DBHW Chapter 41

🕯Happy Christmas Eve everyone, I’ll possibly be doing 2 more teasers soon before I stop for a very long time. These are <Rough Play> and <The Devil Within>, I’ve checked this time that they’re not translated, but if they are, tell me. Thanks.


Very quickly, Fu Zhe Chuan completed a simple breakfast. It was a light and balanced meal, and his culinary skill was not bad.

Gu Yan raised his brows slightly at the food placed before him. In his mind, a busy man like Fu Zhe Chuan might not be very good at taking care of people, but he did not expect that not only was the organization of his house impeccable, he even knew how to cook.

Even though Gu Yan did not have any interests in the food, he still finished it in due diligence.

Fu Zhe Chuan readjusted his glasses and smiled:”My place is safe, you can recuperate here with a peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about things at the studio, I’ve already called Director Zou about it. He will arrange your scenes to be done later and complete the others first, so you don’t have to worry about the progress at the set.”

Gu Yan responded with a simple hum of acknowledgement. This was the only part about Fu Zhe Chuan that was a little better than the others. No matter what it was, whether you thought about it or not, he would always settle everything properly, there was no need for you to worry at all.

“Have you found out who attacked you yet?”Gu Yan suddenly asked after some thought.

Fu Zhe Chuan was silent for a moment but he gave him a smile,”Mm, I’ve already figured it out. Don’t worry, this won’t happen again.”Speaking up to this point, a cold light emerged within his eyes.

Seeing this, Gu Yan knew he did not need to ask too much about it anymore. Since Fu Zhe Chuan could deal with it himself, then there was no need for him to involve himself.

“I’m fine now.”Gu Yan put down his chopsticks and smiled,”Even though you’ve requested for leave on my behalf, it’s still not good to delay things for too long. I plan to return today.”

“That’s not a bad idea, let me send you there.”Fu Zhe Chuan offered.

“No need.”With a smile, Gu Yan’s eyes moved towards the bandages on Fu Zhe Chuan’s forehead, his smile deepening,”You need more rest than I do.”

And most importantly, he did not wish for any rumours to spring up between him and Fu Zhe Chuan.

Fu Zhe Chuan hesitated for a moment, but he responded:”Alright.”

Fu Zhe Chuan sent Gu Yan off to the gates, and just as he returned to his home, he received Zhang Han’s call.

Soon after, Zhang Han had rushed over to Fu Zhe Chuan’s villa. There were heavy dark circles under his eyes, clearly expressing that he had not been resting well these past few days.

“Boss, everything is completed as you requested.”Zhang Han handed a document over to Fu Zhe Chuan, then he sat down on the sofa and wiped the swear from his face.

After looking through the documents in his hands, Fu Zhe Chuan smiled to him,”You’ve done well.”

“No, it’s your arrangements that were good, boss. I’ve only done everything according to your requests. He better spit out everything he took from you this time.”Zhang Han chuckled:”He definitely won’t be able to get out of it this time.”

Fu Zhe Chuan responded in a faint hum, but he did not appear quite as happy at all; in fact, there was a complicated look within his eyes.

Seeing his expression, Zhang Han stopped smiling. He hesitated for a moment, but still persuaded:”Boss, no matter what, he was the one who was firstly in the wrong in this matter. You keep on tolerating this, but he wouldn’t stop. Not only did he try to kill you, he even encouraged the board of directors to turn you into a figurehead. Even if we have the madam judge the situation, she still would not dare to say anything about you.”

The way Zhang Han said it was already very implicit. In truth, he felt that this was all very unfair for Fu Zhe Chuan. Over these past few years, his subordinates had been watching their Director Fu’s younger cousin messing about in the company. Not only was he incapable, he was also very greedy and entitled. Even so, he was still much loved by the madam. Madam Fu cared for this nephew of hers more than her own son, often leaving Director Fu in a difficult spot. Finally, the bond between mother and son started to stretch thin and turned cold.

But that was no issue, he could just bear with it and forget about it. But of all the things he could do, he actually wanted to take Director Fu’s life. They pretended they didn’t know about their plot the first time, but who knew this second attempt would come so soon after? Did he really think that he could control the company if he killed Director Fu? What a joke. Those who knew of the situation were all smart, they were just using him.

But Zhang Han was still very surprised when he first learned of Fu Zhe Chuan’s kidnapping! Ever since the last incident, they’ve always been very careful. If not that Fu Zhe Chuan wanted to invite Gu Yan to a meal, then he would not have insisted for them not to interrupt, nor would he ever give them this chance. But fortunately, no harm came to him at the end……Fu Zhe Chuan directly thought of the idea to use his plot against him. He pretended that he could not escape so that he would think him dead, while he could take a good look at who had been feeling uneasy on their seats, finally fishing them all up in a single net.

Just thinking about the expressions of those who found out in the end, Zhang Han couldn’t help feeling quite pleased. Shame on them!

Fu Zhe Chuan put down the documents and showed only a plain expression,”I’m not worried about these matters.”

He had already saw through what he should, he would no longer be easily shaken by those that were unworthy. So what if they were family if even his family acted this way towards him? This was something he had known since long ago.

Clearly, blood should run deeper than water, but they still disregarded and even schemed against him……But a person who had never even known him could actually step up to help him without hesitation when he was in danger, even if……he was just trying to use him now, he did not believe this would remain the same forever.

