DBHW Chapter 52

With Song Yuan’s rash temper, it was still better for her to avoid this place for a while.

As soon as Gu Yan got off the plane, he saw someone here to receive him with a sign in hand. And so, he went straight over.

Xu Ming followed behind him with Tong Tong in his arms. Ever since they had Tong Tong, Xu Ming’s enthusiasm for work had shot straight up into the sky! He was not at all bothered to buy all sorts of cute clothes for Tong Tong, and he even got her a big pile of toys and snacks, focusing on cultivating his relationship with Tong Tong! Giving her his top meticulous service! And sure enough, Tong Tong had also become less repulsed by Xu Ming’s touch. She would even show him her angelic smile every so often, and she was very compliant with being held by Xu Ming at this moment. Xu Ming felt proud in his heart, his sincere enthusiasm must have moved Tong Tong. As expected, kids just needed to be coaxed!

The ignorant Xu Ming was happy all by himself.

Gu Yan walked to the man holding the sign and took off his sunglasses.

When he saw Gu Yan, he was stunned for a moment, but he immediately greeted him:”Hello, Mr. Gu. Please follow me, the car is waiting outside for you.”

Following that, he took Gu Yan’s luggage from him and led the way.

A Phaeton was parked right outside the airport. A young man opened the door for Gu Yan, and after waiting for him to settle into his seat, he himself got in the front passenger seat.

Xu Ming looked at the low-key but luxurious imported Volkswagen Phaeton, and lamented. It seems the crew attached great importance to Gu Yan, they treat him so well!

As for Gu Yan, he paid no attention at all to the car. in his eyes, no matter what car it was, they were still normal scraps of metal without any spiritual energy.

The car drove quietly along the streets, and the young assistant couldn’t help himself from peering at Gu Yan from the rearview mirror.

he couldn’t push down the curiosity in his heart.

Before he left for this trip, Director Fu had specially came over to notify him that he had to make sure he took good care of Gu Yan’s accommodations in the capital, and that he should inform him at once if anything were to happen. If they ever get into any trouble, and if there is the need, then they could even use the power he held in the capital branch of his business group.

Director Fu had always been a man who set clear lines between his work and private life, this shows that Gu Yan was placed in a very high position in his heart.

So, does this mean Gu Yan was the person Director Fu liked? Turns out those rumours were true! Really unbelievable!

As a qualified lackey of his boss, he had to think the same way his boss would, and press on the same matters his boss would. It was extremely important for him to figure out how to make a good contribution for the boss’s sweetheart in his place without leaving any traces!

Therefore, he had to think up a hundred expressions, ways to answer Gu Yan’s questions while putting in a good word for Director Fu in a natural way.

But Gu Yan was completely indifferent to all of this! He just put on a look of ‘I don’t care I don’t want to talk at all’, shutting his eyes for a nap as soon as he got on the car.

Wouldn’t it seem too deliberate if he still decided to say anything at this point?

While the young assistant was still feeling troubled, the car had already reached the best five-star hotel in the capital. He had already booked a room for Gu Yan early on, it was the most luxurious presidential suite the hotel could offer. Just a single night would cost several tens of thousands, and it was a room where you may not be able to get even if you were rich! If not for Mr. Fu who offered an unlimited budget, he wouldn’t even dare to make such crazy arrangements.

Seeing how Gu Yan received the exquisite room card from him without a single expression on his face, it felt like he had given him the room card for a normal hotel that costed just two hundred yuan for a night instead. The young assistant was finally getting worried. Could it be Gu Yan was actually from a wealthy family? Was being an actor just a hobby for him? That has to be it! If not, how could his exceptional temperament be explained! You could tell with one look he was no ordinary man. He had seen small-time stars, and the ones with some background were a dime a dozen; those that were like Gu Yan were exceptionally rare.

Now this would explain why Director Fu liked Gu Yan so much. He just knew that with Director Fu’s taste, someone he took an interest in would never be a normal person! Instantly, his impression of Gu Yan shot up by miles. From his first impression as a third-rate star, he had now become a rich prince having a taste of common life!

And he could not help but put on a restrained attitude towards Gu Yan.

Gu Yan cid not care at all about his living conditions, there was no difference for him whether he was living in a run-down place or a luxurious hotel. As a demon, there was nothing else important besides survival and massacre, it was also common to have to hunt or escape from a predator without any rest. Whether he slept well or not……What even is that? Only a boring human would care about that.

