts.”

Li Wen Bo’s eyes brightened. Did he finally get to meet a fool today? He quickly responded:”So you’re saying that the opinions about you on the internet were just rumours, and were slander for you?”

Gu Yan smiled. How would he not know Li Wen Bo’s intentions? But who was he? How could he care about being insulted a little?

A star’s image? Public opinions? What are those? Oh……It is for inexplicable reasons that they had to accept being smeared with dirt by the audience……

Heh……Did he seem like that kind of person?

Does Li Wen Bo alone even have the capability to make him submit?

The answer: of course not.

“I never had any intentions of paying attention to such ridiculous claims, because I believe that all these rumours and slander will eventually break apart by themselves. But since you mentioned it today, I can say a few words about it.”Gu Yan looked directly at Li Wen Bo, and continued bluntly:”I got this role from my own ability, and not with a backer. Everything will be clear when the movie is out.”

He sat there with his back straight, and his expression calm, There was no such thing as cowardice or concession with his each and every word. Instead, the strong self-confidence he put out came out like a gust of wind!

Gu Yan’s gaze was so deafening that even Li Wen Bo’s face had turned slightly pale. He was actually stunned by this little small-time star just now!

But following that, he felt ecstasy in his heart. For Gu Yan to be so arrogant, who did he think he was? Does he think he’s the Mount Taishan or North Star of the entertainment circle? Does he really think he’s one of those highly respected artists? Even though he also believed that abilities could eventually prove their worths, saying it modestly and saying it in such a straightforward way had very different effects! Wasn’t he basically marking a target on himself with his attitude?

His goal had already reached to a way higher degree than he had expected. Seeing that this was done with, Li Wen Bo quickly stopped himself. He gave Gu Yan a word of praise before jumping onto the next topic.

Since then, no more of such sharp topics were brought up. After talking about some of the movie’s highlights, the show was soon over.

As soon as they walked out of the studio, Li Wen Bo had taken off his mask and was now looking at Gu Yan with a look of pity and mocking.

Both Director Zou and Jiang Cheng were veterans in the circle, so of course they were able to see through what he was trying to do. but even so, it was not convenient for him to say anything then, lest things get even messier. Director Zou was slightly dissatisfied with Li Wen Bo’s actions, he feels that a young talent like Gu Yan needs to be well protected, but they were on a live programme today, so there was already no way for him to take it back. All he could hope for was for Gu Yan to persist, and not to be easily defeated by the gossips.

Director Zou gave Gu Yan a pat on the shoulder and said:”It’s alright, this is how the entertainment circle is. There will be those who doubt you, but also those who support you. And me, I’ve got great hopes for you.”

Gu Yan smiled,”Thank you, Director Zou, I understand.”

“Alright, I still have matters to attend to so I’ll be going.”Saying that, Director Zou left.

Jiang Cheng and Gu Yan’s relationship was still considered just so-so, so naturally he would not pipe in either. He just left after saying his goodbyes to him in a mannerful way.

Gu Yan turned around and found that Li Wen Bo was standing right by the door, looking at him with a smile on his face. But he could see the unconcealed look of gloating in his eyes.

Gu Yan went straight to him and look plainly at Li Wen Bo,”You want to know who my backer is?”

Li Wen Bo chuffed,”Who is it?”He asked, but still, he did not take it seriously in his heart. He would not care who Gu Yan’s backer was, he had an idea on the people who would worry him, but Gu Yan did not exist in that list. He does consider this point when he targets them. He would never kick an iron plate, otherwise, he would not be able to stay safe till now in the big city of the capital.

“I……don’t have a backer at all.”Gu Yan told him. Fu Zhe Chuan was his backer? Stop joking, letting him work for him should be his pleasure.

“So you’re relying on your own abilities then, sorry I didn’t recognize that.”Li Wen Bo clearly did not believe him, and mocked him with sarcasm instead.

Gu Yan looked at him, and a look of disdain appeared within his eyes. Of course, he would not care about an ant trying to act like a tough predator; for him, such ants were something he would just crush with his feet by habit. But considering that it was easy for him to get himself trouble if he crushed Li Wen Bo to death now, he reluctantly allowed Li Wen Bo to die a little slower.

He reached out and patted Li Wen Bo on the shoulder, giving out a soft chuckle,”Watch out for yourself.”

After that, he turned and left.

Li Wen Bo could only feel a rush of cool air rush into him by Gu Yan’s pat, and couldn’t help shivering. Following that, he cussed at Gu Yan’s leaving figure:”Crazy bastard.”

