DBHW Chapter 45

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Yan was sitting on the hospital bed with a thick layer of bandages wrapped around his shoulder and back. After the effect of the anesthetic disappeared, the numbing pain was starting to pour out like a tide. But still, he did not intent to heal his body with his demonic energy, this amount of pain was nothing compared to what he had once been through.

He knew that with Qin Yao’s level of cultivation, there was no way that demon could have injured him if he really wanted to stop it.

But since he decided he would put on an act, then he would have to go through with it till the end.

Besides, the shooting for the movie was already done anyway, he might as well ‘recuperate’ like a good patient in the hospital for a while. With this, Qin Yao may not have any more reason to suspect him.

Gu Yan’s eyes narrowed in satisfaction, ready for a nap.

But suddenly, the door opened.

Qin Yao came in dressed in a black windbreaker, and a pair of high-top leather boots. There was still water dripping from the hems of his windbreaker, he seems to have just returned from outside. He put the umbrella in his hands to the side and came to sit down by Gu Yan’s side.

Gu Yan could not continue to rest, so he opened his eyes to stare at Qin Yao. He did not open his mouth to speak, he was waiting for Qin Yao to put in the first word.

Qin Yao’s stared at him, as if he was waiting for him to be the one to speak first, and all was silent for a while. After a short moment, Qin Yao finally decided to be the first to speak. He tried to organize his wording and spoke in a low voice,”Are you feeling better?”

“Much better.”Gu Yan responded.

“Yesterday……”Qin Yao looked at Gu Yan with a slight hint of an apology in his eyes.

Gu Yan cut him off,”I don’t care who you are, or what you do, but you don’t have to tell me. I don’t like to be troubled.”

“……”Qin Yao paused for a moment,”Alright.”

“I have to rest.”Gu Yan asked him to leave expressionlessly. With how prideful Qin Yao was, he should be forgetting about him, and turning to leave.

And sure enough, Qin Yao stood up,”In that case, I won’t keep you from your rest.”

Gu Yan showed him off with a smile.

“I’ll come to see you tomorrow.”After he was done speaking, Qin Yao turned to leave without any dilly-dally.

Gu Yan’s smile was petrified on his face. He’s coming again tomorrow? Could Qin Yao actually still be suspicious of him? So he’s planning to observe him for some time?

When would he finally be able to get rid of this detestable human!

When he gets his cultivation back, killing him will definitely be the first thing he does!

Just thinking about how he would have to lay low around Qin Yao for a moment, Gu Yan was now in a bad mood. Even the doctors and the nurses could feel the negative energy surrounding the area, so they were all very careful when administering medicine or giving him any shots.


When Xu Ming was once again able to see Gu Yan, it was at the hospital. He got to look at Gu Yan’s wound while medicine was being administered, and even his eyes had turned red. He never would’ve thought that things would turn out this way after he had just gone out to change Gu Yan’s phone number for him. What on earth happened to him? Why didn’t he follow him at that time? Xu Ming felt very remorseful. And now, his impression of Bai Ya had also turned very sour. Even though she was Gu Yan’s mother, she had never once visited him when he was in a difficult spot. Now that Gu Yan’s life was finally getting better……She came to look for Gu Yan, and now Gu Yan ended up in an accident……

He changed Gu Yan’s sim card with indignation still swimming about his heart, and said:”I asked around about what happened, yesterday……Your mother managed to track you down to the company, and the receptionist was unsure what to do, so she got your number from Liu Wei, and gave it to your mother.”

“Tell her to watch out next time.”Gu Yan responded plainly.

“I’ve already reminded her, no matter what happens next time she’s not to give your number to anyone. You’re going to be more and more popular in the future, if anyone was disguising as your family to ask, then wouldn’t anyone be able to get your number?”Said Xu Ming with a bit of a temper.

Gu Yan raised a brow and smiled. So his little assistant knows how to get angry? But he has done well.

“But you won’t be able to participate in the movie completion feast with the crew like this.”Xu Ming’s voice was sullen,”And Director Zou even specifically asked me to notify you.”

“Help me apologize to Director Zou.”Gu Yan smiled, there was not even a single hint of disappointment present on his face.

His injury came at quite a timely moment, now he can avoid having to entertain people.

“Mm, got it.”Xu Ming responded. Then, he chatted for a moment with Gu Yan before leaving, he still had a lot to do.

But first thing in the morning after that day, Gu Yan’s ward had become very lively.

Director Zou, Xu Qian, and the other actors had come. Even Jiang Cheng was here, as well as several other staff members he was more familiar with, stuffing the ward full. Gu Yan raised his brows, even he did not expect himself to be so popular.

It was surprising.

Director Zou expressed his condolences for everyone in the crew, but the others also came over to worry over him, while Jiang Cheng told him to take a good rest with a sullen voice. Whether it was out of sincerity or not, none of them hesitated to show him their goodwill.

The big sister of the crew also gave Gu Yan a big bag of gifts on behalf of all the ladies of the crew. All sorts of food, gadgets, and toys piled up on Gu Yan’s bed……

Hearing all the noise by his ear, it was the first time Gu Yan felt that humans weren’t that annoying after all. This truly was very strange.

Shouldn’t be be eating up all these noisy little ants to quiet the place down instead?

But perhaps he had been in the human realm for too long, that even his ability to tolerate them had increased. After all, some things would sooner or later things would become bearable after you get used to it……

Even if he was not a very patient person.

“Alright, take good care of yourself, we won’t be bothering you any longer. We still need you there when we promote the movie.”Director Zou had a very good impression of Gu Yan, so he gave him all the face he could give. And now, after saying his farewells with a smile, he left with his mighty team.

Gu Yan nodded with a smile as he watched them leave. But as soon as they left, the smile disappeared.