But Xu Ming finally noticed that something was wrong.

No matter how little he knew about the way things worked in the industry, he still knew that there was no way the crew would give him such an arrangement. Right now, when he thought back on the luxurious Phaeton they were just in, the professional bodyguard and driver, as well as the respectful and careful assistant……How could this be the pick-up team of the crew? This was simply the luxury standard, okay!

He hesitated for a moment, and said:”That, that……”Oh no! He actually did not know his name till now!

For this young assistant to be able to work for Director Fu, wouldn’t he have to be tactful? He immediately put on a smile and told him,”Brother Xu, you can just call me Xiao Hu.”He put on a sincere and easy-going smile, appearing very friendly.

Instantly, Xu Ming did not feel as troubled anymore, and said after some hesitation:”Did you mistake something?”

Xiao Hu secretly felt joyful in his heart, his time is finally here! He was so excited he was nearly in tears, but he still put on a muddled but surprised expression,”What did we mistake?”

“Did you get the wrong person?”Xu Ming asked.

“Oh, I was wondering what it was going to be.”Xiao Hu put on a look of relief,”And here I thought we’ve done something wrong……Of course we did not get the wrong person, we’ve seen the photos before we came. And with someone like Mr. Gu, how could we ever mistake anyone else for him! And also, you are from the 《Sins of the Heart》 crew here for the interview programme tomorrow on the national channel, right?”

Seeing that Xiao Hu was right on all accounts, Xu Ming felt even more confused,”But these……”

“Oh, these?”Xiao Hu smiled in a nonchalant manner,”Director Fu told us to arrange for Mr. Gu’s accommodations in the capital, so these should only be proper! If there is anything the three of you are dissatisfied with, or if you have any needs, please do not hesitate to tell us, we will definitely solve it as soon as possible! As for things at the crew, don’t worry, we’ve already informed them of everything, I can guarantee we will not cause any issues with Mr. Gu’s work. This is my phone number, please call me if you need anything, and you don’t have to be too courteous. During Mr. Gu’s stay in the capital, we will be on call 24/7!”After he was done speaking, he took out his card and handed it over to Xu Ming.

“Director Fu?!”Xu Ming took over the card dazedly, he had a mystified expression.

“Oh……Did Mr. Gu not know?”Xiao Hu laughed with his hand lightly covering his mouth,”Oh……It’s geting late, we will not be disrupting any more of your evening. See you tomorrow.”After that, he turned and left with the driver in a flash.

Xu Ming was still looking dazedly at Xiao Hu’s back, and turned back to look at Gu Yan after a short moment.

Instantly, a bright glow shot out from his eyes! The curiosity on his heart was boiling up again! Even though Gu Yan had saved Fu Zhe Chuan in the past, it was still very scary for Fu Zhe Chuan to pursue him with such a heavy stance! Who do you think he is……He’s Fu Zhe Chuan! For him to actually take into account even small things like caring for Gu Yan’s living conditions! Even he felt touched……

When did Gu Yan snatch up Fu Zhe Chuan, the golden thigh that’s being thirsted over by the entire nation?! He didn’t even realize……As expected of his idol!

The admiration and worship were nearly pouring out from Xu Ming’s eyes.

My idol, are you still in need of thigh attachments?

How would Gu Yan not know what Xu Ming was thinking about with a single look? He frowned with impatience. He dragged Tong Tong up by the collar and threw her coldly into Xu Ming’s arms,”It should be time for her to bathe and get ready for bed now.”

“Oh……Okay!”Forget it, it’s the same whether he asked more about Gu Yan today or tomorrow, but the child can’t stay up late. Carrying Tong Tong, Xu Ming scurried off to work.

Gu Yan ignored Tong Tong’s sad and desperate gaze, and turned to head towards the room.


After a dreamless night, Gu Yan went downstairs the next morning to find that Xiao Hu was already waiting for him in the hall.

He opened the door respectfully for Gu Yan, and they set off for the TV station.

They were caught in some traffic on the way, so Director Zou and the rest of the stars of the movie had already arrived when Gu Yan reached. Gu Yan was the last to reach, so when he entered, he was able to turn quite a few heads.

The movie was going to be released in less than ten days. This programme was a notable authority on standard, so this was one of their most important publicity gigs before the release of the movie. And so, everybody put much importance on this event, and arrived early on. The only one who was late seems to be Gu Yan.