It was already hard for him to look out for himself, and he still dared to threaten him. God, this type of dumbass is hard to come by these days. Has he been hanging around some small place and bullied the people around for too long? Does he even know his worth in this world anymore? For him to have the audacity to show such arrogance in the capital, sooner or later someone would destroy him.


Gu Yan went to the parking lot. When he patted Li Wen Bo’s shoulder earlier, he had managed to slip a hint of demonic energy into Li Wen Bo’s body.

Demonic energy was deadly to humans, and a large amount of it could even kill them instantly. Earlier, he had only put in a small thread of it. Just this was not enough to catch anyone’s attention, but it would slowly destroy the bodily functions of a human. Give or take a few months, and Li Wen Bo would slowly turn ill, and finally be exhausted of his life. On the surface, he would only appear to have died of illness.

His mouth twitched. If not for the current situation he was in, he would not enjoy allowing an ant several more months to live. So, that human should consider himself lucky.

Xiao Hu kept on waiting at the parking lot and did not leave. As soon as he saw Gu Yan, he immediately drove his car over and opened the car door for him. Then, he asked where Gu Yan planned to go, and whether he would like to go out for some fun or not. He was very familiar with the capital, so he could tour him around.

But Gu Yan did not have such hobbies, and told him directly to send him to the hotel.

Xu Ming had been at the hotel this whole time, taking care of Tong Tong. Seeing Gu Yan’s return, he immediately rushed over to ask if it went well.

Gu Yan nodded, and he asked:”I asked you to contact the construction team before we came to the capital, did you call them?”

This was something he had carefully considered beforehand. He was not in Haiyun City right now, and was able to slip out from suspicion, so they can finally start to work on the array at the mountain villa. Moreover, the array he designed was extremely clever. Even if it was found by someone, he could also make the excuse that the Fengshui was bad, and that this was something he had hired an expert to design. But in truth, the key point was the centre of the array. once reversed, the yin and yang of the centre would turn around to absorb the demonic energy from the ground, breaking through the membranes, and finally, successfully opening the channels between the two worlds!

That will be the main section of his array when the time comes. When it matches up with six other arrays, they would definitely allow the demon army to enter this world following its success!

“I’ve already called them. Half of the funds have been deposited so they can start work immediately.”Xu Ming continued,”I’ve also passed your drawing to them, and told them to build the place according to the plan.”

“Alright.”Gu Yan nodded,”Pay attention to the progress, and report to me at any time.”

“Yes.”Xu Ming responded.

Then, Gu Yan said no more. He did not have anything else to do after the end of this programme, but he did not intend to return to Haiyun City just yet. Some things were better done when he was not around, and would not be delayed. And also, he had to take a gig for a car brand as a spokesperson, so he still had to stay in the capital for some amount of time. Before the dust settles, he would not put down his guard, and would continue acting his part as a human.

He did not have any thoughts about wandering around either, but it was different with Tong Tong. She was eyeing Gu Yan at the side.

She couldn’t stand being cooped up anymore!

Gu Yan thought about it for a little. It would be of no use even if he allowed her to stay in the hotel, so they might as well go out for a spin. Perhaps, it might even be rewarding. And so, he shot her a glance:”Let Xu Ming take you out to play, but remember to be obedient and don’t cause trouble, understand?”

Tong Tong couldn’t help but shudder, but her head was nodding madly:”Tong Tong will definitely be obedient! I definitely won’t eat random things!”

Xu Ming gave Gu Yan a sulky look,”Tong Tong is already a very good girl, don’t be too strict on her, else you might scare her silly.”

“……”He really was too lazy to pay attention to this idiot.

And so, Xu Ming took Tong Tong out.

Gu Yan returned to his room to rest. When he was having dinner, Xiao Hu came over hesitantly.

“Mr. Gu, there’s a woman outside asking for you. She says she’s your mother and that she’d like to see you.”Said he. He had already asked Director Fu, and that woman was indeed Gu Yan’s mother. Even so, Director Fu told him not to take it too seriously. Gu Yan had the final say of whether he would see her or not, and he told him not to be too self-assertive.

And so, he came to ask Gu Yan.

He looked up and secretly observed Gu Yan, but found that Gu Yan did not seem to be too happy. Instantly, he played out the scene of a big fight between mother and son in his mind.

Xiao Hu figured that Gu Yan definitely won’t be seeing her, but Gu Yan suddenly opened his mouth:”Let her in.”

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