His eyes moved to the bag on the table, and he paused. In the end, he still decided to take a look.

There was chocolate, candies, a teddy bear, letters, a music box, and various other items……Strange. Gu Yan’s lips turned up into a smile. What a bunch of bored humans with too much time to spare. Would they still treat him the same if they knew that in Gu Yan’s eyes, they were nothing more than food?

Gu Yan put the bag back. All these foolish humans had faulty brains, they were destined to turn into food.

“Your friends came?”Qin Yao’s voice suddenly sounded out as he entered. A look of surprise flash past his eyes as he saw all the gifts in the room. And he did not know why, but he always felt that Gu Yan was not the type of person who would have many friends. He always seemed to carry himself with a distant and indifferent aura, he gave off an icy feeling of loneliness that seems to cut into the bone. Even if he tried to hide it, it would still show through the cracks.

And it was because of this that Qin Yao suspected Gu Yan to be a demon. Demons always hated dealing with humans.

Gu Yan did not feel like responding to Qin Yao. He felt that he had already expressed how unwelcome he was very clearly.

Qin Yao noticed it, but he still did not wish to leave just like this.

He reached out to push the gifts on the table aside, and put down a jade bottle gently on the table. With a plain and casual tone, he told him:”This is a medicine I made, it should be of some use for you.”

Gu Yan raised a brow.

If it came from Qin Yao, then it definitely wouldn’t be something normal. But he could not use it. Gu Yan’s mouth twitched and he raised his voice slightly, speaking with a hint of sarcasm:”Is your medicine certified?”


“Do you have a medical degree?”


“Then you should take it back.”Gu Yan looked plainly at him. There was no hint of trust present within his eyes.


Qin Yao pursed his lips, and his eyes darkened slightly. How many years has it been since he last offered something of his own? Weren’t his things always regarded as priceless treasures, fought over by even dignitaries? When have they ever not been highly sought after? But now, in Gu Yan’s eyes, he ended up like an unscrupulous scammer without a medical degree……He had done it out of kindness, but ended up being questioned in this way instead.

His eyes were a bit cold. It was already a rare apology for him to do this much. After all, he had mistaken Gu Yan for a demon, and caused him to receive an injury. But this did not mean that he would endure the provocation of this inferior human with his head low. He would never waste his effort speaking with someone who did not believe him.

At this moment, he should be the bigger man and just leave. It was better to just ignore these ungrateful people.

Qin Yao looked deeply at Gu Yan for a moment, and the scene from last night reappeared once more in his eyes. This cold and emotionless man pounced towards the figure of that woman without hesitation; his bloodied body that clearly looked in pain, but he still had an expression that nothing was wrong……Qin Yao took a deep breath. What is he being petty with Gu Yan about? He was just an ignorant mortal……It would make him seem mean and intolerant instead. He softened his tone and said again:”You don’t have to worry about using it, the effects……Are pretty good.”

Gu Yan looked at Qin Yao, and put out a blank smile:”Are you sympathizing with me?”

Qin Yao was stunned for a moment.

“It’s not like we’re friends. Even though we’ve already written off any past grievances, we can barely even be considered acquaintances. You keep visiting me and even brought me medicine, definitely not because you care about me, so……it can only be sympathy.”Gu Yan’s voice was blunt, and there did not seem to be any anger mixed within.

But Qin Yao straightened himself and responded,”I’m not.”

When his eyes met Gu Yan’s unwavering black irides, and an acknowledgement came forth from his heart; sympathy was an insult to this man.

So he would not sympathize with him.

“That’s good, then.”Gu Yan smirked and his face relaxed, as if he was just talking about the fine weather today.”When you’ve never wished for something, you would naturally, never feel sad about losing. I——simply don’t care.”

“It’s just a small injury, nothing to fuss over. You don’t have to feel any sympathy for me.”Only a look of indifference could be seen from his face when he looked towards Qin Yao, it was not forced at all.

That’s right……This is how it should be. He simply did not care. Even if Bai Ya really was his mother, it would still be the same.

Who was he? A heartless demon. He was born from the depths of the demon world, slaughtering his way out from a mountain of corpses. It was the cruel battle between life and death, and the most painful form of purgatory. There was nothing he had not been through. For the sake of his survival, he would do everything. Until he was the strongest; until he had everything. But what then? In fact, he did not care about it all——Even if it was his own life.

And since he did not care, he would not be hurt, he would not feel pain, he would not feel sadness……

He did not even love himself.

Nobody could hurt a person who did not even love himself.

His strength was impenetrable.

Gu Yan put on a smile,”So, you can go now.”


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    1. Nope it’s not, it’s supposed to be “nor” but I reworded it completely, the sentence is now ‘Gu Yan cut him off,”I don’t care who you are, or what you do, but you don’t have to tell me. I don’t like to be troubled.”‘


  1. Yes, please, good bye QY!

    Fian- Helli, in this part: “There was chocolate, candies, a teddy bear, letters, a music box, and various other times……Strange.”, english is not my native but… It’s sounding strange.. Wouldn’t be better something like: “There were things like chocolate, candies, a teddy bear, letters, a music box, and various other times……Strange.”? Because only the “various other times….strange” doesn’t specify anything alone, or maybe in some other way….

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    1. Hello! It’s actually a typo, oopsie. Not sure how I messed that one up but the correct sentence is: “There was chocolate, candies, a teddy bear, letters, a music box, and various other items……Strange.” The strange is not related to various other items, he is just saying “What the heck is all this stuff” lol

      Thanks for pointing it out, and thanks for reading!


  2. Sometimes, I think that Gu Yan is slowly “warming up” to his food, but then he becomes a block of stone in the next couple of lines. Lol This is really great, I am so happy to find this gem of a novel today. Thank you!!!!

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