But everyone had already got to know each other for a considerable amount of time, everyone knew that Gu Yan had a deep background as well as a strong backer, so none of them expressed any dissatisfaction at his tardiness. Even Director Zou smiled to Gu Yan……Except for a single person.

And this person was the host of the show, Li Wen Bo.

Li Wen Bo graduated from a top-ranking university in the country, and landed a job at the National TV station right after graduating. Everything went smoothly, and now he was already one of the most famous hosts of the station at an age of less than forty, he was also quite a famous character in the media world. He had always walked amongst high-ranking officials, and mingled in the capital where a person riding the coattails of their parents were seen as lesser than dogs. He had a wide network of contacts and also worked in such an important media channel, so he had always been rather snobbish, and looked down on those from the entertainment circle.

Everyone knew of Li Wen Bo’s temperament, but they couldn’t ignore the fact that they may be needing his help some day, as well as the thought of it being good to have one less enemy, they all treated him with courtesy. Even Director Zou had always maintained a good relationship with him. So gradually, his ego grew bigger and bigger.

In Li Wen Bo’s eyes, a small-time star like Gu Yan was no different from a single particle of being tossed against the waves in the entertainment circle, he could be thrown into nowhere with one big crash from a wave. He had seen tons of short-lived stars in his life, which one didn’t have at least some connections and background? But so what? Besides the big stars that have managed to reach a certain level, he did not even look at anyone else.

In his words, they were not people of the same level.

And with his character, the worst thing one could do was disrespect him; he considers Gu Yan’s tardiness to be a big disrespect towards him.

He was just a third-rate star riding the coattails of some sugar daddy and landing himself a good gig, but he still showed such bad behaviour. Did people still expect him to smile and get along with a person like him?

Li Wen Bo snorted softly and raised his eyes:”Sit down if you’re here, we’re about to start recording.”

Gu Yan took his gaze back from that ant with his nose pointing towards the heavens, casually finding himself a seat and settling down.

So what if he was a little late? Did they expect for him to wait for these ants?

He was already used to being by himself in the demon world, and there were countless demons residing within his territories who had their lives in his hands. He did not feel at all that making some people wait was any wrong if at all.

Soon, the show started.

As the soul of the film, Director Zou was sitting right next to Li Wen Bo. On his side was Jiang Cheng and Xu Qian, with Gu Yan sitting at the very end following her.

As soon as the show started, Li Wen Bo immediately entered his host mode. He had an elegant and refined exterior and a good way with words. In front of the camera, he was a very reserved host with standards, so it was not hard for him to become so popular. Even so, not all of this was fake.

As for the contents of the show as well as some questions, they’ve already prepared everything before this. And so, everyone had already worked out a draft of what they were going to say.

But Li Wen Bo had a very high level of professionalism in the way he posed his questions, it did not feel hypocritical or blunt at all. He and Director Zou were talking to each other as if they were having a friendly chat, and the atmosphere was very harmonious. After all, this was a programme based on positive publicity, they naturally would not really put out any questions that were hard to answer.

After finishing his talk with Director Zou, he chatted with Jiang Cheng and Xu Qian a little. The scene was filled with laughter and conversation.

Then, when he turned to Gu Yan. With a genial smile on his face, he asked:”And here is our newcomer, Gu Yan. This should be your first movie, isn’t it, Gu Yan? For you to take on such an important role as your debut, did you feel nervous or stressed at all?”

Gu Yan smiled,”If I said I wasn’t nervous at all, I’d definitely have to be lying. At first I was a little worried, but after I entered the crew, I found that all the seniors on the set were very friendly and patient with me, so slowly I was able to ease up.”

Li Wen Bo nodded and continued in a cheerful manner,”Say, you’re the most controversial character amongst all the actors within the crew. As a newcomer, you had to pressure many big name stars to get this role so this was shocking for many. Everyone guessed that you must have moved Director Zou for him to give you this role. Many people questioned your strength, and even suspected that you won the role through the help of your backers. Now that we have such a good opportunity, is there anything you would like to say to the audience?”

He had a gentle expression with encouraging eyes, seeming as if he really believed in Gu Yan’s ability, so he gave him a chance to clean his hands of the rumours.

Gu Yan narrowed his eyes, this was not one of the questions prepared in advance.

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