He was never one to give up easily, especially if it was something he wanted.


Gu Yan couldn’t be sure what Fu Zhe Chuan told Director Zou, but there were no incidents at all when he returned to the crew, everything proceeded as usual.

Only Xu Ming came over to sate his curiosity,”Did you know what happened to Director Fu?”

Gu Yan looked at him thoughtfully,”Why do you ask?”

“Didn’t you go out with Director Fu that day? Was he still okay when the two of you separated?”Xu Ming was worried,”Everyone out there is talking about how something happened to Director Fu, if not they would not have lost contact with him for several consecutive days. Even the Fu Group’s stocks plummeted down the charts, many people were feeling quite pained about that.”

After thinking about it a little, Gu Yan finally realized why. Stocks were one of the human’s trading tools.

“If Director Fu didn’t show up, even I’m planning to sell off all my stocks.”Xu Ming sighed,”I thought I could trust the Fu Group, but who knew such a thing would happen? Ooh~ My idol~ Ah~”

“Then you better not sell them.”Gu Yan said.

Fu Zhe Chuan is still alive and well, he will show up sooner or later.

“Huh?”Xu Ming was dumbfounded.

“I have some money here, help me spend all of this on his stocks as well.”Gu Yan told him. If this was money he could earn so casually, then it was no matter for him to get some.

Xu Ming took the card blankly and went out……

Mm, better not sell it! Maybe Gu Yan had some inside information!

Knowing that Gu Yan had returned, Director Zou did not try to nag him either. Instead, they started up their filming again.

Gu Yan had already gotten used to his character, so he played his role well and everything went smoothly.

Even the scenes where he acted in opposition to Jiang Cheng came without any faults. After several days, the face Jiang Cheng had when looking at him had also improved a little. Even though it was still neither hot nor cold, he did not cause him any trouble.

After two days, Xu Ming came excitedly to look for Gu Yan, gazing at him with a look filled with admiration,”Thank god I listened to your advice and kept the stocks! Not only did Director Fu appear, he even returned with two big news! The Fu Group managed to score a big project overseas and acquired a big company! And with how great things were looking, the stocks instantly jumped! Not only did we not lose money, we even earned a lot!”

“Oh.”Gu Yan was not the least bit surprised,”It’s fine as long as the gains were decent, you can just sell my parts.”After all, he had no interests in playing the stock market, and he also knew he did not have the ability for that. After all, cash was the most useful thing for him in terms of currency.

Xu Ming was now absolutely obedient to Gu Yan’s orders, he knew that things would not go wrong as long as he followed Gu Yan’s words. Then, he went off happily again.

Just like that, the days passed. In the blink of an eye, two months had passed. The filming came to an end, and various pre-publicity announcements have already been published.

With the name of Director Zou and Jiang Cheng as the selling point, as well as the beautiful actor Cassie, and the company’s strong economic strength. The announcements for 《Sins of the Heart》were very eye-catching from the very beginning. Not only did it appear quite frequently on major media platforms, but it was also discussed incessantly by the audience. Many people have expressed great expectations for this movie.

Under such heat, Gu Yan had entered into the audiences’ sight, unsurprisingly. Even though he had been slightly popular for a while, his audience were mostly women who enjoyed watching soap dramas. In the eyes of many, Gu Yan was still a very unfamiliar name. Even if they’ve heard his name, the impression they had on him was that he was just a normal pretty boy.

This time, Gu Yan was appearing in Director Zou’s movie. It was just his very first movie, but it was already one that carried such weight. He was not just an extra either, but instead, the villain with the second most scenes within the movie. Besides that, this was even a very challenging role. Many people were shocked, and many others also started to re-examine Gu Yan’s pass. He had been called into question on the internet, but everyone was guessing: Who on earth is his backer?

Xu Ming had a newfound hobby. That is, he enjoyed looking through the daily news, and he would even spare no effort to fight Gu Yan’s haters with his side account over the internet. He could barely count how many paid comments as well as comments from brainless fans Gu Yan received, but he was never discouraged. No matter how badly he was bludgeoned in battle, he would still emerge a hero the next day! And of course, he was completely unaware that he too, with his actions, could be considered as one of his brainless fans……

Gu Yan still remained calm as usual. He always turned a blind eye to such comments, doing his own work as was expected of him.

Until one day, he received a phone call.

The caller was a woman. When the call first connected, he could hear the receiver blaring into his ear:”Gu Yan, I’ve been looking for you for so long, why didn’t you call me for so long? You must have run off to a far away place, why didn’t you tell me you changed your number? If not for the fact that I saw some news about you on the internet, and came to your company, I wouldn’t even know your number!”

“I’m sorry, who is this?”Gu Yan frowned.

Suddenly, there was suffocating silence on the other side. Then, almost like a volcano erupting, the woman shrieked,”Who do you think this is?!”

Gu Yan hung up the phone with a ‘pa’. He had no interests in chatting with a hysterical human woman.

But who knew that he would receive a call immediately after. Gu Yan rejected the call but she continued to call. And so, after a constant repetition of these events, Gu Yan endured it and took the call, speaking in a cold voice,”You have the wrong number.”

“You brat, say that to me one more time if you dare!”The woman’s voice had gone higher in pitch,”Not only are you trying to hide from me, you even dare to ignore my calls!”

“Who exactly are you?”Gu Yan frowned.

“Your mother!”


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